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when the “good guys”…give…UP? (international Media Release)

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" – M L King"
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. " – Edmund Burke

the problem today is to
wake up those "good men" – so many have been "dumbed down" by social
apathy & media "spin" into silence..still sometimes its
funny(ironic) being one of the "odd ones" ..some people are determined
to "alien-hate" me for telling the truth, the profile pic reminds me of
the "Life of Brian" scene…when Brian is being crucified "Reg & the
resistance" decide…to hold a meeting! ūüėČ

the "suits" infecting Lfc are even claiming ownership of the LIVERBIRD..a mythical bird adopted by Liverpool , the city & the football club…and importantly used by supporters to identify themselves with the "BIG RED global family" …this "emblem is y-OURs" ..it must remain y-OURS..for all of our members & supporters to identify with. (we surely dont identify with the suits who "occupy" our beloved club..?

10823 Dear Sam,

Its almost laughable that your SoS committee question MY motives when you have failed so achieve any significant targets on behalf of your members, so I shall answer you, saving soem time in the process by sending you an advanced "draft" of the "International Media release"I am preparing at the moment.,.

International Media Release" – from ChriS SMITH – Ref; LIVERPOOL Football Club


Anyone interested in sport, & in particular our global cultural game ; FOOTBALL ("soccer") must be aware that one of its greatest & ICONIC names ; LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB ("Lfc")  is "up for sale" since a dubious "purchase" of the controlling shares of the limited company trading as Lfc was acquired (stolen?) by messrs Gillet & Hicks("G & H") ; 2 USA businessmen with various dubious connections (not least to Geo.W. Bush). Early last year,(18 months ago)  after it become obvious that their actions were as dubious as their motives, I wrote to the popular Lfc supporters magazine (the "KOP") to urge the supporters union "Spirit of Shankly" ("SoS") & "ShareLiverpoolFc" (SLFC) to come together to form a dynamic management to save the club, protecting the club, & true supporters interests & challenge the direction of the board.

Since then the "saga" resembled the "sinking of the titanic" with the 2 villains being joined by others with dubious intent, a clown -like (md) Rick Parry being replaced by "shark 1" (C. Purslow) whose "temporary appointment" has been cemented since he was joined by BIGGER "shark 2" (M. Broughton, a fan of competitors Chelsea fc, no less!  ) whose remit was to "ONLY sell the club"  the Result;

– the removal of the most succesful Lfc manager of the last 20 years (who was half way through a contract)
– deliberate defiance of the wishes of 90% of Lfc supporters who wished for Kenny Daglish to replace Rafa Beneitez after Rafa was FORCED to leave by Purslow & Broughton!
– The increase of debt to a level so great what a sum exceeding 100K is paid DAILY to the banks that sanctioned or condoned the appoinment of Purslow & Broughton, & presumably their sabotage of Lfc since! (note this sum could effectively pay for 7 x players of the level of top man Fernando Torres!)
– various handling of player transfers against the future interests of Lfc

the "comedy of errors" at Anfield would be amusing were Lfc not the mainstay cult-ural passion of many people (arguably 1 million plus) Worldwide.

Current situation of Lfc / SoS etc

The appointment of "stooge" coach Roy Hodgsn, who despite seemingly being a "nice guy" seems to be reading the script of Purslow and has no say in players transfers & merely repeats the "spin" of the Lfc office. (that the xenophobic english (london based) media "love" woy is in itself a reason to suspect the situation, ( as they have shown an Anti-Liverpool bias for decades) the "fuss" made against every "Rafa move" last season is replaced  by docile acceptance of "Roy-tation" and favouritism towards (londoner) Joe Cole whose place in the team is secured by the removal of (younger) 20 MILLION pound signing Alberto Aquilani (whose early return to training and sharp form at the end of the season now seems to require a loan to Juventus, and whom we are unlikely to see again in a Red shirt if the managment of Lfc remains the same!)

