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10816 August..REds footy season starts…again…(with extracts from “facebook postings”..)

Blog 10816 :-

August..REds footy season starts…again…(with extracts from "facebook postings"..)

the first 2 weeks of this month and its footy, mostly concerned with off-field activity.. Iformed the "Balkan Reds" on facebook..



making a friendlly UNION of REDS living or staying in Balkans-
– HONOUR the original ideas/ideals of "Shanks"
(follow his "Liverpool way")
– Develop & expand the "Save Lfc" campaign – creatively
– TRUE SUPPORTER OWNERSHIP of Lfc by global Reds
– Help & suipport members of the Big global Reds family
– ENJOY footy, at home & away, in every way!

and watched the "virtual reserves" lose at "Munching Gladbach" …I went to the fans reunion last year (May anniversary of the 77 European champions cup final) where Reds & local fans have a weekend "party" , enjoyable but now its got a bit "routine" and Graham seems to just want "media" exposure. Young BcR member/neighbour Nen’s mum went to their original family hoem near Nis close to Sofia (Bulg.)

settled some dispute on local costs, (yes "settled" not fought <smile>) finished the previous blog, and had a kick-about with Nen & marko in the garden – I am defeniately not "match -fit" "traning-fit" or even garden footy-fit" !! too lazy, too much food, too hot & tooooo many excuses to do nothing, but…at least I am obeying the "Montenegro 10 commandments" (c=basically do NOTHING!)…


FB: tuesday 3 aug KOP /BcR ;-

10803CS> TAke care , if you (again) SWALLOW the QUICK FIX  "- G & H was a mistake, a disaster for LFc, compounded by RBS/chelski’s fool broughton & sabotaged by him & "mr christian" purslow, but the same naive fans who are happy for another group of businessmen, "bankers" or financial exploiters to take over , mark my words will rue the day …from "frying pan into the fire"…anyone who does not committ to y-our UNION buy out is NOT a TRUE LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER, because NO club deserves to be owned by its SUPPORTERS (and I dont mean the "fickle fast food fans", the local Lfc fan "pretenders clique" )  LIVERPOOL fc must & will be (eventually) owned by the Global Reds Supporters, and we will fight "the suits, cowards & traitors" ALL the way!out of what line..? whose line am I out of?
just as much as you, Sue, or Natalie , I have the right to argue your opinion I have the right (based on my know-how-my experience and knowledge of the situation at MY club that I invested 40+years life worth into, and NOT stand by whilst the majority of "fans" allow yet another Mistake to be made in the "quick fix " of a financial solution that will be regretted if we dont effect the supporters buy iout/in..
I dont need the sanction of anyone to state my case, my opinion and my status ..whether you or anyone likes it or me, or not, its the TRUTH, and it seems the truth hurts..

I lost everyone kids, wife , parents, I have changed career, location – the only aspect of my life that always stayed with me is the Reds – and I will fight anyone, any way to stop it being ruined as it is, and worse if we dont take it over..

choice 1) without Supporter ownership – Y-our money is used to finance THEIR holidays, yachts, jets, limos, hotels , and their MIS-managment..
choice 2) WITH Supporter ownership Y-our Money is used to improve the status of the club, the relationship & the profitability for all mambers, and conditions for fans, (with us;Globally!)
now argue against choice 2? 😉


".another summer, and more people starting more groups, and splintering the local & global co-operation & energy needed to make a better world for y-our kids, NOTE however well-intentioned you are dealing with the symptoms NOt the CAUSE of the sickness of modern society..When , rather than the LAST think applied by y-our government officials & buisiness – the articles of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of HUMANe Rights MUST become the FIRST thing you EXPLAIN to y-our children…we will ake things better..Together! "

August 4
Queen of Cups
A woman capable of deep romantic love. A passionate woman in the creative arts. A woman who leads first with her heart and then her head. Love for one’s mate and children Sense of protectiveness for friends and loved ones. Dedication. A woman in search of a long-term commitment. An attractive woman. Creative arts and alchemy. A loyal woman on your side.

