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groutes, post-Valentines special..to “whom it may concern”

BLOG..(A-loan)…  2010,02,14 …HAPPY VALENTINES..
(belated thanks to snow and other "obstructions" … its tuesday 16 the februaery and i biked to Th in the snow; having failed to get the bus parked by the " snowy cabin"  started , it slid and so its taken over an hour to get here ( internet service) -having tried to resolve toms Laptop software problem "en route"
the comms shop dont employ "technicians" ..

..to whom it may concern….


Happy Valentines, better late than never, <smile> …
as i dont have consant internet access – thanks to U know who…I have had a chance to read through your last spiteful message..
its typical that U demand that I change my blog whilst U/your colleagues "virus-bomb" my blog, emails and websites..
I know you were not joking, I was trying to wake U up, get U to re-consider just how ridiculous your "retaliation" has become, but you act just like your
employers – for them doesnt matter who the enemy is, lets "wipe out" everything, throw all the weapons possible at the target and if there is
"collateral damage" no one wil care …after all , in your case ; a white "christian"  business woman, is beyond reproach?
You expect me react with sympathy?, when you have shown no empathy towards me or my charitable projects?
a fair arguement is ok, but U twist everything, even my "poem" which was directed at OUR (4 people) general discussion last saturday….(of course including our "arguement")
.and of course you use a typical system mentality , used by women in every situation to make "threats"..
as a so-called "educated business woman" you now go so far as to talk about my "elimination" would reduce violence???? yet your own words are cold ,heartless and violent,
– I can just imagine you programming a "drone" to fly over me and "zap" me, do U ever consider how similar your words are to the dictators of history
with indiscriminate and sweeping prejudice?…and seem just like Adolf and his sort of "policy" without full knowledge U identify me, within your general racial discrimination
and are prepared to damage me without any process of impartiality, despite this blog may be my only chance of my kids knowing me when I am gone,,,
Its easy to stop me being listed as a contact, you just stop the connection on your own profile???
HOWEVER, despite your claim to be highly gifted  your research is faulty and simply wrong..I am a FREE advisor to many who have custody problems & co-ordinate  of a global internet "NGO" AGAINST the abuse of Kids – how can being connected to me harm your case –
au contraire! …
And my experience of family court lawyers is that paying them only makes lawyers richer and continues the system biased towards those who are rich or politically "connected" so
are U really " investing in the safety and wellbeing of kids in real need." >???
again you make mistakes, I can PROVE than at least 2 women USED me to get pregnant, and then used VIOLENCE to steal my children..I gave them beautiful children
and took all responsibility paying maintenence fo my kids (even an adopted child) when in fact the mother ran off and THEY lied and cheated in return, back up your accusations with FACTS, my dear,
because U are SO WRONG!, really making your SELF look STUPID!
IF U had a SENSE of humour then you would have noticed the self-irony within my blog and emails to you…
but "hell hath no fury (nor indiscriminate hatred) like a woman scorned"
and were U not in such a hurry to "retaliate" U would have appreciated when I wrote.. " or are you the petal that no one knows?"…?
(so YOU chose to adopt the negative) and fail to see the many positive things written to U in the earlier emails, I mean your "name -calling" ("smelly lonely poor old man") dont hurt me, I sometimes get lonely, but often appreciate the chance to be alone,
to see things clearly in this mad world, but I will admit, when U use the loss of my dead and estranged children to hurt me, it hurts , because they are always in my heart,
you remind me how ruthless your "new world order" has become in its rush to establish a computerised global police-state which pretends to be "democratic" whilst simultaneously violating every human right ever promised by your own leaders, those articles
should be the FIRST thing taught to children, not the LAST thing applied by government officials and their armies.
and you remind me that many modern women actually represent the worst aspects..of men..how ironic, that in your rush to be emancipated you have lost the attractive, femininity and warmth
…replaced by cold selfishness..you cleverly suppress "highly sensitive" in private life, chosing to use your "gifts" to make money for your big hoiuse car
and "elite" lifestyle…and this world would be much better off if U didnt use your "gifts" to improve a WAR machine…
"education in all parts of life" – well those bits of paper that you and others carry – those "masters" you refer to have produced a global mess = which U only have to look
outside at the climate problems to see part of, at least 25,000 kids die daily because your political/business/religious leaders are corrupt , biased, or simply incompetent.
it REALLY bugs U that a "poor man" (with a limited brain <smile> ) as myself has more answers to local and global society than your "esteemed colleagues" ..
yeh sure, you "fully analyze"…with emphasis on the ANAL-ysis…as my "services" were offered more as a joke, I am amused that they (which are "virtual") have been "evaluated"
IF U had not "indiscriminately" virus-bombed me , with this " retaliation"  I might be able to consider your claim about "innocent kids"..but such insensitive threats dont make me co-operative, the germans tried it and it resulted in 54 complaints at the ECHR/EU parliament…
if U agree with the Bush-led elimination of "Islamists", or his predecessors fear of "communists" (when in fact "soviet" power wasn’t the same thing) ..
and my "joke" that if the "new world order" succeeds dont be suprised that Buddhists (and the asian community in general ) are the next "enemy" ..which may prove a
different problem completely, if U pick on them) the enemy of the people are not "other cultures" but those who pit us (people of this planet) against each other ,
for business/religious/political power..if U are truly intelligent, and "highly sensitive", how can U fuel this???
"God bless America" is a perverted extension that manipulates ordinary and ignorant people, mostly men , to sacrifice their lives for something that was lost a long time ago.
"the american dream" was destroyed along with the murder of the Kennedies and Luther-Kingin the 1960’s ..the capitalist dogma is a joke in the face of a multi-trillion dollar debt, at the
same making people people homeless for defaulting on bank loans, when banks themselves are at fault at least partly for the "crisis"
..its as much a "crime" in your "new world order" to be without a credit card, than to be a jew in hitlers 3rd kingdom, which in common with the USA and
(as Lennon once noted before he too was "elimanted" ) the previous Roman (catholic) empire used the eagle as its symbol and the mercenary weapon to obtain & maintain 
power and wipe out all opposition ("foreign and domestic") ..
Had you been able to look past your own prejudices It would be easy to explain how a better world can be achieved..
– Alternative economic progress
– Eco-logistics as a solution to energy / environmental requirements
– Team-networking to provide social intelligence and justice..for ALL
but U, like so many in the "systen" are too busy "winning" to care about the mess U will inherit as you "prize"..
…IF U could only step baqck, and put aside our personal differences ..stop what U are doing and see the truth, then U and others can improve this
world, we are in financial and climatic crisis, but it may not be too late if U act honestly..for others before yourself..
(this is my "valentines message" to the planet and people I once loved..)

1001 Grass Routes special …(first of the decade, part 3) ..from a Snowbound Cabin =

1001 Grass Routes special …(first of the decade, part 3) 

..from a Snowbound Cabin = RED Alien Alone….but still Fighting and 13 "reasons" to. ..join the "ARK" ?

"Havent met YOU yet"  great song…i have adopted it for this years theme tune <smile>

This last Month or two has been one of  "isolation" thanks to the weather I have n’t been able to travel to LP, or most places, its kept me fit, leaving the "bus" in the garage or, when it suddenly thawed , stuck in the mud outside <smile> I have bicycled most places or been "lifted" by Dirk from time to time..

Being  alone, can be daunting, and apart from talking to the chickens (*names ; "Fergie"  "Whinger"  and "No-way Jose-e" – who died recently !, now that is "iconic") who surprised me by actually laying some eggs, my forays through siberian weather on foot, on bike or with Dirk were the brief contacts with "civilization" …apart from the internet, where I find a lot of "polluted civilization" too..

This solitude ( a bit like that place in the superman film, that he has somewhere in the Artic <smile>) has at least given me the opportunity , although I havent seemed to have that much "spare time" ..to update the "ChriS-tor-Y book2" …when one is "snowbound" basic living takes up a fair amount of time in its-self..so I have "roughly edited" the period from May 2004 (when we were violently ambushed near our farmhouse home in the alsace (french/german border area) village of Geiswasser, and Noela STOLEN…from my life. (there is no other word for what happened in my heart)

Some people are confused that I mix persoal comment about my daily life , my Support for the LIverpool REDS football team, my charitable actions (EdAgN and Follow the Flag etc) and opposition to the "system"..for me the answer is simple; The IDEAL society is where people support each other, allow social equality and justice to be part of living, and not a "politic" where the individual can also blossom within a comunity such as " the (global ) REDS family" or (local) team..its socialism with goals..and ideals and a " holy trinity" of players (decision – makers) ; manager (responsible people) and supporters (whole community) aginst whatever evil we have to combat..

darkness and negatives are all around us, and whenever we "point the finger" at one group or other we may not see the evil standing by our side, pretending to be our friend; business; banker; lawyer; policeman; social worker; doctor; or whatever disguise evil may take on…

There is ALWAYS conflict, its required for the universe, cosmos or whatever you call it, to exist, for us to exist lile day needs night, sun needs moon, dry needs rain, GOOD needs evil to identify itself..

then its really just a decision to be taken, a choice of Route (or root) ..be Good or let the dark side take control…

YOU REALISE THAT IN THE SHORT TIME THAT I HAVE UPLOADED THIS "BLOG"…THE "U S of A" ..has increased its debt to the rest of the world ..(you and me?) by 57 MILLION DOLLARS..to a total of something like 1.4 "Trillion" ..and this is the "American dream" that they sold us since the 60’s and that most of you have bought or copied…whilst the USA has "led the World"  …result, an estimated 25,000 kids die daily from mis-management of global resources and logistics..whilst an ordinary person is thrown on the street for not paying his/her bills if THEIR system makes them unemployed or redundant….so what are YOU going to DO for HUMANITY..?  because if we dont start caring for the whole world society each one of us will go to "hell"

heres some snips from the month or son since I last wrote a "Grass ROUTES Special"…


The usual "cia interference" slowed down an already diificult contact with the "outside world" (those words take on some significance when truly alone, with roads cut off in the middle of a "flemish-siberian forest") …I was "Virus bombed" again and although I had to switch Laptop to clear it down , and clean it up enough to re-connect thanks to a new anti-virus software..the internet continually dis-connected during the uploading of various pages and chapters of "book2" ..partly because of the virus slowing down connection and partly due to the faulty service of the mobile ISP (no land lines or cale here – its a "dead zone" as far as Telecom is concerned)

Much of my thoughts were with Rafa and the REDS team, under seige from the gutter media who deliberately provoked young or fickle "fans" with dubious rumours and untrue dramas, …These extracts taken from a RAWK contributor yesterday…

If you dont understand the Scouse dialect ..pity…you can ask me though..

Zappa> The (simples) Facts of Life – FACT!

1. The mystification of the game of football. Score one more than them and you win. When the ball is in their penalty area they can’t score – simples

2. The rape of English. I’m older than God’s dog – hence I don’t begin to understand the modern game. I can’t understand the “Can’t stand Yanks” theme that goes beyond the miscreants currently at the helm in parts of the forum. Yet the same people are happy to embrace plural players (the Gerrards the Carraghers – when I look only one of the twins turns up); “assists” (Dole payments?)“Big asks” (does not compute!); Possession percentages – goals win games; “De-fence” (whatever the hey that may be – sounds like nicking some wood); “Off-fence” (Illegal whiskey sales?). Super-Sunday, Mega-Monday; Turbo Tuesday; Woeful Wednesday… have we renamed the week? Lets’ get together and talk Scouse

3. Owners – Used to be useless – currently are useless- will always be useless. None of them ever set out to fail. None of them ever poured buckets of money into our coffers; I doubt any future ones ever will.

4. Managers – don’t make them like the used to. Shanks said something like “if you dressed 11 pigs in Liverpool shirts 50,000 would turn up on Saturday and cheer them on”. I can tell you that sometimes he DID put 11 pigs out. King Kenny was infallible- no he wasn’t – as a manager some of his tactics were baffling. (snip)

5. Managers II. (snip). Lame joke from the ‘60’s – 50,001 at the game and the only one who doesn’t know the best team to play and the best way to play is the manager. The manager is the manager and as such demands your constant support. It’s okay to criticise but abuse is beyond the pale.

6. Players – I refuse to believe that any player I’ve ever seen turned up to play badly. I do believe that some have talent that we don’t always see but also don’t have the brains to interpret and implement tactics that complicate the modern game.

7. Players II. (snip) Young players are not the finished article- they will be but they deserve our support, not brutal criticism while they are developing. It used to be the case that if a player tried to pull off an audacious move and failed, they were applauded for trying – too often now they are lambasted and the result is that they play the safe ball. For example Insua has the potential to be world class – but he’s still a young kid so cut him some slack; and he’s not the only one.

8. The Walton Breck Road Stand. Used to be a hill of 27,000 SUPPORTERS (and a few auld moaners). At times, this entity is in danger of arising from the flames in its former guise as THE kop. But at times….

9. The media. When I was a hatchling, there used to be two types of current affairs in the newspapers and on the wireless (radio to you) and later on the TV. One was called the NEWS when they used to tell you the FACTS of whatever had happened that day. A second type was OPINION when usually someone held their hand up and gave their interpretation of the news. Now we have the opinion at 10 instead of news. The minority opinion is presented as if it were the majority. Sweeping generalisms join fact to conjecture in illogical leaps of faith. Can I have the facts packaged separately so I can make my own mind up.
24hrs news means that today we will tell you what someone will say tomorrow; so that tomorrow we can report it again and add insinuation to whatever was said and the day after we can regurgitate the same story. And if all else fails they can make it up. He who shouts loudest and most often MUST be right


10. Individual opinion. Without it RAWK would be dead but consider this lesson I gave my grandkids – two eyes; two ears; one gob- correct ratio for use. Everybody has an opinion – but do we have to give EVERY knee-jerk reaction opinion to history. Sometimes the cause is better served by silence.

11. Finance is God. Firstly, not enough weight is given to the fact that we are in a humungous global depression. That aside what if G&H went bust? What if the banks took us over? What if porn peddlars, mafiosa, pervs, murderers take over? What if we go into administration?
Would the club die?
Absolutely not – even if we had to take the Wimbledon route, we would and we’d be back in time.
Yes be concerned but remember we’ve built teams rather than bought the finished article in the past, and can do so again.

12. Source? – does my crust in. WUMs dream merchants and anglers apart – anyone who has any real info, and disclosed their source would need certifying.

13. Rumours – In the great dance of football politics managers/owners/players will leak crap to the media for their own ends. Don’t believe this nonsense – react to fact.

14. Windows – I’m waiting for bricklayers, bookies, process workers etc to have a job-change window. I’m that pissed off by windows that I only leave the house by the door now.

15. Supporters – been written about so many times. If you can’t make a noise when you go – visit the morgue! .. such passionless people are probably overdue anyway. The supporter – when properly united are like the old Kop was; a huge passionate animal. Use your support properly and you can affect things. What manager would dare defend in the face of an insistent “ attack ,attack , attack- attack- attack”

And the point
Divided we are nothing
If we are mainly concentrating on supporting individual players / the team / the manager / the club; NOTHING will stand in our path.
Unite or die.

