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RE(d)Volution “scorn on the 4th July..special” WE are the CLUB!

RE(d)Volution "scorn on the 4th July ..special" – WE are the Club..


 one of the top 3 "global brands" in the most important global sport/culture-fashion business is up for sale, the most sucessful manager of that club has been forced out by someone whose allegiance is to a main rival, and "bankers" who profit to the sum of 100K per DAY! employed a rival as "chairman" to manage y-our club..the appropriately named "mr. Christian" was supposed to be a temporary appointment and is still there, enabling the "Texans" to destroy the club which has deeply routed socialist-liberal traditions, a special "holy trinity" (bond between players, supporters & manager) established & developed by a Scot (Bill Shankly) when he took the club from 2nd class status to become a force in local and global football. Core supporters worldwide want to take ownership to avoid their Unique loyalty being exploited by these commercial vultures – the ethics of the "New World order" whose power-obsessed culprits make "pre-emptive strikes" against defenceless natives & even are prepared to kill their own to keep "power" also sanction those who make "leveraged buy-outs" (via virtual "legalised fraud") acceptable is in conflict with the people, and if EVER there was a club of the people which DESERVED to be owned by its SUPPORTERS, it is LIVERPOOL

.. people have been conditioned by  media "spin" to accept things that are downright wrong…this is the last frontier , if we, the people, lose to the media jackals, the fickle fans, the disloyal players, and the cold-hearted financial leeches that drain away our life-blood, there will be no future worth having…isnt it a crime, a disgusting WASTE  that "the suits" who have "occupied" Y-OUR club waste 100K per day, in a world ravaged by (their) "climate change" and which kills an estimated 25,000 kids a day by local & global mis-managment..?


Imagine ….being a "fly on the wall"

Heres is the scene, a couple of weeks ago, the "8 bells" pub,  just off putney bridge , convenient location for Liverpool supporters to have a pre-match bevvy and mix in "friendly banter " with Chelski or Fulham fans before our many away games in dirty old West London , where rent-boys wear blue & pensioners wear RED..

Into the large lounge bar comes a man in his 60’s in a smart busienss suit & tie, looks around and spots another, not so smart but equally silver-haired suited chap siting at a table by the wall…

………….."hello Woy" , "hello Martin"…" I mean, Mr Broughton, sir" …

"So glad you could spare a few minutes, cause we are in a bit of a pickle, those ****** scousers are giving us trouble, why cant they be like our fans?, pay for your MATCH ticket , be quiet , WAVE SOME PLASTIC FLAGS and watch the chaps kicking the ball on the field ,(mind you, i normally prefer to drink my pimms in the club VIP bar, dont you know, with those "chelski set celebs" old boy! )….. its not cricket"..!

"No Mr. Broughton, its not, its football..and I would love to show them how we played the game at Craven cottage and got all the way to the Europa league final!, sir"

"well Woy, you may get your chance, they were surely impressed by how you got a 0-0 draw at Anfield last season! – Woy,  you are OUR  man, we didnt like that Rafa – chappy – bally foreigner after all, daring to question the owners, taking the p*ss out of G & H with his "I am just coaching & training the team" quips…and that Kenny chappy, another foreigner, cant understand a word he says, is far too close to those troublesome supporters , cant have him questioning why me and "Mr. Christian" are there , or why we got rid of Rafa, and that the only sale so far this summer was a player (that Isreali) to my club..ha ha …"

"thank you Mr. Broughton, sir,
I will do the job for half the cost of Benitez, and I wont cause you any trouble, and I am sure the english press will love me.."

"Woy, you speak my language..well up to Anfield, my man, no time to lose, we prepared your contract & printed your replica shirt , …a  month ago…"

( *especially when the "waterloo bankers" supposedly employed him (at our cost) ONLY to"supervise the sale of the club, instead he forced out Rafa, appointed Woy (who lived down the other end of the Kings road, conveniently for Broughton) and the only player sold ..was benny..to…Chelski..just how NAIVE those fans are , who dont see that WE MUST take back the club …100K per day paid to the bank would enable us to have a TEAM of "Torres"…(class)..amAZing …!)


Torres agent ; "For many months I have not spoken to the England Press because their quotes are totally false.”

