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july (17->) & 27-31 BLOk,,,,going to S(pion)KOP- je!

EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) UNION Network; Balkan reds feature..

Blog to 31 July – part 3 …going to S(pion) KOp – ya(je) ?  "they cant get me I am part of the UNION"

around 06hrs Saturday morning on the last day of July of this year (stated 2010, or whatever ) I was reflecxting on my trip & meetings in S-KOP-je and that I now tell everyone that I am a "SPY" (Spion) when asked about my vocation…"REDS missionary work " sounds too spiritual for many, and as most locals ASS ume that I am some sort of 007 …its easier to answer " je sam Spy" than try to explain my creative intentions..
…so, as any true RED knows , our home from home has the "name "Spion KOP" …its was fated that I would go to have one of the most monumental events to affect Liverpool supporters since the days of Shanks to be held in s-KOP-je by a "Spion"…

Victory on the field, and victory off it , because of the success of the 2nd "Balkan REDS" meeting..completes the EuRED Liverpool (overseas) SUPPORTERS UNION Network..(to raise global awareness & funds via "KOP UNlimited") ..I met "Vicki " irish pub manageress & stayed (purely by chance) at the "Hotel VICTORIA"…<smile> its all in the stars,

sitting in the Sun, when all is said and done,
what  a mess this world (& my stolen club) now is
apathetic, ignorance, greed, it seems
they only care about "image" media, bling & "biz"

I dream of people with passion, caring , enthusiastic
striving as one for each other, a team & society that gives

but thank the others ; the weak, careless, evil & lazy
for they made me what I am, some who LIVES

The stated route down from the border near Kolasin to Podgorica is magnificent, even half-asleep , the wild mountain beauty…reminded me that this, for the time being , is "home"…I had left the capital of Monty on wednesday evening…i had a double seat which helped make the 11 hour overnight border bearable, despite stops every 2 hrs , check out of Monty, into Kosovo, out of Kosovo into Macedonia , lights on , lights off, about 3 pee/food/drink stops in between, i scrambled about 2 hrs sleep , why do people do things "on the road" that they probably wouldnt at home, like eating hamburgers, steak & chips etc & drinking cola & expresso at 02hr?…99.9% of this planets’ people are insane!

a young pair of students working at the station caffee greeted me, as the "First from Liverpool" …saving me from the grasping Taxi drivers who sensed "tourist prey"..I am not a tourist , I am a spy…
…young Vladi a law student who needs guidance away from the "dark side" served me up a massive cheeseburger, chips & salad, in a giant bun…i needed a brekkie, 2 large coffees to overcome half-blindness, I asked her about Hotel Victoria that I had scribbled down just before leeaving..(Simons Dad had reserved my room) in" Skupi, S-KOP-Je…."do you mean "hotel Virginia" , me half dead but adamant , NO , it says here "Victoria" …she found a driver who knew, and the cost was "ok" ..but they didnt know me when I breased ino the reception, I insisted but then was far too tired to go anywhere else, and the e55 was more than the normal "budget" (20-30) but the room was great with a view of the city & a Balcony bigger than some apartments I have lived in on my "lifs mission"…<smile>

I had informed most of our existing & potential "Balkan REDS" members  (supporters club – now a union associated with E.L.S.U,N) to either contact me at the hotel or at "St Paddy’s Irish pub" …about 16h
Young local Reds Martin (Marko) & Filip came to pick me up, as any non-local REds arriving on the day before the match could start looking for me @ 18h onwards, we had time to leave a message with manageress "Vicky" and then stroll along the river to the "copacabanha beach" for coffee..its a man-made beach for sun-worshippers, tourists & "the cool" of sKOP-je ,…..later on I saw a few Red shirts and we got into the "skopko beer" (rival for "RED-Bev"  ?)  costing about 100 dn (1.30 e) per large glass, (500ml) ..at the irish pub where drinks tend to be "on the high side" …local Red Simon b (now co-ordinator for "MacREDS" …) turned but around 21h with his dad (Leon) and had it not been for my joking a bit too much with his mum (Bilja) I might have spent the "vikend" at their home in the "macedonian Beverley hills" …<smile>

finally news on the website after I complained to UEFA, Lfc & the local club…tickets via Lfc official club site ; cost e30, compared with lopcal cost of e5 …a recipe for confusion and Ticket "touting" became normal as locals could buy @ e5 and offer at up to e25, apart from legal or moral issues, a lot of members come from other european (& nearby Balkan & grecian regions etc) dont have a UK income level..