Outline Business plan; Buy all the best players in the world – with money don’t have.
Find a billionaire with no connection to the club with a mental problem that manifests itself in an uncontrolable desire to throw obscene amounts of money into the coffers
The alternative; build within budget.
Reality will kick in when 3 or 4 clubs do a Leeds""


The above is a brilliant response to the mindless that have been bred to jump on weakness, to worship the god of money , the "fast food- fickle footy fans"

MY response to them…

CS>if you lose that which has made us the greatest club/supporters in the World, by your refusal to TRULY SUPPORT the REDS, team and manager nor honour our "holy trinity" YOU (and maybe the next generation) will regret for the rest of y-our lives, its that important, theres a million worldwide fans and the world looks on, in a global mess which has sold it soul to the highbest bidder /one with the most weapons..this is not a matter of life and death – its much more important , than that…

so dont be surprised if u choke at YNWA, and the "ARK" leaves without U,
Stuart, sad lad,thanks for proving me right, not that it does any good, because you just dont want to know, like all the "pundits"! that criticise, you got it all wrong…you wil spew your venom whatever those respected supporters write…its the same as when U say U can watch the games and "chat" – you make a hasty and nastly little snap – snipe, a knee-jerk decision based on poor observation and then distribute your lack of awareness around the world , I posted comments from guys like me , respected on the KOP for 4 decades and on RAWK, and in an instant , you and wez insult THEM, I couldnt care less about what YOU think, because this isn’ t my forum that you disgrace, but you do disgrace the image of Liverpool support, and missed the whole point of the "guidaance" within the "13 commandments"

YOU missed the point , there is no dictatorship on the KOP that I grew up in that your kind of "fan" is ruining, and decides to "ridicule" via forums etc, no respect in your methods for what U are destroying,..letting media BS be repeated by people who should know better, if I , or others that were there when it all started, dont remind you , then who will?..discussion is over mate, I dont need or want any more contact with "fans" like you, get the message? END of subject.

subject closed,
bye – bye!
end 10.01.31

During my "isolation" I made some female contact via facebook "friends" ,

"TO"  tempted me, I wanted to recue her – she manages a slovenian bar, and despite her (stress-induced) sickness refused my invitation to stop…She told me it was over with her boyfriend, but he didnt think so, and virtually "warned me off" ..I think thats what she wanted, not the first time I was being used either as a "drudge" for a lady to get out of her relatinshiop, or as a "warning" so that her man will make efforts to keep her…"oh what wonderous webs they do conceive in their efforts to deceive"

Last night it was ironic I was in the middle of a long , quite intimate, "chat" on msn/FB  with "RA" who seems to sincerely want me ("only") as a real friend , and I honestly would/could find that attractive, if a woman actually wanted this relationship without wantign to use/trick/cheat  me (or herself) ..she is not in LP any more (neither am I) her Dad was a RED, but the co-incidence is that we both lived in the same area near to London (at the time I was a youn man on my "work experience" learning the Logistics of import/export of wine & spirots etc. Anyway, ANOTHER 2 ladies tried to "chat" with me at the time,…talk about "London buses" (you know…you wait for ages then 3 come along…)


The intrenet can be great for uninhibited contact but the other side (for me) is that I cant look into her eyes and sense signs of BS…and some women just love to churn out that BS, I am sure they copy from their latest romantic novel or womans magazine..

Whilst writing this on sunday 31st of January , an old film (Jack Lemmon) came on the belgian TV "how to murder your wife" except perhaps the roles may be reversed in as much that women still wan to boss their men, AND be "free " to do whatever else they want..on reflection it could be that NOTHING has changed, just women now , with the "feminist fascism" in control, now blatantly demand EVERYthing, yep they want to be full and complete women, and also be "men" too…

There are things that no woman I have yet met can deal with, I have had fantastic times, I should ahve been killed several times, I survived all my family and those i loved are all gone, I lost my kids and I have a lot of love to give, therfore when I get close, I get really close and would lay down my life for any one i considered my (real) freind.. so I trusted 3 women in the last 10 years – 2 of them literally stole the kids i had with them after my prevbious son died, they exploited my kindness, so I stopped dating.

Then about 3 years ago I met a dutch girl ..and "hoped" over experience..she used me , and lied and and…(some of its on my blog) ..I can carry a lot on my shoulders, it seems I can  carry everyone’s load, I dont need anyone ..to lean on…but it would be great if I could find someone to share..

I would LOVE u to be that "soul partner" is the shortest answer, but i am worried that the next time I get hurt, i will break for good..i seem to find people in my life, good or bad, that make a difference, to them or me or both.. have been "discriminated" against..I spent  almost a total of 24 months  in in a battle with the german government , because i fought against their system..

what really mad,  i used to be a right "whatsit" when I was wheeling and dealing in biz all over europe etc ..fast cares blah blah , restaurants, hotels, clubs airports the lot..everyone loved me..but, since I became a "do-gooder" volunteer, charity stuff , making funds for kids, organising footy,& fun weekends and telling the idiots to be loyal to lfc etc , it seems they all hate me lol <smile>

I am sorry to say but most women are not worth worrying about.. havent really bothered to look since I split 7/8 months ago with my "nuclear holocaust" dutch girlfriend..

Jan 29 –  (investigation into Baghdad invasion without UN agreement) .."will George W(nkr) Bush be holding mr B-LIAR’ s hand today?..doubt it, polticians lie to us, and then like scorpions in a bucket will kill each other , or us..the mass is at fault for giving these people too much power..we should nt fight each other, its the corupt govt and industry destroying us.and the future of Y_OUR CHILDREN..
p.s. even if "guilty" neither "B" will ever pay for their CRIMES against humanity."


Liverpool for ever (discuss on FB) 29 jan..

"the trouble is the commercialisation has been done wrongly , the reason many of us original kopites hate what going on now, is that as Shanks said its "us" (players , manager and SUPPORTers) against the rest, the "office" at Lfc has always been a problem,, BUT the "magic" created by "the holy trinity" is being lost by modern fans "bitching"..this club has always been different, and if that which we fought hard to create is lost, then Liverpool will have lost its heart and soul,..the miracle of Istanbul, would not have been had the players and Rafa heard 30,000 in the stadium moaning instead of singing YNWA,

(snip)..we managed to be supporters before Sly sports and internet, and if U can stream games why do u need to write comments? cant you just appreciate the game, and take in the off the ball movement and then make an informed opinion and preferable offer constructive criticism after the game?..?

and it is TEAMS that win games, even when dominated the englisjh league and Europe – (highpoint say 1976-1984 ) we had "ordiunary players" because winning games is about combining talent with effort..a "team of carraghers" will beat any "select" U can name more often than not..so after this rant <smile> the choice is simple ,…join the "ARK" and be a true RED in respect of our kopite origins and be a supporters.. or be " another fan" and ….drown 😉 bye..

Jan 28

The xmas presents, birthday card ect I sent to Noela’s mothers neigh bour , in the HOPE of her getting them…I received this reply..

from Janice at autumnleaf B & B
Hi Chris,
Just dropped the parcel to Sgt Sexton in Clontarf Garda Station. Got no reply over Christmas at no 49. I went away for a couple of weeks and came back about 10 days ago. I have tried again but there is no response.
I would prefer if you did not send me any more parcels.
Kind regards
Janice Conboy

Its the 2nd year I asked Janice to try to pass presents to Noela, I can understand why people get nervous , estranged Dad’s are made unpopular by a feminist-lobbied media who like to balme us for the actions of their cold-hearted "sisters"..


I have been planning with Dirk to get the Liverpool lads to ZonderEigen again this summer…this is the video of last years "footy FUN and (international) Friendship" when we had a lot of fun (despite  rain, and obstacles and mess causedof the "Be Quick administration") we also riased around 500 euros for the kids with cancer fund (KIKA)  video ; 


I co-formed also an FB group with MH ; N.E.P.A.K

some snippets from the group discussion…on the subject of getting co-operation and justice when it is deneid to us daily…

CS> why arent you refusing to pay their taxes until your own case is settled?

Paula>Need to link up all the FB Family justice groups chris, but firstly list all those that are still active by listing them and contacting their admins to determine if they are still active. Determined recently that to try and structure one main group is not realistic as the Family justice theme is such a wide and varied one. PM me as I believe we may be able to get a few heads together and sort out which ways are practicable to move forward….:)

ChriS>Hiya Paula, non violent resistance is easy, but requires risking hard consequence..all affected can simply refuse to p[ay taxes, fill the courts and prisons if necessary with us if thats what it takes, if we REALLY care? -I will PM…

Carmen Cecilia Semaski sent a message via  the members of Mothers in RED.
Subject: Foster care Documentary
An independent documentary researcher based in Leeds called Alice Taylor would like to hear from anyone who has experienced what they consider to be poor or inappropriate foster care taking place in the UK. We would be particularly interested to hear from anyone whose children have been placed with foster parents and who has concerns about the care they’re receiving. Any anecdotal evidence of poor foster care would be very useful to hear for our background information too- they don’t have to be direct experiences. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence, but would be very much appreciated- our research is for a forthcoming documentary, and it really needs to highlight the impact that the fostering system can sometimes have on both children and their families, so we need to hear as many ‘real’ experiences as possible. Thank you so much to anyone who feels able to contribute their stories. My email address is: alice@chameleontv.com or my office number is 0113 2050040.
Thanks, to Maria Miller for this info.
I also had a few exchanges with south african "E" , warming up my evenings was much apprecitaed as I have been more or less "cut off" this last 2 months , last night it was -9 degrees and I was feeding the wood stove in this countryside cabin like it was an alligator! lol..  have a hunger for such a feeling that she wanted to share with me, and I would feel blessed, if we can do this, .it gives me hope, that whatever the shape of our progress that it will be TRUE…but as I have been hurt several times by betrayal in recent years,I will be honest and intimate , I probably cant be any other way, . One thing about distant relationship is that it gives people the chance of learning from each other what they expect when they get to meet. So they both have to make their choices to see whether they are content with it or not. I am currently waiting for the weather to change before I start the european tour of my plans, and that by summer or autumn I can set up the centre for the Ghanian kids, if all goes well I need just maybe a short while to help them become self-supporting, and then I want to move on and test my ideals elsewhere, so ..

 I have lost everyone now, I know almost all of Europe. some of North America and a little of Asia,  I have lived in various regions of Europea having left Britain when I was young, and speak french , german, and italian (and some english, lol) …I could probably understand written Afrikaans but talking may different depending on accent as I have been unable to practise dutch much, as I live alone..I had a dutch girlfriend, who was like a "nuclear holocaust" in my life, we split after my last birthday weekend several months ago..and I can deal with being alone..but I do wish for a REAL soul-partner…

I used to be a global business manager, and was a "whizz kid" I dropped out after "making it" and now am only interested in projects that help and support people and are good for humanity and the planet, I am still a bit arrogant in that i still have faith that I can improve things, I am bold enough to make right decisions on my own,but also can be a family oriented man who has his goals in life.But a man with abundance of love and care. ..I feel love quickly and deeply, I am an emotional person to those who can get close to me, I have an ocean of love to give if I trust, and I an independent , but not "rich" as I gave that up when I dropped out of the system, and love doing non-profit and charitable projects that I also make  "fun" so I hope I can make people smile too <smile> I am the man of  her dreams if she are the lady I have been looking for..

I used to swim a lot when I was young going to the seaside nearly every day, recently I went to a beautiful mmountain region of Trentino (northern Italy) where I swam in the clear fresh water lake every day too, beautiful. and I agree on the italian cooking, I like spicey, chinese, indonesian or indian style if I go out to a restaurant, and I cook myself, mixing my own style sometimes with Italian-asian, and never cook the same thing twice, just mixing up what is in the larder/fridge..most times it tastes good, I am adventurous in most things <smile> ..my ideal date is to share feelings or stories that warm the heart, and break down the barriers that modern life has made. I organise "football, fun and international friendship" weekends, for fun, playing myself, sometimes coaching, I write (my blog may one day become the book), I like many types of music, soul, motown, some rock and stuff with a "message" that I can relate to, and applies to films.."good will hunting" "as good as it gets" Da vinci code" "family man", "Ghandi" come to mind, but because I have been "snowbound" I must have watched a 100 dvds this winter, I am a RED, so I suppose thats my favourite colour…

When asked what do expect or hope to get out of these communications. I replied that I hope or  expect to get…"her" if she can be  that soul-partner, but at least a very good friend that I could trust, and who could trust me, and..be maybe the only person on this planet that really knows who I am…to be there for her, and her for me, to stand side by side, against anyone, without actually looking for conflict but to protect each other when needed, I am a great supporter..I love to encourage and enable..

and "KS" sent me this ..i have this poem for you

Life is a journey too much long,
Often tragedy,sometimes a song.

Glittering smiles twinkle at a moment,
The other instant,tears are sent.

Joy is having the unique pleasures,
But sorrow bitters our leisures.

So we all need a special someone,
Who brings with her laughter a ton.

That someone is surely a friend,
To blessed ones that heaven send.

I’ve found such blessing too,
No doubt … it’s certainly YOU.

A supreme partner God ever made,
Whose charms will never fade.

I’m proud of you my friend,
To keep you closer, I intend.

I’ll stand by you forever,
You’ll be left alone never.

You’re my dream coming true,
Afraid of me now is the woe.

Promise …… you’ll hold me firm,
Friends we’ll be for everlasting term.


I offered "KS" to share my "Follow the REDS flag" tour, as she is a nurse but will be looking for something new, and maybe a nurse could also help me the kids we shall eventually meet in times of trouble..

and also"AS" from near Cologne, in Aachen. who fights to get HER children again


AS preparation for the coming of a saviour taking over our club for the Supporters, …RAWK will end , you must join the ARK…but quickly…

my fellow supporters, I bring you important news…

I havebeen in the wilderness,(virtually cut off by the snow and ice) for many days unable to get to games, I have had my faith truly tested, by sLy TV and ignorant pub fans, who like the chickens getting impatient for their feed turn and bite at each other and at the hand that feeds them, in those pubs I have heard and on forums I have seen  "fans" use digustusting language against our manager , captain, players and brother fans or supporters, thus,  I called on the great Spirit , 50 years after he came to LIVERPOOL to save your fathers…I am here as a mere "supporter" to pass the new THIRTEEN  commandments to you..

1.AS Shanks did with the kit, there shall be NO more "white" in your forum, this shall henceforth be known as "ALL RED KOP"  = so  join the " ARK"  2 by 2 , one by one, or by the thousand, truly faithful converts are accepted too.

2. There shall be no more , "in-game chat or thread " really true supporters should be at the game, or on their way , or at the very least watching the game at their nearest bar/pub or on their own satelite/cable TV and NOT sending messages or "knee jerk" sms to "fans forums" you are not little girls, you are REDS. so BE truly RED, and remember "we ARE Liverpool".

3. Thou shalt support no other team before the REDS of LIVERPOOL, no national allegience is greater,and love no other bird than the Liver.

4. Ye shall respect and honour your fellow RED Supporter. encourage his or her faith, and be witty in your comment.

5. Thou shalt hold together the "holy trinity" of Players, manager and Supporters; against ALL others

6. Ye shall NOT publicly insult any players that wear the sacred LiverBird, the emblem of our Spiritual guide.

7. Thou shalt respect the match day, and keep it free for worship of the team, and substitutes that may be named by our dignified manager.

8.Honour your Liverpool family ; no matter where they are born, remember that those who worship the false gods of blue may also have been born in L4.

9. Sing the songs  handed down to you with enthusiasm , pride and full voice and respect the words  therin.

10. do not  steal, even from Mancs.

11. do not Murder,, even if the referee’s name is Bennet.

12. You shall not covet your neighbor’s players nor those players of other english teams nor around the world, for you and  those players are chosen for greatness, however long it may take to reach heaven, and number 19.

13 , and the Golden rule, to  DO unto others as you wish them to DO unto YOU….

as it has been written, so shall it be done..

You’ll Never walk alone …FACT!


Grass ROUTES (part 2) …“he’ s not the MESSIAH, hes a VERY NAUGHTY BOY ! “ (M. Python s “Lifeof Brian”)

Grass ROUTES (part 2) …“he’ s not the MESSIAH, hes a VERY NAUGHTY BOY ! “ (M. Python s “Lifeof Brian”)

(cia; "you’re only  making it worse for yourself")

On the "KOP UNlimited – Shanks’ "ARK"  :-


and 2 great Utubes ;

 ("fearless" pink floyd..)

Liverbird upon my chest..

I added ;
http://cid-a73c195bb9885b12.spaces.live.com/blog/ (eured com) to my current "blog"


I use the "life of Brian " image  to relate to MORE "controversy" as I attack the peoples apathy and the "system" on the group discussion of N.E.P.A.K and on my own facebook..profile , with a little self-irony…<smile>

"in a daze, I see the gaze,
of HORROrs’s maze ..
and I querstion my ways…
out of the Horror…or or or
hungry dying, children crying..
politics lying..again & again..
…in this "horror’s maze"
whatever he or she  says..its a maze..
a "horror’s maze" …these days..
just a trendy craze …for more & more..
OR I can be strong..
..I know what is wrong..
..then it wont be long..
till I wake up …in my own song"


20 jan 01
Liverpool 2 – spurs 0 Dirk x2

CS> The word  " cool" seems to have blocked the ability of people ..to be "warm" ?

 " its not so "hot" to be "kool" if U follow the herd, U are a fool,
support the courageous, damaged or caring
being honest – its ok to be "sharing"
when U are "cool" you may soon become "cold"
LIVE, or U may be dead before U are old..