(yet still NAIVE fans" repeat the same bullsh*te day in, day out!"


review of "scorn on the 4th july" end of the beginning in the steps to own y-our club..



an open letter…

Global REDS…theres are too many "snipers" and "fans" who would rather put someone down , than take positive action.., whilst waiting for confirmation that Kenny has also refused to co-operate with the current board..I feel SoS should co-operate with others around the world with the basic aims to put the club in the hands of the supporters BUT with effective management ( not the current board) because 100 % of LFC should be acquired for NO MORE than was paid to Moores…negociation be done to warn G & H that if they continue to damage the club they risk to lose a lot more than profit from Lfc..(jailtime?)

this was posted on the "Dallas blog" 5th juLY 2010…

"There are a lot of "fickle fast food Lfc fans" because footy & sport is now part of the "bling" generation, its trendy fashion to wear replica shirts and attach theirselves to a club, without knowing much more than who the "star players" are and I will resist pointing a finger at the USA for this "soccer deformity"..but..there s a lot of "contrived ignorance" about Lfc..& there has been sabotage,

on the internet,( some FB "fans" used as part of an anti-supporter agenda) via media jackals, by "chairman" broughton (supposedly only appointed to handle the sale) who together with "Mr. Christian" (Purslow) whose "role" would best be described in "mutiny on the titanic"..have removed our most successful manager of the last 20 years, sold a good player (co-incidence he’s gone to ..Chelski!?) ..
and refused to admit that offers have been made to buy the club (i have a copy of one)
whilst 100k + in bank interst is paid daily to their favourite "waterloo bankers"..
..enough money to pay for a team of Torres – class players..

all that taken aside, as we (Liverpool supporters) and Dallas Rangers fans have a similar enemy , isnt it time that one of their hot – shot lawyers that we see on the TV all the time..<smile> considering a class action suit V Hicks (& Gillet) for either fraudulent acquisition or "business practices contrary to the interests of sports club members"…now that would be a rare "suit" I could follow..

Kop UNlimited/Balkan REDS
EuRED LIVERPOOL Supporters (overseas) Union Network.
p.s. the new manager comes from fulham..(that meant broughton only had to walk down the kings road to have a "chat with Woy") 😉  "

fans are deluding themselves however to think than any "money men" that buy the club in this financial climate would be that different to G & H , they all want to exploit the club and its global fan base for their own agenda, the best IS for us the supporters (Worldwide) to own it, it exists FROM our pockets, tickets, match day income, souvenirs , replica shirts etc..if you just stop and think its logical.. especially with new restrictions coming in to stop clubs "buying success"…
SoS are fine, "militant"? ..not at all…if anything they have been too kind in dealing with a bunch of "crooks in suits"…

start believing in Supporter ownership, like Barca, or many of the german clubs..and stop being fooled by media hype and commercial greed!


This year alone, I have had 3 mobile phones "burnt out" and my audio system on the laptop damaged…so Hiya G& H/Cia (c*nts idiots & a**holes) here is my phone number +44 151 324 1503 – Skoja 47
all "attacks" are monitored for the day you are brought to Justice..and…today…"Daisy is revolting" ..is it co-incidence since she has a boyfriend employed as "security" by the USA government that she failed to provide he part of the agreement, I donated funds for her personal development but she was previously anti-american is now obstructing the plans and wasted my time. I gave her "time off" for her accounting exams that are for her , important although she owed me some hours. paranoia sets in when "yanks out" gets chanted by my mates in Liverpool…


….Spirit Of Shankly – Our Independence Day

Monday 5th July 2010

Sunday 4th July 2010 will go down in the history of our Club. A day when we stood as one, and spoke with one voice, to tell Tom and George that they aren’t wanted, and that the supporters want in. As 5,000 fans gathered on St George’s Hall Plateau, those in attendance were addressed by a variety of speakers, highlighting the problems at our football club, the need and desire for change, and how we can play a pivotal part in our club’s future.
The Rally kicked off at 12 noon with Shankly’s voice booming out once again across St George’s Hall Plateau. For those old enough to remember the times he stood in that very place, it sent a shiver down the spine. Actor and Comedian Neil Fitzmaurice did a fantastic job holding it all together as compere for the day and deserves everyone’s thanks for that.