Recently (and not because of my proposals) "SoS" & "SLFC" have stated that they have combined forces to achieve (at least part) ownership for Liverpool Supporters, however
– no fund programme is yet effective
– no facility for a credit union for global supporters (the majority of fans live outside england)
– willingless to negociate with more "money men" (who will obviously exploit our members)
– refusal to consider my propsals to freeze the company, stop payments to the bank,my claim that the sale to G & H should be declared "null & void" and put a stop to this abuse of our club via an "anton pillar mareva INJUNCTION".. (the "SoS" solictor would not even reply to me)

My strategy &  Proposals

Today I was informed , now, after several months of campagning for "SoS" & "Save Lfc" lobbying questioning & promoting their aims also via E.L.(o)S.U.N (The EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) Supporters Union network (www.mypod-net.org/KOP_UNlimited.html) ..by the secretary of  "SoS"suggesting they have not involved me in case  MY motives may be  "for personal gain" or "mat not act in the interests of members"

Prior to a meningtisi induced coma, I was a global strategic enterprise & confidential networking manager , and that led me into "dubious areas" of the type G & H know so well, and during that time my motives may have been "questionable"  In my proposals I have stated that I wish NO renumeration (wage) and would pass any authority gained to a new (properly voted) C.E.O. at the first AGM/EGM of the "new Lfc" I envisage.

Since 1995 I have ONLY been involved in volunteer or charitable/not for profit activities & organisations, promoting LIVERPOOL not only the football, but the music, the city & most important  the people,( despite some mis-guided "scousers" spreading false rumours? who have never had the courage to confront me with any accusations before now), via radio, internet, coaching disadvantaged kids, organising  "football fun & (international) friendship weekends, promoting the HJC (hillsborough justice campaign)  raising funds for kids charities (such as "Kika") and acting as a virtual "REDS missionary" ..including founder member of several Lfc Supporter/fans clubs around europe. Donating MY time and MY limited budget, funding events, t-shirts, travel etc without gaining (or wanting) ONE cent return!

I am NOT materially rich, however I feel that despite offering MY FULL time ability & contacts & experience to "SoS"  РSOME members of their committee are prejudiced against me through an "insider clique" that has slight xenpphobic tendencies and a certain jealousy of anyone not born in that City publicly criticising or showing a more effective ability to improve the lot of ALL true Liverpool supporters, not only born in england , but who sees the need and indeed RIGHT of all Liverpool supporters to be treated equally, worldwide! "SoS" would not even give me the name of the lawyers of G & H / "kop football" !!!

I have also formed staff associations & European Union organisations in my time & had the chairman of "SoS" responded positively to my offer of FREE support last year I TRULY believe that with a "clear run" to attack the "sharks" (with my experience of their world & the alternatives) who are DELIBERATELY SINKING our club – we would have been in a stronger position by now, but, if the result is a state-owned Lfc, then I would rather have that than a "leech – owned" Lfc!

I have called for all supporters to join a fund either by SoS/SLFC or ELSUN & to ensure we do NOT allow any one else to exploit OUR club, OUR name,( our "brand") as it is our songs, our support and please remember it is OUR MONEY that finances this club through tickets, souvenirs, replica kit & other ancillary income WE generate. It is madness to do anything other than to strive and fight for true supporter ownership, whatever the consequences.

as a result of todays email from "SoS" I shall remain a member of that Union BUT I will tend to invest my time, energy & abilities in the development of E.L.S.U.N as OUR mentality is the TRUE "SPIRIT OF SHANKLY" …(let us not forget how Lfc & some people who should have known better in Liverpool, mis-treated or failed the great man after HE retired!)..and for those who are NOT Lfc supporters I would point you to my mission statement on the following petition, because this is a STAND needed to be taken, not only for football but for society, as a whole!

My petition;http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/protect-global-football-culture-from-financial-exploitation/

"end.10823 12h

There followed a stream of "exchanges " between "SoS" …Spirit of Shankly or "spirit of APATHY"?…from recent comms ..back wards



BcR>for Chris SMITH.(member 970)>Sam,

you applied for this " job ", you were (alledgedly) voted into it, at your own request!???
I have worked in voluntary projects & charitable organisations since 1995 , "full time" for NO reward,..(probably none of the people I help or support would wish to know why I dont fulfill my role, should I ever fail them)

¬†….HOWEVER .I¬† have said BEFORE that I find it VERY difficult to SYMPATHISE with SoS/SLfc committee members failure to deal with the "work load" (and the "suits" ) when repeated offers of assistance and support from me have been refused, ridiculed &/or ignored , by you, your chairman or your "colleagues"…