Well we put up the flags at the pub, made it our base , had a few bevvies told some jokes and as I had only managed a short siesta that first day , I was pleased to get back to my welcome bed at the "Victoria" ..
I only booked a hotel for one night, as Igor C was coming from Bosnia and although I needed to be in sKOPje one day earlier for club/union meetings & organisation, I planned to go back with his group in the MIn-van which passes close by Podgorica (Niksic) en route.


The Next morning (match day @ Rabotsnicki) I woke too early after a too short sleep, to have Simon, Marko & Filip waiting , we first of all checked out the situ at the bus station – as an alternative was to stay for the weekend (if there was a private offer from a "local")  – and as the "MacREDS" lads had the 7 tickets  Igor & his mates needed, I decided to give my "spare" to the nice "Vladie" waitress who begged me for a ticket when I arrived…her smile was worth it, and she promised me some bevvies or a free meal at her "station caffe" …then it was on to the "Alexander (the great!) palace hotel"  Simon & the lads were hoping for autographs of the team, but I checked inside with the team assistants & the lads were "resting" ..we walked back from there (also near to the hotel Viginia, you see I had mistakenly read the info from Simons Dad, and "invented" the "hotel victoria" …pure chance…and also had a lot of laughs with "Vicky" of the irish pub…

we walked on back along the river towards the city centre , stopping again at "the beach" for a "nessie" (large cold milky nescafe) …(another "hook") and Filip sent a message to find out where Igor C ‘s group were, back came the message that a couple of guys who had "promised" to come had backed out (ticket prices?) and there was a problem to get a vehicle…a small panic ensued as the lads now had too many tickets..and their economy the prices count!…anyway, despite the downer the lads took me to a local restaurant in the old town, after looking around, they invited me, & I  had a speciality of (baked) beans , small spicy sausage, hot peppers , salad with rakia & chips & pita bread..the rest of the lads coming were expected to be at "st paddy’s " from 15-16h …and I decided to pick up my bag, and take my chances, but i wasnt in the mood for another (completely) sleepless night and paid for an extra night at the "Victoria" ..it was 30 degrees + and walkign around had made me tired, so I showered, had a 5 minute nap before a (cheap) taxi ride back to the pub-HQ! …

I was pleased to see the terrace area decked with Reds flags & filling up with our supporters…soon we were singing, the local "MacReds" , Simon, and now Ardian, then Ivan with his group from the belgrade area..(very pleased to finally meet) ..in between a little "singing competition" between us at the front of the pub and the terrace (where the Koosovo Reds had grouped) ..& a "yannoy" playing Liverpool songs from time to time in the background, the usual atmosphere of "away-days" built up, every few minutes someone would want to take a photo with me, I even autographed someone t-shirt.  around 19h we started walking to the "Attaturk -lookalike" (national) stadium, home tonight for Rabotsnicki

..expecting the "bizzies" to herd us all together at the "Liverpool end" (corner) but they didnt we were scattered which didnt do the "vocals" much good, mind you the local crowd was described as "hostile" (mostly because of Kyriakos) but I never felt threatened, (still more photos taken with me) and before the game & at half time, enjoyed talkign to the sweet "Vladie" (ta) …about life inSKOPje & her future etc…(I think her boyfriend got a bit "peeved") there were plenty of Lfc shirts & fan shirts and even <smile> some "WE ARE THE CLUB" …I had distributed about 8 shirts
("savelfc")  & BcR ..as donations to the "cause" and part of my Balkans Reds "cultural missioinary" project <smile>

