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pass_over/Pazova – Cont…



Neighbour (Nen)
is taking sms messages for me, since the "cia" burnt out every handy
(mobile) and my phone system, etc etc (& every internet cafe I used
in recent years)…He & Marko had watched the home game v Trabzon
(when Babel scored, but Cole mssed the pen and we missed other chances)
On L:FC tv on my laptop…I had been collecting grapes from the garden,
so the lads "helped me" with those..I am still waiting for an "invite"
from Marko, but Nen & his Mum (Slav) cooked for me a couple of times
(they live on the other side of the house)


*  pics v Trabzon (pre-match)

on the 17th I put
together the "petition" (see below) not because i believe 1 million
will sign it…but to make a point ! ..which point?..that the herd is


Masch = pass-Over!

Mascherano, captain of the Argentina national team, today signed for FC
Barcelona, some "ffffans" criticised him for wanting to leave Lfc, I
have not done  so, because ..

a) the
(fraudulent) "owners" G & H stole their "control" of shares in lfc,
the "(bored) board of Directors" and especially the INVALID Purslow
& Broughton have done so many dirty tricks, that If I wasnt a
life-long Liverpool supporter and instead was Masch’s agent , would
probably have great difficulty in persuading him to stay (especially as
his wife didnt settle)

b) The lfc
"bored" FORCED the man who signed Masch ( Rafa Benitez) to leave whilst
in the middle of a contract which still had 4 years to run..if the
managment has no grasp of loyalty, its hadly going to instill that in
the players!

I would like to
thank Masch ("Tommy Mascherano") for his crunching tackles and
efficient passing…I suppose not least because I was a similar player
in my youth (still ???)) " …win the ball & pass it to the nearest
Red shirt," would probably be one of Shank’s mantra…

I recall one
night after the famous (Torres) win at the San Siro stadium ,
Milano..having had a few bevvies the last few Reds , not wanting to
sleep, standing around in the Piazza Duomo thinking about new songs for

"Tommy Mascherano"

"Mascheron of Argentina?..

..the truth is..he ‘ s a SCOUSER..

he hates Man U , he hates the BlueSh*te..

his name is Tommy….MASCHERANO! "

thanks lad,
apart from wanting Barca to be sanctioned for trying to "poach" you
(without wanting to pay what you are worth!) …I wish you well unless
you play against us!


*Masch …Good be Je…Good -bye!


"International media release" ..and then?

10823 Dear Sam,

Its almost
laughable that your SoS committee question MY motives when you have
failed so achieve any significant targets on behalf of your members, so I
shall answer you, saving soem time in the process by sending you an
advanced "draft" of the "International Media release"
I am preparing at the moment.,.


International Media Release – from ChriS SMITH – Ref; LIVERPOOL Football Club


interested in sport, & in particular our global cultural game ;
FOOTBALL ("soccer") must be aware that one of its greatest & ICONIC
names ; LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB ("Lfc")  is "up for sale" since a
dubious "purchase" of the controlling shares of the limited company
trading as Lfc was acquired (stolen?) by messrs Gillet & Hicks("G
& H") ; 2 USA businessmen with various dubious connections (not
least to Geo.W. Bush). Early last year,(18 months ago)  after it become
obvious that their actions were as dubious as their motives, I wrote to
the popular Lfc supporters magazine (the "KOP") to urge the supporters
union "Spirit of Shankly" ("SoS") & "ShareLiverpoolFc" (SLFC) to
come together to form a dynamic management to save the club, protecting
the club, & true supporters interests & challenge the direction
of the board.

Since then
the "saga" resembled the "sinking of the titanic" with the 2 villains
being joined by others with dubious intent, a clown -like (md) Rick
Parry being replaced by "shark 1" (C. Purslow) whose "temporary
appointment" has been cemented since he was joined by BIGGER "shark 2"
(M. Broughton, a fan of competitors Chelsea fc, no less!  ) whose remit
was to "ONLY sell the club"  the Result;

– the removal of the most succesful Lfc manager of the last 20 years (who was half way through a contract)

deliberate defiance of the wishes of 90% of Lfc supporters who wished
for Kenny Daglish to replace Rafa Beneitez after Rafa was FORCED to
leave by Purslow & Broughton!

