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Title; no go Flo…so continuing story of “Life of Brian on the TIT(M)anic ….beware of JAWS”

BL:OG …to vikend 09/10.10.10

pg, Sunday 10th of the 10th of the 10th .

Title; no go Flo…so continuing story of “Life of Brian on the TIT(M)anic ….beware of  JAWS”

….Its Sunday Brunch-time (10h on 10.10.10!) as I write this from my room in Pg, (“Monty”) ..as you may read from my previous Blog-pod, I didnt get to Florence (Flo) I could blame it on the late info, the flooded living room and change of accomodation or the “boycott” but probably it was a collection of all those things, but having the time to reflect on the “manic” activites of the last week, which I already stated was historically an important time of the year in my past. especially my marriage to the wonderful Jacqui, who I certainly didnt appreciate until it was too late..
(a message for you all!)

John Lennon & Shanks

its only a short while ago we were recalling Shanks death..and John would have been 70..the 2 people who shaped me in my youth..and whose spirit stayed! no one like them around today..the people are dumbed down and become selfish & apathetic , scared & greedy…………..Theres a simple (but consequent way of life ..if you can “Imagine”


“Brian” & the “(dont) help Save Lfc..

“He is not the “Messiah” – he is a very naughty boy”…there is a dark side of brits & especially the media of bringing people down, and they can almost “crucify” someone who they perceive to be “too big for his boots” (arrogant, or even “confident) theres often no logic, some times someone “fits” others are seen as  “mavericks” and seemingly must be blocked, often extreme efforts go into stopping someone ..and if I was “Brian” i might feel that when H & G (no not Hicks & Gillet, but “Hansel & Gretel” on facebooks “Help Save Lfc”) have actually  the “saving” of Lfc, when I was trying to launch a “LIFE(Liver)Boat during the sinking of the Lfc Titanic ..

latest extracts…from facebook group “Help Save Liverpool Fc”…

That’s an interesting first picture on your page.
You might want to explain to those Italian Reds about the ‘Black shirts’ and your call for a boycott of Official merchandise amongst your GLOBAL REds as they seem to be pretty pleased with th…eir bags of bits & pieces from the club shop.
ChriS SmiTH>
hiya , Hansel or is it “gretel” today?…explain to you!!! ok,as i have missed our little “exchanges of idaes” … i will try, even though it might take a long (life) time to get through to a limited mind like yours, if you read it properly… instead of just looking , like a narrow-minded negative twerp , for something to put down..you would see that I tell the president of the Italian REDS of the boycott, and YOU have NO idea how much about the protest I send to the lads , say or explain to those lads -(who sent me the photo THEY took on their one-time only trip to Lp) ..they are NOW informed by me, not you, none of you, @ SoS / SL, “Kop faiithful” or anywhere else, have a clue about global strategy NOR the experience or know-how of HOW to EFFECTIVELY co-ordinate outside of “anglo-saxon/scandanaviam” regions so, instead of supporting what I am doing – and please show me any thing i am actually DOIng that anything other than fighting for (global) supporter ownership at the expense of removal of the “suits” -.(.i suspect you are a closet-suit yourself) .. you seem determined to undermine any positive activity of my own, ..U are simply jealous that U dont get such invites..pathetic!
Help Save Liverpool FC<repeated>;
Help Save Liverpool FC>
Thanks for that Chris.
That explains everything very clearly!
I can’t sleep at nights (in my suit), worrying about IF I will recieve an invite from you.
When did you tell the Italian Reds about the boycott Chris…….this week? Last week?
Mayb…e your strategy or whatever it is should have started a while ago and those Italian reds may not have spent their hard earned euros in the club shop when they came to Liverpool. It seems your EFFECTIVE co-ordination outside the Scandinavian/AngloSaxon countries isn’t as EFFECTIVE as you think if these lads were still lining the ‘suits’ pockets.
Of course only ChriS Smith has the know-how and the experience to draw the GloBal fanbase together, while ‘negative twerps’ like me just sit around mumbling into our red beer and wondering what to do about things….we really are pathetic aren’t we?
ChriS SmiTH>;)
your reply doubled…??? must be hansel AND gretel on “”duty” SAVING Lfc, except you have NOT (“saved Lfc”) so when doing me down just think how all that internal snipiing you & your colleagues acheived..
you are the “follow the gort” crowd …in the “monty pythons Life of brian s titanic” …and the sharks ate you all up…sad , really sad if only U had used all that bile in co-operation..you & your negative colleagues are as much to blame as G & H for our failure..give me your address and I will (not send a bomb, promise) send U a letter with proposals posted & emailed to Rogan & the chairman & several of SoS..but of course thats not interesting, because it doesnt fuel your “ChriS Smith’s agenda” paranoia!

