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16/4-03.5 Beltane..May-day-sies..april fools to creative seeds?

– 16 april -(happy birthday Rafa) -> 03.may  (Beltane.).May-day-sies..april fools to creative seeds?



"The Nags Head" Podgorica , "Monty"..

its early pm, sitting at the bar (not In the BAR) monday early afternoon, thinking if these "f4"  keep repeating the media BS, I am gonna have to get into a few bevvies…

Beltane, 1st may, begins the creative process planting seeds that bring fruit later, I want to bury the BS, moaning and spoilt  brats (f4=fickle fast food fans)and  re-create the true REDS , worldwide network , a big family , local (Balkans) and global…through wind and rain,,,a GOLDEN sky a RED sun ..YNWA!..its my great wish that WE can fight back against the negatives in this careless world, so full of money-mad people pollutionand lack of creativity or ideals

I met a young basqu lad on the bus back from Dubrovnik, (via H.Novi) I almost invited him to the "sangria night" …then I thought a) why would HE want to drink sangri in "Monty" and b) I am too tired (and skint) from the long "Vikend" ,,,..

The "weird" season of LFc has seemingly extended to my travels and especially with meetngs (mostly aborted) with BK, when Branca met me at the Pod. bus station early thursday morn, (06h dep) I had just had enought time to get back to my room from "delboys" , shower change, pack my bits (and pieces , <smile>) and get to the station. and maybe we re-create the negativity …so no surprise that our bus was held up by ridiculous "double controls" by both Monty and Croatian border controllers near Dubrovnik, only 180 kms away , we took MORE than 5 hours and missed the link with the airport transfer bus, "luckily" we had a flight at 14h ..and it left early, and as we were due to meet "brooksey" to collect our tickets in the "Sandon" (the "birthplace" of LFC, near the Anfield stadium, for those who dont know) …at 17.30 it seemed positive..

But…Brancas first experience of LP and a black cab, was disrupted because (ha ha cia ?) her mobile didnt work, and we couldnt see Steve or his mates in the HUGE pub, several rooms and 2 floors…then I saw "welsh john" (bucharest) who lent us his mobile (ta) and brooksey had been held up by the rain…and soon we were all "wet" (inside) with a few bevvies, the site of ("exploding") Branca with a pint made me smile 😉 …she had said her heart would explode if she ever got to Anfield..a BIG thanks to Steve and the now-(in)famous "cookie" who aranged the tickets ( LFc ticket office again fouled up our application after the chelski match was changed) ….brooksey loved telling how Kenny Dalglish "boll*cked" cookie at melwood..so we shook the hadn that shook….etc…

The game ; we started on fire, and the support was great, YNWA sung too at every opportunuty, the team pushed, but I felt SG was still not 100% ..Aqulani scored and Yossi made it 2 into extra time, but then Glen , who attacked wll failed to clear and their ex-manc scored against us , again..and I felt like a knife gone through me, win and lose at the same time…we had a slow and quiet walk back,  hoping for a sleep , we were in different rooms at the Inn,, recovery was broke when a (false) alarm woke us about 04hrs  (some scallies "smoking" next door) ..I came out of a deep sleep shouting at the people in my room to "shut that f***ing mobile up" until I realised, well, at least I made people laugh by packing my stuff and being at the reception within seconds …what would happen to the people who ignored the alarm , if it had been a "proper" fire,,??

this has been a weird season,  (injuiries like melwood was  "ER", beach balls, volcanos, trains, long journies, and negative "F4" )..and…Isnt it weird that "our kid" Torres has been injured at the time of all FIVE games against A. MADrid of the last 2 seasons ( 2 x CL, 2 x Europa, and a friendly) ?

