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another way of telling the “story so far”….. ;)


mr M has a RED car..
mr H says he wants to buy it and turn it into a sports conversion
mr M agrees to sell the car for 200 quid
mr H borrows 200 quid from the bank, gived it to mr M , but dont have any money for the “conversion”
but the Car owes the bank (!) the interest on the loan..and the bank puts a time limit on the loan
sometime later the bank says ” the loan / interest is getting too much – pay it back now.
mr Sx comes along and says “I like that car” I want to pay for it
its agreed to sell the car to mr Sx
then mr H says “No its my car – and people want to buy it for more than what mr Sx pay”
but the bank want their money and if mr Sx pays for it the bank & mr sx are happy
(the car doesnt object, either)
then mr H goes to court to stop the sale
but the contract for the sale of the Car to mr Sx is decided by the judge as binding
– even if mr H pays the bank, mr Sx will be declared the legal owner of the car..

or so it seems !

p.s except there IS a million mechanics in the background who believe they built the car and its theirs! 😉 lol

p.p.s. trouble is, mr H neglected the Car & left it out in the rain, and its gone “Rusty RED” …

E.L.S.U.N : “Global REDSl SuperNova ” : – http://www.mypod-net.org/SuperNova.html
My Story so far (compact) : http://www.mypod-net.org/Reflections.html


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