Fran Stanton, Union Chair, spoke passionately welcoming everyone to our Independence Day, and the reasons why it was needed.
Bill Shankly’s granddaughter, Karen Gill, stated that she was there to carry on her grandfather’s legacy, spoke wonderfully to the crowd "about how her grandfather would have recognised this new show of red strength" and was followed by Paul Rice, SOS Vice President making it clear what the day was all about, informing the assembled crowd about why and how the credit union has come about, and how fans can stake a claim for their football club by being a part of it.

Billy Hayes, General Secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union who travelled to the Rally from Berlin, addressed the crowd urging supporters to take back what was rightfully theirs – he talked of his political education as having been obtained from inside Anfield as anywhere else and backed the Spirit of Shankly for what we were trying to achieve.

John Aldridge was joined on stage by fellow legend Howard Gayle and talked about the work being done by Share Liverpool and the Union and the way in which the owners were "suffocating" the Club and that they had to go.
Comedian John Bishop, provided some humour but unequivocal support for the campaign and is not to be missed when the video of the event goes out on the Union’s website.
The final speeches of the day came from Steve Rotheram MP (who had travelled especially from London for the event) and James McKenna from Spirit Of Shankly. Steve reminded everyone about the need for us to make sure it is about our future, and that we would need to fight ourselves for what we believed in and not rely on the government supporting us, which he said wouldn’t be forthcoming. James McKenna spoke passionately for all members of the Union in reminding everyone about why the Union had been formed, where it started from and urged everyone to play a part in taking our club back.
The speeches were mixed with excellent musical performances from John O’Connell and Ian McNabb. Terry O’Shea played his recently penned protest song "Sons of Anfield" and long time Union supporter John Power, another who had travelled to London and back in the day to appear, was excellent as ever playing some of his best as the crowd sang along.
Pete Wylie gave a new version of "Come Back" with suitably altered lyrics and the afternoon culminated in a brilliant rendition of Fields Of Anfield Road from John Power and the Union’ own Peter Hooton and then all the performers getting on stage for a powerful rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone and the final haunting strains of "Shankly, Shankly" echoing once again around Lime Street.
The importance of yesterday cannot be stressed enough. It is the start of our aim to take a share of our Club back through the Spirit of Shankly Credit Union and more information will be released in the coming weeks.
Please click here http://www.spiritofshankly.com/documents/sos_credit_union.pdf to view the leaflet that was handed out at the Rally.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the day, to our members and the non-members who attended and those who couldn’t but were there in spirit. The Spirit of Shankly.


From facebook;

Juy 05

Rahim go to http://www.redandwhitekop.net,or "spirit of shankly" (S0S)  the distant  fans on facebook have been fooled ..many times this last year, .(or join Kop Unlimited) whilst you are chatting the biggest event in LFC supporters history , since Shanks arrived at Anfield, was started yesterday in LIVERPOOL, (REDS independence day rally) ..the board of LFC is occupied by cheats & liars , Woy is a stooge , placed there to placate the fans who want an english manager, Broughton is a chelski fan (hes supposed to be there only to help sell the club) but he (with the traitor Purslow, who also was supposed to be a "temp") only sold Benny to Chelski..
its a sick joke, so we, Lfc Supporters "core" together with "SoS" & ShareLFC are going to force out G & H and own the club..

its a RE(d)Volution ..join us?

July  04

Col , take note!" G & H will be out (and maybe in jail)  this summer, just watch, ye of little faith…
"Scorn on the 4th July" ? scorn on Hicks & Gillet, Broughton (the chelski fan who sold Yossi…to Cfc!) "Mr Christian" (the "actor" from "mutiny on the titanic") the media jackals whose hypocritical "spin" must be seen by even the most naive fans, scorn on disloyal players, and those fans who wanted to replace Rafa with Woy, a 2nd class choice, just because he is english… See more?.BUT today IS "Liverpool REDS independence day" make it The most important day since Shanks arrival – and start the process of owning y-our club, Dare 2B there…, if you care, own a share!!


The robots of germoney may be boring, but they have been programmed well, they beat the "stars" of eng-er-lund & "argies" etc by playing as a Team, the sort of footy that LFc could play & did play for several seasons  (and when the REDS do it they can add the power & flair of SG, Torres & Aquilani etc, just re-run a game like the 3-0 v sundeland last april..) for all those idiots who think management is about buying the most expensive star players a well organised TEAM that is consistent and whose players play for each other (and avoid injury) will win most times!!

