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“Murphys law ruled”…ending the “curse”

may 14th ..from "MyPod"…

"Murphys law ruled"…ending the "curse"

watching the Europa League final in the "very nice" cafe , with Veli and Janko wednesday night, when I saw Danny (Murphy) an ex-Lfc scouser  as Capn of Fulham, I just thought "typical, this is a Murphy season" ..murphys law = "everything than can go wrong"…

since I came back from LP 2 weeks ago though, despite an accident which took the skin off my elbow (playing boys games! <smile> ) ..I have to remember "Y>N>W>A" …"through the wind and rain"…"your dreams tossed and blown"..

I wrote this to Biljana recently…when she asked about my "love for LFC"…

keep thinking ( and feeling) for Rafa, and the words of "IF"

…."and whats more you will be a man"…?

I previously posted an "offer" ..obviously the "wise" of RAWK, treated it as bogus..I ddn’t expect much else, (and of course the boring sarcasm like "and what are you smoling today?" comments followed my post) but I made a full statement whilst in Madrid last yeat (EuRED_ko-op) which explained how a supporters buy out could be realised..but it was clearly far too long and "complicated" for the average time span…

most of you will consider me "crazy" …so ignore this, I am communicating with those who may yet see some method …

An OFFER was lodged with LFC, in January , and on the day of the semi-final , that original 500 million euro offer is declining, and rightly so…

I have tested the LFC " office" and serious communications never got to the owners or Rafa, Parry and others who followed made sure of that. …I recently wrote on my blog and on the dreaded facebook …in reply to questions about my motivation"…

1) to an LFC fan in the Balkans (where I am currently situated)

" x first, thanks for writing to me like this…I may not agree with you or many FB "LFC fans" but I will always do my best to respect people who obviously "care"…

I have many reasons…

if U have the teams best interest and time, read my blog…if U dont get a headache, you may get to know me,..

why? LFC?..I wonder why do you never join any "KOP unlimited" discussions??

fate?…cosmic constellation? do babies choose where they are born? I wasn’t born in LP, but I "grew up" there, in love with the musical revolution of the beatles combined like a cosmic explosion for me with the "the team that plays in REd"

I was caught in that phenomenon that combined music and footy..and will mean that LP is forever the "home" I dont have…as I am now a "gypsy" …alsmost a "REDS missionary" preaching my beliefs and fighting for my own understanding of Bill Shankly ‘s "Liverpool way"..

My mother’s scottish ancestry and her deep involvement in socialist politics and community responsibility affected my youth …(Shanks being a "celtic socialist" too)

RED was the only colour I could see in my heart and mind as a boy..

as a teenager I was idealistic, John Lennons "imagine" added to Shanks Idealogy, is a "cultural-method" I have applied to my life , through good times and bad, through success and failure…

Just something convinced me that I could never put into words, a "spiritual" conviction that LIVERPOOL are MY team…

I am a RED, a social contradiction who believes in the essence of a "good team" that should (and could) be applied to the whole world..but ….theres room for the individual talent … we win or lose, fight or go down together ..fighting for each other, and I WILL NOT accept anyone of us, supporter , player or MANAGER being publicly insulted

however, Rafa, must, right now, be a "dictator" or the jackals will force him out..

so dont insult Rafa, few people can possibly realise how difficult it is to be a (good) manager when all around you people suddenly turn , when things go wrong, fickle fans, suppliers, colleagues, owners, can you trust anyone?

…I believe Rafa is a good man, why? instinct identifies him as someone I was too, during 26 years of global business..I was in the "middle" when the knives came out…and he needs OUR support.. he is trying to survive ..you really cant know unless you have done the job, dont choose Kenny, Kenny dont want it, it nearly destroyed him…GH had a heart attack and so did Souness , as managers of LFC, IMO, it is more difficut than ANY other sports managerial position and maybe more difficult than any other high-level exposed managers job,..


because …a) we dominated in the 60-80s europe and UK footy and b) Liverpool supporters are the best (and at the same time the most demanding) worldwide!

back to me…sorry.. 😉

its harder to be a loyal RED today..because so many fans are infected by stupid selfish media and a selfish & often cold-hearted global society gone mad with commercial and consumer obsession, …no patence in a fickle "fast food" world…

I remember crying in 1971 when we lost the final to arse-nal when our captain Emlyn (my hero) climbing the steps to collect his losers medal..the strain on his face…he bled LFC, and was the "son of shankly" on the field..such energy and, enthusiasm for our team…

I was at Higbury, in 72 @ the last game of the league we scored with about 10 mins of the season left and a ref disallowed a good goal, so we came second to derby country..so I really appreciated waiting from 1966 – until 1973 for the next title, and in 74 we made a CONCRETE wembley stadium bounce…when in Shanks last game we completed a transformation of "British football and continental football" via his "Liverpool way" and the win of 3-0 was an "exhibition"

I dont think any of us realise there at the time just how good it was from then on…until…

I nearly gave up after Heysel and Hillsborough, in the 90’s I attempted (again) to start a family, but (again) the cosmos didn’t want that, so, I lost my kids…leading me back into no other passion than my "global Liverpool family"..

and again after 95, when I "died" in a meningitis coma, I dropped out of business, leaving me to focus on charitable activity, human rights campaigns, a not-for-profit volunteer and being "crazy" ..and my priority?…being a RED…so once again, an "older ChriS" was on the terraces, in Dortmund, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Madrid, Marseille..London …etc etc ..and of course the Premiere League affected fans, based on money and a sort of computer -game fan/media logic…

BUT, my LOVE was renewed and strengthened by meeting fellow-RED-lunatics in recent years that STILL believed and respected the "original" …(Stef) a belgian lad who took groups of lads to Anfield and slept on hotels rooms floors and whose local footy club is full of Reds banners , kids in LFc shirts and locals talking with scouse accents & more important having the FEELING of "all for one and one for all" many others REDS I met helped me when I travelled alone, a place to sleep, and if someone lost their ticket or money we would help him from the "pot"..

