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together..?..July, B-log…Believe ?..L-Sun..co-op? & the “WC”

are WE together…July, B-log…Believe ?..L-Sun..co-op? & the "WC"

July, B-log…Believe ?..L-Sun..co-op? & the "WC"

"He’s NOT the Messiah ! – He’s a Very naughty boy! " 😉

"sitting in the Sun, when all is said and done,
what  a mess this world (& my stolen club) now is
apathetic, ignorance, greed, it seems
they only care about "image" media, bling & "biz"

I dream of people with passion, caring , enthusiastic
striving as one for each other, a team & society that gives

but thank the others ; the weak, careless, evil & lazy
for they made me what I am, some who LIVES"

July 16th 2010

Waiting for the Europa league opponents, maybe I will go, maybe just to "demo"

I need some fun, I recall Shanks writing in his book, about leaving the club.  he got "sick & tired with arguing & fighting"  he always moaned about the lack of "enthusiasm" THEN, goodness, if I found ONE person with ENTHUSIASM  TODAY I would want to marry for the rest of my life ..such is the way the NWO has dumbed down peoples spirit…

people are controlled by greed & fear, "they" dangle the financial rewards in your face or the fear of losing jobs, house etc..they make "socialism" a word of distain yet commercial obsession tells your kids to trample all over anyone to "get to the top" ..top of what?..top of the rubbish bin that this planet is becoming..?..they use nationality, religion & politics to pit you against each other…

I have to smile, last winter I had to trek through sub-zero temperature, cut off by snow bound road, this summer the average temperature is above 30 degrees here in "My Pod"…so its "heat survival" to stop melting in the night (also 30+) or burning up in the day..but its not yet "high summer" – I have brought some northern cloud & rain here to cool it , but still takes some getting used to.

….they smile in your face…the backstabbers!

an example to uphold, when people challenge the "suits"…

MY questions to SoS/SLFC? (the Union & the co set up to acqurire supporters ownership)

-why wait for evasion, or BS answers to valid questions, they will just "spin" you? (look at the "kop talking"on Lfc TV when they chose 3 lads to rubbish Rafa & praise "Woy"..)
-why not act NOW to freeze the company (Kop football ltd) with an injunction- stop OUR  money going out to RBoS and stop sale of players) *
– why not ask the fraud squad to investigate MB & CP ?
The evidence is in the public domain and its clear that G & H, MB & CP are acting against the interests of Members of Lfc & the union, the community & the public at large, we are the club, and yet WE are STILL financing fraud?
16th July 2010

* an "Anton Pillar Mareva Injunction" was (wrongly) used against ME in 1986 – it cost me a million, I would balance that "experience" if it got THEM (G & H , CP & MB) out & us Liverpool supporters (Worldwide) IN…

highlights…form "scorn on the 4th July"


I have asked local banks to provide a similar facility as the SoS Credit Union, to global REDS..
althouhg KOP UNlimited ("Shanks ARK"= All Red Kop) is on facebook, (damaged by sabotage , but still not sunk) is a "lifeboat" from their "Titanic" …Liverpool Supporters (overseas) Union Network = L – Sun project ..is not just for Reds Supporters, nor just for fans..but for anyone who believes in
– an alternative & creative way rather than the extremes of political or religious (www.mypod-net.org)
– – a fair society
– an intelligent social team-networking = a Chance of equality , an equal CHANCE for everyone, not enforced but created.
– ecological respect
–  Humanity first before commercial gain
(the articles of Human rights should be the FIRST thing you teach to your children, not the LAST thing applied by y-our government officials, religious  or corporate leaders)

message to daisy
"if you decide yr choices are wrong, I will forgive you, anyway, good
luck, be well & be positive in yourself."

I havent been out much, I nearly went to see marija  B in concert but it was postponed, and then I got the news about her follow-up too late, I was dripping sweat and dint really feel like "rushing" to the cafe where she (maybe) would sing..

