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“THis IS the End of the Beginning – if you CARE get y-OUR share!” (septemBAR 2010 -part 2)

“Oh Campione
The one and ONLY
we’re liverpooooolll
we are gonna be the owners and we’ll kick you out the door
the GLOBAL RED supporters gonna make it like before”

“IF YOU CARE – buy a share” …Support Global REDS via E.L.S.U.N


“A group of PEOPLE”…(if you care – OWN a share”

“A group of PEOPLE”…
“Nice” mr. H has said..
“A group of PEOPLE”…is all we are
people coloured LIVERPOOL RED!

“A group of PEOPLE”…
who pay Y-OUR way
often treated like sh*te
…when we come TOGETHER
watch how we can FIGHT

“A group of PEOPLE”…
who FEEL the lyrics “Y.N.W.A..”
& SUPPORT “through wind & rain”
WE like to sing & shout

“A group of PEOPLE”
who hate the liars & “suits”
expecting YOU to be FAIR
.. coming together around the WORLD

..if you CARE – oWN a SHARE

…..”I m IN”?…well I have always been” IN”

As I start to write  “September 2010 , part 2” (on the EvE of RED OCtober – Black shirt) ..waiting for the (now know to be positive!)  result of vote of the EGM saturday …as there have been a number of “specials” and with this new “wordpress” BLOG format ..i will pick out “highlights” ..things said & done…before proceeding of course..

(from the “Liverpool Post” Ref lawro on “pressure on Hodgson” …another “expert” ex-lfc “pundit” who knows nothing about management, hodgson had a lot of sympathy but when he refers to 50,000 Liverpool supporters as “that group of people” he really dont know what day it is, he is the pawn of the current Lfc office and hes taken the wrong stance..

Utrecht 0 – Lfc 0 ..(Europa League) …..Dirk goes back home to the club that made him a “pro”..

really I dont  see any method in his madness, sure the players are failing, but there seems to be none of the “man-management” & tactical discipline the BS assured us that “woy” would bring…I make no apologies for NOW (after 40 years) breaking my loyalty to the “holy trinity” of Liverpools bond between players, manager & supporters..Hodgson is a pawn of the “suits” he is sittign in Rafa s chair placed there by cheats & liars , I  did not clearly voice my lack of empathy, until ..he showed a lack of respect for this “group of people”….

10930..writing the “statement of intent”…


October RE(d)Volution ; RED October ; Black shirts

E.L.S.U.N “Statement of Intent” (CS10930)

Significantly on May 1st , 2000, I formed “Freedom & Union” within the articles of the council of europe (ECHR) , at that time my main aim was to enable EQUAL rights & free people unfairly disadvantaged throught europe, whether residents or refugees, I have now agreed that  E.L.S.U.N ; EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) UNION NETWORK may use those basic “aims & objectives; equal rights ; ” to equalise the status of GLOBAL LIVERPOOL SUPPORTERS.

despite certain criticism, I am a current Member of both “SoS” & “SLfc” and in fact proposed a collective/dynamic organisation between them almost 2 years ago!

I have recommended voting in favour of the resolutions presented at their EGM 25th September 2010.  However, I have experienced personally that the organisation is not yet set up to EQUALLY enable all rights deserved by each & every Global member; Having personally lodged multiple complaints @ Lfc. since 10 years for myself & for  our Network of UNofficial Supporters & fan clubs it is clear however that E.L.S.U.N should co-operate with SoS-SL and other groups (Kop Fathful ; G & H OUT! ; “Help Save Lfc” whenever & wherever it makes sense.

SoS have already significant branches in the “Anglo-Saxon/sSandanavian” regions where perhaps the income is much higher than our members in central/southern europe/eastern europe/balkans; asia, india & africa etc; and the criteria & participation is much harder to meet. WE DO NOT want a new (“rich”) owner/owners..

Therefore to clarify y-OUR focus:

* to ENSURE the “voice” Of “Global REds” and their EQUAL RIGHTS during the process of SUPPORTER owned Lfc
(we agree in principle to the main aims of SoS/SL

* as the CREDIT UNION is unavailable to OUR Gllobal (non-UK) members ; to OFFER similar facilities to ALL Global REDS wherever they are situated.

AS WE ONLY want a SUPPORTERS owned club …we will fight against any one who attempts to own OUR club, & ANY OTHER situation now and in the future!

* to fulfill the strategy ; with the slogan “if you CARE, OWN a SHARE…!”