help save Lfc> #
Ok Chris.
I’ll bite. You have my address Chris. I’ve been getting regular e-mails from you for quite some time.
If you want my home address that’s not a problem. Next time you are in Liverpool just let me know and I’ll give it to you in person.That’s not a problem I can assure you. Who exactly are my negative colleagues who are equally to blame for our failure as H & G and what is this internal sniping?

I can’t wait to hear this.

ChriS SmiTH>
thats so nice..BUT, before I answer , I have to know if you are “Hansel” or “gretel”..(previously the “Save Lfc anon” stated he/she changed ???)
(an office address will be enough ; email me with it or send me a private message via FB) ..in …the meantime,..<smile>

Моја порука свим пичке, идиоти и сероње који закашњења, оштећења и противе добре ствари –
“Понекад пожелим да се кандидује за маске, понекад желим да вриштим!
Не ја не тврдим да Висеман, песник или светац,
Ја сам само још један човек који је у потрази за бољи начин ..
Али моје срце куца гласно као гром за ствари које ја верујем! ”

Pete T> who the f*ck has 500quid these days…
01 October at 10:30 ·…
ChriS SmiTH> Pete, what planet are you on, dont you follow what going on?..the non-english speakers I can understand but SoS and my own groups have explained several times that a SHARE can be obtained via a savings plan from 10 quid…so dont swear on my wall!!!
ChriS SmiTH>  dont F***ing Panic! and dont ASSume that John Henry is a “saviour” …and a REd card to those who do think that any business man loves us enough not to want to exploit our name..the New “boot room” restaurant ..another example of how “wrong” the current Lfc hierachy is..the “boot room” was a cosy place where Shanks , Bob , Joe & co had a cuppa or a whisky and talked INFORMally about footy & all..Lfc take the name and produce a soul-less atmosphere..sh*TE!



STUPID, & Extreme sometimes almost “manic” reactions from people claiming to be Lfc “fans” damage our reputation as the most knowledgable in the World..

There are too many “fans” fed BS by the mainstream media  & the Lfc office “spinners” (not least some on FB deliberately false lobbying for the “yankers & bankers”) ..

(someone)>appreciate Martin Broughton?

ChriS>i really appreciate Martin brougton,……..

………………….when he leaves OUR club! 😉

hes a rich & lazy  chelski chappy who is paid a fortune to do something which he failed to do (sell in the summer) and instead allowed Purslow to force out our best manager since 20 years (Rafa) and replace him with a pwn and make players transfer which are now seen as disasterous,..

never ASSume that they (G & H)_are gone, or that John Henry (and the 17 ANON investors behind are good for US!) – fool me once – shame on you, fool me (us) twice – shame on me (us)

There are so many holes in the “stories” from all the “acting suits” in this scenario..I keep coming back to the “monty python s Life of Brian on the Titanic” comparison – however when I read “chelski chappy chairman broughton ” talk about “New Era”……another NEW ERROR comes to MY mind…

the only HONEST & Safe future “Life(Liver) Boat” for true REDS is a Global Supporters ownership..
mark my words…”fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me ” (or US!)