– The
increase of debt to a level so great what a sum exceeding 100K is paid
DAILY to the banks that sanctioned or condoned the appoinment of Purslow
& Broughton, & presumably their sabotage of Lfc since! (note
this sum could effectively pay for 7 x players of the level of top man
Fernando Torres!)

– various handling of player transfers against the future interests of Lfc

the "comedy
of errors" at Anfield would be amusing were Lfc not the mainstay
cult-ural passion of many people (arguably 1 million plus) Worldwide.

Current situation of Lfc / SoS etc

appointment of "stooge" coach Roy Hodgsn, who despite seemingly being a
"nice guy" seems to be reading the script of Purslow and has no say in
players transfers & merely repeats the "spin" of the Lfc office.
(that the xenophobic english (london based) media "love" woy is in
itself a reason to suspect the situation, ( as they have shown an
Anti-Liverpool bias for decades) the "fuss" made against every "Rafa
move" last season is replaced  by docile acceptance of "Roy-tation" and
favouritism towards (londoner) Joe Cole whose place in the team is
secured by the removal of (younger) 20 MILLION pound signing Alberto
Aquilani (whose early return to training and sharp form at the end of
the season now seems to require a loan to Juventus, and whom we are
unlikely to see again in a Red shirt if the managment of Lfc remains the

(and not because of my proposals) "SoS" & "SLFC" have stated that
they have combined forces to achieve (at least part) ownership for
Liverpool Supporters, however

– no fund programme is yet effective

– no facility for a credit union for global supporters (the majority of fans live outside england)

– willingless to negociate with more "money men" (who will obviously exploit our members)

– refusal
to consider my propsals to freeze the company, stop payments to the
bank,my claim that the sale to G & H should be declared "null &
void" and put a stop to this abuse of our club via an "anton pillar
mareva INJUNCTION".. (the "SoS" solictor would not even reply to me)

My strategy &  Proposals

Today I was
informed , now, after several months of campagning for "SoS" &
"Save Lfc" lobbying questioning & promoting their aims also via
E.L.(o)S.U.N (The EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) Supporters Union
network (www.mypod-net.org/KOP_UNlimited.html) ..by the secretary of 
"SoS"suggesting they have not involved me in case  MY motives may be 
"for personal gain" or "mat not act in the interests of members"

Prior to a
meningtisi induced coma, I was a global strategic enterprise &
confidential networking manager , and that led me into "dubious areas"
of the type G & H know so well, and during that time my motives may
have been "questionable"  In my proposals I have stated that I wish NO
renumeration (wage) and would pass any authority gained to a new
(properly voted) C.E.O. at the first AGM/EGM of the "new Lfc" I

Since 1995 I
have ONLY been involved in volunteer or charitable/not for profit
activities & organisations, promoting LIVERPOOL not only the
football, but the music, the city & most important  the people,(
despite some mis-guided "scousers" spreading false rumours? who have
never had the courage to confront me with any accusations before now),
via radio, internet, coaching disadvantaged kids, organising  "football
fun & (international) friendship weekends, promoting the HJC
(hillsborough justice campaign)  raising funds for kids charities (such
as "Kika") and acting as a virtual "REDS missionary" ..including founder
member of several Lfc Supporter/fans clubs around europe. Donating MY
time and MY limited budget, funding events, t-shirts, travel etc without
gaining (or wanting) ONE cent return!

I am NOT
materially rich, however I feel that despite offering MY FULL time
ability & contacts & experience to "SoS"  – SOME members of
their committee are prejudiced against me through an "insider clique"
that has slight xenpphobic tendencies and a certain jealousy of anyone
not born in that City publicly criticising or showing a more effective
ability to improve the lot of ALL true Liverpool supporters, not only
born in england , but who sees the need and indeed RIGHT of all
Liverpool supporters to be treated equally, worldwide! "SoS" would not
even give me the name of the lawyers of G & H / "kop football" !!!

I have also
formed staff associations & European Union organisations in my time
& had the chairman of "SoS" responded positively to my offer of
FREE support last year I TRULY believe that with a "clear run" to attack
the "sharks" (with my experience of their world & the alternatives)
who are DELIBERATELY SINKING our club – we would have been in a
stronger position by now, but, if the result is a state-owned Lfc, then I
would rather have that than a "leech – owned" Lfc!

