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flaming June-part 2…”mutiny on the Titanic..”Pirates” nicer than “suits Non-fathers day &..MhR(Mc5?)

Flaming June part 2. …"mutiny on the Titanic.."Pirates" are nicer than "suits" bybye ZBus..NON-fathers & hello (MhR) ….Mc5?

June 14-24,2010 in "Black Mountain country" (well i survived the Black forest country..so its only logical)  the PR says "Wild beauty" ..

wild? as in drunk on "Rakia" ??? ..So far I hadnt seen many "mossies" …(mosquitos) here, which I was pleased about, especially when the heat reached about 40 degrees last week.,we have had "stormY" here in Monty…but more of my "moods" later..no, today its seems a "swarm" (?..no, omly  2, 3 or evn 4 maybe) of normal "house-fly" are "buzzing me" as if to annoy or to distract me from this Blog…will I finally go over the edge?,,.,maybe they are on the "rakia" ??
(some sort
of competition)

Slobo @ the "nags head" told me a story… theres 3 mice (in some sort
of competition)
each owned by a Russian  , A Scot and a "local"…the russian gives the mouse a shot of vodka…&  it staggers a few metres and collapses…the SCot’s whisky filled "micky" gets a few metres more and passes out…the Montenegrin’s mouse slugs back the shot of rakia  ..and says "who wants to fight" …. ?

I dont need any rakia …I am far past boiling point, as I am steaming at whats going on at LFc …my wonderful club being sabotaged and almost sunk by the (backstabbing) suits, the media jackals and so-called "fans" who have mostly arrived late on the scene & been "gee-ed" up by our enemies to cause disruption…the USA is full of this mentality (their political elections are just rounds of trading insults via expensive media ) and since the 2 texans got involved by defrauding our membership and  lying about their credentials and plans for the club its been noticable that anyone (particularly Rafa, who dared to stand up to Ferguson and the American exploiters)  is quickly "crucified by media" …every problem is magnified , every success belittled with a blatant attack on a man whose family adopted Liverpool, whose kids are "scousers" and whose genius & 24/7 commitment to our club is unrewarded..

too many fans today , fed on the fickle  "fast food" tv media , with their banal, xenophobic "barbie & ken" lifestyle just moan and do nothing, the laxk or moral strength, devoid of courage and conviction , their lack of fight, being lazy or apathetic, goes against all the CORE supporters believe in, whilst  the "office" is getting so pathetic, (if it also ignores the obvious logical appointment of Kenny & Sammy to sort out the playing squad)  in the absence of Rafa..the way things are going i am not sure if Ricky Gervais will play Mr. broughton or "Mr Christian" in  "mutiny on the titanic" – the sequel.. (someone claiming to be the Managing Director sent me a facebook invitation to be "friends" …I have this week "acheived 1000 FB friends" …I would nt trust my beloved club with many of them but the current board of Lfc I wouldnt let organise a kiddies tea party.

mark my words this is a deliberately PLANNED "Iceberg" to try to sink our ship..but they can NEVER sink our spirit

Wed 15th june I registered and informed Clive Rumbold of the EU delegation for the record ;
it IS NOT easy for non-locals to register;
I met the "Landlord" (S.S) by the main Podgorica city police station, he didnt understand either, that;
– there was no one who knew where to go, or who spoke english
– people were forced to wait outside in 30+ degrees?
– the security was not in attendance
–  passed my passport/details to the police, local to where I live
–  and registered my address etc on the British embasy (FCO) internet "locate system"
Therefore I believe I have done all that is "reasonable" to comply with the ECHR (UDHR-art 13) and  Montengero.


Whilst i am on a "rant" how come the Customs & revenue are asking me about my "social circumstances"  not bad enough that the "S S " (Social Services) is run by the Gestapo in most countries, now they rule the British National health services (I asked about the arrangements for "Brits" abroad, of course the EU delegate & the Embassy are "clueless" about rights of Brit/EU citizens) am I now classed as "gypsy" (if so could I at least be introduced to Shakira?)
…what I really smile about is that they delete some of my previous content from the email as it is "sensitive" then ask such confidential information without any personality being named, the current faceless dictatorship isnt far from "1984" or " Brave new world" ..people wake up!


