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Pass_over(Masch) to Pazova (Stara-P) Balkan REDS @ Lfc Serb

Pass_over(Masch) to Pazova (Stara-P) Balkan REDS @ Lfc Serb

His (crunching tackles) & passes are over, (no more "Tommy mascherano" …) …REDS meet @ Liverpool Caffe (Stara PAzova)

" TRUE REds care for each other – Its not where you are from , its where you are AT"..


I am back in
Monty , "recovering" after yesterdays rest-day , 3 nights; one sleep ,
Black RED-bevvies & the ocassional "Rakia" during the meeting @
Stara Pazova (between Novi Sad & Beograd) & Belgrade..I have
posted the "pics" and read most of my messages..the rain has cooled us
off coming down now under 30 degrees for the first time this month…

I have sent an
"event invitation" to get our new members to join a "party train" from
Beograd to Bucharest (Romania) for our Europa league game in december..

I went by train
(overnight) and came back by (overnight) bus…and the strongest
memories are (as usual) extreme…..the friendly greeting &
friendship ; starting with being met & accompanied by Luka(s)
saturday morning to be being "seen off" by Ivan sunday evening…and
first wish to congratulate and thank Luka, Ivan Stevan T, especially and
Vladi, Vanja, Mladen, Marko, Mirko, Ducan, Sevo, Milos & Tijana
(nice to see a lass there too) & all the others whose name I didnt
"memorise" …our "mission statement";

-making a friendlly UNION of REDS living or staying in Balkans-

– HONOUR the original ideas/ideals of "Shanks"

(follow his "Liverpool way")

– Develop & expand the "Save Lfc" campaign – creatively

– TRUE SUPPORTER OWNERSHIP of Lfc by global Reds

– Help & suipport members of the Big global Reds family

– ENJOY footy, at home & away, in every way!

the other extreme, I accuse those who said they would come & didnt
(& more importantly didnt even BOTHER to inform of their absence) of
being NON-supporters, you are worse than our enemies as you should know
better and spoil such gatherings, like Stevan ordering more t-shirts
than necessary..I WILL NOT help you or offer you any of the advantages
that our TRUE members WILL Enjoy…you simply dont understand OUR
"Liverpool way"

– associate GLOBAL membership of the Supporters Union Network  (& "credit Union")
– supported by E.L.S.U.N

– purchasing discounts/ – tickets when available for most games & visa support.

– travel organisation & group benefits

– invitation to future "special" events in Balkans & elsewhere.

enough said?


*pics from the "Lfc Serbia meeting with Balkan REDS" 28/29.8.2010

Rough diary…

young members
Nen & Marko accompanied me for a beer & bye – bye to catch the
train from Podgorica to Beograd , which (contrary to "info") was NOT
late leaving..had I listened to advice I would have missed it, so the
schedule is known to be erratic.  but a very long (crowded) train
journey WAS late, and the delay was the 2 hours of border control –
quite ridiculous when you consider this is almost the Balkans equivalent
of travelling from London to Cardiff & spending 2 hours at the
Welsh border!…Luka had offered to meet me, BUT didnt know my "E.T.A"
…and I did NOT know that my "inter city" arrived at "Novi Beograd" –
some kilometres from the centre, and when I got off there was no cafe,
phones or anything except a taxi driver making the common mistake that I
am a tourist – I paid him half the quoted "10 euros" to drive me to the
CENTRAL station..

In Monty they
ONLY use euros, but here they still also have local "D’s" …so I
changed up 50 euros for 5000 …feeling rich the girl in the exchange
booth sweetly phoned Luka to tell him "ChriS has landed" in Beograd and I
had a brekkie whilst waiting, the Lfc-RED shirted Luka arrived about an
hour after and we had a chat & caught the train to Stara P, joking
with a "mafia fan" (he likes ManUre, Juve & …Partizan?) he seemed
surprised that I travelled to all european games anywhere without
trepidation (I did point out that I probably would not be welcome in
some parts of manchester ! <smile> )..

Vanja arrived
at the Stara P station as we did, and a friendly local lady
(surprisingly) gave us (3 guys dressed in Lfc shirts etc!) gave us a
lift to the "Liverpool bar-caffe" (pub) which was certainly fitted out
well with Liverpool (footy, beatles & city) memorabilia; photos,
pictures, posters & souvenirs. the others arrived and soon were were
atired in our special t-shirts , drinking "Black" bevvies & singign
the fanous songs..one of the (M)lads accompanied me through every verse
of "scouser Tommy"..

as the "others"
didnt join us, it was decided not to go "all night party" and Luka and I
went back to Kovin, & met his family (journalist father & mums a
nurse!) who also really made me feel welcome, but having had no sleep
on the train and without any ladies to dance with my energy lecel left
me and I appreciated the chance to "crash" …His family fed me well the
next day before I bussed back to Beograd where Ivan met me (at the
exact bus stop near the sports bar) and I met some 20 or so others and w
e watched the uninspiriong 1-0 v WBA …thankfully a 80% fit Torres is
still good enough to score with a winning volley! however "Woy" dont get
any "stick" from the moronic media & "fast food fans" who would
have been moanign from start to finish about Lfc playing 2 "holding
midfielders" (…the "myth" that Rafa played "defensive" seems to be in
stark contradiction to us being the Premiers leading scorers in May
2009!) …

