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Carra..(testemonial 4th September 2010)

It was Jamie Carraghers testimonial saturday ,,,

He is one of the few modern players that seems to hold some of the Spirit of Shanks & Emlyn in his play and off-field initiatives..

No.23 also speaks about the returns of Michael Owen and Gerard
Houllier, the support from the Kop and why this weekend will see a rare
visit to Anfield for his mum.

Well Jamie the big day is almost upon us, how much are you lo…oking forward to it?

am looking forward to it and I’m sure it will be a great day. There’s
still a lot of work to do before the day but I just hope everyone enjoys

You’ve played in some of the biggest matches in football,
most notably Istanbul, and scored a penalty in the Worthington Cup final
– but any nerves ahead of Saturday?

I’m sure there will be but
hopefully I will just enjoy it and it will be great to see some of the
lads coming back. It will be great to see them again and I just hope it
goes well. Hopefully there will also be a few goals as well for the

It will also be a special day for the Carragher
family and I understand your mum is coming back to Anfield for only the
second time in your career?

Yes she will be there. The last time
she saw me at Anfield was the FA Youth Cup in 1996 so I’ll have to show
her where to sit. She’s never been a big football fan but she’s coming
to support me.

There will be no prouder person present at Anfield than your dad will there?

Of course. He is looking forward to it and will be delighted to be there. He will be there with the lads in the stand.

fans have this magical song about dreaming of a team of Carraghers
which I’m sure will be heard loud and proud on Saturday. How much has
their support meant to you over the years?

It has been great. Any
player will tell you it’s always great to get the backing of the
supporters. I get great support from the Kop and the rest of Anfield.
Hopefully we will hear the song a couple of times but hopefully they
will be singing for the other players as well.

When your testimonial came about was it always the idea to have Everton as the opposition?

Everything works. I was an Everton fan as a kid and it works for the
local charities as well. Logistically it’s easier than getting a foreign
team in and everything has worked out quite well.

It should be a competitive game then because you will want to win the game won’t you?

sure they will want to win it as well. It’s a derby game isn’t it. It’s
semi-serious if you like but once the football gets started you want to
win the game.

We also have some guest players, tell us who we will see back in a red shirt on Saturday?

Dudek will be in goal so it’s great to have him back. Michael Owen and
Emile Heskey will be up front reuniting their treble season partnership.
Danny Murphy will be in midfield and hopefully Luis Garcia will play.
He wants to be involved. We also have Steve Finnan and Stephen Warnock
so we will have a few familiar faces involved.

It will be great to see the return of Garcia…

would be great to see him again. He played an important part in our
success in 2005 and he never really got the chance to say goodbye
because he was injured and then he left the club. It would be great for
Luis as well to get a welcome back from our crowd.

Michael Owen is one of your best friends in football – how much is he looking forward to be playing in front of the Kop again?

is. I know people have talked about his situation with playing for
Manchester United but you have to remember what he did for this club.
Michael’s best years in football were with Liverpool. He came through
the ranks here and was a local lad coming through so it will be good for
him to put the red shirt on again. I know he plays for Man United now
but we have to take that on the chin and he deserves a great reception.

He had some great memories in a red shirt – most notably winning us the FA Cup almost single handedly in 2001?

he did and that was when we won the treble which was a great season. In
that cup final we were down and out and we got absolutely battered that
day to be fair. He won us that game and if the 2006 final is Stevie’s
then 2001 is Michael’s.

You mentioned Danny Murphy is coming back as well – another good friend of yours…

a great player, Danny. He is someone who scored some really good goals
for us and I don’t think that will ever be beaten, scoring three winners
at Old Trafford. That is a great record. He’s another one who left
quickly without getting the chance to say goodbye so it will be nice to
see him put on the red shirt for the last time.

You’ve never forgotten your Academy roots and there will be some players from the U18 team involved on Saturday, won’t there?

invited some of the lads down. Andre Wisdom, Conor Coady and John
Flanagan will be involved and Raheem Sterling, so it will be a good
chance for the supporters to see these players coming through our

Tell us about the special guests you have invited who will be watching from the stands…

Houllier is coming back with Phil Thompson. Ronnie Moran will be there.
Roy Evans would have been at Anfield but he has got commitments with
Wales and Rafael Benitez has just started the season with Inter Milan.
There will also be a few people from the Academy who I owe a lot to;
people like Steve Heighway, Hughie McAuley and Dave Shannon.