* to provide a share to EACH of our members @ 500 EUROS per share

* to enable a form of “credit union”  to enable disadvantaged members to save up, alone or in “saving clubs”

* MY Strategy..

TO fight the people who exploit YOU…and to place football clubs in the hands of the TRUE supporter, he or she that TRULY deserves it…

a) Our global supporters network will boycott any bank or corporation’s products who oppose TRUE Supporter ownership.
b) & will boycott certain matches & encourage Global supporters/ex/&/players participation
c) will continue the “G & H not wanted anywhere ” campaign , changing the target to banks or relevant corporations who back those who oppose us publicly; support non-violent protests, ENTHUSIASTIC peaceful resistance, (alternative shirts & promote alternative products)
d) IF necessary ; cause the LIQUIDATION of the trading / holding companies who oppose us (that begins with the various G & H companies; Kop football/holdings)
e) IF necessary ; finally instruct barristers to obtain an INJUNCTION (anton pillar mareva ) to FREEZE the activities of the club pending a full investigation of previous /Current “owners” & officers (alledged fraudulent) activity

and ; something “emotional” which is beyond pragmatic explanation…TO UPHOLD “Shanks’ LIVERPOOL WAY” and restore the warmth & friendship within a dynamic global force of supporters.

“if you care, buy a share…!

email; (via) ;  ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org

ChriS SmiTH Hiya Hugo, I only just got back from LP (v sunderland) we had probably the most important meeting ever in the history of Lfc supporters & shall proceed to BUY OUT /IN the name of LIVERPOOL supporters ; our aim is to own LFC!..and I have to now get the Global Reds organised ..so I am too busy (still in “monty” so its not a “quick trip” as there are no easyjet connections direct to schipol..(i use dubrovnik sometimes as there are only scheduled flights from Pg..
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
Good to hear the dream is finaly getting form! So it’s a real possibility?! Nice!! Did you see the game yesterday from us against the wankers of tottenham? They were lucky the reff was awfull!
How much money do you need to get in total to buy the Board out?
ChriS SmiTH>no I was hoping valencia would beat the mancs – valencia were all over MU but typically mancs scored at the end, I was hoping you would beat spurs but you can do it in enchede? if not maybe we see you in the EL

…….its not(only)  the board, but its a case of sorting out either the yankers or the bankers lots of negociation & BS going on, the media inflate every rumour , its ridiculous, we had a protest last saturday 9000 of us stayed behind in the stadium and we made our own shirts so we boycott the official shop,..more demos to come ..how much ?…anything from Zero to 500,million..! but we will “mobilise” the million + global fan base at a share cost of e500 each, it will be a good investment when we clear out the sh*te and manage the club properly – then its worth a billion!

the media NOW start to mention the “protest” movement but avoid the Issue of SUPPORTERS ownership, 50,000 already registered and our global network can multiply that x 20 …@ 500 per share we are the ONLY solution for the club, and when the media, the “pundits”  the yankers & the bankers , and even some “fickle fans” finally realise that we can move away from the stream of mis-informed BS!

The Most important (negative) date of this month…29th September…


thanks Shanks, thanks Tosh, chokes me up just to watch it, loved him to bits thanks to Shanks for all he did, which must not be ruined by corporate vultures, bankers & fickle fans… WE ONLY want a SUPPORTERS owned club …and will fight against any one who attempts to own OUR club & ANY OTHER situation now and in the future , we ARE the “group of people” WE ARE THE CLUB, if you care, buy a share…!

…(CS10929) 29 years after his departure from this earth – some people are waking up to the TRUE “Shanks SPIRIT”…demonstrations against the “culture of capital” & co-operation between REds WORLDWIDE, Determination, courage; commitment, dynamic & creative FIGHTING SPIRIT …now perhaps the “Shankly Banner” will not just be words…ACTION will speak louder, and louder until this world turns to Justice for all.. WE ONLY want a SUPPORTERS owned club …and will fight against any one & ANY OTHER situation now and in the future who attempts to own OUR club, we ARE the “group of people” WE ARE THE CLUB, if you care, buy a share…!