)Vladi seemed made up that I found a "WE ARE THE CLUB" (SaveLfc) T-shirt
to fit him in my overnight bag and I gave him the "Jovanovic 11" shirt I
bought from the official store LAST season, hopefully to be signed by
"La-ne" (not "Jova", scousers take note!) during next weekend
appreaance  for the Serbian national team. after the game we had a long
chat about ideas to benefit members of "Balkan REDs" (@  Lfc Serbia) and
the "party train" excursion to bucharest is just ONE of them…Ivan
insisted on paying for my drinks & carrying my bag to the bus
station (did I look so old???) & he and Vladi made sure i got on the
first bus back to (my)Pod, Monty…the half empty bus meant that at
least i got some "naps" although a permenent "squeak" in the overhead
rack almost drove me to madness…(yes I know I am "crazy" but I am not
yet "mad" <smile> …


Accounting (E.L.s.U.N – BcR/Lfc Serbia)

Lfc Serb/Balkan REDS Vikend

(train ticket Pg->Stara-pezova ; 20.60 cash

left S47 19h – taxi/drinks with nen/marko ; e6

train 20h , not late

arrived 07h – 2hrs later novi beo

cash 50e = 5000 D

09h Luka …brekkie/teas/coffes e7

11h Stara , met T?…

t-shirts e10

drinks e32

@ Luca’s fam, mum nurse/dad journalist


bus to Beo  e3

met bu ivan

save lfc T-shirt ( & lane 11) to Vlad..

Lfc 1 – WBA 0 Torres

(drinks by Ivan)

bus 20h – (cost e20?)

mon …06h taxi e2 -toloshi

total e100


Accounting end



… europa league group.Group K: Liverpool, Steaua Bucharest, Napoli, Utrecht

Matches will be played on September 16 and 30, October 21, November 4, December 1/2 and 15/16.


…the 2nd half
of august until this weekend were mostly spent "at home" ..usually
getting up when the light is strong (and its very early in the 30c here –
normally by mid-morning )

The owner gave
me a false electric bill – ha ha tricks ? then he wok me up yesterday
with a revised bill changing it from over 30 euros to 12 euros!

urually I let
neighbour’s lad (& new REds member) Nen use my laptop when I am away
or if I watch Tv in the evenings, he needs some manners but hes a good
lad at heart, I think! – but I need to explain "social contact &
respect" to him, when I understand more of the langauge, it may be
possible. but he & his mate came for a "kick about" with member veli
& myself..wasnt really "training" but in 30+ degrees I really
noticed hat its been several months since I was "sporty".

I booked my bed
for the  next travel to LP, at the moment the "ticket sales @ Lfc" is
OFFline, – what a surprise!! (every time I try to book a ticket-
something is "wrong" …must be a "co-incidence" <smile>

Because of the
"Stara – P vikend" I didnt go to Trabzon , well also because of our
(ELsUN) "boycott" …Lfc selling 5 euro tickets @ 44 GBP!! (50 euros)
and because I also didnt fancy 5 days in a crowded bus over
30degrees..and would also risk not being back in Beograd on time for our
meeting! Lfc won 1-2 even after an early set back – Roy "rotated"
(again, without "media uproar") so our "B-team" did well to win !
(Ngo-al form Johno cross & Dirk tapped in after good work by Babel

Purslow has now sold youths Nemeth  & Dalli-valli , and "lent" Aquilani , and we have "age-ing Cole & Poulsen…

quality out;








(purchased by the 2 suits)

Cole (30)

Poulsen (30)

Meireles (?)

hardly anyone is complaining…, the sheep must have been fed so much
"fast food media" that they are now fully "asleep" …but I am still

to SoS, FSE, FSF, LFC & UEFA…why?

Do we get asked
to pay (by UEFA/LFC)  30 euros for 5 euro tickets in sKOPje …&
FIFTY euros for 5 euro tickets in Trabzon????

(because YOU …..DONT ….COMPLAIN…ENOUGH………thats why!!!)

my usual day "@
the Toloshi bung" is made up of light brekkie, coffee, check messages ,
laze a bit on porch, answer messages, catch up on beeb, (maybe watch
"hardtalk" …)…siesta, snack. more emails, blog or Lfc/Balkan REDS,
KOP Unltd stuff, bit of TV, check FB, some garden, dinner , maybe meet
the neighbours from time to time, have a walk, shop @ supermarket (open
until late int he evening & at weekends) write some more, or watch a

The night we
lost 3-0 at Citeh, I had problems with the connection but had a bad
feeling when woy chose a 4-4-2 (& the media blame Masch) the "spin
coming out of the Lfc office " is only matched by moronic media &
the FFFFans ..simply blaming Rafa and praising woy (who has actually