………………Rafa left us with some of the best..fight to BE..best in the world…

………….its not over yet, of course the mainstream and the fickle amongst us dont like “people power” but our society has been ruined by commercial/capitalist obsession and downright “greed is good , money is king” selfish behaviour , in society in general and particularly in football, Lfc are (still) the most succesful club, in the most important league , in the biggest game/culture of the global society, if we dont stand up and tell people what is right or wrong, and fight for (global) supporter ownership (and if ever a club should be owne…d by its supporters then its Liverpool football club) …..

who will?..the apathetic person who has been “dumbed down” over generations by politicians & media?..

whether we / SoS win or not , whether we get rid of the backstabbing “suits” or not, maybe just maybe our kids will see that its not all a case of “show me the money”..

“our lives begin to end when we stop standing up and fighting for our rights” – Martin luther King ?

Red Sox, Red hearts or “JAWS” ?   (Yanks out, not Yanks in?)

..in the previous BLOG-pod, a RED wrote about some fans rushing to bend over to accept the RAPE of our club by NESV, apparently the offer, led by a certain John Henry ..(a “yank”) …is being feted by people who should know better, the owners of the “Boston RED sox” are alledgedly backed by 17 ANONYMOUS investors..wouldnt it be “CUTE” if Hicks had got some of those SCRUPULOUS “hedge funds” to back that deal – so that “WE” wouldnt try to block it..?

They are getting this for around 300 million – WE (GLOBAL REDS ) generate about ONE BILLION eu/dollars per annum, so WHY are we standing by whilst the “Sharks” eat up y-OUR club?

so why get rid of ..

if we allow another …

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me (us) ”

11008 from liverpool echo/post;


There are so many holes in the “stories” from all the “acting suits” in this scenario..I keep  coming back to the “monty python s Life of Brian on the Titanic” comparison – however when I read “chelski chappy chairman broughton ” talk about “New Era”… …another NEW ERROR comes to MY mind…the only HONEST & Safe future “Life(Liver) Boat” for true REDS is a Global Supporters ownership..mark my words…”fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me ” (or US!)


all well & good graham, but how many players , adored by fans” support the SUPPORTERS aims to own the club?..all those milliionaires could have backed our efforts and in turn re-enforced the (Shanks) “holy trinity”..
hey lads next time after you kiss the badge – open your wallet!


maybe I feel sorry for rednapp, people in that frame of mind are addicted to the cash…what about all the ordinary people ; supporters & fan cheated out of the most important passion of their daily lives..disappointed kids & lads that travel half the world  like a pilgimage to go to Anfield, to be “dumped” on..?

Nice guy, suits , liars cheats & Fx4!!

Paul tomkins;   http://tomkinstimes.com/2010/10/nice-man-wrong-job/
(its as if  Paul is reading my mind..) most intelligent article of the week…(my blog excluded! <smile>)

worth reading  the whole …extracted with compliments to Paul…

“….The history of warning was there with Hodgson at Blackburn, and the history there was in Spain, too.

As soon as Rafa left Valencia they crumbled. Spectacularly. The players who had wanted him gone realised the error of their ways. Valencia overachieved massively during his three seasons. After, they didn’t so much find their true level as sink right through it.

If you replace a world-class manager, you need to get it right.

Roy’s Mistakes?

• Calling the players who lost in the Carling Cup the ‘B team’, and blaming it all on them.

• Not defending Torres, saying Alex Ferguson has a right to his opinion; that opinion being that Torres is a cheat.

• Criticising the fan protests. (He’s backtracked on these last two points, but the damage was done.)

• Picking a (virtually) full-strength team away in the Europa League, and expecting Torres’ muscles to be 100% three days later. I thought he was going to use the ‘B’ team in the early stages, as he did at Fulham?

• Not buying a striker; I know Rafa struggled to find one at the right price, but it was the clear priority of the summer. Aquilani was bought to replace Alonso, and was now fit; and so, instead of going for Meireles and then not using him properly, why not keep Aquilani and buy a striker?

• Leaving it to the 80-minute mark in several games to make the first change, when a result was needed. (One of the TTT subscribers sits behind the manager’s dugout, and said he’d never seen a Liverpool manager so passive during a match.)

