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RED October Strategy – part 1…”first they ignore you”

RED October Strategy – part 1…”first they ignore you”

Times are changing, will you stand by whilst others rule you, or will you change them? …y-OUR fan base of GLOBAL REds is in excess of ONE million people – if YOU dont believe that we can OWN Lfc then you dont DESERVE to call yourself a “Liverpool SUPPORTer”..if you want inspiation just remember what a little man called Gandhi achieved or the “half-time” SPIRIT of the REds in ISTANBUL>>>or, how BILL Shankly turned a 2nd division team into a World_famous RED force, that continues, even in todays dark times…

maybe the people around you, the media, and some “fans” will tell you it is “impossible” but if Barca, Bayern or Benfica can do it , so can WE..because IF EVER a CLUB was DESTINED to be owned by its Supporters then it is LIVERPOOL

….Impossible is not a fact.
It’s an opinion.
Impossible is not a declaration.
….. It’s a dare.
Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.

you may only be ONE but you are ONE in a MILLION, and remember “WE are LIVERPOOL” – WE are the CLUB!..so whilst y-our (SoS/SLfc, Help Save Lfc, Kop Faithful)  friends in LIVERPOOL are progressing with protest & ownership methods, what can you do?..if you are a member of E.L.S.U.N , or member of an unofficial club or just a lover of LIVERPOOL, maybe you are a single “poor” member of OUR GLOBAL REdS family?
WHAT can you do?

Proposed do’s & donts…

– DO BOYCOTT all official/unoffcial LFC products, merchandise & services, until Supporters ownership is agreed
– DONT insult people or act with violence
– DO wear “We ARE the CLUB”  or “Standards Corrupted” Shirts if YOU have them, otherwise wear a plain BLACK shirt, whenever possible.
– DONT be distracted by media “rumours” of financial saviours or G & H etc, it does NOT matter what THEY do, but what WE do!
– DO tell “rogue traders” (who sell “unofficial” merchandise) to join this protest – we can bring them in the network in the future.
– Dont save up in banks – save 10 euros, dollars or pounds per month @home – the Global REds Credit Union will help you get your share.
– DO make (peaceful) protests, at stadia, official shops & against G & H, RBS or Barclays bank branches and take your money OUT of their hands.


Since 2 years I have lobbied for & supported the now confirmed co-operation between “Spirit of Shankly” (SoS) & ShareLiverpoolFc (SLfc) and although I have criticised, they are now becoming effective, however WE have a much greater task to co-ordinate the network of facebook groups, forums and unofficial fan clubs WORLDWIDE,……BUT…a million x 500 Euros or dollars is MORE than enough to push Lfc into a GOLDEN future instead of the dark times we now experience..

Each supporter, fan or savings club , can obtain a share, if you have more funds this can become a Supporter loan within the credit Union and help our aims proceed, Celebrities, Ex-(or current) Players and those individuals with more funds than 500 may be-repaid once full membership is achieved. IF WE co-operate NOW, we COULD GENERATE HALF a BILLION Euros/Dollars within THIS Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add to that a future Global network of Services & products distribution that has NO competition and this “share” (apart from “UNION” benefits) becomes a valuable INVESTMENT better than ANY other, REPEAT: a BETTER INVESTMENT than ANY other ; a new LIVERPOOL Global REds network – properly co-ordinated ; Worldwide would generate BILLIONS, more than enough to build a new stadium and support the necessary team, to once again dominate local & global footy.

They forced out Rafa ; they ignored our call for Kenny ; we will force THEM out, and replace Purslow, Proughton and the “pawn” Hodgson with honest & effective management. The “office” of LFC will HAVE to co-operate with us eventually, and we are also “ready” to negociate removal of “yankers & bankers” on OUR terms not theirs.

YOU/WE have the power – power to the “group of people” that IS the BIG RED GLOBAL family, THIS is a “family concern” (remember YNWA!) – be concerned …
be involved – be progressive ..
……… IF you CARE – get a SHARE! …

ChriS SMITH/E.L.S.U.N (“Ko-0p UNltd”)
“Balkan REDS” , MonteNegro
Through wind & Rain, With HOPE in y-our hearts…on & on…

RE(d)Volution ; RED OCTOBER ; Black Shirts.
the story so far ; http://www.mypod-net.org/SuperNova.html
BLOG ; https://eured.wordpress.com/
E.L.S.U.N (local) ; http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147504955260460&ref=ts
KOP UNltd ; http://www.mypod-net.org/EuRED-KO-OP.html

p.s.”First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” –   Mahatma Gandh



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