….being "volunteer" does NOt excuse anyone from challenge or criticism ESPECIALLY as these matters are VITAL to over a million people Worldwide and concerns an enterprise valued in excess of a billion..

a) please IDENTIFY exactly anything I have said which is WRONG! ? (please state which words are insulting EXACTLY!)

b) my complaints are addressed to SoS ..and challenge the collective committee –¬† (and Graham for contradicting the email sent to members …."
—– Original Message —– The meeting will update members on a number of key issues – mainly supporter ownership, the Share LiverpoolFC agreement (which will need to be ratified by members), new branches and any information we have about the sale process. In addition members can add items to the agenda that will be sent out shortly.Please make every effort to attend – any additional items to be considered for the agenda should be sent to secretary@spiritofshankly.com.")

thanks to the negative & contradictive replies from Graham and your self ,¬† rejecting¬† PROPER "additions to the agenda"¬† (motions/ resolutions) as REQUESTED in your emailing -IF I bother to come several 1000’s of KM to the meeting to represent my self and members of E.L.S.U.N within my own budget, it seems it may well be to oppose the committee with a vote of "no confidence" because the "atmosphere" & content of this meeting is too light.
You are concerned within your notice of finishing by 13.30 – a meeting which surely is the last before the october "situation" could and should be one to formulate a full & precise strategy to confront , contain and control the club..but the committee seems to have little faith in itself or in its co-operation with SLfc..

LFC (whoever they are these days) have claimed ownership of the LIVERBIRD, this should be OPPOSED by supporters via SoS/SLfc … I dare say this also will be "missed" in your "agenda"

I make it quite clear that will NEVER apologise to ANYone for fighting for the BEST interests of members worldwide and the essence of Liverpool footbal club which is not only in danger but likely to disappear!


"NO-body expects the Spanish Inquisition"…


  From: Spirit of Shankly >
  Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 10:06 PM
  Subject: Re: Fw: [SPAM] MYKOP 10907 ELSUN/SoS(member 970) -SLFC


¬† I’m afraid that I can no longer respond to your emails. I have tried in all communication to remain civil but you continually accuse me of things which are untrue and extremely offensive. I am not commenting on anyone’s decision to consume or not consume alcohol. That is a matter of individual choice.

  I work for the SOS on a voluntary basis. I am a single mother and have been for 15 years and I work full time. I do the very best that I can in the time I have and I find your continual derogatory comments and insinuations extremely offensive. I have always tried to offer you an explanation for the decisions we have taken but you continually throw this back at me (and Graham) by making it personal towards yourself which it clearly is not.

As stated above I cannot and will not be responding to your emails again unless an apology is forthcoming.


"crucifiction" ? ūüėČ

BcR> from ChriS SMITH 10907>
"I repeat it is NOT a proper response to serious motions…2 of which refer to the meeting structure itself – its too late (and IMO deliberately devisive) to refuse to include these items on the agenda – I criticise the committee based on your history of ignoring valid proposals and thus contributing to the damage done to Lfc & our members – thus making you joint & severally culpable with the obviously "guilty" parties

the message sent out to all members "The meeting will update members on a number of key issues – mainly supporter ownership, the Share LiverpoolFC agreement (which will need to be ratified by members), new branches and any information we have about the sale process. In addition members can add items to the agenda that will be sent out shortly.Please make every effort to attend – any additional items to be considered for the agenda should be sent to secretary@spiritofshankly.com."


in the middle of a crowded pub, pumped with alchohol, is NOT the way to "formulate" an effective agenda for an enterprise valued at a Billion euros..affecting a million plus people worlwide…..thats the way a herd "shouting the loudest" mentality fails to progress intelligently ..and is one of the reasons the "sharks" have been able to continue without your effective opposition…
your refusal is noted !!!! and recorded!