FB 10804 save lfc

sometimes Life throws up difficult choices
 ..but this is SIMPLE..
 if y-our Global UNION Network owns Lfc Y-OUR money is spent on you & your club and WE Supporters all profit .
if another business, bank, investment group or other "rich investor"
owns Lfc – THEY profit from Y-OUR money & Y-OUR support!


I posted  a birthday package (with signature) to son Leon……12 years since I last shared his birthday…Annika will know MY pain when later in life she is excluded from his life too!
(but that doesnt help me, a father should be with his son, influence, and passing experience…and enjoying the sharing …no "later reconcilliation" will heal this wound)


Liverpool beat Rabot (sKOPje) 2-0 at Anfield should ahve been more but Ngo-al scored one & "made" Stevies pen, Cole "buzzed" and looked sharp against weak opponents but my MoM was youth Martin Kelly – deserves more chances in the first team…


I continued the stated COMPLAINT against UEFA & Lfc/Rabot (the "so-called" football supporters federation / football suporters europe, have "sold their soul" to the establishment, as I told Daniela & Gareth
OUR UNION is the only true global REds union…I wrote the previous blog extracted from my publication "will the true Liverpool please stand up" extract from "please dont tick the box"  – then took Nen (like I would love to do with Leon for a pizza and a ouple of beers @ boulevard…

I went to get 2 tickets for the coming friendly match (here in Podgorica) for Nen & myself..(the Brit embassy & Irish FA offered tickets, but  @ 2 euros it was "no big deal")

11th august Leons birthday….

sent Leon happy birthday message email/Fb.."Happy 14th Birthday, my (estranged) son Leon, you are always in my heart, and I am with you wherever you are and whatever you do, enjoy your day x Dad "

I eventually got his phone number, to wish him happy birthday over the phone, he is like a german strangers son, (conditioned since 12 years by his german mother’s propaganda , no wonder!) I spoke some english
but mostly german with him, & when I finished with "I love you, son " his reply ….."ok" I had to say a quick "bye" and put down the phone..only a good estranged father can POSSIBLY understand my feelings1

Bull sh*te media report ..and now SoS even getting "excited" about Huang?..

I took Nen to the game, but we were in the "upper gallery" seperated by the "local core" and apart from abrief contact before the game didnt mix much with the N. irish fans (mind you more Reds come from Dublin/Eire than N.Ireland) Nen didnt want to mix with the "Losers" (Monty won 2-0) and still dont "get it" about the "craic of pre-match & post-match footy tribes a.k.a. Kopites, so we had a "swift 3 pints" @ the Boulevard cafe nearer our Toloshi "home"

had some poison in my jaw, tooth absys or just "Leons birthday stress- related" …difficult to sleep & much pain..psychological darkness …I am never usually sick, but "dark side" got me!


FB 10812:_

-thanks N, for being my  "adopted son" for a day! 😉
"IF she is the woman I want, I will be the man she needs
but when she lies , my wrath like a vengeful dragon flies
there is no peace on earth you seek
conflict needs courage  , not the apathetic weak"

simple question, Why on earth should we, members , supporters & fans worldwide, who generate the MASSIVE GLOBAL  income of Lfc, via purchase of replica kit, tickets, match day souvenirs & ancillary income, allow You, your group or any other business entity to profit from OUR club? (especially as we have been so recently exploited by the current  invalid "owners" & their invalid "board" )
SoS member;
E.L.S.U.N/ "Balkan REDS"
( http://www.mypod-net.org/KOP_UNlimited.html )
S47, Toloshi, 81102 Podgorica, MONTENEGRO
email via ;  ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org

for the attention of all REDS in the Beograd/N.SAD areas …
please help Ivan with the organisation & support for the weekend 28/29 august , he lives 200kms away, you are local!!..
"the LIVERPOOL way" is to SHARE the responsibility…

"Hello Henry

we met at the "Victoria" sKOPje…
you may know that Liverpool Football Club is up for sale..
your global strategic management may want to consider a co-operation as WE the supporters
will work to own the club could offer our 1 million plus members ; supporters & fans a special comms package together?