I have
called for all supporters to join a fund either by SoS/SLFC or ELSUN
& to ensure we do NOT allow any one else to exploit OUR club, OUR
name,( our "brand") as it is our songs, our support and please remember
it is OUR MONEY that finances this club through tickets, souvenirs,
replica kit & other ancillary income WE generate. It is madness to
do anything other than to strive and fight for true supporter ownership,
whatever the consequences.

as a result
of todays email from "SoS" I shall remain a member of that Union BUT I
will tend to invest my time, energy & abilities in the development
of E.L.S.U.N as OUR mentality is the TRUE "SPIRIT OF SHANKLY" …(let us
not forget how Lfc & some people who should have known better in
Liverpool, mis-treated or failed the great man after HE retired!)..and
for those who are NOT Lfc supporters I would point you to my mission
statement on the following petition, because this is a STAND needed to
be taken, not only for football but for society, as a whole!

My petition;http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/protect-global-football-culture-from-financial-exploitation/

"end.10823 12h


E.L.S.U.N / KOP UN limited

(Balkan REDS) S 47, Toloshi,


email ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org



…an anton
pillar moreva INJUNCTIOn to wind up the company of G & H and thus
remove them , Purslow & broughton from OUR club..


no "bricks" (or pr*cks) in MY WALL! 😉


snips & extracts from facebook "exchanges" my wall & E.L.s.U.N , N.E.P.A.K & KOP UNlimited discussion boards…


ChriS SmiTHAugust 19, 2010 at 11:16am

Subject: the "titanic" is sinking , save y-our children’s world..

I would
recommend todays "hardtalk"(BBC) ..the "success" of
capitalist-commercialist policies, led by a hypocritical USA which
"enforces" its "NWA" & "WMD" on any person or state that dares to
disagree is not only undemocratic- it is destructive, it may be too late
to save the passengers on this global "titanic" but not too late to
build some "Live-R-boat"s, because people, your feet are wet, and soon
we will all be swimming, wake up! …for y-our childrens sake if not
your own!..



should not be asking questions, it seems you have lost the
initiative?..when will the buy out fund / credit union be launched in UK

we are ready to launch in europe!!!!

stop waiting for others…

see posting on facebook / website forums



And then there were none.

Posted on August 21st, 2010 by Anfield Road

A statement
from Kenny Huang and QSL on last night announced that he had formally
withdrawn from the process to sell Liverpool Football Club to new
owners. Huang said: “I am now considering my future options and will be
making no further comment at this time.”




ONE thing that
SoS statement got right was that its in our hands, but..far too many
"fans" are waiting for someone to buy the club, its naive to think that
any modern "business" entity wont want to exploit our club, our "brand"
our support …&  y-our money..if the club ends up vitually state
owned it may be the best becaues if fans have so little faith that they
cant put 500 quid in the "pot" (and how lomg is SoS/SLFC taking on
getting the fund launched?) then "we" DONT deserve to say "we are the
club" ..stop looking for somone to "raise the titanic" and start
investing in a "Lifeboat" (or Liver-boat 😉 .or.in years to come we will
regret not taking this chance to rescue OUR club from the bankers &



well PAUL<
its up to YOU too, insnt it?..to avoid being another "lazy" ffffan
..read between the lines, KNOW your facts (not copy others)

and learn how
to promote the image & not join the damage done to our unique status
by others (media & f***ing fast-food fickle (facebook) "fans" ?????


CS>I dont
think Meireles is as good as Aquilani and I dont think we needed to sign
another "defensive midfielder" .. Purslow should not be signing
players, he is a c*nt and he, G & H & broughton hav e to go…

selling nemeth & dalli valle is also wrong..

Hodgson is doing all the thing everyone complained about last season

– rotation

– not playing aquilani ( now gone , cole preferred)

– 2 holding midfuielders at home etc etc

but no one tells the truth!

Igor C>

-i dont think aqua was made for premiership and if you ask me he was rafa’s biggest mistake.

-i think raul
is built for the english way of playing and can score goals too, what we
really need from our midfield, also from what i’ve seen his passing is

-rotation is part of the football and everyone does it, and only those that dont understand the game today are against rotation.

-i never thought of lucas as a holding midfilder, he just sucks at going foward

– i totaly
agree those bastards have to go as soon as posible, but the world is
still turning and other teams are progressing while they are in charge
of our team, and we need some players one way or another.