—– Original Message —–
From: Graham Smith
To: ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 3:27 PM
Subject: RE: Member 970 Re: Spirit Of Shankly EGM – Saturday 25th September
I will be publishing the agenda shortly once everyone has had the chance to put forward their views. There are a few similar style proposals that I will be putting together. I suggest you await the full agenda before criticising something that has not yet happened.
In addition anything not on the agenda can be raised in any other business by any member present.
Graham Smith
Solicitor.Keith Park SolicitorsClaughton House
39 Barrow Street, St Helens, Merseyside
WA10 1RX  РTel: 01744 744033
Mobile: 07710475700 http://www.kpsolicitors.com

, but as a SOLICITOR you know this is not a proper response, I am a paid up member and these are proper motions "from the floor"  ..and are NOT to be left for "chance" to be "mostly heard as part of discussion" ..its this sort of part-timer amateurish application that has allowed the sharks to get away with so much damage to LFC..

either this is a properly constituted UNIOn or it is NOt, and a proper EGM or not..with appropriate protocoll or not..MARK my words..I wont sit back whilst we lose more time , whilst they ruin the club the committees of SoS & SLFC stand by and chat, and 100+k disappears from the club daily..

I INSIST, formally , that these motions are included in the EGM AGENDA!

—– Original Message —–
From: Graham Smith
To: ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 11:36 AM
Subject: RE: Member 970 Re: Spirit Of Shankly EGM – Saturday 25th September
Thanks for those suggestions – most of what you have raised will form part of the discussion on the day and reports from the Committee to the membership.
Graham Smith

From: ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org [mailto:ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org]
Sent: 06 September 2010 08:05
To: admin@spiritofshankly.com
Cc: eured@live.nl; zreds.ze@gmail.com; secretary@spiritofshankly.com
Subject: Member 970 Re: Spirit Of Shankly EGM – Saturday 25th September

Dear Sam,
I am ironic, but it came to mind when I received this invitation to the EGM, the scene from the (monty python) film "Life of Brian" ..when Brian is being crucified and Reg & the "committee" decide to hold a meeting…
my additions to the agenda come in the form of "motions" ūüėČ
Motion 1.. This meeting comes at a time of real CRISIS that "ShareLiverpoolLFC" should co-join or we risk further time delay if proposals from this meeting have to presented to SLFC later on.
Motion 2. This meeting (or at least future meetings) should NOT take place in a bar/pub where alchohol is served if we want the World (potential members and our adversaries) to see us as a "serious" organisation capable of taking over club that may be valued as a global enterprise of around Billion euros.
Motion 3. That "we" (via SoS/SLFC) take out a winding up order against "kop football/holdings" (the company of G & H claiming to "own Lfc" ) to
– freeze payments to the banks (releasing income to be used for profitable CLUB development
– enforce a declaration of the "deal" between D. Moores & G & H to be declared null & void! (resulting in a repayment to D. Moores & the removal of G & H)
– the removal of C. Purlsow & C. Broughton who have not acted in our best interests or in the interests of the community.
(if the "bored" refuse an "anton pillar moreva injunction" will liquidate their companies and investigate all personal assets & dealings via the high courts!)
Motion 4. That "we" purchase 100% control of "LFC" from David Moores via a 10 year payment schedule. (no need for bank involvement as we have sufficient global income)
Motion 5 . The "debts" are resolved by a deal with the current "bankers" who gain 25% of the supporters shareholding company ; shares are FAIRLY obtained by Lfc supporters local & global on an equal basis. (this process to be voted on at the next EGM)
(all 5 motions are join & several)
as an add..
I wonder (considering his recent testimonial puts him in the public eye) if Carra and the rest of current & ex-players have received a writting invitation from SoS/SLfc to join "save Lfc" and our supporters buy out/in?
ChriS SMITH (member 970)

"Balkan REDS"
EuRED Liverpool (overseas) SUPPORTERS UNION Network
S47, Toloshi,
81102 Podgorica
email; ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org


—– Original Message —–
From: Spirit Of Shankly
To: ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org
Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2010 12:18 PM
Subject: Spirit Of Shankly EGM – Saturday 25th September
Please see details of our EGM on Saturday 25th September on the link below:
Spirit of Shankly
Keith Park Solicitors. Telephone: 01744-636000 Fax: 01744-744000
Keith Park Solicitors. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. ID:330690


Lfc..is "up" I fear for the future, with G & H, broughton & Purslow ruining the club, bit by bit, the lack of action by SoS, and the sheer stupidity of many "fans" who swallow the "spin" coming out of Anfield & the media BS! …40+ years of Liverpool support & memories damaged …apart from that I am great!

this is what I hope..