Shanks was my mentor, Lennon my inspiration, Soul my music Ghandi a teacher, Mandela & Biko my leaders, the REds are my adopted global family, as I have become a UNiversal Alien-gypsy..a natural npt-for-profit organiser & Strategic networking co-ordinator ; captain of the team that combines the collective with individual initiative; create – inspire then …see what comes next..
…with HOPE in y-our heart – Never walk, drink, play alone…but be your own! <smile> 😉



spent the morning on  Bill Shankly tributes, then sort out ….

http://eured-zreds09-10.spaces.live.com/blog/  is NOW on https://eured.wordpress.com

about Emlyn Hughes (commenting on a photo of Enlyn signing for Lfc in my FB “Shanks 50 album )

Earl Mulligan>A great day for Liverpool Football Club…signing one of its favorite sons here.
ChriS SmiTH>agreed, my favourite player , I used to play for the local team , always picked the 8 shirt and dreamed of being EM , crazy horse ; the best ever captain of Liverpool
Earl Mulligan> Sadly I wasn’t around when Emlyn was playing but i’ve read up & watched loads of videos on him and without a doubt the best captain of Liverpool…tbh his the one player that truly stands out during Shanks & Paisleys days.great players.legend.
ChriS SmiTH> imagine lifting the European cup TWICE! ?..he had so much energy and all-round ability, sure Stevie is the most complete player, probably today, but emlyn had such an energy & enthusism that could lift other players, not only encouragement but by mentality he was shanks spirit on the pitch, never forget his goal (1968 ) I think when he picked up the ball on our pen area and just ran AT spurs …with the energy & power and then lashed it past a world-glass goalie (Jennings)..would be the first player in my hall of fame..



Dear Sam, (secretary of SoS..supporters Union)

I am ironic, but it came to mind when I received this invitation to the EGM, the scene from the (monty python) film “Life of Brian” ..when Brian is being crucified and Reg & the “committee” decide to hold a meeting…

my additions to the agenda come in the form of “motions” 😉

Motion 1.. This meeting comes at a time of real CRISIS that “ShareLiverpoolLFC” should co-join or we risk further time delay if proposals from this meeting have to be presented to SLFC later on.

Motion 2.  This meeting (or at least future meetings)  should NOT take place in a bar/pub where alchohol is served if we want the World (potential members and our adversaries) to see us as a “serious” organisation capable of taking over club that may be valued as a global enterprise of around Billion euros.

Motion 3. That “we” (via SoS/SLFC) take out a winding up order against “kop football/holdings” (the company of G & H claiming to “own Lfc” ) to
– freeze payments to the banks (releasing income to be used for profitable CLUB development
– enforce a declaration of the “deal” between D. Moores & G & H to be declared null & void! (resulting in a repayment to D. Moores & the removal of G & H)
– the removal of C. Purlsow & C. Broughton who have not acted in our best interests or in the interests of the community.

(if the “bored” refuse an “anton pillar moreva injunction” will liquidate their companies and investigate all personal assets & dealings via the high courts!)

Motion 4. That “we” purchase 100% control of “LFC” from David Moores via a 10 year payment schedule. (no need for bank involvement as we have sufficient global income)

Motion 5 . The “debts” are resolved by a deal with the current “bankers” who gain 25% of the  supporters shareholding company ; shares are FAIRLY obtained by Lfc supporters local & global on an equal basis. (this process to be voted on at the next EGM)

(all 5 motions are join & several)

as an add..

I wonder (considering his recent testimonial puts him in the public eye) if Carra and the rest of current & ex-players have received a written invitation from SoS/SLfc to join “save Lfc” and our supporters buy out/in?

ChriS SMITH (member 970)

“Balkan REDS”
EuRED Liverpool (overseas) SUPPORTERS UNION Network
S47, Toloshi,
81102 Podgorica
email;  ball_can_reds@mypod-net.org

Help Save Liverpool FC wrote>
“All very nice quotes Chris.
Let me keep it simple for you though as you never fail to go on a rant without addressing any point made to you.Tell us all What contribution have you made to the fight for our club?
What success have you had that is so much more valid than anything anyone else has done?
There you go.2 questions. Nice and simple.”

CS>yes “simple” (but obviously devisive) like you, but what sort of “arrogance” has running this little group given you? , that a “liliputian” (not Liverpudlian) like you thinks that you can “interogate”me? I dont have to justify myself to ANYone , least of all, one as limited as you …you mean nothing to me, if you want to know about me, take some time, educate yourself & read my “blog” ..i wont waste one minute more than i want to “explaining”…i suppose you dont consider for a moment that whilst you are doing your best to “put me down”  that should I indeed “walk away” one day in the future you will realise that I indeed AM the one person who could & should “save Lfc” …but once again, you and your RAWK/SoS/SLfc “colleagues” are “simply” proving yourself to be SIMPLE……fools!