– eat a dish of consequence, before enjoying a dessert of happiness,"

 YNWA & be RED!


and the bank ING complaints go on, but they DO nothing to compensate for blocking my every move…

Dear Mr. SMITH,

We have forwarded your message to your ING branch, which will take care of your request as soon as possible, and contact you if necessary.
Our Home’Bank message service stays at your disposal for further information,
Best regards,
Antoine Orgias
ING Info Service
Ph. 02 464 60 04


and from time to time, I read a like-minded RED …(taken from "RAWK")

"Read a few wonderful things tonight and would like to share them as I think they are pertinent to our situation.
This speech was made by Teddy Roosevelt (ex USA president, yes you at the back  ::) ) in 1910.

It’s called The Man in the Arena.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Far too many ex-reds, media w*nkers and nobody-in-particulars having a go at this great club and the great man in charge of it.  You’d do well to learn from the above passage and give those people no credit, none at all, because none of them have dared walk the walk that Benitez has.

Nelson Mandela gave a copy of this speech to Francois Pienaar prior to the rugby World Cup in 1995, it was something dear to Mandela’s heart during his time in prison.

To end the sermon, I’d like to leave you with the poem ‘Invictus’.  Yes, this thread is largely stolen from the film that has been recently made.  Unashamedly so.

"Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."

If that doesn’t strike a chord in you, then I don’t know what will.
God bless this club, God bless Rafa Benitez, and God bless every one of the fans who sing his name.


the REDS injury crisis continued despite a great win v the Mancs, and at home v Spurs and a last minute "our Kid special" at Villa we are still some 12 points off the lead , but with (at time of writing ) 45 points still to play for – its NOT "impossible" but belief in football is as vital as any other aspect of life…despite the idiots telling you, you cant do this , you cant do that..they want you to stay "inside the box" well I challenge you to BREAK out and DESTROY the "box" BE the maximum you can be..and WE can enjoy this universe of beauty, and mysterious wonder…


and from TO…when…

TO>I’ve read all of your messages now…I don’t know how to tell this…But as I already said. You’re a hell of a man and I can only wish to have someone like you near me. Tho I’m not understanding…Did you wrote all of that for me? I can’t belive anyone would do that for me!!! However…I am pleased that you have written so many things about your life and I respect that…I’m not a person that could have done the same. I am honest and I don’t lie but telling the other world how my life was like….I couldn’t do that. I’ve just saw the updated pics and … damn, those legs!!! I could easily fell for you…But there are too many differences in our life in our way of living… You’re almost like a God…I don’t want you to be cold with me…I still would love to have your friendship. If that is possible you’re the only person that knows that. Will you let me know? Please…
Why doing at the bar tho I have a f***ed up health condition? And why to wait till 2013?
I sometimes hate my work. I sometimes love to work there. I just don’t like the ppl that are around there couse they are ”limitted”. Waiting for 2013 to come is the easiest way for me. If I die in this time, I die. If not, I am having my life pretty much settled down financily.
When it comes to children…I don’t want to have child with a man I don’t trully love. It’s…Stupid thing to do!! The perfect timing to have kids is till 26 yrs old. So I’m already too late for that. I won’t risk anyones nerves, especially not mine to have childrens with … Huhh…At the moment I don’t feel like being a mother to his child even if I did love him.
He wouldn’t throw anything mine away, don’t worry…It just hasn’t came yet…
About the music…It’s not your kind of but still…I adore theee lyrics…
Have you ever loved someone so much, you’d give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they’re your heart and you know you are their armour,
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm her,
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for, turns on you to spite you?
What happens when you become the main source of her pain?
Hope you’re not in too high snowbound…And hope your day is going great…Or at least better than mine…xx"

a typical day…

woke 07 – up 09h
collected wood for the stiove/fire
fed chicks and birdies
10.30 Bike  to (TH) library (internet)
a coffee at Macs (TH)
and shop – change dvds
check LFC match highlights @ Merksplas Lib.
visit Dirk (at home due to leg injury)
take a compilation CD to Loan

I recall the golfer Nick Faldo , when receiving a trophy after a barren spell, and some personal troubles, making an acceptance speech, that went something like " I would like to thank all my fans who supported me though these difficult times , from the bottom of mt heart, and I would like to thank all the press from the heart of my bottom"


Hiya Stan (singer/songwriter)

thanks very much for your reply, I have been writing about memories and sayings of Bill Shankly from the 60’s and 70’s etc on the "Red and White Kop" internet forum, recently, as I didnt really feel enough had been dont to honour what Shanks did for supporters of the REDS, and for me, certainly. I know the LFC store had t-shirts and dvd’s on sale etc, but what I really liked, and miss, about your "Oh Liverpool We Love You" album was that it was by and for Supporters, with comments, chants, songs and clips from matches, "rocky road to Wembley" "oh come all ye fathful", and Emllyn’s squeaky voice describing THAT goal against Spurs!, and the heartfelt contributions of real Kopites, which really captured the atmosphere of the time, when I was starting a "work experience" in London, and it cost me a month’s spending money and the whole weekend to get up for the games, so , when I could n’t afford it, I would play your Album, lie on my bed and imagine

 – I feel a lot of the warmth and feeling is going out of the fan-base and perhaps even old Kopites are losing it. The young being fed "instant gratification" perhaps can’t imagine how great it felt then to be a Liverpool SUPPORTER in 1968-69, although, like now , we hadn’t won a trophy for 3 seasons, and wouldn’t for another 4!. When I was liiving in the black forest town of Freiburg, my then girlfriend got p*ssed off with me, some years back, and thought I was too long away from her, found another guy , who SOLD ALL of my record collection, that I had hauled around Europe with me, since I moved away from Britain in the Eighties. I try to get to as many games as I can, especially European "aways" and I like the idea of a re-issue of your production on CD (or even DVD with clips) but at least the audio. Maybe we could get the Suporters Union "S.O.S" and "ShareLiverpoolFC" to collaborate on it too, as a special 50 year tribute to the great man ; Shanks too?

all the best
You will NEVER walk alone

p.s. my latest project (website under construction)


(complaint) …V Mp politie
TO EdAgN – for the RECORD – email ; edagn@eured-san.net

cc: Translator, Merksplas


Page 1                 EdAgN protocoll for Internet distrubition

on Christmas eve morning, ChriS SMITH ("CS") was abruptly woken at the forest cabin ; Merksplas, Be, and was informed by a unknown man in plain clothes , who claimed to be Agent Patrick Humbolt of Hoogstraaten (?) claimed £CS" had an ‘obligation’ (?) to attend a meeting at the Politie station of Merksplas. At 09 H  Monday morning 28th December.09

The agent REFUSED to explain what it was about except to say theree are "complaints" that require a belgian-english TRANSLATOR to interview "CS" –

Considering "CS" retired from the "system" in 1995 following a meningitis – induced COMA and has since only involved himself in not-for-profit activities; ecology; equal rights ; coaching and other volunteer and charitable activities , at his own expense, to benefit the community ; local and global (the current being under construction ; http://www.eured-san.net/ftf.html ) "CS" would like to know what is happening to COMPLAINTS against officials / citizens when meeting the agent whose name can’t be read from the card provided by the stated agent. At this momemt "CS" is snowbound and it will cause considerable difficulty in attending this "invititation".

1. an EU petition at Brussels ; concerninG the abduction of his 2 children ;
Leon (born 11.8.96) abducted by a german citizen (A.Hartmann) in 1999
Noela (born 28.11.01) abducted by a german citizen (M. Streifeneder) in 2004

subject to / and associated with 54 complaints (between 1996-2006) against CORRUPT German Police, "beamte" , attorneys, judges and politicians – at the ECHR (Strasbourg) appeal ref; 22923/05  ; since transferred to to the EU Brussels – Mr. Marcin Libicki,
Secretary-General committee  petitions of the European parliament,
Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Bruxelles. (Petition 0290/2007)

a VALUE of associated damages (excluding the loss of his children ) exceeds several millions of euros. (claimed originally in the german city of Freiburg) and also which joined agents & others on the french / Alsace border area. N. Brissac/Colmar, and the english government ; and its consulate as witnesses.

2. A Number of "Minor PLAINTS" (relative to the above) against Dutch/Flemish officials etc; resulting in various damages against "CS" (which in every case expose blatant violations and ignorance of articles contained in the UN UDHR and the European council of Europe convention "for the protection of human rights and fundemental freedoms". examples:

-Wrongful de-registration of"CS" (ZonderEigen)-by "commune Baarle" August 08
-Loss of vehicle – mis-interpretation of "law"  by agents in Turnhout – June 08
-Various complaints V CVOM (ref 130938423)- invalid procedures by govt dept!
-Plainst V Rechtbank Zwolle/Breda = prejudice (ref477431 – 30 nov 09) (traffic) (& on behalf of J Duiker) – including wrongful de-registration of "CS"/Bus april 09
-Wrongful traffic fine paid(bus) Zwolle,NL(March 09)-the "wrong (canadian) Smith"

GENERAL discrimination against "CS" in obtaining normal living conditions shows an obvious POLICY applied in modern times against "mobile europeans" who choose not to fund a capitalist / commercial system that ;

– pollutes the planet, and takes no real action to clean its own mess.
– kills 25,000 children daily worldwide, by POLITICAL manipulation of resources
– goes to war on civilians, men, women & children, daily
– protects the rich at the expense of the poor.
And in the cases of "CS" fails to provide a FAIR and IMPARTIAL process.

Please do not be surprised if "CS" is "un-co-operative" with agents of the "system"

page 2


statement from; Chris SMITH (EdAgN/N.E.P.A.K European Co-ordinator)
I lost a nights sleep and had an UNEASY Xmas , as I was at no time prior to the Interogation informed of the reason for my obliged attendance. I had to get up and ride my bike several kilometres in cold sleet/rainy weather. and although I was punctual had to wait some time ("tactics"?) until they wanted to start, the translator was drinking a coffee, I was not offered a drink. The atmosphere was a typical atmoshere of an assumption that the (LOCAL WOMAN ) Plaintiff was correct. I wasn’t informed about her exagerations until half – way through.

The translator was a senior woman, who obviously sympathised with the "victim" – and as the translation was only completed in flemish I do not know if it represented a true and precise record of my explanation. Agent Patrick Seels, also kept forming the position of the plaintiff, however I made it clear that;

a) all contact had been of a "jovial" and "flirting" nature-until one of Sandra’s colleagues was ABUSIVE to me-I had no idea why,until now!
b) Dirk witnessed that Sandra’s reaction was friendly when we all met co-incidentally in Merkslpas several days before  Xmas.
c) Sandra waved and smiled at me in the "sporthall" where is manager, (at the same was acting as "victim" to the Politie)
d) After inviting her to dinner WITH Dirk and Annike – I left the note that she could phone HIM with a YES/NO decision.
e) From the actions of P.Seels Sandra obviously exagerated the situation, claiming that I was after her"every 2 days" – the last (3rd) time I went to the hall was several days before the (postponed) dinner, to leave the invitation AND request for INFO. was almost 2 weeks ago.

My humour about the situation changed to anger when I realised the bias and prejudicial nature of the situation.
P. Seels informed me that, as far as the POLITIE are concerned the matter is closed."


Gradually, and especially Since "9/11" the POLITICAL mis-use of "security measures" and media "Exploitation" of so-called "terrorist risk", police and other government and private "security" officers have escalated & grown a "fear element" in society, local and global. Add the feminist agenda to get biased and special treatment in the modern society and now ridiculous and DANGEROUS situations are becoming "normalised" and human rights thrown out so that the individual right to be traeted as a so-called "innocent" until proven guilty by a FAIR and IMPARTIAL process simply DOES NOT EXIST, and many fee-males can (and do) exploit this situation should the opportunity arise!

The result, instead of making a simple phone call to say "NO" , Sandra wasted several hours of the time of a police agent and paid translator, and wrongly tainted ChriS SMITH who should rather be focussed on planning of "Follow the (REDS) Flag – (webpage under construction) ;http://www.eured-san.net/ftf.html and agents, if employed at , helping ensure that the thousands of kids abused /killed daily are protected, rather than unstable women.

Copy on file;
cc: for media consumption – damages?
cc: EdAgN, c/o Postbus 1, Bist 129,
EKEREN, B2180 Antwerpen, Belgie.

… (cvausing me to write this letter…<smile>)

Hiya, Leen is translated to "Loan" in english?

PLEASE Dont phone the police, this is NOT me, stalking you! <smile> – I felt (obviously) deflated on New Year’s morning, and perhaps not appreciate of you, I can assure you that it was my condition and not my natural way. If I seem "extreme" it may be not for the "usual" reasons of a man wanting to be with an attractive woman, although it is several months since I split from my dutch girlfriend when I was with Dix and the FC ZonderEigen group in Liverpool (I would be pleased to show you "my Liverpool" or around London, as you mentioned <smile>. Since surviving my meningitis-coma in 1995, Life has been opposite to my "first (business) life" I don’t do things for others or myself based on time-management or financial planning. I am happy to be breathing air on this planet and doing (mostly) things I want to do, for GOOD reasons (www.eured-san.net/ftf.html)

So, I want to say that I LIKE you, (not least because I rarely find anyone I can compare similar stories with, these days), and "thank you" with this CD and should you choose to be "too busy" (and we both know it is a choice!) to meet me again, I have taken the liberty to add some pictures, should we never be together again. I dont mean to sound arrogant or overly sentimental. Its difficult to convey now, in text, what I shoudl have said last friday morning. Just know, whilst i am still here on this planet, I am "available" to go out, to cook dinner IN, to just sit and talk, or even , to kiss, cuddle and hug, <smile> and if we could help each other with our "dreams" that could also be nice!?

Whatever happens, PLEASE make sure you find time for other things than your career or material "assets" – remember you are a human being, so be human.

Take Care
may you never walk alone

ChriS x

"the world turns to bring us closer,
it turned on itself and on us
until it finally brought us together
in its dream –
Life is such a funny thing,
and yet, is hard to beat,
for every Rose has a thorn,
yet, the Rose, she is still so sweet"

Email; ChriS¨@  Blog;



Groutes 1001 (pt 1)…”Isolated” OUR KId’s 50, KOP UNltd and WorldChild..(N.E.P.A.K on FB)

Grass Routes 1001 (pt 1)…"Isolated" OUR KId’s 50, KOP UNltd and WorldChild..(N.E.P.A.K on FB)

Thanks TO for her "hot" xmas/new Year messages and Nikki H of LP for her "support" during the "isolation" @ the "snowy cabin"

Fernando’s fifty
30th Dec 2009 – Latest News

Fernando Torres’ winning goal in Liverpool’s 1-0 victory over Aston Villa on Tuesday evening was El Nino’s 50th league strike for the Reds and set a new club record.

The Spain ace became the fastest player in the history of the Reds to reach a half-century in the league, having incredibly done so in just 72 games.

In tribute to our Spanish estrella, Liverpoolfc.tv have compiled each and every one of his 50 – so sit back and take a few moments to remember some classic moments from Anfield’s No.9.

Goal 1 – Chelsea
19 August 2007

Torres announced his arrival in English football in spectacular style with a goal on his Anfield debut.
Latching on to a piercing Steven Gerrard through ball, the Reds’ new signing glided past Chelsea defender Tal Ben-Haim before dispatching a low shot beyond Petr Cech into the bottom corner.
Goal 2 – Derby County
1 September 2007
The Spaniard claimed his second and third goals for Liverpool as the Reds hammered Derby 6-0 at Anfield to go top of the Premier League table.

Javier Mascherano’s challenge 25-yards from the Derby goal pushed the ball into Torres’ possession. He left the opposition defenders for dead and slotted the ball into the bottom corner via his left boot in the 56th minute.
Goal 3 – Derby County
1 September 2007
Torres put the seal on a comprehensive victory for the Reds as he netted Liverpool’s sixth and final goal of the afternoon.
Derby defender Andy Todd failed to deal with Andriy Voronin’s lobbed ball forward, allowing Torres to go through on goal, effortlessly round goalkeeper Stephen Bywater and slide the ball into an empty net.
Goal 4 – Tottenham Hotspur
7 October 2007
Spurs had twice taken the lead at Anfield courtesy of a Robbie Keane double and it looked as though the three points were heading to White Hart Lane until Torres headed home Steve Finnan’s deep cross to salvage a point for Liverpool in stoppage-time.