LIVERPOOL supporters make a threat to LFC, to wond-up "Kop football" (G & H company) …re-launch a "new Lfc" , with a high court injunction that forces G & H to repay Moores..

then WE make a 10 year purchase arrangement to transfer 100% of shares into the names of the true REds supporters (worldwide) and then trade off the banks by given them 25-30 % of the shares..thus removing the debt..
..out go all the current board and we employ effective managers on & off the firled that will PROFIT from having a million + fans worldwide instead of being exploited by another version of G & H..but who listens ???, people have been dumbed down by apathy & lack of ambition,"Spirit of Shankly" ???.  I seem to be the only one banging that drum!
rant over! sorry you asked <smile> ?



great man, beyond question, treated badly by Lfc – & the same negativity lives in the Lfc "office" today…unfortunately despite our unions name, no-one in LP has really shown the true "Spirit of Shankly" , we are in a war with sharks and need to FIGHT for the club we love , yet sometimes when I look at the apathy & comments of some "fans" I wonder f they are worth fighting for! ……… after so many injuries & failure to play for Lfc (as his spanish team won euro 08 & WC10) Torres should be withdrawn (or withdraw himself) from the spanish squad…& Lfc "fans" may now just be wakign up to the "hell" that they themselves caused "post-Rafa"…NOW you REALLY have something to moan about!


CS> bit late Woy telling us what we already knew..and its
naive for fans to think that any "rich guys" are not gonna try to
exploit our money & our club..its a disgrace that supporters haven’t
woken up to the buy out/in by SoS/SLfc..with a million fans + worldwide
we are more than capable of raising all the funds..but the "spin" of
the Lfc "office" , the media & the apathy of fans is a difficult
hurdle to get over..
..of course it needs a dynamic negociator with experience of such "conflicts" …but its basicaly simple..to "clean LFC" …

– the sale by Moores to …G & H was "invalid" & must be reversed..via a high court injunction..

– it gets cancelled and repaid (if moores refuses then what he recently said about his "mistake" is BS!

– the repayments to "bankers" is frozen –

– we acquire 100% Lfc (we being GLOBAL reds supporters

– we neutralise the debts by giving the bankers 25% of the shares.

if WE are the club, then its time WE showed we are WORTHY of it and took charge!!…

(help save LP)

Help Save Liverpool FC What has David Moores got to do with anything Chris?

.?..er.."allegedly " Moores sold control to G & H?…do yourself a
favour and read all of the motions to see the process..of course it
needs a dynamic negociator with experience of such "conflicts" …but
its basicaly simple..

– the sale by Moores to …G & H was "invalid"

– it gets cancelled and repaid (if moores refuses then what he recently said about his "mistake" is BS!

– the repayments to "bankers" is frozen –

– we acquire 100% Lfc (we being GLOBAL reds supporters

– we neutral ise the debts by giving the bankers 25% of the shares.

if WE are the club, then its time WE showed we are WORTHY of it and took charge!!…

what does Sean Maguire know about global strategic managment of a multi-billion euroi/dollar/pound "brand" ?..

Liverpool currently are still a globally known & (despite the damage dont by Gillet , Hicks, Moores, Parry, Purslow & Broughton) have a global fan base exceeding 1 million IF properly managed could bring in multi-billions in the coming years..

Sure , on field efforts must be better, which why the remove of Rafa was downright negative! ..thanks to "fast food fans" fed by biased headline -seeking & lying media..turnign every molehill into an anti-Lfc mountain..

But , IF the true global supporters owned Lfc – giving 25% to the state (by off-setting the existing bank loans) – an effective C.E.O, whose aim is to realise the masive potential of the "LiverBird icon", could still make Lfc, in the midst of a global financial double-dip, the strongest club in the World!

this requres a "sea change" in the attitude of players & ALL the global fans however, currently poisoned by recent events..if you believe we can achieve!
(www.mypod-net.org/KOP_UNlimited.html )

E.L.S.U.N / KOP UN limited
(Balkan REDS) S 47, Toloshi,
email ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org


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  1. ngozi

    I like. Fighting for the rest of our lives???

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