Janko & Veli, amsterdam is for tourists & smokers , Liverpool supporters used to meet in Rotterdam , theres an irish pub near the centre of city called "paddy murphy, everyone knows it, many happy drinking times watching and singing LFC songs, still have my LFC flag on their wall?..met the LFC squad and Rafa at Rotterdam airport 3 years ago..
When I was with "ALSIN ; ( Assoc of LIVERPOOL SUPPORTES in the Netherlands) we organised a group visit to anfield ..see video..


had a very interesting & postive meeting today..I will keep you informed of developments positve for  Supporters worldwide!..(RED bevvy!!!!)

in the meantime, a personal invitation, probably ideal for a student, or even a single parent..
..I have access to a "bungalow-apartment" in Montenegro in a nice suburban area of the capital city of this land of "wild beauty"..
I offer "someone" the opportunity to share thisplace at low cost..negociable, as the appropriate candidate will be taught global (business level) english in exchange for me to learn the Montenegro/serbian tongue. and also may get a free course in entrepreneurial "start-ups" – The accomodation is a large room, with couch/bed, shared modern kitchen, bathroom & living room, cable Tv & attractive garden with nearby park and close to all services. send private message via Fb if you are interested or know someone who is?
must be a trustworthy person, with humour
thanks for your consideration
CS x


________________________________attention all you "photo shop enthusiasts" !!
– those of you in close contact may know that I have been negociating with a quality brewery to make "RED beer for ALL REDS" – it is intended to be y-our own "supporters beer" and the suppliers will donate the difference between the normal wholesale & retail prices to y-our funds for buying the club …(negociation connecting this up with "Save LFC" SoS & ShareLfc will be explained in due course) in the meantim you are invited as a member to DESIGN a label (for a RED bottle and a RED can) to include the Liverbird/YNNA emblem on the Kop Unlimited profile and the "Save LFC" logo. design copyright will be the eventual property of "Kop Unlimited held on behalf of & benefit of all LIVERPOOL supporters Worldwide! ..the lucky winner gets a free holiday and VIP visit to the european based brewery, runners up each get a case of "REDs Beer"


To some lazy or apathetic "fans"

..If you & other fans around the world knew whats going on at LFC , the way they removed Rafa, the way the "office" is costing LIVERPOOL supporters (WE pay through tickets , travel, drinks, shirts) whilst they pay each other masive incomes for mis-managing the club and pay 100,000 pounds a DAY to the bank (enough for 7 x Torres) – they got rid of a first class manager and replaced him with a cheap alternative, for their own gain, not for OUR success..I cannot therefore "Like" Woys’ appointment… hope you understand!?please take time to learn about the situation, not just via the media , its not just about Rafa, Purslow was never supposed to be permanent MD, and Broughton is a chelsea fan, with G & H they are wasting OUR money! they are fraudsters, and the "scorn on the 4th July – REDS independence day" rally on sunday is MUCH more important than who our players are  or who is coaching the team! – this is our life time passion they are ruining..if you dare-be there, if you care, own a share!

WAKE UP! my friends, we (the great big global REDS family ) are bleeding, and this is not just a Facebook discussion , the stupid fans , the media jackals, the lying Purslow & a chelski chaiman broughton together with the texans are destroying our club..they are coming a virtual "RAPE"…

so dont ask ME, what the hell happened, ???? why should I be explaining, dont you know yet??? why arent YOU angry??
its nice making photoshops & tagging friends..I like it..but..

fickle fans around the world and also in Liverpool are standing by, watching the world cup on tv whilst everything I ever loved about my club is being drained away…
we (core REDS who still respect the original "Liverpool way" are fighting for the basic LIFE of y-our club? what are YOU doing?

I dont have the feeling that the other admin or members of this group realise whats going on …I spend 4-8 hrs every day campaigning for Liverpool supporters worldwide to get the cheating "suits" out, and for REDS supporters to own the club, its not just the team! –  its also 40 years of my life I am fighting for

..how can you understand me that I find it sad that some of you are welcoming a new manager..and that event is a stab in the back of all true supporters…without mentionign the rally WE are making to fight for y-our clubs existence..???

the only event that matters is on sunday..never mind who plays for us next season or who the team coach is now..the whole club is in danger! for the FIRST time in 40 years I COULD NOT CARE LESS about our new "team manager" or new players because its all FRAUD on the supporters..