I could write a "book" (and I am…) when mancs or chelski or even "our own "f4" (fickle fast-food fans) start publicly hurtings us (goodness , there are enough enemies out there, we dont need to harm each other!) …I claim that we ARE different, because we are ONE, WE are the "special ones"…

y-our problem , (I see this also with N on fb) without access to the truth, is that at a distance , U can interpret many things…Torres , IMO should rest this summer, he owes LFC a full season! …and Stevie?…why do "f4" have a go at certain players when our captain, by own admission , has had a bad season?,,

U see even in those "bad times" 66-73 ..we loved our REDS ..we were not spoilt by endless media coverage, "Match of the day" if we didnt get to the game, showed ONE league match per week (and only 40 mins too!) …

going to Anfield was like "mecca" ..we sang before , all through the game, and after…thats why I posted some old clips on the fb group wall yesterday… I will fight anyone, even you, to keep what is not only unique in football, its unique in sport, and what we have , and may yet lose, is unque in LIFE…

I honestly admit that have only ever supported ONE club, one global REDS family, my whole life, I lost friends, I survived all my family, died and gone..I changed career, dropped out..but I will be married to the LiverBird til I die..

so I will campaign until my last breath to get our world wide "support" (over one million who spend money related to LFC) ..- to really show they "care" …

IF we invested 10% of what we all spent,(say in the last 10 years) directly or indirectly into an annual investment fund , we , the supporters and fans could own LFC…

look forward to cu too…but please join the dicussion board, we need you!..<smile> xxx


2> David (a thanks to him for the " Support Rafa" media campaign!!

…i tried to get people on RAWK etc motivated back then…but unfortunately like yourself, seems most Reds (and I have had some crazy exchanges on RAWK as U might know..) like to find "reasons" to do nothing…keep your eyes on the "off the pitch " section…just for the record I had 26 years in global business Joint ventures, I am not interested in what "the chairman" says, if the deal is right…and I also believe , but wont explain to anyone why, that we could still get it for the same price moores sold it for..theres no one I would trust my "tactics" with..U see thats why I like Rafa, hes like me///..just stop and consider…
that a "billion" is what less than what is spent on LFC related kit, games, tickets , travel , food and drink etc , worldwide , annually?
..just imagine putting just 10% of that into a fund which was then multiplied x 10 through a 10 year "endowment"…thats all I will write to anyone for now..but YOU could start the process…?

3.>In reply to Tommo’s comments about the current LFC situation..

"fine, great sentiments from him, but I would like to see people act instead of just take sides, I wish Tommo and all the other ex players and millionaires of the current squad could bond with the global supporters and buy the club them/ourselves..if they / we all "care" so much…?"


maybe just maybe, I could be able to lead or at least "provoke" a buy -out by "global REDS" …and if you wont support that, then I will make an attempt to do so In association with "others" ……..but be sure of 3 things

a) I will do so with the absolute intent to ensure that this club eventually belongs to its supporters and fans (Worldwide), and if there was any club in the world that should be owned by its supporters , its LIVERPOOL fc!

b) MY only benefit is to protect the only thing that has ever been constant,in my love, in my life.

c) I have a long memory, I can forgive the doubters, when "crazy" Yafoy comes along with these "proposals" ..but I wont forget..

I feel we will never be "happy" until we own LFC, no other owners will care for or deserve it..

With hope in y-our hearts..


08 May at 12:23 ·
ChriS SmiTH

open letter


Ref " LFC global supporters buy out"

I am writing to all current and ex – LFC players, and "celebrities" who claim to be Lfc supporters/fans. On behalf of the global network of Liverpool supporers and fans, of which it is estimated there are over one million of us. We intend to raise sufficient funds a.s.a.P. to take control of Lfc. WE DO NOT WANT ANY FINANCIAL exploitation of our club, or sell off of our traditional values to continue. We believe that any player or ex-player who REALLY cares about this club will join our initiative. We are not waiting for SOS/ShareLfc but we are open to co-operation with them. We are asking Supporters and fams to donate an estimated 10% of their annual expenditure on LFC – raletd activiities ; tickets, travel, souvenirs, replica kit, and food /drinks to a fund.

The first step is for each person to open a saving account in their own bank. We will then begin negociations with the "chairman" and seek a "neutral" bank to co-ordinate with the numerous banks in due course, should we agree a FAIR price on y-our behalf. There is NO RISK for you as we shall only call on you to transfer funds when/if we achieve our goal.

We do not wish to debate strategy in this communication. If you are seriously committed to the same ideals and love for Liverpool’s future we welcome your questions via email to ball_can_Reds@mypod-net.org

with hope in y-our hearts

ChriS SmitH

a life long Liverpool supporter
c/o "Liverppol" pub/cafe


CONGRATS to Pepe, player of the season, and golden gloves winner for the 4th time in 5 seasons


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