Goal 5 – Fulham
10 November 2007
Torres came off the bench to score a brilliant individual goal to break Fulham’s resistance and put Liverpool on their way to three points.
The Spaniard chested down Pepe Reina’s long goal-kick before turning and running at the Fulham defence.
El Nino left Aaron Hughes floundering before calmly beating Antti Niemi with a clever reverse shot into the bottom corner from 10 yards.
Goal 6 – Bolton Wanderers
2 December 2007
El Nino scored on the stroke of half-time to send Liverpool into the interval two goals to the good.
Steven Gerrard was once again the provider as his long-pass sliced open the Bolton defence, sending Torres through on goal and the Spaniard deftly lifted the ball over the advancing Jussi Jaaskelainen with a finish not too dissimilar to Kenny Dalglish’s winner in the 1978 European Cup Final against Bruges.
Goal 7 – Portsmouth
22 December 2007
Torres helped himself to another brace as Liverpool made the perfect start to the festive period with a 4-1 romp against Portsmouth.
His first came in the 67th minute when he calmly rolled the ball into the bottom corner after Pompey ‘keeper David James had inadvertently deflected it into his path.
Goal 8 – Portsmouth
22 December 2007
The Spanish international rounded off another good afternoon’s work with his second goal five minutes from time.
Jamie Carragher’s lofted ball into the area was headed back to Torres by Steven Gerrard and the striker clinically dispatched a left-footed volley into the bottom corner.
Goal 9 – Derby County
26 December 2007
Another game and another superb goal from Liverpool’s talismanic centre forward.
Torres put the Reds ahead after 11 minutes with a festive cracker. Ryan Babel laid the ball off and the Spaniard burst into the box, nutmegging Darren Moore en route, before curling a shot into the far corner via his left boot.

Goal 10 – Wigan Athletic
2 January 2008
On a bitterly cold January evening at Anfield, Torres fired Liverpool into an early second-half lead with his 10th Premier League goal.
A well worked move resulted in Steven Gerrard releasing Steve Finnan into the right hand channel and his low cross was turned past Chris Kirkland by El Nino from 10 yards.
Goal 11 – Middlesbrough
12 January 2008
With Liverpool trailing, Torres collected possession 25 yards from goal and ran at the Boro defence before drilling an unstoppable strike in off the post to earn the Reds a point.
Goal 12 – Sunderland
2 February 2008
El Nino netted Liverpool’s second goal with a trademark finish as the Reds cruised to a 3-0 victory over Sunderland.
Torres was put through on goal by Peter Crouch’s flick-on and the end result was never in doubt as he slammed the ball past Craig Gordon.

Goal 13 – Middlesbrough
23 February 2008
Torres became the first Liverpool player to score 20 goals or more in a season since Michael Owen in 2002-03 with a treble against Middlesbrough.
His first was something of a gift as Julio Arca’s header towards his own goal on 28 minutes only succeeded in finding the lurking Torres.
The Reds’ No.9 didn’t need a second invitation to equalise as he kept his composure to round the goalkeeper and roll the ball into an empty net.
Goal 14 – Middlesbrough
23 February 2008
The Spanish star claimed his second in as many minutes. This time, fed by Fabio Aurelio, he powered a low drive into the left corner from 25 yards.
Goal 15 – Middlesbrough
23 February 2008
El Nino completed his hat-trick on the hour mark.
Dirk Kuyt’s cross-field pass drew Boro goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer to the edge of his area but Torres beat both he, and defender David Wheater, to the ball and lofted it into the unguarded goal at the Kop end.
Goal 16 – West Ham United
5 March 2008
Torres became the first Reds striker since Jack Balmer in 1946 to score successive hat-tricks at Anfield as he followed up his treble against Middlesbrough 10 days earlier with another three against West Ham.
He notched his first of the evening after just eight minutes when he got ahead of his marker to steer Dirk Kuyt’s cross from the right past Robert Green with the side of his right boot.
Goal 17 – West Ham United
5 March 2008
The Spaniard netted his second on the hour mark, with Dirk Kuyt claiming another assist.
This time the Dutchman’s cross back into the area following a half-cleared Reds corner was precisely headed home from close-range by Torres.
Goal 18 – West Ham United
5 March 2008
Torres finally sealed his hat-trick with 10 minutes remaining, having earlier rattled the post with a powerful diving header.
Pouncing on to John Arne Riise’s header into the box, the Reds’ striker dinked the ball through the legs of the hapless Lucas Neill and steered it across the body of Robert Green into the bottom corner for league goal number 18 of his debut season at Anfield.
Goal 19 – Newcastle United
8 March 2008
El Nino continued a rich vein of form with another superlative strike as his partnership with Steven Gerrard continued to blossom.
Torres headed the ball down to Gerrard on the half-way line and the Reds’ skipper charged at the Newcastle defence before playing an incisive pass into the run of our No.9.
The Spaniard sold ‘keeper Steve Harper an outrageous dummy and slid the ball into the back of the net for his 25th goal of the season in all competitions.
Goal 20 – Reading
15 March 2008
Torres reached the 20 league goals milestone against Reading, becoming the first Liverpool player since Robbie Fowler in 1995-96 to achieve the feat.
The Reds’ No.9 lost his marker to plant a firm header past Marcus Hahnemann to claim his ninth goal in six games.
Goal 21 – Everton
30 March 2008
El Nino marked his first Merseyside derby with the only goal of the game to help Liverpool complete a league double over Everton.
Xabi Alonso reclaimed possession on the edge of the Everton box after the Blues had attempted to clear from a corner and Dirk Kuyt flicked the ball into Torres’ path inside the box.
The outcome was inevitable as the Spaniard drilled low across the body of Tim Howard in front of the Kop.
Goal 22 – Blackburn Rovers
13 April 2008
The landmarks continued to come for El Nino as he became the first player in Liverpool history to net in seven successive top-flight games at Anfield with a goal against Blackburn.
It came eight minutes from time when he met a Steven Gerrard cross at the back post with a fine header to beat goalkeeper Brad Friedel.
Goal 23 – Manchester City
4 May 2008
El Nino signed off from Anfield in his debut season with yet another goal in front of the Kop.
Torres’ electric pace left City defender Richard Dunne for dead before the striker slipped the ball into the far corner of the goal.

Goal 24 – Tottenham Hotspur
11 May 2008
Torres netted his 24th league goal of the season to beat Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record for most league goals by a foreigner in a debut season in English football.
The goal came in the 74th minute when the striker turned a Tottenham defender inside out before sliding the ball under the body of Spurs ‘keeper Radek Cerny.
Goal 25 – Sunderland
16 August 2008
Torres struck a late winner to get Liverpool’s season off to a winning start on the opening day of the 2008-09 Premier League season.
With the game heading for a draw, the Spanish striker picked up Xabi Alonso’s pass and lashed a ferocious shot into the bottom corner from 25 yards to secure the three points.

Goal 26 – Everton
27 September 2008
El Nino ended something of a mini goal drought by his own high standards with a derby double against Everton in the sunshine.
Torres struck twice in three minutes to secure a 2-0 victory for Liverpool, with the first goal coming when the Spaniard ghosted in at the far post to deftly volley Robbie Keane’s cross through the legs of Tim Howard.
Goal 27 – Everton
27 September 2008
Torres added his, and Liverpool’s, second within minutes of his first when he showed his predatory instincts by pouncing on a loose ball inside the area and hammering a shot into the roof of the net from 10 yards.
Goal 28 – Manchester City
5 October 2008
Our No.9 set Liverpool on their way to a remarkable comeback against Manchester City at Eastlands.
With City leading 2-0, Torres got ahead of his marker to steer Alvaro Arbeloa’s cross over the line from close-range early in the second half.

Goal 29 – Manchester City

5 October 2008
The Spain striker then drew Liverpool level when he met Steven Gerrard’s corner with a near-post run and thumping header before Dirk Kuyt completed the comeback with an injury-time winner. 
Goal 30 – Chelsea
1 February 2009
Torres sent Anfield wild with two late goals to clinch a 2-0 victory over Chelsea for Liverpool.
His first came in the 89th minute as the striker got in front of defender Alex to head Fabio Aurelio’s centre from the left past Petr Cech.
Goal 31 – Chelsea
1 February 2009
Nando’s second arrived just moments later. Yossi Benayoun stole possession from Ashley Cole on the edge of the area before squaring for Torres to tap home from 10 yards.
Goal 32 – Portsmouth
7 February 2009
It was another late, late show from El Nino as Torres headed a 90th minute winner in a pulsating 3-2 victory over Portsmouth at Fratton Park.
Yossi Benayoun collected possession inside the left edge of the area and the Israeli delivered a pin-point centre, which was met by a bullet header from the Reds’ No.9 that left Pompey stopper David James helpless.

Goal 33 – Manchester United
14 March 2009

El Nino put Liverpool on their way to one of their finest league victories in living memory as the Reds crushed Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford.
After falling behind to a Ronaldo penalty, Torres drew the visitors level just before the half hour mark.
The Liverpool number nine forced Nemanja Vidic into misjudging Martin Skrtel’s long-ball and the Spanish international used his strength to hold off the United centre-back before clinically slipping a low shot into the bottom corner when one-on-one with Edwin van der Sar. 

Goal 34 – Blackburn Rovers
11 April 2009
Arguably El Nino’s finest solo goal in a Reds shirt.
Jamie Carragher’s flighted ball forward was controlled on the chest by Torres, before he swiveled and sent an unstoppable volley over the despairing arms of Paul Robinson in an instant.
Simply sensational.
Goal 35 – Blackburn Rovers
11 April 2009
Nando claimed his second of an emphatic afternoon as he evaded his marker to score with a header from Xabi Alonso’s pin-point free-kick.

Goal 36 – Arsenal
21 April 2009
Torres scored after 49 minutes to draw Liverpool level in one of the most thrilling matches witnessed at Anfield for many years.
The 25-year-old rose highest to meet Dirk Kuyt’s cross and plant an unstoppable header beyond the reach of Gunners’ goalie Lukasz Fabianski.
Goal 37 – Arsenal
21 April 2009
El Nino smashed home a deserved second on 72 minutes to level the scoreline at 3-3.
Collecting the ball with his back to goal, Torres created half a yard of space for himself against Mikael Silvestre before guiding a low shot into the bottom corner.

Goal 38 – Tottenham Hotspur
24 May 2009

The final day of the season… not that much to play for… but don’t tell that to El Nino as the Spanish striker placed a brilliant header past Gomes in the Tottenham goal from Dirk Kuyt’s deep right wing cross.

Goal 39 – Stoke City
19 August 2009

Torres fired Liverpool into an early lead against a Stoke City side who had held the Reds to two frustrating goalless stalemates the season before. The Spain ace swept Steven Gerrard’s low cross beyond Thomas Sorensen after just four minutes to put Rafa’s men on their way to a comfortable 4-0 success.

Goal 40 – Aston Villa
24 August 2009

El Nino gave Liverpool hope of salvaging a point against Aston Villa as he instinctively diverted Emiliano Insua’s driven cross into the back of the net to cut the visitors’ lead, but Martin O’Neill’s men secured the win with a late penalty.

Goal 41 – Bolton Wanderers
29 August 2009

Our No.9 was in inspired form as he helped Liverpool to a dramatic 3-2 success over Bolton Wanderers at the Reebok. Steven Gerrard’s ball into the box was chested into the path of Torres by Dirk Kuyt, and the striker made no mistake in dispatching a clinical shot into the corner of the goal from eight yards to level the scoreline at 2-2.

Goal 42 – West Ham United
19 September 2009

Fernando’s ability to slalom his way past defenders is one of many unique talents in his repertoire – and this was on full display as the 25-year-old bamboozled the Hammers’ defence before stabbing past Robert Green to break the deadlock at Upton Park. 

Goal 43 – West Ham United
19 September 2009

With just 15 minutes remaining, Torres rose highest to plant Ryan Babel’s inviting cross into the back of the net with his head and secure a 3-2 victory for Liverpool.

Goal 44 – Hull City
26 September 2009

It didn’t take long for El Nino to break Hull’s resistance at Anfield as he scored another magnificent hat-trick, with his first goal arriving on 12 minutes.

Collecting Albert Riera’s precise cut-back, Torres created a yard of space for himself inside a packed area before sliding a left-footed effort into the far bottom corner.

Goal 45 – Hull City
26 September 2009

Fernando continued his striking master class against Phil Brown’s side with perhaps his best goal of the afternoon.

The striker sprung Hull’s offside trap to latch onto Yossi Benayoun’s through ball, and the striker proceeded to skip away from a defender and goalkeeper before nonchalantly tapping the ball into the empty net.

World class.

Goal 46 – Hull City
26 September 2009

Torres wrapped up his Tigers treble early in the second-half of this 6-1 triumph. Yossi was again the provider, slipping a ball in behind the Hull rearguard for the striker to run on to.

And again, El Nino made it look all too easy as he cut inside a Hull defender and dispatched a low effort into the centre of the goal from 12 yards.

Goal 47 – Manchester United
25 October 2009

Rafa Benitez said afterwards our No.9 was only ’80 per cent fit’ for this tussle with United – but Torres was still too much for Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic to handle.

It was the former who was brushed aside as Fernando was sent bearing down on goal, and he made no mistake with a powerful finish beyond Edwin van der Sar at the Kop end to send Anfield into raptures.

Goal 48 – Fulham
31 October 2009

The only bright spot on an otherwise gloomy Halloween afternoon at Craven Cottage.

Torres equalised for Liverpool on the stroke of half-time with a sizzling first time volley from the edge of the box that arrowed into the bottom corner, demonstrating exactly why he is the finest striker around.

Goal 49 – Wigan Athletic
16 December 2009

On as a substitute, Torres latched on to Gerrard’s flick and burst beyond the Wigan defence. He rounded Kirkland, but saw his initial shot blocked on the line by Bramble. However, that was no problem for El Nino as he has the presence of mind to bundle into the back of the net at the second attempt.

Goal 50 – Aston Villa
29 December 2009

And that’s the record! Torres secures an important 1-0 win for Liverpool at Villa Park with an injury-time winner, latching onto a loose ball into the box and steering calmly beyond Brad Friedel to send the travelling Kop into ecstasy.

Games it took the greats to hit 50:
72 Fernando Torres
80 Sam Raybould
80 Albert Stubbins
81 Roger Hunt
82 Jack Parkinson
83 John Aldridge
84 Ian Rush
88 Robbie Fowler
90 Gordon Hodgson
98 Harry Chambers
98 Kenny Dalglish
98 Michael Owen
104 Joe Hewitt
105 Ian St John
111 John Barnes
114 Robert Robinson
116 John Toshack
121 David Johnson
125 Dick Forshaw
125 Tom Miller
129 Jimmy Melia
139 Jack Balmer
160 Berry Niewenhuys
162 Alf Hanson
167 Billy Liddell
175 Kevin Keegan
208 Jack Cox
221 Terry McDermott
269 Ray Kennedy
271 Arthur Goddard
280 Alan A’Court
281 Steven Gerrard
302 Steve Heighway

same old problems…

From: EdAgN
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 07:53:58 -0500
To: patsy@telecom-systems
Subject: S791222 EdAgn-Patsy RE: invoice internet Everywhere daily

EdAgN>hello Patsy,  dont have voice connection here only sms !!
please dont disconnect, because we are cut off in the remote countryside
(roads blocked by snow) ..so email / sms is  only contact with outside
world ! <smile>
(best wishes of the season)

Original Message:
From: patsy patsy@telecom-systems.
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 09:49:25 +0100
To: edagn
Subject: invoice internet Everywhere daily


I contact today the custumors service in Brussels and the told me to
contact them if you want to make a connection. ( Phone nr : 0800/85953 free
nr), They look then to the activity of the line. And when there is a bad or
no connection, they make a technical fiche and then you can normaly stop
the contract without any costprice.



snips from Lfc news

Rafa Benitez today revealed Liverpool are hoping to sign Maxi Rodriguez from Atletico Madrid –

Spanish ace Daniel Pacheco is eager for more first-team action after making his breakthrough this season.
While it’s been a tough campaign for the Reds, the former Barcelona ace has had quite a campaign so far.
He signed a new contract that takes him up to 2012 and has played in the Champions League and Barclays Premier League.
Pacheco is keeping his feet firmly on the ground and aims to work as hard as possible to stay in Rafael Benitez’s thoughts.
"It has been a really good season for me making my first-team debut which I have been looking forward to for a long time," the Reds No.47 told Liverpoolfc.tv.