The game was too "easy" the home team looked scared of our virtual reserves and the scoreline of 2 goal by david Ngo-al didnt reflect our domination of the game, Amoo & Kelly looked sharp down the right, Ngo-al was workign well, the defence solid and the midfield controlled well by (capn) Lucas, AA & Spearing.."Vladie" & boyfriend Dragan invited back to the caffe where she works but I had told the lads to get back to "St Paddys" …so I agreed to have brekkie/brunch  at  her caffe the next morning (as I had all day to fill before the ONLY bus to Podgorica @ 20h) …I foudn simon & Ardian and some other "MacReds" but there were also some english idiots (manc, chelski & leeds fans" ) trying to steal the "limelight" …I thought to myself, its those sort of c*nts that caused the start of the Heysel problem, think they can just latch on to us because they are "english" , well we arent, we are "Euro-Scouse" …I have also reminded some of our new members not to make a big deal of national or religious ethnic differences, WE are a BIG REDS family,. we ARE THE CLUB!..

So we moved to the terrace , Ivana & Kristina were on duty, Ivana sheepishly admitted that someone had stolen her "We are the CLUB" t-shirt…I asked them both if they liked Garlick, they all answered no, but Vicky
said "a little bit" ..maybe theres hope on this planet yet ,<smile> another (cheap) taxi back, but I could nt sleep, woke with the sun, and arrived at "Vladies caffe" for brunch, she was working later, but seemed "stressed" (i wonder who was giiving her a hard time as the colleagues there were not as friendly as the day before) …
i walked in the blistering heat up to the castle and back to "st paddy" several "Nessies" then said goodbye to "Vicky" (hope to see you again, in sKOPje or "Monty" ) her team and the sweet Ivana & Kristina..(big eyes) …

I was too early at the bus station and "Vladie" only finished at 19h (my bus =20h) so i was hoping to chat with her before leaving, but she got increasingly nervous, told me she had a very "bad day" and burst into tears, I hope she keeps in touch , because I am sure she has the potential to make a good life, and help others if she doesnt get "herded" into the box like 99.9% of most people, the bus was on time, but typical delays going through the ridiculous "routine" passpiort controls / stamping THEY must make sure the "civil service" has something to do, I would remove all frontiers if I could, they only cause people to conflict and "justify" unwanted & un-necessary military/police employment …(jobs for the boys)…and at least they collected the passports on the bus , one time the driver made a joke that the police had kept mine, funny guys from Monty ha ha ha ha ha …

having had only 8 hrs in 4 nights , I slept most of the "vikend"….into August,,,….

*see complaint…to Uefa/fc Rn/Lfc & SoS..

please inform of the lawyers acting for KOP football/holdings ltd/ trading as Lfc – it seems now is the time to servie legal notices (anton pillar mareva injunction, winding up & litigation concerning numerous complaints about the "officers" etc)
From: eured@live.nl
To: garreth.cummins@fsf.org.uk; zreds.ze@gmail.com; ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org
CC: d.wurbs@footballsupporterseurope.org; info@fsf.org.uk; info@footballsupporterseurope.org
Subject: mac10728 CS / ELSUN RE: COMPLAINT v UEFA , Rabotnicki & Lfc
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 09:25:29 +0200

Cs>opened  up a can of worms..
Gareth thats looks like a "snow job" you have done!
– I am in Skopje – before leaving home yesterday afternoon  (2 days prior to the game) there was NO CLEAR  info on the lfc offical website about tickets or prices..
– the cost for locals was e5 per ticket, NOW LFC sell at 5 TIMES THE COST?…whose blowing smoke….???
This needs a fukll investigation, and your response confirms my opinion that the FsF/FSE will not represent supporters like us properly..

therefore the EuRED Liverpool Supporters Union (ELSUN) will now extend and offer complaint & litigation services to all supporters from any club who are dismayed at treatment by UEFA, FIFA, and any officier or bosy that fails to respects the rights or violates the equality of each supporter

there are plenty of ECHR/UDHR articles to call on in the public sector to utilise against the people that are danaging our game
note  "no choice"  ????? we shall see!
From: garreth.cummins@fsf.org.uk
To: eured@live.nl
CC: d.wurbs@footballsupporterseurope.org; info@fsf.org.uk; info@footballsupporterseurope.org
Subject: RE: COMPLAINT v UEFA , Rabotnicki & Lfc
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:39:17 +0100


While I understand the frustration that fans can suffer with regard to fixtures being moved at short notice, UEFA had little choice other than to switch venues with a week’s notice for this fixture given that at this stage of the competition the structure means that teams are often drawn against an either/or opposition, as the 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds are drawn before the conclusion of the previous round. Liverpool only found out their opponents on the afternoon of Thursday 22nd July, meaning that the maximum possible notice they could have given of any change was 1 week.