………it was
naive at best, and poor coaching at worse, but the PLAYERS didnt match
the "departing Masch" in their on field efforts – THE PLAYERS, inc SG
& "our kid" OWE us a season of great effort…they win games not

I had some fever and woke up sweating some nights..(probably worry about the damage beign done to my club)

I had some exchanges with Jo,

 23 August at 09:01

Jo, i have had
some "extremes" in my life, I have had tragedy losing everyone I ever
cared about – but I have had glorious times too , and I maybe its why i
fight so hard to keep those memories from being tainted by the morons
now..yes i am "lucky" that I have seen the "best times" and have
experienced half the world…(dont know if the other half is "ready for
me" ..I am a bit weary of moving, I have really much of a "home life"
since I was a teenager..

every time I tried to "nest" it went wrong, but I have also seen & done many things others may only dream about..

the meningitis
coma, "woke me up" and I feel more like 15 than 51! I went out footy
training – ended with 2-a-side – and the other lads were about 19-21 ,
and it wasnt me who got tired first -maybe I still have the "crazy
horse" energy level! ha ha ha …

I am envious of
your uncle..If theres anyone in the world that I ever wanted to have
spent time talking with – it would have been Shanks,(i had great
parents, but I felt like Shanks was my spiritual father) I used sp many
of his ideas & ideals in my life..like building the "little people"
up and bringing the "big B*stards" down, if i can..you may have noticed I
am fighting hard for what I believe is unique about our club, being
ruined by the "suits" and some lazy & fickle fans..ooops almost
slipped into a "rant" 😉

well , i
appreciate your comment & I am looking forward to meeting you, I can
see by your wall that you have a "fan club" so i hope you have the time
to spare when I come to LP..because I think we have a lot to talk
about, and joke about, I hope <smile>

23 August at 09:31

In your genes Jo, but explain me ?..I was a REd before I was born! 😉

…Jo, no BS!
..I feel warm towards you, and first & foremost would like to find
you as a true friend, and that a rare thing IMO., my "bible" was
"Shankly by Shankly" my song "Imagine" (J. Lennon) & Y.N.W.A of
course! (although I prefer to sing "a Liverbird upon my chest" ,
especially when on "aways") <smile> …and my feelings are really
identified in Billy Joels " Honesty" ..and i mean ALL the lyrics..

if you had to
"define yourself" , if you want , which book, song & feelings
"identify" you, ( of course we are more complicated than that , but more
or less…) ?


(my horoscope said that I would meet a new lady..I didnt <smile>

I really needed
that 2-a- side run out with Veli, nen & Marko, one sunday, we were
going to go to the "Russian cafe" but Nen really wanted to watch 

the film  " troja" …lady-less I went to bed with a headache!



I really think I
dont even come from the same planet as 99.9% of the people
<smile> ..long story, mother of scottish ancestry, dad english, I
am a Celt ! I always say I "come from Liverpool" because thats where I
spent the best years of my youth, I was a RED as a kid on the kop in the
60’s (so U  also know that I am older than you, is that a "problem" )
and a beatles fanatic too, so I was immediately at "home" on the kop
watch my beloved reds( when I wasnt being "surfed" all over the stand 
..(i was a small lad) ..its hopt again , keep in touch xxx

yep , I was a
kid ,but still a fair bit older than you, hardly saw a thing but the
atmosphere was unique, especially great also @ wembley 74, & @
wolves 76, so its a problem if I am " a lot" older? mind you I took the
last 15 year off, (i had a meningitis coma in 1995 , out for a week) and
I was sort of re-born ! ..<smile> …

I am going out
footy training with the neighbourhood lads now, need to keep my sporty
"youthful" looks, just in case you are embarrassed  …seriously if its a
problem tell me now..

because..as "luck" would have it..(i booked these 2 weeks ago!!)

I checked my ez
jet flights, I am due to be in LP from 23rd september until the
sunday!!! , maybe U want to meet me before deciding if I am
"presentable" enough  <SMILE> ???

I didnt ask your age, because I dont do that…as I said I had a "feeling" about you,

well Jo, think
that most on FB think I am some sort of crazy "hard nut" form of "Dr.
House" fighting & arguing with everyone, truth is I was burnt
several times in the past, the worst resulting in the loss of my kids
(my son died 10 years ago) I dont know that I can explain or if you even
want to know, I am a good listener, because I have "been there" ..but
as my deceased wife told me , I am a "cynical optimist" ..I keep on,
keppint on <smile> I "tried" with a dutch lass a couple of year
ago but she also turned out to be a b***** I am not sure if you want to
trade " stoiries" but I am fed up with superficial people and "bling"
there are loads of young women here, but no character..

without getting
too heavy, I’d like to know you, reason>?…apart from you being a
RED (thats a big one!) ..just a feeling..we might have some smiles , and
not tears! ..

whatever, I wish you well…there are (I believe) still some good out there..difficult to find! i agree!

walk on, with hope in your heart! x


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