I survived a "quiet" Friday the 13th & I spent the "vikend" sat/sun 14/15 august mostly on Lfc tv…

There was a feature on "Shankly by Shankly "  Shanks autobiography now re-released as "Shankly – my story" and the "co-writer" told of how the book was banned by Lfc …so I look at SoS, RAWK & Lfc..
..the same way Lfc shut out shanks , u shut me out, where is your "Spirit of Shankly" ??

Nen, its funny, your mum dont talk to me anymore..is that why  U came early to pay me back?..no pizzas, no grapes, no river, no beach, no rakia …???  & I am NO "toy-boy" I just wanted to be "friendly"

LIVERPOOL fc v aR-e=anAL.

Javier Mascherano starts for Liverpool in their
season opener against Arsenal …The Argentina skipper partners Steven Gerrard in the middle of the park, while the other major team news is that Fernando Torres starts on
the bench following his adductor injury.
The team in full is: Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Carragher,Mascherano, Gerrard, Cole, Jovanovic, Kuyt, Ngog. Subs: Cavalieri,Lucas, Babel, Torres, Kelly, Maxi, Aurelio.

Lfc 1 (great goal by N go-al) ar-e 1  (OG pepe)



Monday 16th August

"Rafa s 10" (9)<smile>  only "woke up" in the 2nd half, Ngo-al again (will the "fff-fans" f-off?) Stevie left best@wembley, Masch played like a capt. Skrtel, Carra great@back,Pepe too (blame the team for defending deep & losing posession too cheap) & Kudos to dAgger for coming back on! -"Lane" had moments……biased "linesman" & ref crap – next time cole put energy into shooting

..& "our kid" needs time…


Firstly, well done to Rafa’s 10 (sometimes 9) in a psychological win sunday, although cockney cole got sent off in the first half, The team that Rafa built looked capable of beating ar-enal , hardly a team you want to play when you have had a disrupted pre-season ("S.AFrica WC10") with the most players of any club away..and as usual a biased anti-Lfc ref fails to equate dangerous tacles by Wiltshire (Ar-e) & Cole, giving Wiltshire a yellow & Cole a Red.

A nasty thought crosses my mind, the rash challenge of cole, more "sabotage" by the cockney rent-boys ? (Broughton forces out Rafa & brings Woy & cole in to further derail the greatest club-team on earth) the problem is when people are material-obsessed and ready to do down anyone to get their aims , that you can look at any action and see a "dark side"…

Stevie didnt bring his "wembley game" to Anfield yesterday, but "Lane" had a few aggressive runs at "them" ..Masch looked up for it & N. Go-al scored-with power & style worthy of "Our Kid" Torres..
and the "10" did well until dAgger got injured and as Woy had deloyed our subs we were in  danger with only the 9 men playing against the "passing ars-anal…"

The defence was outstanding Danny, Skrtel, Carra, and Johno whose occasional attacks hurt the visitors, and Pepe too, until perhaps the lack of match fitness since 3 months caused a loss of concentration and a late equaliser (despite perhaps a foul by Chermahk)

natably that even then the REDS were able to laumch attacks, maybe tired they had been playing deep, and at last a SG free kick almost brought a late later winner..the crowd were fantastic, (where were you so many times last season) ..

Kudos to danny Agger who came back on , despite a serious head injury,

Woy played his cards too early, and all three ; Torres, Lucas & Maxi came on around 60-70 mins
thanks Rafa’s TEN – , maybe if Benitez was still here all 3 points could have been Ours

still to come..again..??

Dont forget …


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