Branca had a tour of Anfield, so I got her there by bus, before visiting my favourite "tea lady" at Linda’s cafe,,.bought some bits (inc. a shirt for "Rasho" ) at the LFc store. and a walk around the rainy city ..rainy mood (Beltane , clearing of negative spirits and bringing the creative energy..?) ..we had avoided "fish and chips" because of the rain at Anfield, but I took Branca to a (good) "chippy" and she was impressed…said that this would go well in "Monty" (?)…then we went to the "cavern" (its a "tradition" when I come over for ganes to go there on a friday night, nostalgia and three live acts , 2 "mature singers" doing Beatles + numbers then a young band, had a couple of dances with Branca, before she invited "Osman" , so I left them to be a couple..and "mixed" with the crowd, and my first contact was with a girl photographer from Maribor, (Slovenia)

Branca had made friends with polish girl (Martha?) so I just carried on at the cavern until closing , burning up some frustration and energy…so I was ready to sleep .(again) and again a group (of scandanivians) arrived at 04h and woke me …Saturday, I took her for a walk to see the huge (protestant) cathedral (we had seen "paddy’s wigwam" on the way back from Anfield) Branca took a lot of pics of "architecture" ..and I am interested to see what she puts on her FB "wall" <smile>. then a few metres down the road the biggest chinese arch ("outside of mainland china") a complete contrast of culture…and to add to the mix,  she viisted the BEATLES museum, (the global phenomenon which also highlighted  LP on the world map !)…whilst I checked my messages on the library net.

The "curse" struck again, I told her to meet me outside the "Beatles story" 90 mins later, but somehow missed her,I looked through every shop and cafe, but  she had run out of patience and left to the shopping area, whilst I was worried that she had been involved in (another false) "alarm" at the "Albert dock" …but she wasnt, and my text message  (cia? ha ha?) only arrived on her mobile 10 mins before I got back to the Inn. we had a couple of glasses before she met Osmann again and after considering alternatives, felt so tired (my last night’s sleep had been Tuesday)  I decided to try to get a few hrs of sleep at John LENNON aiport, WRONG,,,,the airport is being "renovated" and the area with couches closed, and…the buses stop now at midnight, so I "warned" Branca ..(luckily for her Osmann took her with taxi to the airport, as my message arrived sunday evening!) …I couldnt sleep on the upright chairs, and my head complained as I reflected that the "sketch of John" on the wall, reminded me of BK(?)..

so, as Branca had done the "pub/bar crawl" (Crazy house etc) , two VERY tired REDS got on the flight, not before a small conflict with an "easyjet barbie" who made all the passengers move back, because she hadnt giot there to the departure gate BEFORE us, and no "sorry" becausr today it seems that manners or care for others , dont matter, maybe she is a "bitter" too…

lots of english tourist on the flight, and we joined th transit bus back to the Dubrovnik bus station to find that we had 4 hrs to wait (for a bus Via H. Novi) …but I had slept a couple of hrs, and thought " well if we are going to be stuck, then why not Dubrovnik"  …the old town is beautiful, so we had a "tourist" coffee in the open square, then a bevvy in the irish pub, but saw no REDS..nice old town, but too many tourists and too pricey , a bus driver ignored us too , so i pad 60kn for the short ride back to catch our bus,,,the only "luck" was that that our bus met with the pus to Podgorica perfectly and I had a nice chat with a lad from the Basue region…about …footy ! <smile..

This morning I am angry with media spec about Rafa ( and stupid "f4" comment)..

KOP UNlimited members;
if we lost some "F4" (fickle fast-food fans) because we dont win, and they only know how to moan..
then it will be a POSITIVE from this season…"character" is something born out of adversity,no spoilt brats welcome, in our true REDS, please!..)

part 2

Blog….to 23 April

Lats week was of course dominated by memories of the 15 th april //

1989 when 96 of our Liverpool family were killed as a direct result of police neglect and stadium mis=managment , covered up by Thatchers governemny and distorted by the media.. Justice needs to be done, and seen to be done, Justrice for the 96 and Jusruice for all, but despite 21 years of the HJC , I see a world where apathy rules, and people accept to be manipuulated, by political, religious and business liars..

in 1995 ALSO on the 15 th April, I died ,  going into a coma, (at easter too ) at the culmination of a 7 year communication project that i had instigated and developed with a consortium of majoy corporation to probide a multi-dinentional inter-intranet covering 45 countries with over 300 enterprise partners and more than 500 services…since that time I have done (almost) everything else..on non-profit , volunteer or charitable organisation, media, ecology education…and I find myself in the centre of my life at another crossroads , of the Balkans..