Insua> (winning at) "Villa gave us a lot of confidence because we knew it was a tough game,""They are fighting with us to be in the top four, so to win in the last minute was fantastic and it has given us the kind of confidence we haven’t had earlier in the season.
"We’ve been trying to win games in a row since the start of the season and we couldn’t. It’s a difficult season for us because of the injuries and problems we’ve not had before, but we can start a new part of the season now that we’ve won two league games in a row.
"We can send a message. To beat Tottenham will be amazing for us and the people." The high spirits within the camp were illustrated this week by a snowball fight among the squad after training.
Insua added: "It’s been strange because it’s not normal to see too much snow on the pitch but we have to be ready for Sunday so we had to keep doing things well.
"When you see snow you want to play in it – to see all players having fun was good."


Ex-player  Walsh is tipping Rafael Benitez’s side to end the season in the top quartet for the fifth successive year.
"If Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard – Liverpool’s two phenomenal players – are playing well and injury free, you have always got a chance," he said.
"It’s been difficult for those two this season and people don’t understand what it’s like to play when you are not 100 per cent fit; some of the criticism Steven has had this season will have hurt because he’s been trying to do his best in difficult circumstances. "Once you get Javier Mascherano back, Alberto Aquilani alongside him, Gerrard and Torres playing well with Yossi Benayoun contributing, Liverpool have got a starting line up that is good enough to beat anything around them. "I didn’t really have the greatest time with Tottenham when I played there and that was down to the fact I was so devastated to have left Liverpool but the affection you have for the club never goes


a reminder of one of the reasons for "Follow the REDS flag"  pre-tour starting soon (as the weather improves)

Do YOU believe in GOD, never mind yes or no, maybe YOU believe in GOOD?
…if YOU or someone you know is GOOD or doing something GOOD , please prove it & join, with humour & with respect.
its a method of appreciation for positive "volunteers"


The "Happy ChriSmitH-WorlChild foundation" (network)

cc: e.m. Thoenes (adv.)


ChriS (Chris Smith = ChriSmitH) is not only a "Eur-Scouser" ; adopted LUNATIC .he is one (crazy) Alien! (in the use of the word Alien also can mean alleen; allien or Alone….) fate or whatever you do or dont believe in means that ChriS has "freedom" and after deceased son (Adam) and 2 abducted children (Leon, 11 & Noela, almost 6..) ChriS also has no family to leave his "inheritance" to…. although he is not quite ready to be "beamed up" (btw – is "pop his clogs" a dutch expression <smile>???) means that whilst considering his legacy he doesn’t want to leave a will & testament that enriches the people that took his family, ChriS has been searching for a "reason" to invest his remaining time, energy and remaining funds (from the enforced sale of his former family home) and to once again use the hidden "talents" <smile> that once launched him as a wizz-kid with expertise in "psycho-strategic logistics & communication management" – (FFS – whats that?????????)…..

anyway, enough of the bullsh*te – the bottom line is ; HELP KIDS = help the WORLD…and this "foundation network" is intended to last long after he departs, but if not, to have least made a positive impact, whilst using limited resources;

ChriS will fund his own travel & give up his "penthouse shoebox apartment" in Zwolle (NL) and go "endlessly on tour" …to link up people & initiatives (existing & new) such as those featured by Easton cow-people in Cullumpton, or by Pauli-Girls..or "fighting hearts-Freiburg" ..or LUNATICS…M.I.N.K (Tolmin) M.I.N.T (Liverpool) and/or C.I.T.E (Istanbul) etc,etc…the idea is to put his limited assets, resources & money into getting this network going and for others to continue you it, YOU are invited to participate in a once a year meeting to decide who & where & what should benefit from this initiative………………(and dont forget to support next years LUNATICS event near Antwerpen!)


* to provide the atmosphere of change; improvement; attitude & chances of young people in particular; helping not only disadvantaged, homeless or abused children but any child "at odds" with modern society

* to improve the lifestyle and opportunities of at LEAST one thousand children every year (global target!)

* to have a positive CARING creative effect on current & future society, beginning with every child understanding their (childrens) human rights & equalities (& the Golden Rule!)

* to develop an eco-logical society supporting alternative ("grass routes") multi-media networking (and also include value exchange between youth & experience-mentoring)

" to ENABLE the birth of "WorldChild" who BY choice is "stateless" (free of religious, political, national, racial, even gender-bias, or any other form of group-discrimination that harms natural growth

what you can/could do…?…=

– support; inform ; network ; find new/old contacts and causes and connect them!
– help ChriS if you can provide couch; b & b and communication facilities when he visits your region
– support & APPLY the aims in your daily life = consequence means being a GOOD example
– provide a small room/cellar where ChriS can store his few remaining personal items (a few boxes!)
– inform ChriS of any ways he can make some "pocket money" in between to ensure he dont starve. <smile>


may your GO(o)D go with you…

some fun…?..Carmen Cecilia Semaski sent a message to the members viaMothers in RED.
Subject: Is HELL cold or hot ????
The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term.
The answer by one student was so ‘profound’ that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well:
Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?
Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle ‘s Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.
One student, however, wrote the following:
"First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let’s look at the different religions that exist in the world today.
Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle ‘s Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.
This gives two possibilities:
1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.
2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.
So which is it?
If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, ‘It will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you,’ and take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number two must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over! The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct….. .leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting ‘Oh my God.’"
I hope you have enjoyed It !!!!!!!!!!!

misc ;

ChriS SmiTH sent a message to the members of Network of Estranged Parents and Abused Kids.
Subject: co-operation creates positive change
"This network is set up to solve EVERYONES problems – there are thousands of us if not hundreds of thousands – the idea is to identify COMMON problems and COMMON solutions to help everyone, not to spend all our energy and time on any single (deserving) person/persons – that includes MINE…make progressive ideas your goal! please <smile>"
To reply to this message, follow the link below:


Subject: David Moores to blame for Liverpool FC mess
Ben Lfc sent a message to the members of LIVERPOOL IS MY LIFE.
 "You only sell the family silver once."
Rick Parry on David Moores’ decision to sell his shares in Liverpool to Tom Hicks and George Gillett in February 2007
DAVID MOORES’ reign as Anfield chairman was characterised by a complete inability to get anything done, the Littlewoods heir mistaking ‘The Liverpool Way’ for inertia.
What a shame then he didn’t take a little longer over his final, disastrous decision as owner.
Moores serially failed the club he claimed to love during 16 years of chronic mismanagement.
Even now he continues to let down Liverpool and its supporters.
When a foul-mouthed Texan half-wit like Tom Hicks JR can apologise to supporters for causing embarrassment, would it be too much to ask for the man responsible for the shambles that engulfs the Reds to muster a sorry.
And make no mistake, if Liverpool fans want to assign culpability it’s not at George Gillett, Tom Hicks nor junior that they should point their fingers.
Blaming the Americans is like blaming sharks for attacking surfers or Las Vegas circus lions for mauling their tamers.
Hicks and Gillett are ruthless businessmen.
And aside from a very brief charm offensive prior to the takeover, they have never attempted to hide who they are.
Anyone with a lap top and internet connection could have unearthed a frightening insight into their business dealings in America – and more worryingly their track record in sport franchises.
Hicks had even appeared on the front of Time Magazine billed as ‘The Leveraged Buyout King’.
Both men have form for taking money out of their clubs, while Hicks was among a group of investors that left Brazilian side Corinthians in financial turmoil.
If that’s how they behave back home, what made Moores think they would be any different on these shores where they are even less accountable?
Liverpool was only ever going to be an opportunity to make a quick buck for Hicks and Gillett.
No, there’s only one man to blame for Liverpool’s crippling debt.
For Rafael Benitez having no transfer budget – despite operating at a substantial profit in the last three transfer windows.
For the new stadium having progressed no further than destroying a few green areas of Stanley Park.
For no top-flight crown in 20 years – the longest post war barren spell in the club’s history – while Liverpool’s greatest rivals Manchester United have levelled their record of 18 titles.
For a abysmally underdeveloped commercial department – that before the arrival of the American existed above the Sandon pub. As one writer perfectly observed: "Liverpool delighted in a cornershop mentality while Manchester United became a megastore."
Moores is either guilty of staggering incompetence in failing to research the men to whom he sold ‘the family silver’ or incredible greed – the Americans offered Moores an extra £8m for his shares than rival bidders DIC.
Worst of all though has been the silence. No apology and no explanation.
The only time supporters have heard from Moores was when the mustachioed millionaire wasn’t allocated a ticket by the Yanks for Liverpool’s clash at the Emirates in 2008, only demonstrating how hopelessly out of touch he had become.
Much like Rick Parry, who on the day Robbie Fowler played his last game for Liverpool in 2007, decided to honour Moores instead of the goalscoring legend with a mosaic on the Kop reading ‘Thanks DM’.
Thanks for nothing, Dave
Jamal Al-lahham sent a message to the members of LFC is top 1 , in good times and bad ones.
Subject: Gerrard rejects exit talk
Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has rubbished rumours of a row with Rafa Benitez and has dismissed talk that he could leave Anfield.
Rumours have swept around Merseyside of a reported bust-up between Gerrard and Benitez during half-time of Liverpool’s FA Cup defeat to Reading last week.
Benitez laughed off the reports on Tuesday and now Gerrard has moved to put the record straight by claiming there was no disagreement and that he has no plans to walk out on the Reds.
"I’ve heard about a dozen versions of the same rumour and they’re all as daft as each other," said Gerrard.
"I’d love to know who comes up with this kind of stuff because they must have an unbelievable imagination.
"Nothing happened, that’s an absolute fact. But if anyone thinks this nonsense unsettles either me or the club then they’re mistaken, if anything it’s brought everyone even closer together because we’ve all had a good laugh about it.
"In the time since he’s been here I’ve never had a problem with the manager or his staff, and certainly not at half-time in the Reading game when I was actually receiving treatment for the injury I’d picked up during the first half.
"The important thing for me now is trying to get myself fit as soon as possible so I can get back to working with the manager and the team to try and improve our situation."
Gerrard, who will miss Wednesday’s clash with Tottenham through injury, insists he remains committed to the Liverpool cause and that he is not looking to leave.
"All the stories about me leaving are unfounded. The fans can be assured that I am doing all I can to get back to top form and help Liverpool finish the season on a high."


ChriS SmiTH sent a message to the members of KOP UNlimited (50 years Shanks).
Subject: i am sure Shanks would have liked this…

Subject: █ Gerrard returns to lift Liverpool █
<<The England midfielder had expected to be sidelined for at least two weeks with a hamstring injury sustained in the FA Cup third round replay defeat at home to Reading nine days ago. But he thinks he can be ready for Tuesday’s trip to Wolves, although Bolton at home the following weekend is a more likely prospect.
"I’m hoping to return in time for the Wolves game next week, that’s my target," Gerrard wrote in his programme notes for the Spurs match on Wednesday night.
"It’s always a nightmare for me when I’m injured and I can’t help the team."


Zaterdag 23 januari 2010

ChriS SmiTH sent a message to the members of KOP UNlimited (50 years Shanks).
Subject: a LiverBird…..

zaterdag 23 januari 2010 23:58:51
Aan:     ChriS SmiTH (eured@live.nl)

Maureen sent you a message.
Re: what are U doing now?
I get it, Chris. Believe me. I was the legal custodial parent of 4 kids that were parentally  abducted. One ended up dead…the other three I got back after years of alienation. One is so mentally ill, that she has been put into hospital several times due to trauma suffered from severe abuse. The other two function. I am a cancer survivor–but probably only because I did not have time to think about the operations that cut away at me cause I was busy trying to find my kids. Me angry? I used to be. But I found good people that saved me from myself and that allowed me to take my anger and to make a difference….and I know that I have…and that continues to save me each and every day.
Embrace your anger..but do not attack me..I bite back and I have sharp teeth! I got tough and stopped crying years ago. I am also involved in peace building. I crawled out of Israel in Oct. after working there..I have seen horrors. I worked in the Middle east 15 years…I know injustice. I am damn good at what I do. I hang my sorry ol’ arse out on the line every time I get on a plane and go to some area where I know I will be face to face with the conflict. Win or loss…I am there….and by the way…I do sleep well. As for my busy schedule…it is busy because I DO MAKE THE TIME for people such as yourself. So if you want to call me fine. I listen well.


maandag 25 januari 2010 18:04:44
Aan:     ChriS SmiTH

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Subject: << Skrtel: We can still challenge top three >>
Defender Martin Skrtel believes Liverpool can still reel in the Barclays Premier League’s top three with a long winning run.
The Reds have won three and drawn one – where they were denied by a last-minute Stoke equaliser – of their last four matches and that has taken them to within a point of fourth-placed Tottenham.
Leaders Manchester United may be 13 points ahead but Skrtel said fourth place was the very least they were expecting from what has been a disappointing season so far.
"In the Premier League we want to finish fourth in the worst case," said the Slovakia international, who thinks the club’s FA Cup third-round exit to Reading will actually help.
"Unlike our rivals we will be playing fewer games, so we should be more relaxed and have more energy. I believe we will reach our objective of finishing within the top four. Also, we are still in the Europa League and will be trying to get as far as possible."
Skrtel told the Liverpool Echo: "I firmly believe that better times are ahead of us as up to present we have been far behind the pre-season objectives. The last two games against Stoke and Tottenham showed us that we are ready to do our best for the club. We would like to start a long winning run."

zaterdag 30 januari 2010 1:24:32
Aan:     ChriS SmiTH

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Subject: Liverpool F.C and Corinthians
Here’s an interesting article about Brazilian side Corinthians, another club who Tom Hicks used to own a share in. The similarities between what happened there and what’s happening at Liverpool today are quite incredible.
"It seems Tom Hicks leaves a trail of devastation wherever he goes. His disastrous foray into the Brazilian football market as chairman of Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst left Corinthians, second most popular club in Brazil, in a state of turmoil.
The parallels between what happened to Corinthians and what is currently happening at Liverpool are unsettling to say the least:
* There was the initial blaze of publicity and fanfare when the company bought the club in 1999, with promises of big spending on the best players and the construction of a brand new 45,000 seater stadium in the suburbs of Sao Paulo.
* There was an initial capital investment to tie down existing players and to finance the purchase one or two other additional players.
* The economics behind the Corinthians deal appeared to be based on ridiculously rudimentary logic: "If you add up all the fans of professional baseball, basketball, football and hockey in the United States, that number is lower than the number of Brazilians who are soccer fans." Clearly, no proper risk analysis had been undertaken – a situation which resonates with the due diligence period of 3 days prior to the purchase of Liverpool.
* This flimsy approach was reinforced by the apparently rash and impulsive purchase of Cruzeiro six months later – traits which Liverpool fans are rapidly coming to associate with Hicks.
* There was also the emphasis on the cheaper "young players", with the following quote from the (unfortunately named) Richard Law, president of Hicks’ subsidiary group: "Our job is not to turn back the inevitable, but to build Corinthians and Cruzeiro up from the junior ranks." Hicks followed a similar tack following the takeover of Liverpool: "You need to keep your star players but also develop your young players. Young players are the lifeblood of your team, so we talked about how we can improve that side of the team."
Corinthians had already won the Brazilian championship in 1998 so Hicks inherited a winning team. The initial expenditure assisted in retaining the league title in Dec 1999 and the club also won the inaugural FIFA Club World Championship the following month.
This is where things started to go wrong.
Unable to resist the temptation to make a quick buck, HICKS BEGAN SELLING TRANSFER RIGHTS TO THE CLUB’S STAR PLAYERS. On top of that, he decided on the bizarre idea of changing the traditional colour of the club’s shirt. He also introduced sponsorship (something which Corinthians fans felt defiled their heritage).
All of these things led to a furious reaction from supporters and widespread protest against Hicks and his partners. The company bailed out three years later, ironically having accused its local partner in Brazil of "misappropriating funds" (read the UTIMCO post and you’ll understand).
Corinthians began to spiral downwards. MSI took over the club’s management but, despite a league title in 2005, the financial problems initiated by Hicks proved too much of a burden. The club was relegated to the second tier of Brazilian football for the first time in its history in December 2007.
THERE WAS NO NEW STADIUM. Hicks invested about five hundred million dollars and within two years filed for bankruptcy.
In a recent prospectus issued to financial companies in London, Hicks claims in to be "a master of purchasing and growing professional sports teams".
Liverpool fans, Texas Rangers fans and Corinthians fans might disagree."


