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RE(d)VOLUTION weekend 23-26th September 2010

RE(d)VOLUTION weekend 23-26th September 2010


reporting from SoS / SLfc (EGM)  "Zeligs Bar"  Liverpool

Saturday 91025 11-14h


Having attended Jo’s "Birthday bash" until 04hrs and getting up "normally" to re-post shirts & scarves for my (estranged) son Leon I was pleased
 to be able to  get to the meeting point early (just after 11 am) for the "prompt 11.45 start"

I saw that cameras were being set up (EDITED SoS video @ http://www.spiritofshankly.com/news/September-2010-EGM-_-Video.html – and the large "Spirit of Shankly"
banners on the "stage" reminded me exactly what I have been saying is lacking..so far!


* THE room was "open" …so NO "control" of who was attending , EITHER THE "suits" OR A bunch of MANCS or bluesh*te could have invaded the meeting and stopped it ALL to easily..
a group at the fromt were already knocking back the "bevvies" and I thought to myself..this is wrong..possibly THE MOST IMPOPRTANT meeting ever in the histopry of LFC supporters
Could be ruined..by "spoilers" or "drunks" (as the mainstream media would love to portray us" ..the NEXT meeting MUST be in a PROPER "closed company" place (without alchohol)

11.30 and most tables were empty
11.40 tables started to fill up & almost every one had glasses of beer
(PLEASE understand, anyone who has been on a "away supporters" trip with me, knows I can can "party" with the best of them, but this meetign needs clear heads
and contribution)
…around 11.45 an annoucement on the tannoy " we will be starting in a couple of minutes, if you want to move down the front, get yourself a DRINK and we will be starting soon"

* Mobiles should be shut off!?
* attendees should be "registered" ?
* an efficient FULL – TIME secretary should be employed by SoS/SLfc as "SAM" is OVERloaded by her own admission (email to BcR?CS)
* invite particpation & reps from RAWK, "Help Save" , "Kop Faithful"
G & H out etc..

My imagination went to "Shanks" ;HE HAD;   Committment, Determination, Dynamic; Creative ("a bit of cocky arrogance") & fighting SPIRIT ..
have "WE" got anythign like it, if not we should not "use " Bill’s name..

Spirit of Shankly..

EGM notes..

See printed Agenda/V1.

1. Opening address ?? Fran?  minimal..welcome & intro


2. Graham S told us of the Scandanavian & Irish & other UK branches
& "hopes" of East/west coast USA branches soon,
(of course ELSUN (UNION NETWORK) has its own independent union structure, credit Union plan
& special multi-lingual / multi cultural facilities for members "distanced
from LP…and "feed back" so far indicated that our individual memebrs
to join SoS would be DOUBLE the cost of a local member, so we shall continue to
provide complimentary services until such time as we agree otherwies with SoS/SLfc..)

Graham made the valid point that local UNION representation is helpul to ensure our voices are heard, & to provide relevant representation of Worldwide supporters
(WE ELSUN & Balkan REDS have already provided members with cheaper t-shirts,
attendance/travel to games & 3 "party-meetings"…)

Club Liason

we were informed that LFC office CLAIM they are not gicing more season tickets to corporates than before !!
(to be investigated!)
& SoS took up a members complaint ; reported abuse (verbal & physical) of a young lad (15) by combination of office mistakes
ground stewards & POLICE! (FSE need to be acting too?)

more complaints about mistreatment of REDS @ man citeh & Man U where our support was
stopped from leaving and blocked from using toilets.

good arguement for membership being the best way to make complaints & obtain benefits.
(Michael Shields etc)


– Votes now possible on line (95% of members online, others will be catered for)
– New website coming..


NO news?

(if this proceeds ELSUN global to promote LiverBird/REds products & services with a potential of 5 billion)

NO questions from the "floor" (membership present) at this time.

Spirit of Shankly (SoS) & ShareLiverpool (SLfc)

V2 : Resolutions on proposed co-operation

– A copy of the agenda & resolutions are available on the http://www.spiritofshankly.com website
( a printed version was also handed out at the meeting)

It was "claimed" that SoS/SLfc have been "working together" since one year????

The essence of this is to form an organisation that can proceed to enable Supporter ownership of LFC.

Graham ; pointed out the Resolution 4/5 amendments – need 25 members to have an SoS
branch & allows membership to a maxiumu of 250 members per branch.

Graham then proposed the relevant resolutions & confirmed that the SoS members
on the SLfc board will have their "share" paid by SoS and these shares will belong to
the whole SoS membership (note to question this if there is a "tight vote"
in future..


