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Global REDS supporters (via SoS-SL) – take out own INJUNCTION to protect…OUR club!?

ChriS SmiTH>it is wrong to celebrate & gloat when a) its not over, b) MB & CP are the villians who also damaged our club and C) WE supporters should have acted earlier to own our club, and must get involved (not just 1% of us)

we should (via SoS-SL) who have enough funds to do it – put in our own injunction to ensure OUR interests are protected and If we allow NESV to profit from our income then we really ARE stupid and get what we deserve = NOTHING!

apart from the benefits of combined action you (media , forums & Kop Faithfu/SoS-SL) should be promoting not only our protest but that with a global sale of Lfc products, match day, tv & other services, WE generate an income of over a BILLION, which make 500 quid (even available @ 10 quid a month via credit union?) a BARGAIN once-in-a-lifetime investment!!!
although only 1 % of Liverpool supporters have been “active” so far, we must not allow others to dictate our future – WE are the club..and need to show it as much now as at any time..WE should be taking the initiative making OUR claim via an injunction if necessary to protect OUR club from further abuse, by anyone!


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