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A Dirk Kuyt strike and a Kevin Davies own-goal were enough for Liverpool to prevail 2-0 in their Premier League clash with Bolton at Anfield and move to within a point of fourth-placed Tottenham.!!!
 4OOO members already !!! thnx evryOne 🙂
♥ yOu’ll neva walk alOne xD ♥


Celts New Year, but same old BS? (at least we battered the Mancs)


This is a (EuRED-Direct Action) "Grass Routes" special…YES another one!…<smile>

whilst putting the content together for this "Grass Routes issue"….. on 25th October 09, OUR enemy , the "mancs" , came to Anfield, their fans carried & inflated beachballs to provoke the home supporters of LIVERPOOLs REDS (we had lost the previous game @ sunderland, because the referee failed to stop the game before a goal was "scored" against us which was wildly deflected past our goalie by a beachball …on the contrary , despite a run of wine against our run of defeats the mancs players left THEIR balls at home, the REDS showed a fighting spirit in every inch of the firld (I am reminded of the motivation from the coach played by Al Pacino in the film "on any given sunday"..) …OU kid ("El Nino" ) Fernando TORRES scored the all important first goal in our 2-0 win, but it was our "unsung" heroes that got my "joint men of the match" …

Carra *"too old") Lucas (not a "Brazilian") Masch ("wants to leave") …Fabio ( not strong enough") and Yossi ("not a LIVERPOOL player) stuffed the critics of media pundits and non-fans down their throats and even young David Ngog (not good enough) came on to slot the 2nd goal in the 6th min. of injury time (for once fergie wasnt happy with extra time added ? <smile> …this game is watched by MORE people worldwide than any other League club fixture …I hope some of them got the message, DONT write off any LIVERPOOL team, the REDS will never give up…YNWA..with hope in y-our heart

SEE Utube ;

theres a party to celebrate the "CELTS new year" (1 st nOvember) …meeting at Macormacks Irish pub , Turnhout at 20h on saturday 31 october – then at "the Cabin" ..its a bit like "camp David" except we arent "camp" and theres no Dave (or Chas!) …

mind U, U might not want to RISK association with me…IF U had taken the time to read my recent blogs…

when I was preparing the word-file for this events "BLOG" ..I used the year (9) and the month (11) ..and what number did I find…?

to be sure the "CIA" (C*nts, Idiots and A**holes) will tune into THIS message and I will be lucky if U read anything , it will probably arrive in your inbox on 2012 after I am dead of "no mysterious" causes…

why so cynical?

Apart from my (and anyone I have associated with) communications, phones, correspondence, banking and accomodation being obstructed to almost farcial degress, every internet cafe , library network or friends cumpter system has been damaged affected or obsturcted/controlled in one way or anoither..

but how can I take them seriously

we still live in a world where ignorance rules 95% of the planets population

– an estimated 25,000 kids die daily from the mess we made – solved for EVER , IF onlly your govenments stopped spending on weapons for ONE year and gave that saving to re-distrubition of food

– Idiots crooks & actors Preside ofver the most powerful world military "mights" (or "might-nots")

– we pump 6 billion tones of polution into the air we breathe..

– so called "intellectual " dont realise or want to change that making profit on land stolen from the people causes the stress that kills us..

– Theres still enough Nuclear weapons (or waste) to destroy the planet and everyone/thing on it several times over

– People are becoming robotic and more stupid as more technology becomes available

– Humour is transfered into bitterness, more prejudice, more money-related greed

– Less awareness, care, and intelligence and TRUE entrepreneurs scarce.

(para-prasing from the film "imagining argentina" …………….Politics is like DOG sh*te ….if U step in it U stink too)

…politicians should be dealt with like babies nappies, checked & changed often..for the same reason!)

Heard USA & other western economies continually complaining abiut being undercut on manufacturing by japan, then taiwan, now china, maybe services from india etc …I am old enough to remember when the yanks flooded the UK with cheaper products & services….its Karma..the USA wanted the capitalist dream, to rule the world with commercialismn, now its biting their ar*e …what a pity ! 😉


I have recently moved into a house in the Merksplas area; to spend this winter (’09/10) further wriiting a book concerning my life story & psychology..

However I have considerable experience and want to stimulate social contact and communicate with the local community and therefore offer [-

* A Free and OPEN english language course, once a week, with spontaneous content, from basic conversation to Business/Political/legal dialogue level

– for participants of any age

– for a maximum group of 10 people

* A One on One course "how to be an entrepreneur" (including "starting up" ; risk management, and Eco-logistics)

* Football Coach a childrens/youth football team

* Campaign sponsors for a follow up in 2010 to Tom’s charitable adventure to Ghana ; (see : http://www.tangatoursvzw.org) by providing a coaching centre network for disadvantaged children ; starting with BongaTanga and developing throughout the african and indian continents.

note all my activities are charitable/not-for-profit – you may enquire via Niel? at the BIB Merksplas or by email (in dutch or english) to ChriS@eured-san.net

Christopher R. SMITH F. Inst D.

B2330 Merksplas

email ChriS@eured-san.net


and this is the latest on my arguement v "waterloo bankers"

The main points is that :-

a) I am damaged (prejudice) without any proper fair impartial/legal process

b) the b-(w)-ankers expect me to "BEG" the people who have insulted and damaged me

c) the bank dont apologise for their "failings" (losing my digipass, failure to transfer to LFC, etc -see also complaint to ING.NL below)

d) its almost impossible now to be a "mobile european" in todays "digital – trust no-one society"

why do YOU, the people ACCEPT that these "B-w-ankers" screw U then make U pay for it, they inflate the cost of living and the general inhumanity,

time for world people bank

ChriS>Kris, thanks BUT…sorry, no…

I dotn see how I can ask OES to change their stance when I am in the middle of a conflict with them, if this is above your status, please can U organise a meeting with your manager as otherwise I will have to go to ING international with my complaints…and then I will have to publicise it over my network…



From: kv@ing.

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 08:57:18 +0100

Subject: RE: S791024 CS->Kris V /TH INg 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

Hello Chris,

The application can be done on two conditions :

– when the registration at the "Nationale Bank van België" is cancelled

– when your pension comes every month on your ING account

I hope you can convince the other credit card company that they made a mistake and that they will cancel the registration at the "Nationale Bank van België".

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Kris V.

Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 2:10 PM

Subject: S791024 CS->Kris V /TH INg 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

ChriS>Hello Kris,

Please NOTE the reply from NBB..("registered that you contest the registration of the payment default and that this will be visible to other lenders")

will ING now progress my Application?????????????????????

From: <EdAgN@eured-san.net>

To: <peter.neefs@nbb.be>, <edagn@eured-san.net>, <brigitte.smets@nbb.be>

Subject: RE: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie (eurosystem)

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 07:40:58 -0400

message from CS>"hello Peter,

BUT.. it is OBVIOUS that EOS and their clients ICS KNEW it was contested even before the amounts became due, they didnt comply with normal

procedures; nor complete a proper legal claim against me .. but they CAUSED damages against my credibility (and ICS caused damages by their own

mistakes/errors and are incapable of being a bona fide financial institution , employing inexperienced kid to handle "problems")..its disgusting and says nothing for belgian "standards"…"

Original Message:


From: Neefs Peter Peter.Neefs@nbb.be

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:55:21 +0200

To: EdAgN@eured-san.net, Brigitte.Smets@nbb.be

Subject: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van

Belgie ("eurosystem")

Dear Sir,

EOS Aremas has confirmed us that the legal conditions to register a payement are fulfilled. Therefore, the National Bank of Belgium is obliged to maintain the payment default until it has been paid.

Please note that, following your complaint, we’ve registered that you contest the registration of the payment default and that this will be visible to other lenders.


Peter Neefs


Centrale voor Kredieten aan Particulieren

Nationale Bank van Belgi�

tel: +32 2 221 21 38

fax: +32 2 221 31 18

—–Original Message—–

From: De Geyter Marc

Sent: maandag 12 oktober 2009 14:11

To: Smets Brigitte; Neefs Peter

Cc: Depuydt Andre

Subject: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van

Belgie ("eurosystem")

—–Original Message—–

From: Depuydt Andre

Sent: maandag 12 oktober 2009 13:53

To: De Geyter Marc

Subject: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van

Belgie ("eurosystem")

—–Original Message—–

From: EdAgN@eured-san.net [mailto:EdAgN@eured-san.net]

Sent: maandag 12 oktober 2009 13:45

To: Antwerpensg

Cc: chris@eured-san.net

Subject: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie


to email: antwerpensg@nbb.be

COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie ("eurosystem")/


Original Message:


Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 08:41:17 -0400

To: kv@ing.be

Subject: RE: Libh-n 91015 FW: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor

kredieten aan particulieren

ChriS>Hello Kris,


the NBB /Belgian credit system is NOt logical…that means that any company can make a BOGUS claim without completing a full legal process..how

ridiculous! (in the meantime the person !VICTIM") is damaged…

the NBB should not ACCEPT any claim against me thats NOT proven in court, I cant imagine OES/ICS accepting to cancel their claim against me as they

didnt follow correct procedures in the first place, how can ING accept such a "catch 22" situation..

it doesnt make me feel like recommended my co-members to use this type of banking system….I feel more inclined to complain about this at the

petitions office of the EU in Brussels as its an obvious blatant violation of my human rights, especially after so many credit/financial/banking

institutions "got it wrong" and caused the financial "crisis"…

Original Message:



Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 15:49:54 +0200

Subject: RE: Libh-n 91015 FW: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor

kredieten aan particulieren

Hello Chris,

In the message of "Nationale Bank van Belgie" below is mentioned that they or not responsible for the information they get from the banks/credit card

companies en that they are not able to check this information. So if you think the information about you is not correct, you need to contact the

bank/bank card company who put you on the list en ask them to inform the "Nationale Bank van Belgie" about their mistake.

Can you please ask the "Nationale Bank van Belgie" the new correct information ?

Then I can order a credit card (when your pension comes on the ING account)

Kindly regards,


—–Original Message—–

Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 1:37 PM

To: KV

Cc: edagn@eured-san.net

Subject: Libh-n 91015 FW: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten

aan particulieren

ChriS>hello Kris,

as U will note below the "obstruction" at NBB is wrong, please would U

kindly proceed with the card application?

Original Message:


From: EdAgN@eured-san.net

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:00:56 -0400

To: cr@nbb.be,

Subject: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

and what are U going to DO about the sitution?

COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie ("eurosystem")

attention of Brigitte Smets – Hoofsectiechef, NBvB, Brussel

cc; Peter Neefs – Afdelingshoofd, NBvB , de Berlaimontlaan, 1000 Brussel.

cc; "CS" : ChriS@Eured-San.net

cc; Members & associates & selected media/to whom it may concern.

via NBvB Leopoldplaats 8, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgie

Antwerpen monday 12th October 2009

REF Christopher R. Smith F.Inst D ("CS") . v EOS Aremas, Belgium NV

1. Although he speaks 4 languages , "CS" does not have perfect command of the language/dialect that you use in this part of Europe, "CS" holds a european passport and claim all the rights promised by the council of Europe, and co-signed by your "democratic" government.

2. "CS" joined a complaint concerning the unfair treatment of "mobile europeans" (that is Europeans that constantly change location for whatever reason)

3. "CS" discovered your letter in the postbox, on the way to visit you.today, your letter is dated 16.09.09 and that post-date indicates that EOS Aremas did not complete propoer procedures with "CS" (see also the content of the letter to OES from "CS" sent whilst he was travelling on HOLIDAY to the Italian Alps 0n the 7th September 2009) "companies like OES

act like " sharks" and do NOT follow proper methods of justice.

4. BY REFUSING "CS" credit YOU/OES/any banker, VIOLATES article 6, of the ECHR, which promises that a person is "innocent" until proven "gulty" by a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process = THERE has been NO such "process" other than OES being able to damage the "credibility" of "CS"

5.. The counter claim of 2,500 euros against OES/ICS is hereby DOUBLED to e5000 and is NOW "joint & several" against "NBvB" and any banking institution that acts similarly in an OBVIOUS ILL:EGAL action against "CS" or any other member or associate of EdAgN.

(not including punitive damages that may be granted to "CS" or others via an international court process.)



Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn"eured-san.net

Original Message:


From: Cr Cr@nbb.be

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 14:53:26 +0200

To: EdAgN@eured-san.net

Subject: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

Ref.: CKP.LBS.27083.AV – W1326N

Geachte mevrouw, geachte heer

In antwoord op uw brief, melden wij u dat de activiteiten van de Centrale

voor kredieten aan particulieren zich beperken tot de registratie van

gegevens in het bestand van de "Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren"

en in het "Bestand van de niet-gereglementeerde registraties".

De kredietinstelling draagt de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor de

gegevens die ze aan de Centrale mededeelt.

Aangezien de Nationale Bank van Belgi� de juistheid van de inlichtingen

niet kan controleren, vragen wij u in contact te treden met de

kredietinstelling die uw dossier beheert en die ons de geregistreerde

gegevens heeft medegedeeld. Indien de registratie niet correct zou zijn,

dient die instelling de verbetering of de schrapping ervan aan de Centrale

mede te delen.


Brigitte Smets Peter Neefs

Hoofdsectiechef Afdelingshoofd

Nationale Bank van Belgie

Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

de Berlaimontlaan 14


Tel. 02 221 30 06

Fax 02 221 31 18

Mail: cr@nbb.be <mailto:cr@nbb.be>

BTW: BE 0203.201.340

RPR Brussel



Manager Verkoopondersteuning

ING Bank N.V.

PostBus 99960, 8900 GA Leeuwarden

(telefoon 020 565 50 10)

Sent By hand, post & email; Antwerp 22nd October 09

Dear Banker Tuinga

OFFICIAL complaint v bank ING (REF 4986080 ZE/ZW ‘REDS’ Supporters CLUB -BENELUX-)

cc: Jan D – secretary "ZReDS" club

cc: D. Matthe

cc: ING, Zwolle – M. Braam

cc: EdAgN – 111-legal COMPLAINTS dept (edagn@eured-san.net)

cc: ING – KV – TH. / ING international HQ


IT IS NO LESS THAN 6 MONTHS since I filed an APPLICATION to open an account with ING, Zwolle on behalf of our CLUB, (re; Ze/Zw "REDS" Supporters Club (Benelux)

1) YOU delayed the opening by WRONGLY rejecting our application with returned contents,ID,forms & aims & objectives,members list(x2) – I refer YOU to our letter dated 19th may 09 (*) The application form was PROPERLY completed with the full attendance (advice & assistance) of your colleague (M.Braam) in the Zwolle branch office of ING. The club is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) Zwolle as a "Club withOUT statutes".

2) I am the only "full time" member currently able to deal with matters, and sole "sponsor/donator" & sole signatory and informed you that we intend to add other officers later (Jan D. & others) It will be done at an AGM In the meantime we proceeded as per (the CORRECT) account application.

3) Because your errors & the possible delay in receipt of correspondence, AT THAT TIME (may 09) we agreed to make the POSTAL address of the club also @ ; "ZReDS"/ChriS SMITH F.inst. D.MERELstraat 49 8011 BW Zwolle, NL AT THAT TIME YOU were asked to PLEASE process this application with NO further delay as I am having to use my personal account (postbank/ING Zwolle; 3934915) to support "ZReDS" club activities, in the meantime.

4) However, YOU REPEATED your Error and TWICE sent documentation to the INCORRECT Post box. Then we lost time in July because WE were absent on travels/holidays

5) Subsequently (DESPITE repeating our letter of 19th may & phone calls to your HQ by M. Braam & his colleagues in Zwolle) YOU sent documnetation (ref passwords/pin) to the OLD address – TWICE!