 In mitigation, the club had announced on their official website in the run up to the Rabotnicki/FC Mika match that should the other Macedonian side (Teteks) win their game that the dates of the ties would be switched – http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/possible-europa-fixture-change – this was put on the site on 16th July, the day the draw for the 3rd round was made, giving as much notice to fans as possible.
While it may be you believe that Liverpool should gain precedence over their ‘choice’ of fixture, the clash is not one of Liverpool’s making but one in the Macedonian league. Given that Rabotnicki entered the Europa League at the first qualifying round stage and Teteks at the 2nd qualifying round stage as a result of their domestic performance last year, the precedence was always going to be given to Teteks in the event of a clash, as they share the stadium for European fixtures. A similar situation arose in the Champions League a few seasons ago as I’m sure you are aware where both AC Milan and Internazionale qualified as group winners from the group stages, meaning that Liverpool’s clash with Internazionale was postponed by a week, with Milan having precedence due to their superior domestic performance over Inter at that time.

While it is regrettable that such changes have to be made at short notice, there is little other choice – this isn’t even the first time this season that fans of Rabotnicki have had to change dates of their ties, as in the first round their match with Lusitanos of Andorra was switched owing to a fixture clash with the other Andorran side, UE Santa Coloma, who were playing Mogren of Montenegro. In all, 11 ties in the first three qualifying rounds of this season’s Europa League have been switched after the draw, and unfortunately, many with very little notice. Such is the lot of the fan of a side in this stage of the competition, I’m afraid.

 Lastly, I don’t know where you are looking for the information for tickets. An announcement was made on the official site on 23rd July relating to tickets (http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/announcements/rabotnicki-v-liverpool-important-announcement) advising fans of how to check for details of tickets for this fixture, and the full selling details have now been announced at http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/tickets/latest-ticket-news/259-ticket/info, copied out below for your information:

 LFC Ticket Office have released the following selling details for our Europa League away game v FK Rabotnicki


UEFA Europa League 3rd Round Qualifier

 FK Rabotnicki v Liverpool

 To be played at Filip II Arena
On 29th July 2010
Kick Off at 8.45pm (local time)

We will be receiving an allocation of 1100 tickets for this ALL TICKET fixture priced at £26.50 each.

For disabled enquiries please contact a member of our disabled team on 0843 170 5555

Selling Arrangements

Tickets will be allocated as available and for as long as supplies last to Season Ticket holders, Corporate Members and Members/Fan Card holders wishing to travel independently. Please note Thomas Cook will not be running a package for this fixture.

Telephone Sale

Tickets will be available on 0843 170 5555 (Overseas (0044) 151 9079399). Bookings will require all Fan Card numbers to be provided and the applicant’s address to be confirmed. Tickets must either be collected from the Ticket Office or can be collected from a location in Macedonia on the day of the game.  This information will be provided at the time of your booking.

Window Sale

Supporters must present Fan Cards when applying at the Ticket Office.

Tickets purchased for this match will not count as priority for any future matches within this competition.

 Please Note: Supporters can purchase one ticket per qualifying Fan Card.

Supporters can purchase tickets for up to a maximum FOUR qualifying Fan Cards at the Ticket Office window and on the telephones.

Ticket Office hours

Monday – Friday : 8.15am – 3.45pm

Please note telephone booking lines will open at 8.15am until 5.30pm for sales for this fixture.

Due to the short timescale involved we are unable to offer any refunds for this fixture.

Author: Ticket Office

 While we will stick up for complaints of supporters wherever possible, we’re not sure that there’s much more that either UEFA or the club themselves could do about this in this instance.


