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E.L.S.U.N “Statement of Intent” (CS10930)


October RE(d)Volution ; RED October ; Black shirts

Significantly on May 1st , 2000, I formed “Freedom & Union” within the articles of the council of europe (ECHR) , at that time my main aim was to enable EQUAL rights & free people unfairly disadvantaged throught europe, whether residents or refugees, I have now agreed that  E.L.S.U.N ; EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) UNION NETWORK may use those basic “aims & objectives; equal rights ; ” to equalise the status of GLOBAL LIVERPOOL SUPPORTERS.

despite certain criticism, I am a current Member of both “SoS” & “SLfc” and in fact proposed a collective/dynamic organisation between them almost 2 years ago!

I have recommended voting in favour of the resolutions presented at their EGM 25th September 2010.  However, I have experienced personally that the organisation is not yet set up to EQUALLY enable all rights deserved by each & every Global member; Having personally lodged multiple complaints @ Lfc. since 10 years for myself & for  our Network of UNofficial Supporters & fan clubs it is clear however that E.L.S.U.N should co-operate with SoS-SL and other groups (Kop Fathful ; G & H OUT! ; “Help Save Lfc” whenever & wherever it makes sense.

SoS have already significant branches in the “Anglo-Saxon/sSandanavian” regions where perhaps the income is much higher than our members in central/southern europe/eastern europe/balkans; asia, india & africa etc; and the criteria & participation is much harder to meet. WE DO NOT want a new (“rich”) owner/owners..

Therefore to clarify y-OUR focus:

* to ENSURE the “voice” Of “Global REds” and their EQUAL RIGHTS during the process of SUPPORTER owned Lfc
(we agree in principle to the main aims of SoS/SL

* as the CREDIT UNION is unavailable to OUR Gllobal (non-UK) members ; to OFFER similar facilities to ALL Global REDS wherever they are situated.

AS WE ONLY want a SUPPORTERS owned club …we will fight against any one who attempts to own OUR club, & ANY OTHER situation now and in the future!

* to fulfill the strategy ; with the slogan “if you CARE, OWN a SHARE…!”

* to provide a share to EACH of our members @ 500 EUROS per share

* to enable a form of “credit union”  to enable disadvantaged members to save up, alone or in “saving clubs”

* MY Strategy..

TO fight the people who exploit YOU…and to place football clubs in the hands of the TRUE supporter, he or she that TRULY deserves it…

a) Our global supporters network will boycott any bank or corporation’s products who oppose TRUE Supporter ownership.
b) & will boycott certain matches & encourage Global supporters/ex/&/players participation
c) will continue the “G & H not wanted anywhere ” campaign , changing the target to banks or relevant corporations who back those who oppose us publicly; support non-violent protests, ENTHUSIASTIC peaceful resistance, (alternative shirts & promote alternative products)
d) IF necessary ; cause the LIQUIDATION of the trading / holding companies who oppose us (that begins with the various G & H companies; Kop football/holdings)
e) IF necessary ; finally instruct barristers to obtain an INJUNCTION (anton pillar mareva ) to FREEZE the activities of the club pending a full investigation of previous /Current “owners” & officers (alledged fraudulent) activity

and ; something “emotional” which is beyond pragmatic explanation…TO UPHOLD “Shanks’ LIVERPOOL WAY” and restore the warmth & friendship within a dynamic global force of supporters.

“if you CARE, OWN a SHARE…!

email; (via) ;  ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org


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