SLfc formed at same time as SoS to buy shares in Lfc – "if Bayern, Barca & Benfica can do it why cant we?"
Martin Mckewan (spelling?)"a RED for 30 years" (young?) then presented some considerable history of the formation
of SLfc etc etc …and why the "co-op" is a good idea ..(maybe a bit boring
as he wasnt as "dynamic" ..introducing also the key people of SLfc
Rogan (we all should know!) Martin (himself in marketing..!)
"Liz" (@ university, footy-MBA!) "Nick Bray" (?) former INVESTMENT banker (!!!)
London-based ("corporate finance is very complicated" ..<smile>)
"Barry" who made software for Lfc (maybe hes the one I should have spoken to about the lack of a co-ordinated membership system
@ Lfc which didnt cross E-season, tickets & fancard membership info)
& "other M & A (merger & acquisitions) experts"  (chairman Chris has gone!!!)

– the 2 SoS members on SLfc board are; Peter Furmedge & Graham Smith

– supportedby ex players Barnes, Aldridge, Whelen etc..

– some software problems..(requiring re-registration)

– SLfc decided 5000 GBP per share too high, agreed with SoS (Peter) that
500 per share more reasonable.

– currently 50,000 "signed up for a share" …want the members now to urge MASS membership

–  the future SoS-SL Shareholders would employ PROFESSIONAL managers who together with Supporters reps
will manage the club.

– have "confidental talks" with other major investors who may be
interesting in financing Supporter ownership

– SLfc split into legal/finance & media/communications -Jay mcKenna leads Media

"THE NEED for critical MASS!"

QUESTIONS from the floor;

Q – will SLfc agree the "credit Union" and still have one share = one vote

A = SoS-SLfc will be ONE share = ONE vote

Q – what do we get for this investment ?

A = you get change of ownership & a voice in the CLUB! (no ticket priority?)
(to be re-considered down the line)

Q – have we got the time?

A – it depends on the fans reacting to this..
– need to buy shares
– can start investing into credit union
– the fans are the solution, so the answer is in your hands

V5 (part 5)

Q – has the credit Union started

A – presentation coming

Q – resolution 4.2 regarding "conduct" of SoS affecting Slfc negociations?
    (no leadership?..SoS hog-tied? diverted from direct action?)

A = (Peter F) SoS members will not be "hog tied " from direct action in the future
(comments about the Lfc "spin" buying Cole , distracting fans etc)
SoS members NEED to be involved in ownerhsip negociation..

(comments on broughton "lying" about the club being sold before the end of August but at the same time MB was discussing re-finance.

V6 (part 6)

Note the remainder merged Q & A, Credit Union & "Strategy" dicussions –
the "chair" seemed to let it flow, with occasional "cutting" …<smile>

Q – we are in trouble if Hicks re-finance/ hedge fund & why arent you answering
    my emails (to PG) , worried energy is being diverted..

(CS> I wonder is who is he helping by this line of questions..? some SoS committee are wrong, but …)

A – (Jay) The MASS of fans dont understand…(media "spin" ..journalists
now asking US whats going on!) we need to protest AND buy club for supporters..

We have never been so CLOSE as we are now to SUPPORTER ownership!

Q/A – (Paul Wright) – long process thrashing it out ("we can sh*t & chew gum at the same time")
(we are not a political party where the first item on the agenda is to split)
(NOTE – Wall street article "dont mix it with Liverpudlians")
…NO problem i with doing BOTH, = Direct action (protest) & supporter ownership co-op

…"this is OUR club, join together & fight for it"

(Peter F) avoid "pure campaigns" …"we are in this to WIN" ..
urge members to vote in FAVOUR of the resolutions..

SoS need to support the Supporters with such as the "Credit Union"

all groups need to unite…email campaigns , have had an effect, as have the shirts..
(not welcome here , too!) ..

(Peter F)when Hodgson joined he spoke of the YNWA "mantra" and then spoke about " a group of people"..
advised Woy to be careful with his words..we are 50,000 and WE are the "group of people" that will NEVER walk alone..

V7 (part 7)

Q – what have SLfc achieved? what is your funding?

A = the fund has not yet started..but we have 20,000 registered ready
to invest, when its starts (SoS-SL ) membership will explode! we will have the "critical mass"
(see ShareLiverpoolFc website for more info)

Credit Union was explained by Tracey Fletcher..

– SoS will join the existing 17 year old "partners credit Union" – 8000 members
already with 5,5 million GBP already on loan, one of the largest in the UK
– also one member – one vote..(NOT a "bank")  includes a "compensation scheme"
savings are SAFE!

as little or as much money as you want, but must save regularly.

will loan to help members buy shares…(GBP 2 to join credit Union in Lp)

(note ELSUN/Balkan REDS have a plan for non UK (european-based) members )

V8 (part 8)

(Jay)tells of the "spin" from the Lfc office approaching 25 different finance houses..
NO one knows clearly whats going on! …"deadline" delayed ..oct, 6,
11th & 15th..maybe Xmas?…SUPPORTERS are the solution..anyone coming in will REPAY the bebt with SUPPORTERS money..
..need to understand! …

"who would you rather have buy Lfc CHEAP?..(some financial broker or Suporters?)

(note some committee members HAVE ignored (KOP UNltd/ELSUN) solutions , Jay!!!)

