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(edited) extract from ChriSmitH ‘ s publication “PLEASE DONT tick the BOX” !

"Will the TRUE LIVERPOOL please stand UP…?"

started supporting Lfc (LIVERPOOL football club) in the early sixties
when I only cared about kicking a football, I would bunk school and play
all day in the fields behind our council house..dad was carpenter /
general forman for a construction company that worked on heathrow,thus, with him being away, mum
was the daily influence on me, and was regional secretary of the Labour
Party, very active , with a lot of energy fiercly competitive and with stong
opinion (wonder who my character comes from?) as soon as i reached my teens I
chose Lfc. Apart from our house being decked in RED election leaflets,
and the socialist ethics, ma’s scottish ancestty cemented me to the
club , when after the first phase of player hero worship, I was reminded that a
SCOT (Bill Shankly) was "in charge of Liverpool" ..not only the club but
the city too <smile>

More than 40 years later, my family
& all loved ones are gone, I am alone, but not really,  because of the BIG
global REDS family;..the only constant in my life! Careers change,
location & partners changed since I left GB more than 30 years ago (still returning
for games & the "craic" of course) but residing abroad has made me
into a "Reds Cultural Missionary" opening Lfc supporters clubs, official
or UNofficial, promoting LIVERPOOL footy & music on a free radio
network, organising FFF (footy , fun & international friendship)
weekends, 5-a-side tournaments & parties ; coaching teenagers in the "Liverpool way" all over Europe, and
recently the "Balkan REDS" which is a supporters club AND members of
E.L.SUN – (EuRED Liverpool Supporters Union Network – Overseas) my club
is damaged, like the titanic, like society as a whole ..its sinking
and the decision is what to save

a) The FAKE Lfc

I recall
reading the autobiography of Bill Shankly ("Shanks") and being ashamed
that he had to work so hard to convince "the office" to follow his
vision and how he was discarded, this also highlights that despite the
LOVE we core supporters have for the man, that there is a dent in the
local mentality that allowed the club to virtually discard him after he
retired in 1974..I mourned his passing and the eighties became a mixture
of emotions as we achieved the 4th European cup and a record of League
Titles but the "morons" that helped to cause the shame of Heysel and the
criminal neglect of police, stadia managment & government officials
that still does not provide Justice for the 96 of Hillsborough almost
kept me away from "the beautiful game" …

David Moores "sold "
our club to Messrs Hicks & Gillet ,(" G & H ") 2 dubious businessmen
from the USA (not that the states is the exclusive custodian nationa of
fraudsters, but leads the market, for sure!) – but did he?, he sold the
structure that is Anfield, the "company" which "trades as Lfc" ..but not

ploughing a lot of money into our club, but they "leveraged it" …no
different than you buying a house on 100% + credit, but they didnt tell
us, had they done so, MAYBE we could have stopped it..but surely they
only bought the company, not the true club, not the essence not the true support , its identity …not its "soul"..

G & H ran up a Debt
…340 million GBP , costing OUR club (we pay for) more than 100k per
week in repayments to Barclays then RBS (or whoever, a banker is banker
, IMO ) "the office" (especially the ticket & members office" has
been a shambles for a long time, with jobs for the boys & favourites
getting tickets etc..and G & H / the bank caused Parry to be
replaced by Purslow …a greater evil followed when a CHELSKI
fan ; Martin broughton was appointed; "Chairman" by who?

Not long after G & H
came along, our team manager Rafa Benitez "dared" to oppose these "suits"
(who tried to replace him behind his/our backs) no surprise that "fast
food fickle fasn" on "forums" & facebook were provoked (from the USA?)  to start
anti-Rafa discussion threads, (reminding me of the "80’s morons) and even some supporters who should know
better started to repeat parrot-fashion the uneducated "pundits" of SLY
Tv & the S*N etc..virtual xenophobic rants resulting in the removal of OUR most SUCCESFUL manager in 20
years for an ENGLISHMAN with less than half the success record at club
level. This "sabotage" was orchestrated by Purslow ( who was reportedly a
"temp") and Broughton (who by his own admission) was ONLY @ Lfc to
"sell the club" …

The recent "SPIN" coming out of the LFC office and the
LFC tv shows has been ,,,what can I call it.>>?…AMERICAN..!
…"Rafa didnt do this, Rafa didnt do that!" …Hodgson hasn’t even been
involved in the "dealings" of players,
(Bennyoun going to Chelski and
Cole from ChelskI!) which could have been done from a pub in the Kings Road
(Mr. Broughton?)…some players and fans are already lording Hodgson for that!!!..