Garreth Cummins
International Officer

The Football Supporters’ Federation
1 Ashmore Terrace, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR2 7DE
Tel: 0330 44 000 44  |  Mob: 07989 742655  |  Web:  http://www.fsf.org.uk



From: EuRED -ZReDs09-10 [mailto:eured@live.nl]
Sent: 27 July 2010 14:52
To: sam sos; info@uefa.com; customer service? LFC; Dani Wurbs, FSE Hamburg
Cc: Nina donkin Fsf UK (footy); ZRedS Ze; BalKan REDS Bar/Balkans
Subject: COMPLAINT v UEFA , Rabotnicki & Lfc


on behalf of our supporters & members

its a disgrace

– that 2 days prior to our europa league match in Skopje there is no offical ticket news
– that less than a week before the game planned @ Anfield for 29th July , UEFA switch the venues , causing extra costs & confusion
– that Lfc as "top seeded club in the Europa league" with probably the largest away following in Europe , had to switch venues at short notice
(why not change the other macedonian fixture)

its just another example of UEFA mis-managment and a general distain & contempt for football supporters in general & our supporters in particlular
ChriS Smith
EuRED(Balkan Reds)
Liverpool (overseas) Supporters Union Network
sos member number

E.L.S.U.N /-Union of  BalKan REDS
notes for costing records

Pod 20h Tuesday 27 july
taxi/snacks etc in Pod e10
Bus ->sKOPje e23.50 cash
 e40 cash changed to Din
(taxis, drinks, coffees @ later @ st paddy) Simon dad & mum, Martin/marco & Filip
inc e10 for 2 tickets from Leonid besliev)
e55 hotel Victoria (NOT virginia e32 )
e100 cash ;
(inc e50 for 2nd night  hotel, drinks , taxis etc etc )
e100 cash(e50 & e50) to Din
e50 hotel
e10 coffees etc friday waiting..(at Vickis stpaddy/at station caffe waiting 4 Vladanka)
e24 bus to sKOPje

– donated 8 shirts (4 x BcR-Bar, 4 x save Lfc) = cost e100


from Kop UNlimited…

I have proposed that SoS/ShareLfc & the members/supporters  take out an injunction to freeze the assets of the club, stop the massive payments to RBoS and players being sold, I wish our fans would get more angry about that instead of arguing about each individual event..we must stop the club being disintegrated, maybe Woy is now waking up to what he had walked into…a mess ,in which also Parry &  David Moores is far from blameless, G & H & co are crooks in suits..nothing more or less!
we have a million fans worldwide and they need to focus on the whole , not the "bits"…we need to come together, because together we can fight and win, together we are strong; together WE ARE THE CLUB

Margaret, you are right, another problem is that fans just feed of the biased, stupid &/or ignorant media, chasing every speculative item as if its come down with moses 😉 ..I spend 4-8 hrs a day fighting for supporter ownership, yet when i see the suicidal comments of some "fans" I ask myself if i/we get "the dream" what sort of fans will also … See morebenefit..and these fools also dont see that since G & H started their "titanic" policies (Moores & Parry, shame on you too) Rafa was standing up against them that "suddenly" a lot of "new Lfc fans" appeared on net forums & facebook repeating the Bullsh*te – Hicks is a buddy of Geo. W****** Bush – and it tasted just like the sort of USA-propaganda that they used always in politics to discredit the enemies..soem people wonder why I always defended Rafa, and apart from his success record (his win-ratio was better than any manager)
it was because "they" attacked him, and "they" are a virus infecting y-our lives, and then they started to infect MY club, my big Red global family, it got very personal, I wont rest till I see the culprits behind bars.. (and I dont mean the sandon) 😉

what about the way they switched the "10 shirt" number from Milan J to cockney Cole..!

additional notes;

I am becoming "local in Monty" met Miro the local owner of the russian bar toloshi he is now  A "bCr" (WITH T-SHIRT)

10722 complained to EzJet & UEFA etc changed venues Uefa /Lfc Cia-C*nt idiots & a**holes..

10720 – 20 h footy went to Podgorica stadium, where Wales play in september ; Rudar v bulg Champions league (0-4) with nenad

10717 added Ko_OP Union to website http://www.mypod-net.org


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