– i too think
rafa is a great manager and has done a great service to this club, but
he’s gone now and he tryed to take players from our team, so not much
loyalty there…


 didnt ask you, Igor …<smile>..you cant be more wrong , mate!

dont understand your point , as Aqua looked fit to get rid of him now and replace him with an ageing Cole , is bad business ,

noticed much of raul before, never impressed me ! as u said its not
premiereship , so why should I think he will be "special" ..Purslow is
totally in control of all transfer & offloading youth and buying
ageing players…

..Rafa dont owe
Lfc a thing…!!! he showed his loyalty 24/7 and invested his own money
in the community during the 5 years..had a another 4 years on his
contract and they forced him out (even when he was on holiday) ..the
board are cheats & liars (namely led by Purlow & broughton)
..and RAFA has NOT tried to sign anyone from us, its the media "spin"…

my point is that the media & fffffans forgive woy for what they moaned about with Rafa, hypocrits!!!

we are fooling ourselves if we think this is "progress"…

borna > traitor!


no,you are
wrong.. he was honest about why he wanted to leave! !, you cant
reallycondemn masch for leaving a club where they forced Rafa out (who
was $ years from the end of HIS contract!)  G & H are the owners,
Purslow trades the players , Broughton ruins our future and hodgson says
what hes told…if all the players gave 100 on the field like Masch
does, we would have won the leagiue last season..

you let the media & fickle fast food fans manipulate you!! theya re liars & cheats..

dont be fooled ,
the media & the backstabbing suits want you to hate departing
players and forget what THEY are doing to OUr club, wake UP Borna!


romillas >

‎"idiots" are
the "fans" who publicly insult OUR players whatever your opinion keep it
constructive..there are enough enemies without having banal criticism
from within!

any "fan" who insults one of our players should go and follow someone …else because they cant be TRUE REDS


what does Sean Maguire know about global strategic managment of a multi-billion euroi/dollar/pound "brand" ?..

currently are still a globally known & (despite the damage dont by
Gillet , Hicks, Moores, Parry, Purslow & Broughton) have a global
fan base exceeding 1 million IF properly managed could bring in
multi-billions in the coming years..

Sure , on field
efforts must be better, which why the remove of Rafa was downright
negative! ..thanks to "fast food fans" fed by biased headline -seeking
& lying media..

turnign every molehill into an anti-Lfc mountain..

But , IF the
true global supporters owned Lfc – giving 25% to the state (by
off-setting the existing bank loans) – an effective C.E.O, whose aim is
to realise the masive potential of the "LiverBird icon", could still
make Lfc, in the midst of a global financial double-dip, the strongest
club in the World!

this requres a
"sea change" in the attitude of players & ALL the global fans
however, currently poisoned by recent events..if you believe we can
(www.mypod-net.org/KOP_UNlimited.html )


IMPORTANT, "wake up" PETition;


For generations
Football has been the (beautiful) game of the people , in recent years
corporations & mainstream media  have turned it into a virtual
business solely for the benefit of the rich  & corporate Vultures ;
E.L.S.U.N will fight (using LFC as first target acquisition) to return
football ("soccer") to the global society; As LIVERPOOL fc is up for
sale and is a global "Icon" of  the culture of  a social community ; to
ensure the protection of its traditions, special people’s culture &
the Anfield "home" and as the first battle to remove corporate
domination of y-our game!  We aim to remove the "backstabbing suits"
from the clubs, & the corrupt exploiters in the various football
federations and their cowardly allies; True supporter ownership is


Strategy for immediate improvement of the global Society

* Stop splintering the local &
global co-operation & energy needed to make a better world for
y-our kids, NOTE however well-intentioned you are dealing with the
symptoms NOt the CAUSE of the sickness of modern society..When , rather
than the LAST thing applied by y-our government officials &
buisiness – the articles of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of HUMANe Rights
(& ECHR) MUST become the FIRST thing you EXPLAIN to y-our
children…we will make things  better..Together!

*Removal of all police /national
frontiers – & thus removal of reasons for border conflict , people
may only reserve a home for themeselves & immediate family the
planets land belongs to all the people

*Replacement of national currency
with one "Global" unit, with immediate effect, a step on the route to
remove all need for "money"

* All people have the basic right of being accomodated, fed & cared for, with or without money.

* a "profit limit" of between
1`0-20% phased in over 5 years – will eventually DEFLATE consumer costs,
remove commercial insentive, encourage community solutions, remove
renat costs & property sepculation, (once a max 20% profit of the
construction is achieved , people may no longer demand "rent")




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