• And do we really want to see Kyrgiakos as a centre-forward late in games against Northampton and Blackpool? Admittedly it nearly worked, but if we have to resort to desperate long-balls rather than try and play through lesser teams at Anfield, it’s a sign of grave concern.

• Alienating Agger. Potentially a world-class centre-back. But doesn’t fit Roy’s style, which involves not taking chances with footballers in defence. One of the best players at the club, but not utilised.

• Loaning out Insua and Aquilani, without sufficient replacements. (Might not all be Roy’s fault, this one, with Insua apparently offered to clubs by the Reds’ hierarchy.)

• Paying £5m for mediocre players who are near the end of their careers (Konchesky, and the frankly risible Poulsen). Paying £11m for Meireles – a very good player – and using him as a wide midfielder (albeit one forced to play horribly narrow). Saying Rafael Van Der Vaart doesn’t fit the profile of the kind of player he was interested in.

Biggest Error

And the biggest one of all: taking a team with players suited to pressing and rather than working with what he had, trying to reverse it. If anything was broken under Benítez, it was his relationship with Carragher and Gerrard, and one or two less-influential players.

The tactics were not the issue (look at how they were often successfully deployed at the World Cup) and maybe now people are seeing that.

Liverpool pressed high and hard – and fast from the start – and it suited Torres, Kuyt and Gerrard. It made it easier to create chances, because errors were forced. It gave the game some energy.

It now suits Samuel Eto’o at Inter: “With Mourinho we played on the counter-attack, with Benítez we press more and that’s better for us forwards because we win back the ball higher up the pitch and create more chances.”

Eto’o has 11 goals already this season, after just 16 last time. Torres has … one.

Last season I noted that Rafa was the only manager to get more than an average amount of goals from Torres. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was just coincidence, or maybe due to the very detailed and specific advice Rafa gave him (which Torres said was incredible). Now, I’m starting to think it was mostly tactical.

Torres’ goal record in Spain was not the best; consistent, yes, but never above 13 from open play in a season (in one year he scored six additional goals from the spot). For Spain, it’s a decent international record, but not outstanding. (Spain also press, but they often delay the final pass; Torres needs the ball earlier.)

For Torres under Hodgson, it’s … one goal in nine games.

Now, he hasn’t been 100% fit. And it’s early days. But he wasn’t fully fit for large parts of the previous two seasons. And he still got 14 in 24, and 18 in 22, in those two Premier League campaigns. Often he was coming back from injury, but rarely did he look this out of sorts. Rarely was he so starved of service, so isolated; an island within Anfield.

Perhaps the new style of play doesn’t suit him? He’ll always be a great striker – pace, power, eye for all types of goal – but the tactics were always tailored to his strengths. Now it seems tailored to the strengths of Bobby Zamora.

Now, if Roy wants to change the team’s entire style, that’s down to him. But it can be argued that it makes more sense to work with what he has (or for the club to employ someone to do so), in a way that suits the players, than force his ideas onto them; especially as he doesn’t have the money to buy those who’d fit better into his system. (Not being funny, but right now, Emile Heskey would probably be better at what Torres is being asked to do.)

The style – which Hodgson has made clear he’s carried with him for 35 years – is being forced onto the players. If it works, great. If it doesn’t? Buck. Stops. There.

The next few weeks are vital in the future of the club, and so any decision can wait until that is resolved, and until after the Everton game. Win that game, and Roy might have a chance of taking his ideas into a new regime (if one finally arrives).


I don’t want to appear fickle, but can I really be that if I never wanted him in the first place? I said as much in the summer. I didn’t say that Roy would definitely fail, but I did feel that his experience at Blackburn should not be brushed under the carpet, and that his achievements at Fulham, while admirable, do not necessarily transfer to a bigger club. I looked at his low-scoring teams that eked out a lot of draws, and that included his previous jobs at Blackburn and Inter Milan too.

Yes, I continue to remain annoyed at how the world-class manager we had was treated. But that’s a separate issue to this. (Although the media keep merging the two.)