13 july

I posted on (my) Network for Estranged Parents & Abused Kids…

"one of the main problems of y-our world, is your fault , & I mean everyone, who, instead of standing against what is wrong, and with honestly, because its the honest thing to do, either become the "silent (and often apathetic) majority" isolating the few "mavericks" who DARE be different, whether kids or adults, they are isolated and punished for going against the stream, if you care DARE to oppose power, dont try to get control, make sure that NO group, gender, nationality, religion or cult, (facebook) group or whatever, EVER has power over others..be a person, and SAY clearly whats wrong and fight for what is right, not for any other reason than BECAUSE…it needs to be said, and done…there are dictators, pretenders, saboteurs, jealous, weak & downright EVIL people around us, be sure, fair and be true, it may not come back to you, but this world will be better for you & us ALL"

Argued with some balkan reds (well in fact Lfc is their "2nd choice") … a shame we dont meet, I have written all I want to, if you all (Izzy, Bilja Nina ) still dont understand by now then I dont really feel I can do any more..its up to you, I have to go on fighting for what is right, people this is not just about football its about whats going on in the whole world, the way life is being suffocated by money, lack of care -and the apathy of people that allows it..

– you really dont want me to "relax" you actually want to argue??.(snip) …because i see lots of "chit chat" going on instead of working to help save LFC?..where was/is the effort? discussing Torres isnt going to help us….its ok for you all to let me do everything alone ? using my time & my costs?

I did nt want to argue with you, but you say we can be friends & tell it direct, but when I do tell you direct, you talk about being Sxxxxx, I dont care if you are Chinese, because if you are RED then you a Red…but its easy to talk but another thing to DO…

– I asked for help with designs , or to organise a meeting , B, I certainly dont believe everything, on FB, but you repeated media BullSh*te about Rafa, which wasnt true..and you (and "VJ") get angry because I correct you??..I didnt let anyhting F*ck up friendship, i have been honest from the beginning , fair & truthful with all, and in return some cowards complain behind my back,..so DONT Tell me ANY more, tell THEM

theres a "LIVERPOOL supporters buyOut/in savings group" so that even f you just have a couple of euros a group of you & your mates can own a share of the new Lfc…but none of you seem interested, and you are wrong to wish for a "billionaire" to dave the club, anyone with that money got it , not by being a nice person, all the income that goes to the club comes from Liverpool supporters ^ fans worldwide, shirts, tickets etc etc …

words are cheap..I resigned from  "admin" …but I wont resign from fighting for y-our club, even if it is your "2nd choice" now End! we can own it, IF you believe , so enough chat …

July 10


There are many such stories Carmen, but there are few told, and the mass are apathetic..courage is rare, because the few get dragged down, its ironic that most people who say "well done" donothing themselves, that people watch films & Tv and admire the "hero", yet in real life discard the "rebel" or maverick that dares……say "no"..??

Michael moores film "sicko" about NHS (and lack of in USA) ..the socialism that cares is a good one, but of course when people abuse it, when managment is lazy, weak or corrupt, in any "system" it goes wrong, the problem is that people are not encouraged to stand alone, to fight for their rights, to develop creative ideas, (unless "controlled by state , religious or other "pyramid")

TURN THE F*cking pyramid UPSIDE down..)

I join my son as a member

>I have today registered, however the membership is intended for my son, details below, but there was no facility for re-delivery to his address..
Name :  Leon Hartmann-SMITH
Date of Birth; 11th august 1996
residential address;
Engelbergerstr. 10
D79106 Freiburg


ask what YOU can do for your club’s Union network???

as many of you are "fotoshop wizards" …maybe you can design a label for the "RedBevvy" …(in 33cl bottle or 50cl can)

Negociations are going on to supply a "Red Beer for all REDS" …
(quality beer from the Balkans)

(as Carls….sponsorship is finished!)

"Not PROBABLY .but CERTAINLY the BEST beer for world’s BEST supporters "…
Every time you drink this beer, a donation is made to the REds fund to own y-our club,…

other products coming "RedVenge = a drink best served cold"
and "Kop – Kola"…for kids & non-alchohol drinkers..

contact your local Reds supporters club, meeting point or pub to ensure they will stock "LiverBird products" ..as part of the Kop Unlimited "RE(d)Volution"  not-for-profit initiative to be distributed  in association with SHARELFC & SoS (subject to contract onditionss) ..worldwide..

e & o e
Monty 10709

I was offline…
july 08-09 .

..They shut down my laptop for a couple of days, but I am still "kicking"..almost every internet cafe I use, gets "downed" for a while, I have had 3 mobile phones burnt out , my audio system damaged and the landline blocked, now for the 2nd time in a year they have cancelled my hotmail..I must be doing something "right" 😉

p.s. please dont use the "eured@live.nl" any more its closed, (virus-bombed out!)