I have organised many events for LFc fans around europe tournaments, parties, weekend meetings, sponsored  bought & distributed t-shirts at my own cost.(and I am NOT rich) .thats not the problem, but at least all of you can do is REACT when our club is in danger and IT IS IN DANGER!…real TRUE DANGER!

some people just dont turn up or dont bother to reply to messages, I get it, its just the way people are today..but WE should be better than that,  IF the "core" of Balkans REDS dont know that SUNDAY is probably the most important day of the last 6 years then I am ready to resign..

it seems like I am the only one who is in touch with this???
I invited you to support the thousands of true REDs that will Rally on sunday in Liverpool, and instead ALMOST all i see on the wall is media BS  and speculation repeated from the mainstream media ..

400 members?  and yet less than 40 even bothered to look at the invitation!…
WHY am i the only one taking this seriously? – are you fooling yourself that this problems will go away, or that even if some new billionaire buys the club that it will be "better"?

 no..because all money men do is exploit OUR club, its people like me, long time supporters , buying tickets, spending money on match days, shopping for souvenirs in the LFC shops buying t-shirts & replica kit, even sending my (estranged) kids LFC presents at xmas & birthdays..OUR money is being lost ..and worse what makes us unique is being sh*t on!

If you & other fans around the world knew whats going on at LFC , whether U liked him or not the terrible & cowardly way they removed Rafa, the way the "office" is costing LIVERPOOL supporters (WE pay through tickets , travel, drinks, shirts etc) whilst they pay each other massive incomes for mis-managing the club

(I have posted links to all this info on the wall)

… LFC  pay 100,000+ pounds EVERY DAY to the bank (enough for 7 x Torres) – they got rid of a first class manager and replaced him with a cheap alternative, for their own gain, not for OUR success..I cannot therefore "Like" Woys’ appointment

… hope you understand!? I realise that you are NOT native english speakers..and I supose some of you just think I am over-reacting, , I am not……theres not even proper discussion in your own language, none of you seem to bother, and if you dont know, none of you want to ask me, I just see repeats of what the misguided idiots say on Tv or in the press??

thanks for the encouragement about hea up, but thats not the problem. I dont want sympathy, I want you to FEEL affected, to FEEL part of y-our club, to FEEL violated, and to react..
you see …MY head is high , but my heart is full and heavy…where is the "fighting spirit" of the Balkan REDS???



WAWK…a mole?..

"This seemingly "deliberate mis-interpretation" of almost everything I have written or done, is a worrying aspect of WAWK and by association SoS

I spend 4-8 hours daily campaining WORLDwide for the "Liverpool way" in words and action, coaching promoting , on radio & some time ago , on TV

the truth hurts, JIM, because I never attacke YOU, but my arguement was addressed to people at RAWK who have become insular & arrogant about who
may be "allowed" to criticise, I was adamant & aggresively pro-Rafa, but also defending the rights of ALL REDS, Worldwide , more than most and yes (without the insults I received) confronted those
"knee jerk fast food fans" that helped G & H , media jackals & the "office" to remove the best man, my only "jib" against you personally was your signature, because after you and I having a reasonable exchange some while ago I was suddenly CUT from communications , and banned Permanently I find that incredible when I read some of the insults aimed at our players, former manager and other supporters, it seems ok to be foul ( & ignorant) but not ok to question some of the "insiders"

Rogan Taylor was also recently criticised via Facebook, Yet I wonder if he agreed with my letter to the "KOP" magazine 2 years ago, campaigning for a
combined initiative, I was right then and I am right now, and your petty removal of me from the forum without any chance of reply, really questions if any of you are capable of being involved in a "better" (supporter-owned) LFC

whatever, vague accusations and inuendos about "ChriS SMITH" only enhance my rep as a "robin hood" laughable really! you help make me "(in)famous"

your record is clean? who said it wasnt? Jim, you say you dont care, yet at the same time say that you agreed with the ban!! ? I hope you are more coherent in court (thats not a threat in case your brittle ego is dam

instead of hiding behind the "RAWK" banner, engage me, by all means via email or , one day at a Global meeting of REDS supporters where everyone will be equal and free to speak
you may think you are acting positively, but you are not, certainly not in=

this case, mate!

1st July 2010

Good luck to all involved in the "scorn on the 4th july rally" this will prove a great example to Jelena of "international relations" – she is currently taking accounting exams

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