Woy could claim his preparations for the coming season
have been disrupted by the World cup in S.Africa with 12 of our senior
players only recently returning and the season already started last week
in SKOPje ..
its the first time I dont want to even look at the
manager never mind praise him, even after Rafa left, 90% of the
supporters wanted Kenny Dalglish (probably with Sammy Lee) to manage the
team. I fel like singing the "Rafa Bamba" instead! (Good luck @ Inter ,
Rafa, lad) . whilst Broughton claims that all money received for
players will be used on transfers. anyone spot the "clue" in this complete BULLsh*te scenario???


ALREADY OWN the club, we dont HAVE to invest in a fund, (but we will)…the club is ours..because
the SOUL was formed * IGNITED by Shanks coming to this club at the same time as
the energy of the city (iin the 60’s) connected with the "merseybeat" phenomenon &
the songs of the "KOP" where 25000+ standing supporters (mostly working
class) would sing their lyrics to the current "pop" songs or make up
their own..The LIVERBIRD is a myth , adopted by the Liverpool community
& Lfc yet WE made it into a famous worldwide "brand" through our support , our banners and
our own replica or self-made t-shirts to promote our passion &
belief in our players. WE ARE the club.WE ALREADY own the club, They
simply STOLE it, ..

Around the time their very first AGM I
advised The Supporters Union, ("Spirit of Shankly") to merge with
"ShareLiverpoolFC" (SLfc are the organisation formed to handle to
purchase of Lfc by supporters) and effect a dynamic leadership capable
of negociating with business partners etc. however, anyone who previously worked in
a "committee" knows how difficult it is to become "dynamic" and the
recent announcement of co-operation is late in the day and meant that
the "backstabbing suits" have had a long time to drain the essence of
our club away..We have formed E.L.S.U.N (EuRED Liverpool Supporters
Union Network) to harness the UNofficial supporters & fan clubs
around europe and worldwide  providing similar organisation to
non-UK based supporters, fans & members as  SoS/SLfc .. 


is my arguement that an (anton pillar mareva) injunction should be
served on the actual company (of "Kop football/holdings") to stop the
bank loans, to renove the officers of the club ; especially Purslow,
Broughton , G & H and effective declare the sale of David Moores
shares etc "Null & Void" which was at best improperly completed and
at worst … a FRAUD

True Core supporters must come together as a
global Union , networking to protect our club and ensure FAIR &
equal ownership by all true supporters in the future, I believe We are
the club, THEY stole it and WE want it back!!!.. THis fight is in
essence a fight for the SOUL of LIVERPOOL football club and to rescue
football worldwide from the grasps of "greedy corporate thieves"…to
paraphrase the great man " some people think football is a matter of life
or death, its more important than that; (its a fight for life itself)"
Apart from the SPIRIT of our fight, the pragmatic arguement is simple
too ; The income of the club, comes from OUR support; match days;
tickets, online & shop sales, replica kit & souvenirs etc
..there is no reason why ANYONE else should be allowed to exploit that –
we can & WILL own & manage our club…one way or another!

Some may wonder why
some of my text is erratic, apart from when I was "on the move" (trying
to answer 100+ messages in an internet cafe with a 30-60 min
"they" have wiped out several mobiles, bugged my laptop,
blocked the phone & ruined the audio…It seems they are scared
that the "RE(d)volution might suceed, if I ever got us into 2nd gear
<smile> I remind everyone of Shanks’ sayings"
Shanks’ "The Socialism that I believe in is everyone working for each
other , everyone having a share of the rewards, its the way I see
football, its the way I see LIFE" ..(in other words an intelligent
society being like a GOOD footy team) .I wonder how many understand this
basic honest ideal and how many have betrayed it for the sake of
material addiction? thanks to modern media "propaganda" ?? CS

Even if you arent a football supporter, join this fight because its the last of its kind, a sea change in global society could be achieved…This fight is simple it a chance for the PEOPLE to fight the corporate theives, & their government cronies ..the evil that rip off an often naive public, need to wake up and stop being "spectators"..we are the CLUB, we are the people …Care to dare, own a share

with HOPE..in y-our Hearts
(KOP UNlimited)
European Co-ordinator
E.L..S.U.N – "Balkan Reds"
Toloshi, 81102 Podgorica
email ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org



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