6) At end of August; Our club Secretary eventually received these items and passed them to me for collection of our PIN/password dated August. however when visiting ING, Zwolle I was informed that we were" out of time" , another password/PIN was ordered on 21.09.09

7) At the end of September new forms were sent to our new address (Assendorpstr 196, 8012CE Zwolle) – BUT were DATED 28th august !!!!! – (quite remarkable having ordered them on 21.09.09)- at the beginning of October I went to ING Zwolle to collect them and was AGAIN told they were "OUT of date" – your employee "Marc" RE-ORDERED via your INg computer system

8) Yesterday (21 October 09) I travelled 400kms round trip from my home-office to collect the forms and obtain the pin – and was told they had not arrived, your young lady in ING Zwolle infoormed me (after phoning 2 or 3 different people in your HQ) that the computer "order" of "Marc" was NOT in the system, and she RE-ORDERED the password/PIN for the FOURTH TIME!!!…she also told me

a)IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to make a "manual transfer" (without knowing my pin) – previously I could complete a simple "overschriven"(transfer?) slip !

b) that the ATM card I received a month ago is UNusuable…

c) WE cannot make any payments to organise media for our "LIVE tv" club meetings

d) WE cannot pay for a website (att)

e) WE cant pay for our members t-shirts.

…in other words WE ARE IN A WORSE SITUATION THAN back where we started 6 MONTHS AGO!!!

DAMAGES; (to be claimed against ING bank/NV & global, its employeess "joint & several")

– 10 HOURS wasted time travelling to several "pointless" meetings at ING, Zwolle and corresponding (including this letter) = 10hrs @ e25 euros = e500

– Travel costs x 5 = e200

– Loss of charitable income (not yet calculated) – as we have not been able to register our website as we cannot pay the hosting company

– Damage to reputation of "ZRedS" – probably requires an independent institution to calculate the costs of failing to provide member services

– Miscellaneous compensation and punitive damages (to be calculatedaccording to international law)


a) YOU pay the enclosed invoice IMMEDIATELY

b) YOU refund 50 euros in our account to Jan Diepenheim (club secreatary) and we find another bank who WANTS to provide a PROPER service to OUR club members

YOU were provided with confidential information regarding this club being part of a European Network of similar clubs and our intent to find ONE bank to service a potential 100,000 members YOU give us NO confidence that you are COMPETETENT to manage a "piggy bank" never mind the responsibility we are planning. I would have HOPED that considering the DAMAGE done to the reputation of "bankers" that YOU might have tried HARDER as representatives of your profession in the light of the mistakes made by w(B)ankers (World-Bankers). I have filed a complaint that may eventually be heard in the international court and global media. IF I expose evidence that this is part of a DELIBERATE OBSTRUCTION to our plans, your bank will spend the next 10 years litigating its defence in international process and be a laughing stock of the global media!

PLEASE REPLY IMMEDIATELY by email to the address BELOW


(founder member)

ChriS SMITH F. inst D.

email ; EuRED@live.nl or EdAgN@eured-san.net

c/o EdAgN (Direct Action)

Postbus#1 ,Bist 129,

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN, Belgie

NOTinTansit – somewhere in the Flemish Forest ..no FFF…


ChriS>blogging from "somewhere in the Flemish Forest" no FFF here! <smile>

I am now in the middle of my first month at "t’cabin’ …this morning is a bit grey and had 2 visitors (rare!) Toms cousin ^ the DHL delivery man..yesterday it was so different the week had been relatively sunny and I had spent a lot of time on the veranda…I fed the chicks, collected wood for the fire etc, watched ‘endearing love”(or was in enduring love") anyway…,dvd starring Dan Craig etc ..;the story revolves qround q ballooning accident; then immediately switched to actual TV news about… a.ballooning accident (in china)…. sitting on the veranda of t°cabin…in the fresh autumn air with the sun on my face..the colours of the gardens and lthe large "pond"..which covers the whole area in front of t° cabin, the green the fading yellow reeds and the Red of the “mystical” plants …almost surreal …refflecting on life, and if I really want another “wife” and all the illusion, then….reality bites <smile>

Paul tomkins(LFC.tv) recently wrote> the burden of proof – the core of the democratic justice system – is as follows: "the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges."
But funnily, in football, it seems to be the other way around. The prosecution base their thinking on hunches and hearsay. And often, what we think we see is coloured by other factors.
The reason DNA is exonerating so many convicted murderers and rapists is because they were sent to prison based on eye-witness evidence in the days when everyone was satisfied that this proved their guilt. Wrong.
In 2005 I wrote that Michael Shields’ conviction in Bulgaria had to be unsound, because he was found guilty purely on such dubious evidence. The human mind is terribly unreliable in this sense, and plays tricks on us. I’ve read studies of eye-witness experiments when people even identified the wrong sex of the person! Our perceptions can easily be altered by other influences.
Shields was chained up in full sight of those who had arrived to identify him in a parade; they saw a man in shackles, who vaguely matched the assailant (in the way that people from other cultures can ‘all look alike’), so when they were all in the room together, they drew the wrong (but for them, obvious) conclusion.
There was even a case in America where a man served 20 years for a near-fatal attack on his wife; on emerging from a coma she had no doubt that he did it. But while he’d popped to the shops an intruder had snuck in and committed the crime.
While bearing no comparison in terms of severity, I think something similar happens when watching football.

ChriS>its an interesting comparison how judgements are made on & off the field, but lets not FOOL y-ourselves THERE is NO JUSTICE in todays society, democracy doesnt actually APPLY "innocent until PROVEN guilty by a fair & impartial process…

(tip watch the DVD "Felon" for an extreme example of what I wrote about now)

– in the midst of the "financial crisis" more & more people are being "blacklisted" by banks/credit agencies who decide that U have no more credibility even if U have or have not been allowed to argue y-our defence..

the mainstream MEDIA show people arrested, perhaps for civil or extreme accusations of crimes, and reporters show some (biased) "history" or associations of that person…(the famous macarthy "with-hunt" in the USA probably started this modern "trend" in the 50’s …how can that person be treated fairly?

in some "democratic" states; like "germoney" (and more & more in the UK/USA) "heresay" is allowed as "evidence" , so, dont be surprised if U make a joke about "terrorism" that the next day your front door will be smashed down, your home invaded by a "SWAT" unit and your family & friends carted away for unlimited interrogation or "investigative detention" (guantanamo bay is everywhere!)

unless U are rich or have local or political lobby U are likely to be held up to 18 months before complettion, of the "process", if U declare yourself INNOCENT – often "aliens" with no one to fight for them – people are encouraged by police, lawyers, (even their "public defenders") and sometimes "friends" and family to PLEAD-bargain with state prosecutors, as the damage done by ACCUSATION can often be MORE than the "punishment" of a truly guilty person

in the family courts – should U wate money fighting for custody – lawyers & judges are only too happy to take whatever dignity & resources U have left away from U, less than 5% of contested cases are settled in favour of a male parent, despite experiences showing that modern fee-males are becoming less "motherly" more cynical , selfish & consumer-obsessed!

so, …wheres the JUSTICE?…as people become more moronicly robotice in their lack of awareness and dependence on media, history , mass or traditional opinion ..judges are human and more likely to error, whilst politicians call for complete removal of the "jury" …we are MORE likely to make MORE wrong decisions than IF our children were taught the UN human rights articles & intelligent application of them! (rather than state officials being the LAST people to APPLY them correctly!)

"there but for fortune" (Joan Baez 1965)

note…some may be inclined to think that the REDS have an almost unique run of 3 defeats (albeit partly because of our STAR players getting injured) has caused my "mood" but…however, anyone who has read my articles/blogs/journals/mailings/books since I "woke" from meningitis coma in 95 will know that its much the same "warning/message" as ever, it seems that even "crisis" & "Tsunami" cant wake people up into caring enough, so why should anyone care about what I write (but it seems the "CIA" do (obstruct) <smile>


self-indulgence is the movie business (or the DVD buisiness?) I recently watched a film "how to lose your man in 10 days" ..could call it a chick-flick..?..all the special features add to double the time of the film, and this , my friends, is NOT a classic film, like they would have U believe, its sicklly full of the superficial beautiful people that has made the USA ugly..

IN some "third World" regions hospitals are "manned" by families of the patients , who do all the "caring" for their sick family members in the clinic..(leaving doctors & nurses to do the core work and nothing else) of course our "civilised" western bureaucracy & medical elite would crap itself at such an idea..(as they mostly do when "alternative" remedies are proposed) .no in our "advanced technological world" we seperate the sick, the old, the weak …and if the feminists (and their political poodles) have their way then men will be seperated from families too, so that all the girls have to do, is select the seed they want ..women are the cruelest beings on the planet, and would destroy anyone & anything to get power …"HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned" ..its the half of it…so dont worry it wont be long now …

I have tried and only partiially succeeded in several projects to eb creative, ecological or simply supportive of people with disadvantages, yet almost everywhere, simple jealousy, rules, bureaucracy, ignorance and politics have obstucted, opposed or delayed me, and within my own limited tim/budget I can only engage in "skirmishes" with the "CIA" ( "C*nts , Idiots & A**holes" ) of the "western civilization"…so, when Tom returns next year, its my plan to take the "ZBuss" touring down through southernn europe, north africa into wherever, then India, the isklands and back through the poorer states of the middle east and eastern europe (IF I get that far without some CIA killing me <smile>) …staring up centres for footy, networking, and encouraging small start-ups…I am not going to sit in this FAT selfish western society that thinks cancelling a holiday equates to a "crisis"

western civilization particularly and the worlds inhabitants generally have progressively lost the sense of awareness of others, are self-absorbed through the post WW2 "capitalist victory" the USA is in decline for the same greedy & selfish/ignorant reasons..their new world order’s only prize was to be ruler of a massive super-store, but the global customers would have been dead, poioned by exhaust fumes, chemical & nuclear waste…how stupid can people be?…well I am SO glad that I lived when I did, and had the opportunities I had, because I am so SAD that my (stolen) children will live and die in a modern hell….can it change?..of course, but the mass must change it & not depend on politicians or "do-gooders" to do it for them..

having said that <smile> ……..I will campaign to end all future property speculation = if PROFIT on construction/property was limited to the building alone (i.e. NO profit on LAND re-sale) we could extinguish the enemy of the people (INFLATION) now…and truly equate the people of the world and their opportunities..my dream is of a "entrepreneurial team-community" society…In the "thrid world " there is also the "CIA" BUT at least there are also people who I can help and who will want me there…The USA , & Europe is lost, dead , (just no one realises that the titanic sunk a long time agao) ..I know I wont achieve my dream (maybe no-one should EVER achieve their dream) , but I will die in the attempt, I HOPE! (i-a) <smile>

"Fire and Rain" (James Taylor 1970)

Curse on those who stole my children and my music (much of my collection , as a teenager, formed my opinions & were the original sounds of Beatles, Stones, Hendrick, Yardbirds, Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Bowie, Yes, Budon’s Animals , Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, all the mowtowners, Green, Fleetwood Mac, Benson et al..etc etc…) ……….The factory music of today, cannot compare with the original sounds & lyrics of the 60/70’s a time of evolution; in all aspects of music, sport and politics…and of course entertainment , particularly the challenging humour used to expose the stupidity of the masses…for example the brilliant "Life of Brian" (monthy python sketches we played out at school like pearls of wisdom)…and to leave U with a positive…There IS a GOOD current film called the "bucket list" ..about 2 guys who make a list of special things to do before they "kick the bucket"…U can help me with MY "bucket list" …or make your own!


with Hope in Your Heart….


p.s. some recent complaints (that might amuse U) inc B(w)ankING;


Aan: "Ryanair Customer Services" <info@frsc.net>

REF EdAgN91008CS-ryanPlaint-FLO


Antwerpen 8th October 2009

We are EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) Network

on behalf of Christopher Smith,

YOUR ref ; FBUQ8N / G4ZSWL – Dates ; 27.09.09/30.9.09/02.10.9 – Maastricht/Pisa92)/Maastricht

!. Extract from travel report of supporter ChriS SMITH

Dix had booked my RyanAir flight via Maastricht =-planning to be away until an early return from Sunday until Wednesday…this seasons CL games give us 3 new venues ; Fiorentina (Florence) Lyon & Budapest..all of which I was looking forward to the trips; new stadiums and, perhaps new friends & experiences…I left Zw (NL) early by road to Maastricht, just as well, as (again) the Dutch closed the motorway …(tip = travel early if U go to a dutch airport on a sunday)..I parked the Zbus in the long term, and proceeded to check in, I had noticed that the printout didn’ t comply with my passport number (probably a glitch on the ryan computer?) so I wrote the correction on it, & pointed this out to the checkin girl & she told me "ok go to boarding" ( no "penalty" delay, or extra charge) …however she couldnt change the Pisa checkin copy (in fact I discovered that once printed it is IMPOSSIBLE to rectify computer glitches or online check-in errors @ RyanAir)

on my return (30th September) it was on time to catch my 03.35 (reserved seat) bus to Pisa…however…..although I was in good time for the flight (still almost 2 hrs before departure, being, reasonable, I (again) pointed out the error on my online checkin ..THIS time, a humourless RyanAir checkin girl told me it was "unacceptable" (company policy!) and I must PAY e40 at the ticket desk!!..I went there to argue, and met a brick wall in the shape of a humourless & impolite local woman, (i speak some itlian due to my wine trade time in Trentino 20-odd years ago) ..I thought "ok I could pay it and try to claim back later"(although RyanAir usually ignore complaints of this kind) …

There was only one ATM upstairs and my dutch card didnt work!…so I decided (as far as I was concerned I had the right documents to go through to security) they passed me through to the boarding gate, and then, we started boarding almost an hour early the TWO RyanAir staff blocked me…one italian woman & an uptight english tw*t..they were prepared to hold up everyone whilst stopping me,…I was told I could only get a decison from the (feemale) "supervisor""(no name , only "number 300") whom I found in her office with a face from hell..she wasnt interested , didnt listen to me, didnt care , just repeated no & I was given a RECEIPT for the extra charge, as they arrogantly already prepared it without hearing my claim..I said, "please, if YOU could be so kind to help me, (their strict new check in policy only came into force the next day!?) as the ATM isnt accepting my card & I will be stuck here if U dont let me on", she said (rudely) NO, ANYWAY, the gate is closed"…I disputed that with a smile.."surely YOU can let me on, theres still more than 20 minutes to scheduled departure, the plane is only parked a few metres from this building, and I only have carry-on baggage ( Ryan probably hates guys like me, because I usually dont pay ":extras" by taking only carry on baggage & booking flights at the cheapest time, ) she was a brick wall…(wow have I had a summer-full of b*tches)…

I went back to Florence but the eurlines bus ddint leave for Amsterdam until friday (cost e96) & the train cost e200, (compared to the e300 ryan tried to land me with)…luckily SH & Niel still there,I just had enough cash for the hostel that night, so, I asked SH to book me (online!)on the next Ryan flight (also friday from Pisa) &gave him 60 euroes (one way)to get back to Maastricht Friday, the flight was almost 30 minutes late & one poor passenger was panicking because the departure gate wasntr announced until very late." The lack of service is obvious with budget airlines, and of course mistakes happen but theres NO excuse for RUDE behaviour & inhumanity, I suggest all other REDS throughout Europe send me their complaints against RyanAir and we can complain against their licence if they dont respend reasonably"


one way flight 2.10.09 – cash e60

(duplicated) transfer Florence/Pisa = e16

Hostel 2 nights = e38

phonecard (see below) = e10

total: 114 euros

2. The phone card serial N.102267

purchased 2nd October 2010

I have attempted to use the card twice (vi Belgian & dutch phones) and your audio service answers that my PIN number is "invalid" how can that be when I have not yet made a call?

claims dept./CS

EuRED Direct Action group Network

Postbus #1

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn@eured-san.net



CENTRALE VERwerking OPENbaar MINIsterie

CVOM ; Postbus 8267,3503 RG, UTRECHT



Antwerpen 91012

to " De officer from JustTITie"? (UN-NAMED public prosecutor)


ref 1. your COMPUTER (UNsigned notice) ref C24829 "Zekerheidstelling" RECIVED at PN#1 TODAY (12th october 2009)!!!

CJIB n. 130938423- kenmerk E21434

ref 2, letter from "Rechtbank Breda" ?>>>ref 13009553 (565817 MB VERZ09-353)

We refer you to previous correspondence from Chris Smith ("CS") rejecting your unsigned claims and repeat


1. Your computer "system" STILL makes no sense. There are NO "enclosures" – (do you use "google" as a translator?) there is no explanation in the native language of the receiver!

2. IT MUST be "explanated" to the "public prosector" that all documentation was returned to your offices.

3. Please explain WHAT sort of anonymous organisation are YOU; am I correspnding with a machine? is this the "x files" 😉 ??? (U dont even sign your "legal " correspondence????? – that is illegal in International law!