If you have to sack a manager, you find a suitable replacement; not just one who speaks perfect English and makes life as easy as possible for you. And you don’t try to reverse a successful culture (Spanish) for one that has more faults. After all, how many great English players has the club purchased in the last 20 years? And how many great Spanish ones in the last six years alone?

If Roy stays, and turns things around, I’ll happily hold up my hands. If he wins, I win too. But if he fails, and fails as thoroughly as he currently is, it needs pointing out.

It needs pointing out that the owners are a cancer, and that those running the club know next to nothing about football. It needs to be pointed out that some players wanted an English manager, who would comfort them. We needed rid of rotation, zonal marking; we need Gerrard in centre-midfield, 4-4-2, and a manager who celebrated goals rather than studiously taking notes. How’s that working out?

It needs to be pointed out that on the basis of his team’s incoherent performances and his own bizarre press conferences, Roy Hodgson looks like the right man in the wrong job.

“I’ve had two-and-a-half wonderful years (at Fulham) where nothing ever negative was said about me and my team. Now maybe people are saying negative things. It doesn’t change anything. I work the same way as I did last year.” Roy Hodgson….” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quote from: underdog> “He was appointed to steady the ship” -Keep seeing that, dont think its true, think it was as much because he wouldnt rock the boat and would be easily expendable if new owners came in.



well Mr hid-son, It seems to me you are weak in most weeks!
…like G & H, Purslow & broughton you just are not “Liverpool”..and like them should go now before you do more damage,,its only just past saptember and your next “hope” is for the january “window” the players we have need either a kick up the backside or inspiration/motivation..cant see that comeing from you! ..its sadder still that some “fans” still dont get it ..that you were only ever there as a “pawn” ….as another kopite (danny) wrote ..Roy has steadied it, most ships are quite steady when they’re sitting on the bottom.

& underdog> “was appointed to steady the ship” …Keep seeing that, dont think its true, think it was as much because he wouldnt rock the boat and would be easily expendable if new owners came in.!!!

what a mess ; its like “monty pythons life of brian ” meets “titanic” ..(with “jaws” lurking around the corner”)…..


Ironic Smiles & News of the Global REDS boycott & he is STILL “OUR KID” (El Nin-NO go!) ….

Natha > what does this photo represent?

ChriS SmiTH> ever seen “monty pythons life of brian” (film) Natha?…the scene fits some of the madness surrounding Lfc at the moment..the film is a totally ironic view of “the greatest story ever told” ..and theres a lot of heavy sarcasm, irony and sharp reflection of the masses. (particularly the knee – jerkers & “splitters” !) .it was banned in the USA about 20 years ago!


RAWK> ( Roy Hodgson’s Reign – The supporters view) >11007 Danny>

“He has steadied it, most ships are quite steady when they’re sitting on the bottom.”

pub talk>? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgmCFME6z9Y&NR=1

need a smile?….yes!!! …the REmen independent tv show;


pinksh*te? (cahill looks embarassed!) ..careful though, maybe they might embaras us again .(northampton, utrecht, blackpool , and ..neverton?)

SoS/SL direct action/SUPPORTER ownership




December ; Meets in Bucharesti & S-KOP-ye(Skopje)….

Филип Стојковски> really nice and we expect you Chris again this winter

ChriS SmiTH ok then get the others together & we can meet ..december??? can you organise a reds party around the “holy-days”.. 🙂


the Sharks are circling Lfc, runours of Citeh ( Manc light-bluesh*te rent boys) after Torres again..? boring
media BS…Fernando (“our kid”) must be “El ni-NO..go”  because (thanks to non stop playing for the last 3 years & his committment to a selfish spanish national team manager, causing continual injury spells) he has played less than a season of games in the last 2 years. I believe he loves & is loyal to our supporters and if we remove the “suits” sharks, yankers & bankers ; G & H, Purslow & Broughton and dont let anyone else take over except shares via true REDS worldwide he will stay, get fit and play score for the Global REDS , who love him

so lets keep on with RED October ; Black shirts :-

we shall be again..the BEST TEAM  in the World




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