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RE(d)Volution-continued )until we own the club,WE are the CLUB

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I believe that it is necessary for SoS & ShareLFC to co-operate with Liverpool Supporters Worldwide to "turn" the (facebook) sheep who have been fooled by media jackals, saboteurs & the backstabbing "suits" ..to MOBILISE our global fan base and to make sure EVERYone, EVERYwhere, challenges the activities of Broughton, Purslow, Gillet & Hicks (and others who will be exposed in time) To make sure they know that we will make it impossible for them to do any business ANYwhere on this planet with any credibility unless they hand over the club to us…

ChriS SMITH,Kop Unlimited,

EuRED LIVERPOOL Supporters (overseas) Union Network.



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