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Thanks Shanks..special souvenir 3rd September “birth-date tribute”

Bill Shankly The Legend 1913-1981


Emlyn Hughes,(my favourite player & the best Captain we ever had)  with Shanks…when they left Lfc ..something special , an energy & enthusiasm started to go, and if he dont re-kindle that spirit now, it will be gone forever!

.Shanks…was born 2nd September 1913 (same generation as my parents) he was as much a "spiritual father" to me as anyone could have been…


great man, beyond question, treated badly by Lfc – & the same negativity lives in the Lfc "office" today…unfortunately despite our unions name, no-one in LP has really shown the true "Spirit of Shankly" , we are in a war w…ith sharks and need to FIGHT for the club we love , yet sometimes when I look at the apathy & comments of some "fans" I wonder f they are worth fighting for! ( after so many injuries & failure to play for Lfc (as his spanish team won euro 08 & WC10) Torres should be withdrawn (or withdraw himself) from the spanish squad…& Lfc "fans" may now just be wakign up to the "hell" that they themselves caused "post-Rafa"…NOW you REALLY have something to moan about!)


…..97 years ago on the 2nd September 1913 a legend was born. He would later turn Liverpool Football Club into a super power of world football.Bill Shankly when asked how he would like to be remembered: "That I’ve been basically hones…t in a game in which it is sometimes difficult to be honest. Sometimes you‘ve got to tell a little white lie to get over a little troublesome period of time. I’d like to think that I have put more into the game than I have taken out. And that I haven‘t cheated anybody, that I’ve been working for people honestly all along the line, for the people of Liverpool who go to Anfield. I’d like to be recognised for trying to give them entertainment. I’d played at Anfield and I knew the crowd were fantastic. I knew there was a public just waiting. So I fought the battles inside and outside. I was interested in only one thing, success for the club. And that meant success for the people. I wanted results for the club, for the love of the game, to make the people happy." Shanks The KOP misses you still. YNWA"

For anyone who hasnt seen the brilliant video taken during a 1975 interview, check out the link

"some people say that football is a matter of life & death, they are stupid, its much more important than that" ..


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