I watched (again) the film "Red Corner" with Richard Gere …where he plays a businessman held by the chinese,
-refused his choice of lawyer, perverted & biased state methods & false accusations
-restricted access to his own evidence, "censored" /restricted communication with outside.
-defence disrupted by court officials
-police/prison guards arranged for him to assaulted
-lack of support from own govt. help without "assumnption of innocence"
etc etc

might seem like a nightmare, but is real, I made 54 complaints against "germoney" ; their "beamte" police, lawyers, attorneys; judges (6) civil servants & citizens…

and the NWO (led by USA & UK politicians & military) will force YOU to accept this as "normal" worldwide, if you dont stand up NOW!!

In the "chinese" mood I made some chinese "slaw" and created a "chinese style" meal in the oven..(that was prior to the hotter heat wave)


means the possible acquisition of a club worth around one BILLION euros..
– that I have supported since I was a boy
– which affects millions of people worldwide
– whose global supporters have become MY ONLY family & friends
(I was reminded that by people here and everywhere that dont want to be a real "mate")
– that is in the top THREE most important "brand names" of sport in the most important sport-busines in the WORLD..

Kop UNlimited/Balkan REDS
EuRED LIVERPOOL Supporters (overseas) Union Network.

my blog is http://eured-zreds09-10.spaces.live.com/blog/
note the msn people bug it as "fake" …because I write some "challenging stuff" <smile>
all dead ; parents , sister & 2nd wife died of cancer, son died 10 years ago, I have a brother whose maybe still alive but i dont know where..2 kids kidnapped by the germans – (have made 54 compliants at the human rights court) but if I try to visit them I get arrested /deported ..I only went through enchede many times, have a mate (hugo) whose a fan ..very happy lad of course..
I was on the Kop in the late sixties, not born scouser, like Shanks I adopted it as my home..not the city but the spirit that Shanks, the Reds & the music came together – I dotn like england team, I supported them as a kid, but I didnt know much better, I have NO allegiance to nationality, like religion & politics it only causes problems to humanity…

but I have been a "gypsy" since 30 years..all over europe and half the world, why balkans ? why not?

more at http://www.mypod-net.org/KOP_UNlimited.html


I had a BBQ (grill) and a few bevvies with local Reds Veli & Janko, (sort of compensation for not having my kids with me) I (eventually) got the grill going (ta lads) we kicked the ball around in the garden, few more bevvies, watched the final, told soem jokes and my stories of supporting the Reds, (showed them match progs from 40 + years ago) and "international round table"..

oh yeah there was a little footy tournament in S. Africa, all credit to Nelson Mandela – (and commiserations on the loss of your grand-daughter) this event just proved that national teams cannot match the quality of CLUB football..and the coaching of teams brings everyone to a closer , narrow level of ability.  Stevie tried hard, (wish he had showed some of that form for LFC last season, maybe Rafa would still be with us) Torres came on to help Spain get the winner, and a tired Dirk Kuyt left the field (never on the losing side for Nl this tournament!) before Iniesta scored the winner against 10 "agressive" dutch.

(note ref "our Kid" Torres ; He should have spent the whole summer recovering, maybe even could have finished the season for Lfc then had the op, whther possible or not, to risk further & continued injury was downright irresponsible..in hindsight , in a poor overall WC tournament, Spain didnt really need him,
if hes not careful hell become another "Mowen" -its great for some fans to claim "we had so many Lfc players at the WC" but it dont help us , who pay their high wages,  win domestic or european trophies and THAT is what managers should impress upon "superstars" too!)

I liked watching Ghana, the german youth played as a team , once again reminding us that a well organised team with pace can over come the "superstars" …the african teams failed to show, and I hate the sound of those…V……………!!! (dont ever bring them to a REds game or I will personally stick it where the sun dont shine!)

p..s some people seem  "scared" for or of me. I can accept being called "crazy" but IMO you are the MAD ones, for accepting the absolute BULLSH*TE that you ALLOW to go on in your everyday lives that hurt you, your family, your friends & your "enemies" aND destroys all humanity ..so you are to blame, not me! for wasting y-our life!

and SAVE Y-OUR SELF from them..you are NOT ALONE!


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