Ken O Keefe was on the BBC "Hardtalk" ..I wonder if he remembers the early days of "human shields" when  we co-organised bus loads of people to travel to baghdad to protects kids at school and the hospitals..?..his face was preferable for the cameras, my face better for Radio <smile> "they" punished me by detention without process (until the "Human rifhts journalist" discovered the tactics of the modern "germoney" ) and stolemy 2 children ; Leon & Noela ..I paid the price for "Truith , Justice & Peace-full resistance"…

I sent another postcard to my Son Leon, I dont give up and pray that he may one day know his sister ; Noela – …(see "UNhappy fathers day..) ..last week a slight panic , I also lost my bank-card , theres not so much int he account , but enough to pay for my modest lifestyle…but it turned up at the bank…without explanation..hmmmm

The football world cup in S. Africa is under way and LFc have the largest and mst diverse contingent of players performing..so, I will just support whchever team has the LIVERPOOL players, although not impressec when OUR captain (Stevie Gerrard) plays better form for the national team of England than he has for us all season, WE pay his & team-mates Glenn & Carra’s wages and give them our full support (well most of us do, I choose to ignore the idiots who claim to be Lfc fans only when we win)

…I put my energy into the garden, cutting the grass, twice, but with a week of hot sun then a stormy, rainy long weekend its already needs another "trim" & ..I am shaving my head now since the tropical heatwave.. 😉

I go off to Niksic to discuss RED beer, or rather beer for the REDS, and then meet HER for a chat, a long chat, drinks, more drinks , a nice dinner with stories, and smiles in the centar retaurant (Clive from the EU delegation "caught us" M.R(H) is married..alas..)

"Poem 4 Her"______

"I could open up to her, BUT, and this is my defence, like "monty" I guard myself, to kiss her as a friend, but will my heart ever mend…
– to let a woman in?
she’s  married, the cares I have carried,
BUT, I must wait until & if. ..she is FREE,
because…….this is ME! x"____________________

"no more buts, I am direct:-YOU suddenly appeared , like a "star" in my vision, in my life and already you are going, when I have so much to show you…I will provide the chance we discussed, my vision is clear, in the mad world I am having to be crazy but so much energy only I can stop myself. Yet, I see major decisions , and our connection will be tested, by your family and by others who are jealous, and I dont mean sexually (although there is an element, because I like you), I mean they hate y-our synergy …It should be exciting and I have more experience of this than you, I am not Brad Pitt of course…but passion will throw us closer together, or we may not see each other again..

you, & your family, 1 or 2 or 3 of you are my guests whenever, the door will be open and you will be warmly received..I am nice, but I do have a dark side, especially when attacked..but I also fight for those I care about…I wish I had something for "Z" the t-shirt should fit P (even if he hates me ) and I hope YOU understand the symbol of that "brussels manakin" which i got when I was a teenager visiting the "Expo" there ..
– the closest I came to you was when after I used your bathroom thursday..
– It is damaged, and so am I , I let you into my world, and told you secrets of my pain (children).
– but also its a BOY, and I still have the energy & enthusiam of a "BOY" which is contained, for the moment, (and dangerous when I meet a woman like you)
I will be creative here..I do it for the World I live in, to give me a society and to use up the energy that burns inside me..
PLEASE trust your instincts, be good…take care of your family, but find time for you, be HONEST..(sorry that you can say "no" too easily to me ha ha! ) and whichever route you choose you will be ok..
ChriS x

I get so emotional when I meet anyone with such passion ANd consequence , a woman who might be able to "care enough" ..the best ones are always "married" ….so shes gone away…alone again, and I am angry at the mass…"
" Sunny days, walking through the park, to the fruit market, a coffee on the pavement cafe, people who drive everywhere , not only pollute, but they miss "Living" in theie hurry to get to the end 😉 (CrS)"
 Its nice when people say they are "spontaneous" its their choice in a world full of "alternatives"..but as everything, there are consequences, like my own choice ,,to withdraw invitations to people who cant decide…<smile>

so then then the stormy weather arrives just as we come to the time of the "Solstice"; the SUNlight will reduce for the next 6 months..unless we remember tree of life, pool of life bird of life ‘  LIVER bird and we make that BIG RED sun ..

then its "(non) Fathers day…

message to all governemnt offcials, feminist fascists and cowards that allow the violations ..and never fight for y-our rights… one child of mine abused & now deceased and 2 others stolen by cold-hearted german women,,,and blocked contact since several years. so what the hell is "fathers day" when the world done respect y-our rights??..dont tell ME "happy fathers day"…you sticxk your "greetings cards" where the sun dont shine" ..and yes, i am in abad mood, and no, I dont want your sympathy, I want truth & REAL JUSTICE! for ALL!

