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Culture of Capital v Capital of Culture..(cont) 10921 (“Peace day”)

10921The end of "the KOp, ends with the last "KOPite" or the last "Socialist"..?

Many, maybe most, of the people I am writing to, live in a commercial, now mainly "capitalist" world. Whether or not your local political or social view is otherwise…

IMO. the "victory" of the NWO perhaps defeated some viscous dictatorships (some in the guise of "Soviet-communism/socialism" ) yet any true Socialist knows that there has Never been a truly Socialist society other than in small isolated communities, in the 60’s when I was a boy (largely influenced by an energetic celtic mother who was active in the regional labour party and local social work), I fell in love with such a community – it was called "LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB" managed b an enthusisatic & larger-than-life  scot called BILL SHANKLY"..


Whether its the Tv programming , media, teachers or even the "conditioned" parents & neighbours of recent generations that sold them "greed is good" , convinced them that the stock market is "real" that "bankers" are friends and corporations provide job, even if those pollute the air land & water..people swallowed an "absolute corruption" when the "soviet enemy" collapsed, the alternative "enemy" ("Islam") has been conveniently identified to justify the NOW TRILLIONS of dollars poured into improving global "security" also conveniently removing the APPLICATION of many equal/human(e) rights in the process

Global Game, Global Culture

Simultaneously modern "Bling" (which is more about "packaging" than content) arrived in the biggest game in the World, the sport of most kids, a culture than was naturally introduced to boys has been exploited at all levels.with the USA infliltrating "soccer" their corporate vultures infected the home of our culture; and in the nineties introduced their form of "prostitution" (which ruined their own Baseball, NFL & basketball leagues) into the traditional "Football League" and turned it into the billion dollar "Premiereship".

MY fight ,

I worked as an office boy at 16 years old, I formed a staff association at 21, married, divorced & made a million (GBP) before I was thirty, luckily a meningitis – induced coma stopped me from becoming a european version of  W. Gates and I woke up after a week and vowed to "go the other way" (to be "alternative"  <smile> ) amongst other things I have organised demos, peace campaigns, (including co-operating the start of "human shields") – I have been "examined" (a total of 24 months military style "investigative detention" by several judges & state attorneys without conviction) I formed a Union to fight for Justice & and social equality , ecological intelligence, & personal development …..and I supported MY club..in any & every way I could, starting fan groups, supporters clubs, coaching, and promoting the LIVERPOOL way…but the damage was done in my "Hometown"…(no I was not born there!)

..Y-OUR Fight?

..about the same time that billions were "spent" on the city of Liverpool (rather than the people of it, ….why not "buy" Lfc as a community asset at the time?) during the "European Capital of Culture" the previous custodians of MY club were SELLING out to business people from the USA, the rest is history. These people have defrauded the community with what can only be reasonably described as lies & mis-information. Despite this obvious PUBLIC violation, less than 1 % of a global fan base of 1 million + have "reacted"(so far!)  …and those that HAVE reacted have been blinded by the extreme financing of clubs like Manchester City, Chelski & (un)Real Madrid into believing that a simple solution is another "rich guy" to invest billions into our club..

how stupid!?…the "activists" failed to effectively oppose the appointment of "officers" Purslow & Briughton , who removed the  most succesful Lfc manager since 20 years, and (typically of a world dictated to by generals & bean-counters) have failed to uphold the remnants of the unique SOUL (ironically called the "Spirit of Shankly" by the supporters Union) feeding the paying public with the sort of "spin" the USA is so proudly identified with. 

IF you dont see the reason to fight, then stop complaining..because YOU are the problem…not only to fight for the removal of the above-mentioned "suits" but also because LIVERPOOL football club, the most succesful club, of the most important League, of the most important game, culture and business on this planet, IS IN DANGER!  YOU NEED to STOP it being continually exploited by business men at Y-OUR EXPENSE.. anyone who is telling you that a "rich guy" is our best solution is FOOLING you! …the INCOME of Lfc WORLWIDE belongs to us,  stop feeding bankers & brokers who are simply taking the money you invest ; tickets; souvenirs & etc and lauching as they STAB YOU IN YOUR BACK, by ripping y-our money off!

There have been some "initiatives" by german fans and some othe groups & even those claiming to be "supporter federations"…but NO EFFECTIVE & co-ordinated STRATEGY…

MY Stragegy..

..has often been opposed…NOT by the enemy (other than the usual blocking of phones, sms, emails , petitions & facebook campaigns) but by many members of the committees of "SoS" ; SLfc ; "Help Save Liverpool" & various "fans" (who have been thrown at me, in attempts at discrediting my name/aims. Here is MY aim..

TO fight the people who exploit YOU…and to place football clubs in the hands of the TRUE supporter, he or she that TRULY deserves it…

I PUBLICLY (via the "KOP" magazine, & SoS/SLfc etc..) proposed the combination of SoS & SLfc almost 2 years ago, had that proposal been acted upon, we may NOW have Lfc in y-our hands..there is an EGM this weekend, and instead of being one of full action , it will be filled with "constitutional matters" and discuss crisis action! My resolutions offered to the SoS/SLfc committee have been ignored..therefore my emphasis will be to promote the above aims via EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overeas) Union Network, co-operate with various (unofficial) supporters clubs & fan groups, World wide and impliment this PLAN of Global ACTION…

a) our global supporters network will boycott any bank or corporation’s products who oppose TRUE Supporter ownership.
b) & will boycott matches & encourage Global supporters/ex/&/players participation
c) will continue the "G & H not wanted anywhere " campaign , changing the target to banks or relevant corporations who back those who oppose us publicly
d) IF necessary cause the LIQUIDATION of the trading / holding companies who oppose us (that begins with the various G & H companies; Kop football/holdings)
e) finally instruct barristers to obtain an INJUNCTION (anton pillar mareva ) to FREEZE the activities of the club pending a full investigation of previous /Current "owners" & officers (alledged fraudulent) activity

CS/E.L.S.U.N/KOP Unltd
Montenegro. 10921
"peace day" <smile>

p.s. some similarity…

Hicks or similar?


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