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THE peition


Protect Global football culture from financial exploitation

For generations
Football has been the (beautiful) game of the people , in recent years
corporations & mainstream media  have turned it into a virtual
business solely for the benefit of the rich  & corporate Vultures ;
E.L.S.U.N will fight (using LFC as first target acquisition) to return
football ("soccer") to the global society; As LIVERPOOL fc is up for
sale and is a global "Icon" of  the culture of  a social community ; to
ensure the protection of its traditions, special people’s culture &
the Anfield "home" and as the first battle to remove corporate
domination of y-our game!  We aim to remove the "backstabbing suits"
from the clubs, & the corrupt exploiters in the various football
federations and their cowardly allies; True supporter ownership is


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