Lats year , also on the 15th April I went to the 20 th anniversary of the 1989 disaster, and my personal relationship with my last (Dutch) girlfriend (JD)..
when she kicked out and not only disrespect me, but whilst wearing a LFC shirt disrespected my "global family"

I am still alone, buy despite my age and kilometres .< smile> nature reminds me that utrs springtime , and I feel like a cuddle ….

Rafas birthday..also , this little note was sent..

Dear Rafa (16 aoril 2010)

At this time we remember the 96
& not what you have done..
for me, and all the global REDS
you are one of us, and THE special ONE! 😉

I wish you all the best and many happy returns WIRG US!

 from myself  and (the Unofficial) Liverpool suporters club; balkan REDS
(currently visiting here on "missionary work " <smile>

I have to smile here, "brollies" come out in force during the "april shower" weather, and it seems over – protective to see mums and dads walking with umberellas over little johnny or little jill on their way to school or when collecting them…are they made of sugar?

for me the "fast food generation" who expect everything "now"…money, fame, image, (football succes?) is bad enough, the spoilt brats are being spoilt worse, if the financial crisis stops parents from ferrying their little trasures around town .and kids and adults have to "get on their bike" or , "heaven forbid" WALK somewhere, will it be such a bad thing..??

 there is some sort of curse affecting LFC this season, ..I even lost my Irreplaceable dark (woolly) cap that I have had  several years..and everything went wrong by mistake or neglect with BK, but had a nice meet with veli and Janko , local REDS , and drunk too much RED..(black) wine..Crne vino// and danced around with "Daisy " and her "poor old aunty" …..

during a rainy week, enjoyed watching a bit tv serendipity film…(and…on the subject;  immediately after Michael Buble’s song "i just havent met U yet")

"…If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:(RK’s "IF")

The above was a reminder, aftre LFC 0 0- best team in west london 0..
Fham kept all 11 players in and around the pen area, their left back should have got adouble yellow card = red, tyopical that in the game @ fulham WE got 2 RED cards for yellow card offences and lost there 3-1
U can say that Torres might have scored (had he been fit) but he wasnt, and with no room for omvement Ngog did well to get into 3 half-chance positions, (especially on the end one great Alonso-style, but more direct long pass) but when the opponents "park the bus" any team has problems scoring, IF I took 10 of my mates and told them just to kick everything away and frustrate I might get a result against Barca! …when they used Duff (ince a highly valued ball player) as a 2nd full back…U just know what type of methods we are up against..still maybe we will play them in the UEFA final IF we get through against a tough Atletico team (we could only draw twice last season in the champions league, albeit also without "Our KId")…I suppose all the internet knee jerkers are out in force this monday …

Before the first "sangria night" , catching up on sleep..it was interesting meeting "Bikini Jelena  one ..and her "air-friends"…"Jelena 2" and Mira?Mima?..( 2 air hostesses) .Izvinite….I was going to leave the Nags head and return, to meet them after for dancing but then 2 ladies who had invited me arrived there! …I tried to get them to come , but they really wanted to partcipate in the "sangria party"  ..so by the time I got back to the other irish pub, next door was closed…they can smile, because I got punished when the rain started as I walked back to my single room…although it was only five minutes in the wet, by 
the time I got inside I looked like I had been swimming in my clothes..<smile>  and now I think again of her RED bikini, lol …Molim!


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