You love this city and are proud of your Scouse roots – did you feel it was important to give something back?

wanted to give the money to charity. Players these days get paid well
and we obviously enjoy it but the money is going to stay in Liverpool
and that was always the idea.

When you made your Liverpool debut
at the Riverside Stadium in January 1997 did you ever think back then
that you would play for this club for over 10 years?

No because I
didn’t want to look too far ahead at that stage. After a few years I
thought maybe a testimonial would be nice and I can give the money to

If you had to pick out one moment that stands out above all others in a red shirt what would it be?

Istanbul would be up there but if I had to choose one it would be when I
made my full debut and scored against Aston Villa at Anfield. That
propelled me really.

Would winning the league title with Liverpool be the ultimate big moment for you?

Oh yeah. without a doubt and we’ll give it our best shot to see if we can do it.

Is it still an ambition to get as close to Ian Callaghan’s record of 857 appearances in a red shirt?

course I’d love to do that but I don’t think it’s possible. Ian is such
a great fella and he deserves that record for what he did for this
club. If I can get into second place I would be well happy with that.

Xabi Alonso paid tribute to old pal Jamie Carragher on Saturday with a post on his Twitter page.

The Real Madrid midfielder was unable to attend our No.23’s testimonial due to international commitments.

However, he told his 30,000-plus followers on @XabiAlonso:
"Carra-dona testimonial today. LFC legend!! Congratulations mate. Sorry
not to make it."

Alvaro Arbeloa also got in on the act, tweeting on @aarbeloa17:
"#Thanks Carra Congratulations mate! Enjoy your day! I miss your shouts!
😛 #YNWA."

A crowd of 35,682 turned up at Anfield on Saturday to help raise more than £1million for charity.

If only Carra , the current & ex-players could join the supporters aims ….

(they , the thieves who steal LFC ; do NOT own OUR LIVERBIRD!)

I am ironic, but it came to mind when I received this invitation to the EGM, the scene from the (monty python) film "Life of Brian" ..when Brian is being crucified and Reg & the "committee" decide to hold a meeting…

my additions to the agenda come in the form of "motions" 😉

Motion 1.. This meeting comes at a time of real CRISIS that "ShareLiverpoolLFC" should co-join or we risk further time delay if proposals from this meeting have to be presented to SLFC later on.

Motion 2.  This meeting (or at least future meetings)  should NOT take place in a bar/pub where alchohol is served if we want the World (potential members and our adversaries) to see us as a "serious" organisation capable of taking over club that may be valued as a global enterprise of around Billion euros.

Motion 3. That "we" (via SoS/SLFC) take out a winding up order against "kop football/holdings" (the company of G & H claiming to "own Lfc" ) to
– freeze payments to the banks (releasing income to be used for profitable CLUB development
– enforce a declaration of the "deal" between D. Moores & G & H to be declared null & void! (resulting in a repayment to D. Moores & the removal of G & H)
– the removal of C. Purlsow & C. Broughton who have not acted in our best interests or in the interests of the community.

(if the "bored" refuse an "anton pillar moreva injunction" will liquidate their companies and investigate all personal assets & dealings via the high courts!)

Motion 4. That "we" purchase 100% control of "LFC" from David Moores via a 10 year payment schedule. (no need for bank involvement as we have sufficient global income)

Motion 5 . The "debts" are resolved by a deal with the current "bankers" who gain 25% of the  supporters shareholding company ; shares are FAIRLY obtained by Lfc supporters local & global on an equal basis. (this process to be voted on at the next EGM)

(all 5 motions are join & several)

as an add..

I wonder (considering his recent testimonial puts him in the public eye) if Carra and the rest of current & ex-players have received a written invitation from SoS/SLfc to join "save Lfc" and our supporters buy out/in?

ChriS SMITH (member 970)

"Balkan REDS"
EuRED Liverpool (overseas) SUPPORTERS UNION Network
S47, Toloshi,
81102 Podgorica
email;  ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org


to all those who insult our BIG global REdS family …


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