“.everywhere people are apathetic, they stand by whilst the USA & its poodles violate almost every Human right thats exists & the greek goverment (“home of democracy”?) “bans” workers & truckers from striking???? , another basic human right to withdraw ones labour and to gather together in peaceful opposition is VIOLATED.the french do the sort of things to “gypsies” that caused a conflict  calld “World War 2 /holocaust”… in today”new world order” the government officials are criminals, almost everywhere! …people wake up! is the “enemy ” the people who are of a different colour, creed, race or nation – tribe ?…or is it the people that “make the rules” ????”


late in bed woke early , bit overweight, so back on running – spent all day on the E.L.S.U.N report of the SoS/SLfc EGM and transferred all the BLOG to https://eured.wordpress.com


up until 04hrs catching up on emails & facebook (discussion with Sean)

……….about You’ll Never walk alone”…(YNWA!)

this song is maybe 100 years old from a musical written by rogers & hammerstein..

in the 1960’s a LIVERPOOL music group called “Gerry & the Pacemakers” released the song, and it became a famous HIT ; the Lead singer (Gerry Marsden) was born in Liverpool and (is still) a famous Liverpool fan,  the famous supporters on the “KOP” end of the stadium decided to ADOPT this song as the supporters “anthem” ..

and so did Celtic fans…the fact that a LIVERPOOL supporter made it FAMOUS and popular world wide makes it OUR song..and intelligent or knowledgable fans & supporters WORLDWIDE accept that this song (YNWA!) is the song of LIVERPOOL supporters..

and no matter what your “friends” say,,,this is the truth..WE have a great relationship with Celtic fans – through Kenny Dalglish and their help with the Hillsborough Justice campaing, so I dont want to argue against them…they sing it well..we are “celtic cousins”  as we (true Liverpudlians) have a similar Spirit &  mentality to scottish/irish…ok?”


Help Save Liverpool FC>
I asked you a simple question and once again you want to make a snidey comment.
For some reason you can’t help yourself can you.
What put downs? You have a very serious attitude problem.
Diid you stand up at the AGM and have your say?

“simple questions ” ? BS! …ask Graham Smith.(SoS solicitor) ..I shook his hand saturday
YOU are the SNIDE! …because your “question” infers that I wasnt there, and ONCE again you show yourself to be a fool ..and as you arre ANONYMOUS!!!! (and dont use your own name on this group, you look even more stupid than normal expecting me to “identify myself” to a nobody…I have nothing to “say” …how many times must I tell you, I DO NOT care about YOUR opinion, my “attitude problem” is NOT a problem for me,,,because you cant read in what I am saying because your little ego is damaged…

I didnt bang my drum, as you told me I do all the time, I joined the parts of protest I agreed with and did nothing to hurt any other (progressive) action..you simply forget that it was MY IDEA to bring SoS and SLfc into ONE organisation..(I am waiting to see if they do what they say.. and if they dont I will THEN do or say what i feel…)

I told you (but you are just too stupid and only want to “tell me off”and not understand …I wont contribute to SoS/SLfc UNTIL its managed properly…you & SoS should thank me , because IF I had stood up, then the metting would have been in chaos as I coudl have tied it up for hours, challenging each and every item…there was one guy who attempted to do so, not making my arguement , but his…and he took 20 minutes on one item, I could have done so on each item..and ruined the EGM but as I agree IN SPIRIT with the co-operation…

CS>its not strange if you know our history with the media!!!

Liverpoolfc Campaign > 27 September at 13:23
anyone wana tell me why this protest got so little media coverage over the weeknd in the National TV and Papers?

CS>because the media dont like Liverpool supporters and we dont like them (since Hillsborough etc) and the World is afraid of what we are going to do when more than one million REDS supporters & fans come together and take back control of the club – WE ARE THE CLUB, if you care – BUY a SHARE!

(note Merseyside police informed SoS that 9000 fans joined the protest!! , not 2k as “reported”)

Help Save Liverpool FC > 04hrs 10927You were at the Shankly statue in your protest shirt eh Chris?.You should have made yourself known and we could have had a chat face to face for a change….which one are you on the pics?

CS>sorry to wake U up again “anon” …! i am the one with the black shirt on, (& sometimes wore a red cap) (see clearer in the Redmen video when it comes out?)  and carried a “jolly roger” during the post-match sit-in…but of course all U wont to do, like your colleagues is “put downs” …no wonder there is still so much anti-co-op blah blah amongst Liverpool “fans”…

Stephen>good to meet you with Stefano thursday, let me know when you are back home..