UPdated the fcebook group…

10622 Kop Unlimited ; Shanks’  ARK

Shares in the reformed Lfc can be acquired via SoS direct or as part of a group..if you need more info contact us as we helping to  organse a european union network- if you care – buy a SHARE! – if you need more info -own y-our club ; "follow the (REDS) flag"
Shares in the reformed Lfc may be acquired via SoS direct or as part of a group..if you need more info email as we helping to  organse a european union network- if you care – buy a SHARE! – Y N W A !

formed by EuRED & ZReDS (Benelux) & grounded "Balkan REDS" members and is open to all TRUE REDS..to support the team 100% (whoever is selected) uphold the mentality and ideals of Bill Shankly and developed by Rafa and Intends to Network all REDS supporters and fan clubs and individuals worlwide to further those aims through not-for-profit activites and humour – and to support the acquisition of Lfc by true REDS supporters Worldwide..

Planning "LiverBird Lifestyle events" ..I am a REDS missionary bringing, scratching & screaming , the "Liverpool way" across the planet…


with the storms outside and my mood inside I watched "wall street" again on tv, great film, good messages ..where are the "creators" ..all gone, sucked dry by the "lizards in suits" …? ..I am sorting pics for Jcs website , and its storm-raining , I sent Belated wishes on the Birthday of the irish Marseille super-fan Carol Seb, .."hey Carol and you didnt come to my /our party birthdays 23 & 25 may.(in "Monty" the "wild beauty" land) ..(U know your date can never be forgotten in 05…the miracle in istanbul..you are always in my heart kid <SMILE>. …(shes in live with ….) …..Messi would never get by me…i would put him on his ar*e every time, lol 😉 "

really though you could come here, we could take over the footy club , and start a revolution ha ha

soon (maybe) RED Milan Jovanovic 1 "germoney"  0 ….ha ha ha

Life…its neither good nor bad, remember concentrate on the positive and it will work out, maybe not as you planned, but I am here, I DO have too much energy & emotion to let anyone , especially not some one like you, who I like,  get too close, but I want you to lean on me and be more than a friend, because that word is too "easy" ..I feel more relaxed when I can something  for you,  i am writing when drunk , and i miss you, right now, but…you are not stupid, but you would be if you hadnt realised how crazy i am, bu.t on my planet crazy is vital, and I believe that all 6 billion of the human race are completely MAD, in a bad way, and so its your choice , because although i plan for tomorrow , I live for today, and tomorrow might be the last chance to kiss you goodbye ,<smile> but , of course its your choce, ciao bella! x
(Millie & Wkid came round for snacks & wine.but I kept thinking about "her"….)

 … I told her a lot of my secret feelings, and she made me smile < I felt good being with her! I wish her thanks and take care..its rare that I enjoy such a long evening with anyone, so that must mean that I like her, including the"buts" 😉 I know she will have a safe journey and hope come back soon to Monty , because I want to share great creative & funny things , does she understand ,it was more difficult than expected to say goodbye, I am here if she needs support or wants to lean on me – I AM more than a friend, <smile> I am ME, oops getting deep and emotional.. gave her my private email  (although I respect her family I lost a daughter the same age, so wont deliberately "tempt her")

I am reminded of Zoe T manager of the "Lord Nelson" hotel in LP, last time there I was told she was copying my "globetrotting" lifestyle..would like to meet her again..here!

June 24/…. bye bye, au revour, auf weidersehen, arrividerchi & ciao to MY KOP UNlimited "Zbus"..sometimes my "Mobile home" ; thanks for carrying me safely to & fro across Europe and getting me to Monty,
R.I….P..ieces <smile> lol


Stevies & friends win through to the next round of the World cup , beating (my "neighbours") Slovenia  wearing RED…
(the other 2 games Eng-er-land could only draw when playing in white..Shanks changed Lfc to ALL RED and the 1966 trophy was won, when Roger Hunt & co wore RED!)

on the solstice , stormy feeling …I am in bed, "recovering" ..seems like all my energy drained away, the last month took a lot out of me, problems with daisy ; nags shead,, Wolfie, etc, and very busy with Supporters Union buy out of the club (we got the official co-op annoucement friday!) "(non) fathers day" weekend always makes me miserable..and ..the Solstice weather, I got soaked to the skin yesterday when I got caught in a thunderstorm..I need some rest, hope things go well for any of my true freiends , lets resume contact later on, take care x

and I will never go to another footy game if they have a lot of THESE things there…

   yeah,  of course I mean …….WOMEN!!!


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