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open & public ; formal offer for Lfc..

Formal Offer

ref ; The Liverpool Football Club & Athletics Grounds Limited
Anfield Road, LIVERPOOL, Great Britain L4 OTH

Podgorica , July 23rd 2010
Without Prejudice

Public Offer to Purchase ; subject to contract & special conditions*

The undersigned is hereby empowered to offer the rightful owners the sum of

e 260,000,000 (Two Hundred & Sixty Million Euros) for the full ownership of the club, all brands, logos, designs, stock,, equipment, sales, team players, stadium and all other assets previously known as, associated with or related to Liverpool Football club (hereafter known as "Lfc")

* special conditions:-

– The current "owners" remove themselves with immediate effect from particpation or comment concerning "Lfc"

– ChriS. R. Smith ("CRS") replaces the "Chairman" (M. Broughton) & "Managing Director" (C. Purslow) as Chief Executive Office with absolute control of "Lfc" management until a full AGM of the new company "K0-OP UN limited" is called.

– Subject to the relevant accounts of Kop Football ltd / Kop Football holdings Ltd & all accociated companies, (identified as the "sellers" ) being audited by persons appointed by "CRS"

– Payments to Royal Bank of Scotland, or other major creditors, or any sale of significant fixed or other assets (including the current plying squad) to be frozen until above audit is fully completed.

– This Offer does not exclude any member of the "Sellers" or above named companies or any person associated with "Lfc" from criminal or civil law suits.

on behalf of the join venture co-operative ; "Ko-OP UN Limited" ; between ELSUN : -UNofficial Liverpool Supporters (Overseas) UNION Network and EPOCH a.g. previously known as "Gemini Group" (hereafter known as "Ko-OP") who are prepared to direct this offer without, with or via "ShareLiverpoolFC"(SLFC) or "SoS" or "SaveLfc" or "AFC Liverpool" subject to any co-operative agreement that is FAIR & equitable to all Liverpool Supporters & fans Worldwide.

This offer is made in good will to resolve current and future disputes at "Lfc" and valid ONLY until 31st July 2010, at which time;

a) The above offer to purchase "Lfc" reduces by 10% per calendar month.

b) A civil and criminal claim will be made against the "sellers" officers, board members & co-chairmen (joint & several) for fraudulent deception , and violation of the interests of "Lfc members" & other members of the community. A winding – up order placed on their companies based on debts owed to our Worldwide members together with an (anton pillar mareva ) injunction to freeze all assets of said companies , the officers & personal assets and any of their associations in Europe, & USA!

The eventual purchase value to be guaranteed by co-operative bank ING; BNL & NLB.

The intention of this offer is to enable "Lfc" to be placed in the hands of those who would best serve the interests of true football supporters, Worldwide.

Upon legitimate acquisition there shall be a public offer ;

@ euros 500 per share (e500) :-

All Shareholders have equal rights & are made up of;

a) Those who have indicated they are willing to fund "Lfc" (Via SLFC several thousand member have apparently promised e5000 or more!) may invest an amount in excess of e500
– will only receive a single voting right, BUT to receive a 10% premium from future "Lfc LiverBird branding profits"
b) "SoS" members & other Global shareholders investing the minimum e500 per share as individuals or as part of savings groups (such as the SoS "credit Union") have a single vote at AGM/EGMs.

& N.B.

– Committee members of "SoS" or "SLFC" will be eligible for election to the non-executive board of "Lfc" subject to a shareholders vote at the next legitimate AGM.
– "CRS" whilst carrying out responsibilities as CEO of "Lfc" will not receive a salary prior to the above-mentioned AGM, but will be re-imbursed with travelling & associated expenses.
– Any person removed from "Lfc" by the current board, may be offered to renew his or her contract, subject to the shareholders vote at the next AGM, otherwise all employees contracts to be reviewed.

e & o e

Ko-OP UN Limited/ELSUN
Toloshi, SK-0-(47)
81102 ,Podgorica

email ; ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org


Comment; this action is vital

a) to protect "LFC" & its members ; Supporters & the community beign "bled dry" as NO – ONE is taking the inititiatve
b) to ensure that ALL get an equal chance, wherever a supporter may be born.
c) to take a underperforming company/group to a worthy status in global football
d) to ensure that every member who invests e500 or more receives a Profit within 5 years.
e) to ensure the TRUE "spirit of shankly" & the true "Liverpool way" is understood and enhanced globally.

CS> " I am inspired by the memory of Shanks & what he did 50 years ago, there are too many groups (too many "cooks") & truly believe that I am the only person capable of taking on these suits and winning – I would have broughton for lunch & purslow for dessert!" šŸ˜‰


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