CS>good to know U too, we have to keep networking the “european/Global” ..


CS>Andrea- what you want????  well what about thinking what I wanted????..U & Nenad & his mum dont show respect, ..now U come round without warning, and expect me to answer you??why?…U didnt show any respect to me before and I gave u another chance, U wait now 2 weeks and then expect me to want to talk, why should I, you are just a kid, ..and I have been away all weekend in Liverpool ..so I cant answer the door anyway !

23-26.9.10 Pg/Dubrovnik-LIVERPOOL-Dub-Podgorica

10923-10926 …weekend in Liverpool ; “birthday bash with Jo, (Ally & a.n.other) ” met Italian lads Francesco, Mario, Stefano etc @ Flanagans, Matthew street thursday, watched Beatles cover band.
then back to International Inn, JO missed birthday lunch, so I bought meself new trainers..

Jo was t “oiled” when she & her 2 mateseventually arrived @ the “Rat & Parrott” (so we really didnt get to know anythign about each other, and her mate “Ally” talked and never listened…<smile>
…then after a crazy situation at Matthew street, resulting in Jo & her other mate leaving Ally and myself at “ReVolution” (fitting!!!) we were the last to leave after consuming  2 litre jugs of vodka-something..and I “lost” Ally in the next bar on the other side of the street..

slept only a few hours before possibly THE most IMPORTANT meeting in the history of LIVERPOOL football supporters…and Lfc…

MY full report of the SoS/SL meeting, the match, the protest etc is reported on “KOP UNlimited”

(costs below)


I watche Tv in the INN saturday night until taxing a negociated taxi to J. Lennon airport about o3 hrs – and then there was a foul up on the Easyjet flight, they let us go down the stairs to the plane then called us back because the air crew hadnt tuened up (06hrs monday morn flight..not surirsed! – its happened before..)

Suzanne<?>Hiya chris hun jo said thank u for turning up last nite,she cant remember anythin hun.ally said thank u very much for stickin with her.she lost u after she went the loo.she lvs ya and thinks ur gr8 hun.:-) x

CS>  ChriS SmiTH    26 September at 23:37
Hiya Suzanne, <smile> thanks for that ..I do appreciate you being “spokesperson” …i have just got back from a 5000 miles round trip, and the days going & coming without sleep..and in between the “birthday bash” so I am writing this now whilst I still have some memory in my heads software… lol

? Did Jo tell U, aNyTHING ? that she missed the lunch, I understand she had problems with her kiddy/…then I nearly gave up on the “birthday bash”..she , Ally and the other 1 was late..and Jo was already semi-legless when she got to the Rat & Parrott ,<smile>

I was tempted to jack it in, but stayed with the 3 because i had a feeling Jo/& co  might need some “support” ..we went towwards matthew street, and when Ally went to get Jo a take-away (as Jo hadnt eaten) the other 1 took Jo to a different club, so then I had to go with them, then run around trying to find Ally, which caused a stir between Ally & the other 1..

so they argued, Jo was looking tired, drunk & cold so I gave her my jacket to wear, but she was in no state to go on and so I said to Ally ,”come on lets have a drink”.so blew my pocket money on a coupel of litres of vodka-something @ “revolution”…fitting really as I was supposed to be making some contribution to the SoS/SL  meeting saturday morn (more about that another time)//

anyway, just felt like, F*** it! lets have the party anyway…so dancing & joking around with Ally & 3 irish lasses ,(sweet from the countryside)…until we were the last ones to leave there..we went over the road..and was then drinking voda straight,,and more dancing…but music wasnt as good (IMO)

…Ally said something about my St Christopher chain (which was a pressie from my deceased mrs..) I mada a caustic reply (i think) and Ally disappeared for ages, I went looking but couldnt find her and found myself back in the international inn sometime arounbd 05 (sop I had 3 hrs to sleep before the big meeting, I went, but as it happens I felt better that I didnt say anything as I probably would have sounded like I felt, and maybe I will save my “statement” for another time..the locals were doing a fairly decent job of saying some of what I wanted to propose ..so its back to my “facebook rants”,,,

26 September at 23:38
by the way X, and you are welcome anytime to come over to Monty for a holiday, i have plenty of room at my place! 😉 x

so, thats my report,,,how was YOUR weekend…?  <smile>

costs etc..