Protest today…& march at the Blackpool match next weekend..

but if vote is confirmed on SoS-SLfc we WILL show that we want IN…

people NEED to get behind it and tell your friends…!

Q – fan ownership..? what did RBS say , are there other investors

A = (Graham) RBS are scared of getting involved…but there are no other bidders – its a list of one ;
the supporters!..RBS wont "engage" Barcap are ..we want NOW to promote "financing the fans"
(CS>not the sharks!)

the fund will be ready before Xmas

(CS> if they had reacted to MY proposals we COULD have had a fund reay 2 years ago!)

V8 (part 8)

Q _ how is the message gettign out to the World ..

A = (Jay) Lfc spin succesfully distracted fans over the summer..
(CS> I warned about this during the "Cole euphoria" in the summer)

(ALL FANS need to take responsibility and also learn NOT to sit back when Lfc "suits" or the media tell us stuff about investing "saviours" – maybe fans WILL LEARN NOT to trust the media & the Lfc "spinners")

(member) we should take the initaive back off Barcap and put it on RBS and grow a set of balls
and push to engage with RBS..

(Graham) we are trying to force our way into it..and thats what we will do..

(Jay) we have to do whatever is necessary to be taken seriously..
Protest with solutions..

(Graham) we also expect Lfc to get behind SoS/SLfc and 6 million supporters – we would own the club in 2 weeks

(member) they will want to know our figures

(Jay) thats why we are doing this!

(cS>people really need to understand the

Q – (another anon "I am a member!" woman ) hiow do we go about buying the stadium..

A – (Jay) "we can do that the normal way..before G & H there were plans to buy a stadium – it will cost maybe 200 million
that can be done by normal mortgage, if it were not for the G & H mess this would be a profitable Business on the same level as Man U & Chelski "

(CS> with 1 million plus supporter/fan base -> 6 million on internet, properly marketed
LFC (properly managed WORLDWIDE ) is a great enterprise..

V10 (LAST part)

dicussion of Direct action/"want in" Strategy..

(Jay) need to join in, its OUR responsibility..

Q – (member John) "eggs in one basket..should stand in front of bus..
 ..we could stop this game now! thats Direct action" etc etc WE can do more, we should do more..

A – (Chair) all for it…the press told us the manager was crap now they blame the owners..
you dont need us to tell you what to do..etc

(Chair) not a "political org"..

(Jay) got nicked (arrested) trying to stop G & H getting into the ground..

(Peter F) – "we have to put in the hard yards again" …media was side-trackign everyone, "roys nice"
so blame the owners…we have to set the scene and move on to the stuff you are talking about..

(Jay) its OUR responsibility…cant warn publicly because merseyside
police will be waiting..

..what team, lying owner, criplign debt are destroying our team, …

…make it know what you want..!


CS>some SoS cuts edited the video, but most seems to be there..
I went to Peter F & Graham S (the 2 SoS members on the SLfc board – and wished them good luck…<smile>)


We were later than the planned 13.30 finish,but I got ont he first n.26(?)
bus from Paradise street and arrived just after the start of the black shirt
"standards corrupted" protest, quickly bought a shirt from Jonny , joined in
and joined in the "Yanks out" chanting etc..

I "disturbed2 some "fans" in the centenary ; where the deadwood congregate who have trouble waiting until the end of the game normally, never mind staying later..
BUT another lad and myself stood close to the kop on the centenary, by the
scoreboard, held up the Jolly Roger and we chanted and clapped..half an hour or so before it died down,
the players "warming down" saw us, Carra waved ! …(of course!)

gradually we dispersed, but we were the last 2 leave – 10 B-stewards
waiting for the 2 of us…,<smile> one commented "waste of time lad -wasnt on tv" ..
I replied "this (IMO) was for US…" its just the BEGINNING..

IF you care BUY a share..


– Redmen video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YAZGxGXPDE
– "Stay-in" (any pics on RAWK?)

reasons I/E.L.S.U.N support the above resolution ;

– I campaigned for SoS/SLfc to work together since the start
– Together we are stronger (IF properly & strategically organised)
– A PROPERLY managed Supporter-owned CLUB is a GOOD INVESTMENT!
– we must DO this, even if its not "perfect"
– The alternatives (another G & H ) are illogical!


"A group of PEOPLE"…(if you care – buy a share"

"A group of PEOPLE"…
"Nice" mr. H has said..
"A group of PEOPLE"…is all we are
people coloured LIVERPOOL RED!

"A group of PEOPLE"…
who pay Y-OUR way
often treated like sh*te
…when we come TOGETHER
watch how we can FIGHT

"A group of PEOPLE"…
 who FEEL the lyrics "Y.N.W.A.."
& SUPPORT "through wind & rain"
WE like to sing & shout

"A group of PEOPLE"
who hate the liars & "suits"
expecting YOU to be FAIR
.. coming together around the WORLD

..if you CARE – buy a SHARE


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