(21.9 – e100 from NLB – Pg)

– 200 Hrk (e30?)  Dub- bus transfers/snacks
– Gbp 60 (e 72)
– Gbp 31.50 (e38)  Int -Inn (hostel)

– Gbp 100   (e120?)
– Gbp  38.49 (e46?)

25.9 – NO service (@ Anfield Atm)

26.9 – 200 Hrk  (e30?) –  Dub- bus transfers/snacks

(balance 23.9 = e1486 – (est) ;  e1150 )

cash receipts etc..
23.9 (travel)
bus = Pg -> Dub   ;   e19
transfer (hrk 35)
express bus in Lp ;  gbp 2.70
24.9 (no lunch / party “bash” ; snacks ;  gbp 80)  Jo , Ally + 1 (irish “D” jackie & sarahg – bday)
–  bus back from Anfield (ref ticket query)
–  t-bags for Pg (toloshi)  gbp 1.88
– Lfc Scarf /prog for LEON = Gbp 9
– post office to “germoney” ; 5.06
(SoS meeting)
– bus to Anfield Gbp 1.80 (from Zeligs full bus ..quiet)
Lfc 2 – Sund 2 (freaky goal, SG/Torres miffed?)
black shirt GBP 20 – (Shanks Statue GBP 20)
Match snacks Gbp 5
(TV @ inn…then taxi to J Lennon = GBp 13)
various transfers/ bus into centar/KAtie o connor pub
beer/snacks (meet 4 ELSUN/BK) (Hkr 200)
Bus Dub -> Pg =  141.50 Hkr


cut grass AGAIN & late siesta
watched LfcTv & tv..(tried not to sleep before travel)
..napped on chair until 04h



wrote “the last day of the KOP ??..the last day of the KOPite?= the last day of a socialist” ”

went & bought my bus ticket to Dubrovnik , had a coffe @ “Nags Head”
stayed up until  04hrs !!!! lots of facebook TV
& watche Utube ; mostly John Bishop & Mock the week (out takes, got addicted!)

some scouse comedy links…




Very sleepy grey monday —- hate losing to the Mancs..


favorite memory – season 08/09  mancs 1 LIVERPOOL 4 ..video taken in Madrid
(I was visiting “MadREDS” -Liverpool supporters in Madrid)
(  😉 90314)

Veli & Janko came and watched the game @ “old toilet” mancs 3 – Lfc 2
mancs; 3 goals by berbatov.- Lpool;  2 goals by SG  ..Woy is “friendly with fergie”… !!!

“leaves us with 5 points from 5 games, are those anti-Rafa “fans” still convinced ?..
midfield looked ok, and it was an “attacking” line up, (strange we played 2 defensive midfielders v WBA @ home and only one against Mancs away?) but fergie sussed it, and played a defensive counter-attack formation, that gave us no room for Torres & Cole (who both didnt show in the first half)  to “perform” (knowing full well that if he left Vidic & evans alone against Torres he will probably score//) we woke up a bit in the 2nd half but Carra knows that 2 of Berbs goals shouldnt have been possible..I think Agger will be in the middle nect week, my judgement deferred on Poulsen, Meireles looks keen, but final pass often astray..SG looked his old self, and was my MoM ..Berb scored 3 but thats “all”..kan-chelsky looked solid at left back, (Nani gets the “oscar”) ..I would have preferred Kelly to Glen at RB, and pushed Johno forward …woy hasnt decided on his prefered formation and it looked as if the players still need a “team shape”..and why, oh why does it take more than half the game before this team shows real fighting passion?”
having said that Webb was ref and didnt give O’shea a Red card for pulling down Torres when he was last man, Fernando isnt yet “right” but won a pen & free kick for both goals..!”


went for a run…quiet saturday,..


cut the grass in the garden..hot weather!

uploaded pics to ” facebook album”

(the BEST team from Lp v uglies fromManc pics)

long siesta

(ironic) Suggested should change the “help save Lfc group” name to “help save me from facebook dictators) 😉

various exchanges with SoS etc /Lfc (watched Lfc TV” big match build up”


Noisy neighbour kept waking me up this week about 06hrs …

I sent the letter to John H, RBS.Global ref LIVERPOOL football club..offered to take over the loan

(Europa League) LFC 4 – SteauA 1
goals by Cole, (1st goal inside first min) Ngo-al (2, one pen one good shot ) Lucas drive


sQUID 10-11 <smile>




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