4. YOUR (illegal) "claim" to receive payment (by "payable" security) in advance of a full , fair & IMPARTIAL legal process is a BLATANT VIOLATION of article 6 of the council of europe (convention for the protection of human rights & fundemental freedoms) you are effectively stating that I am "guilty until proven innocent! – which is the OPPOSITE of all known democratic society & international (common) law. even your own.

5. IT is COMMONLY known that all electronic systems are currently making errors (libraries, post offices & government offices all complain of systems going down, with viruses and computing errors; therefore I find it more than co-incidence that "CS" received a flood of these "violations" (?)at this time! I therefore challenge your right to "ASSUME" these violations are correct.

CS (and by default his vehicle) was ILLEGALLY "de-registered" from the NL and AS SUCH YOU removed him/the vehicle from YOUR jurisdiction (however faulty your "system may be" THEREFORE ALL CLAIMS in NL are ANNULED & our associates are participating at the EU petitions (Brussels) & we will follow the FULL appeal procedure against YOU & your officers at the ECHR , Strasbourg/EU petitions Brussels, if you continue to violate "CS" rights & the rights of other "mobile europeans" as our rights (PROMISED by the signing of Eu & UN declarations & conventions by YOUR government) are constantly violated by Zwolle & other local authotities in the european regions. WE challenge the VALIDITY of your department, you send automated communications from an electronic "judgement"..there is a form of PREJUDICE or DIS-CRMI-nation in the Netherlands; which requires investigation by independent media. – NO "violation" has been explained.. WE DO NOT accept that "CS" should make ANY payment to your offices,your methods are DISCRIMINATION & ILLEGAL, claiming money without RIGHTS is a FRAUD on your part! – . and YOU must STOP this harrassment . which violates human rights, and the way that certain "officials VIOLATE individual rights claiming penalties etc without FAIR & IMPARTIAL process, any such attempt to extract monies WILL be reported to the EU parliament & eventually appealed against in the ECHR. WE claim euros 1500 against your government in costs to date.


EdAgN reply to: email: edagn@eured-san.net


(this is a computerised communication, & therefore unsigned) postal address:

EDAGN, Postbus #1 – Bist 129, B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


 To Amtsgericht Freiburg

LEMKE – az: 200 Js 16837/04 – AK 23/06  760 VRs

Betref Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 etc etc

Holzmarkt 2,D79098 Freiburg,DUITSLAND  

EdAgN -NU,/mp 18/09/2009/S7-91012

Antwerpen 91012

LEMKE – az: 200 Js 16837/04 – AK 23/06  

Betref Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 etc etc etc

COPY;(via email) unterhalt@lkbh.de

cc; Christopher R. Smith F.Inst D. ("CS")

cc; EU Petitions –

cc; FB europarents (estranged) group network

cc; Media

"Richterin" Prestel, sent a reply 30..9.09 to the letter 18th September 09 received today at the PB#1 ; the reply from "CS" =

1. CS>"in my opinion it is OBVIOUS that "rechterin Prestel" is incompetent and INSANE, not worthy even of a lowly "beamte", so the banal reply is unworthy of response (IMO , she could have passed the request to another "beamte" but she is simply a stupid wasteful drain on society"

2. CS> " the ridiculous CLAIM" of the (illegal) Jugentamt is also returned; (IMO) ;

a) "The EU are petitioned to take action against the FASCIST methods of the Jugendamt"

b) "Mr. Schuler is included as accessory to the "legalised kidnapping of children Leon & Noela"

c) NO payment will be made to HOSTAGE takers A. Hartmann or M. Streifeneder or any "beamte" or instituyion that assists to VIOLATION of their rights

Please note that Christopher Richard Smith ("CS") wishes to visit with his son (Leon) and we wish to know the legal relationship between "CS" and the german "authorities" (polizei/amtsgeright etc) at local, regional & national level. what is his "legal status" now according to german "law". ?



EuRED direct Action group Network

postbus #1

Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn@eured-san.net

on behalf of;

Chris Smith ("CS")

Father of (KIDNAPPED & estranged) Noela and Leon

(violated by german state – ref 22923/05 at ECHR Strasbourg 7.10,.05 transferred to Eu peititons Brussels-ref; nh 70401)




Copy : Margit Streifeneder; Schwarzwald Str.13. D 79194 Gundelfingen

To Margit Streifender (german mother of Noela )

"I have written to you, and your lawyer emailed and left messages on your answering machine asking you to write to me in Wapenveld, Netherlands with proposals concerning meeting my little girl Noela – this communication (by recorded letter and email) is to RECORD that you have (AGAIN) made NO EFFORT to honour the moral and legal rights of Noela, and not only do you violate my rights but even the "german law"  !!!!!!

F.U, Liverpool, (media)

Fathers UK;

Justice Pa Pa ;

Family rights 4 Europe ;

ICHR – den Hague
RA.T. Schmidt;

RAin Degay-Inhofer

to: All media contacts >


copy POLIZEI – Gundelfingen

the latest news…..

a) This morning I telephoned Frau Lemke (Beamte -Amtsgericht, officer of the court Freiburg) ….She said she knew NOTHING about the status of the "process" (Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 ) and that it was "with the Staatsanwalte" (Freiburg state attorney) , However, when I asked the name of the person responsible , the line went dead…and when I phoned back she pretended not to hear me!

b) Then just before I was leaving for Freiburg a female police officer , supposedly from Freiburg Nord station , phoned me to tell me that all my questions are irrelevant as I am "forbidden" to enter german territory, and If I do I will be held for the remaining 35 days of the "penalty" and then deported to London, her tone was typically vindictive and when I told her that she was part of a process against me that was/is illegal from beginning to end she refused to continue or spell her name, however I do know it and shall add it to my complaint at ECHR and expose this injustice in the media , as its is merely being used to threaten me and keep me from my children…


17th August 05

p.s. I will anyway leave here at 10 hrs tomorrow, I will not simply accept this unlawful german form of hostage taking , with "legalised blackmail"


AN Frau LEMKE – Urkundsbeamtin der Gesschaeftsstelle – Amtgericht , Freiburg

Betref Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04

Frau Lemke

Ist ihre "ermittlungsverfahren" vorbei? oder fertig?

oder haben sie eine datum fuer dem "anhoerung"

Are you finshed with your investigation or do you have a date for a "hearing"?

Bitte SOFORT schrienben an / Please reply in writing immediately to:

Chris Smith / Freedom e Union


11 Grand Rue,

F68600 Geiswasser

email chris@freedome.org

p.s. Please ask Frau Prestel if she is ready to have a TV/Radio interview with me concerning her partcipation in the illegal actions of your state against me?



Ich habe vor meine tochter Noela , morgen (16th August) zu besuchen

bei Margit Streifeneder , Schwarzwald str 13, Gundelfingen

I plan to visit my little giel Noela , tomorrow (16th August)

was machen sie , wann Frau Streifeneder, Rufen sie an?

what will you do , If Mrs Streifeneder phones you to say I am there?

und wann ich eine TV camera crew sind dabei?

and will you allow filming if I have a TV camera crew with me?


Chris Smith


Justice Papa, paris, F4J Int (UK SA NL and USA) "help for dads" (NZ)

Vaeter-Akutell.de , sky news and BBC Liverpool

(*copy for file 22923/05 ECHR)


Statement by Margit Streifeneder 23 Juli 2001

"Ich weiss , dass es da natuerliche Recht unseres kindes ist, gleichen Zugang zu beiden Elterteilen zu haben und ich werde dieses Recht respecktieren."

Margit Streifeneder

Freiburg den 23 Juli 2001

(*witness Ra Richard Sauer)


 email: antwerpensg@nbb.be

COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie ("eurosystem")

attention of Brigitte Smets – Hoofsectiechef, NBvB, Brussel

cc; Peter Neefs – Afdelingshoofd, NBvB , de Berlaimontlaan, 1000 Brussel.

cc; "CS" : ChriS@Eured-San.net

cc; Members & associates & selected media/to whom it may concern.

via NBvB Leopoldplaats 8, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgie

Antwerpen monday 12th October 2009

REF Christopher R. Smith F.Inst D ("CS") . v EOS Aremas, Belgium NV

1. Although he speaks 4 languages , "CS" does not have perfect command of the language/dialect that you use in this part of Europe, "CS" holds a european passport and claim all the rights promised by the council of Europe, and co-signed by your "democratic" government.

2. "CS" joined a complaint concerning the unfair treatment of "mobile europeans" (that is Europeans that constantly change location for whatever reason)

3. "CS" discovered your letter in the postbox, on the way to visit you.today, your letter is dated 16.09.09 and that post-date indicates that EOS Aremas did not complete propoer procedures with "CS" (see also the content of the letter to OES from "CS" sent whilst he was travelling on HOLIDAY to the Italian Alps 0n the 7th September 2009) "companies like OES act like " sharks" and do NOT follow proper methods of justice.

4. BY REFUSING "CS" credit YOU/OES/any banker, VIOLATES article 6, of the ECHR, which promises that a person is "innocent" until proven "gulty" by a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process = THERE has been NO such "process" other than OES being able to damage the "credibility" of "CS"

5.. The counter claim of 2,500 euros against OES/ICS is hereby DOUBLED to e5000 and is NOW "joint & several" against "NBvB" and any banking institution that acts similarly in an OBVIOUS ILL:EGAL action against "CS" or any other member or associate of EdAgN.

(not including punitive damages that may be granted to "CS" or others via an international court process.



Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn"eured-san.net



ref ; MEMBERSHIP number 2380100(7) ?

To Whom it may conern 91019

I recently took out what I expected to be a series of E.R. episodes to watch whilst on holiday in my friends cabin in the Flemish countryside, as there are no neighbours, cafes, internet or propert TV reception, I installed a DVD player, with the intent of watching these episodes in sequence, however;


Season 4

3 discs are missing :-episodes 5,6,7 & 8 and 13,14,15,& 16, and 17,18,& 19

Season 6

2 discs are missing :- episodes 5,6,7 & 8 and 12,13,14 & 15

Season 7

2 discs are missing:- episodes 5,6,7, & 8 and 12,13,14 & 15

Season 10

2 discs are missing :- episodes 5,6,7, & 8 and 12,13,14 & 15



The discs that are inside ar NOT the original discs, they have been COPIED, and are without markings, and I would suggest that someone (from the Library staff) has the originals at home (including the missings discs)

When YOU send me those discs I will complete my viewing and return the sets to the library.

Whilst writing I have to inform you that you had to change my membership card THREE times in this year due to problems with YOUR system, which caused me several delays and time wasted and hardly ever used the computers without there being a problem with the equipment, BUT NEVER apologised or offered rebate/compensation. I also comment that (with the exception of 3 people) the Zwolle library staff are geneally unfriendly and often unhelpful towards non local customers. WE PAY for a "service" which I have obtained FREE in other states, where the staff are BETTER at dealing with people, I would offer your library a coaching course, however, I no longer live in your region.


91006..–Stuck in “FLO” (?) Because RyanAIR takes the Pisa..! ;)


Grass Routes Notes = Stuck in "FLO" (?) Because of RyanAir taking the Pisa..! 😉

Theres a good chance being "stuck in Florence" being an erotic experience <smile>, IF that was the name of one of the very attractive curvy young ladies I met in "FLO" – in fact the city reminded me of my old "Aunt FLO" i recall as a kid, she was old, (everyone is "old" when U are a kid!) but with a lot of stories & character 😉 ….yes folks another "story" of mishaps & (dark) humour from the travelling RED…(Fiorentina CL away 29 sept 09)…

Sunday (27 sept 09)

Dix had booked my RyanAir flight via Maastricht =-planning to be away until an early return from Sunday until Wednesday…this seasons CL games give us 3 new venues ; Fiorentina (Florence) Lyon & Budapest..all of which I was looking forward to the trips; new stadiums and, perhaps new friends & experiences…I left Zw (NL) early by road to Maastricht, just as well, as (again) the Dutch closed the motorway …(tip = travel early if U go to a dutch airport on a sunday)..I parked the Zbus in the long term, and proceeded to check in, I had noticed that the printout didnt comply with my passport so I wrote the correction on it, & pointed this out to the girl & she told me "ok go to boarding" ( no "penalty" delay, or extra charge) …however she couldnt change the POisa checkin copy (in fact I discovered that once printed it is IMPOSSIBLE to rectify computer glitches or online check-in errors @ RyanAir)

They are happy though to sell bus transfer tickets on the flight, and although I had to wait over an hour  (in the sun) at the small Pisa airport for the next bus to FLO..I was happy that I had "reserved" the ONLY overnight bus return for wednesday morning…(Tip = Ryan Air offer "terravision" bus transfers, – Pisa to FLO single = e10 & return ticket e16..but during normal times it only costs about e6 by train, which runs almost every half hour DIRECT to the airport to/from S. Novella train station)
Graham & other REDS were booked at (tip) CIAOhostel so I reserved abed by email & Massimo confirmed it on the phone), in the next street by the station, it was clean, cheap (costing between e15-19 per bed P/P per night..)nice kitchen & 2 bathrooms for every section & max 4 persons per room, and IF you get a room at the rear you WONT be kept awake by the busy traffic noise outside the FRONT of the building. I went off fto a nearby Pizzeria , prices were "ok" & met room-mates (aussie) SH & (Kiwi) Niel…before having a re;atively early night..


The next morning went "walkies" & a "capu" with Niel (tip be aware of tourist prices on piazza giovanni or anywhere by the Duomo coffee cost e5 each) – they were seperately touring Europe..I left several messages with "Eric" the receptionist to ensure Graham (who had my match ticket ) would know which room I was In, however, Eric (who at first seemed bright…but…) couldnt understand my annoyance that he had let Graham checkin & go out without mentioning it.
as Graham is XL size and there were probably only 1 or 2 guests passing through the small (1 door) reception every hour ..its almost impossible to miss him..but Eric did…so after a meal in the kitchen invited the 2 room-mates to go "walkabout" in FLO…we had a couple of bevvies (or colas in Niels case) @ "Jolly caffe" (via S. Gallo) and a chat with cheery brazilian waiter who i shall call "san pauli" 😉  …& the guys helped me find Finnigans pub (although closed) in the same strada, after midnight I got a bit more sleep but had to wake earel;y to find my ticket-mate.


08.30h I reluctantly banged on their door and Steve answered and about half an hour later with ticket in hand but a hangover in his head…the 3 of us headed off to see "David" & "Ponte Vechio" (Flo’s old bridge & major tourist attraction) and my next priority was to find a place to store my bag (as the station lock-up wasnt open between 24h & 06h – my departure time!) ..(tip= I have previously left my bag at local irish pubs where our fans have "partied", if U are a RED its a possible solution) however due to the police ban on alchohol (*** see foot notes for FSE) the owner (Scot  & Celtic fan Simon) & barman  Toby told me they would be closed match day/night…but thanks to Fiorentina/LFC releasing tickets only a week before (& some "fan points collectors" there were enough "spares" (cost GBP25) for both SH & Niel to be able to join me (for their first ever major european footy game) and thus I could leave my bag in the room that night..

The 2 guys forget their passports & we yet still met LFC fans Dave & his son, Rory at the Piazza S. Novella where a LFC "official" told us that the police were arranging buses to come to ("find us") and pick us up directly where a few hundred REDS had spontaneously assembled (outside the other Irish pub, whose mafia connections must be fine, as they WERE open) …we packed the bus & started singing and then 2 italian bizzie-cars (polizia) and 2 behiind wizzed us to the stadium at almost full speed through the old city, with amused locals wavbing or clapping us all the way…the match (see http://www.liverpoolfc.tv for reports or http://www.redandwhitekop.net for opinions) was a rare defeat as our team (dressed as R. Madrid?) didnt turn up until the 2nd half by which time Fiorentina, in violet kit, had scored 2, we still "dominated" possesion 40-60% but failed to trurn one of our many shots into goals…although I always felt if we had got one goa, we would get 2 or even 3…their fans had WELCOLMED us off the bus, and with a traditional flag display, free pasta & water, were hungry to swap scarves & exchange compliments with us,,their banner (in front of a mosaic on their main end stand that the KOp would be proud of read" WELCOME REDS, FOR US YOUR STORY IS LEGEND"…and it was the fastest EXIT from a stadium, as instead of the expected "holding period"we usually get treated to, within about 15 minutes we were on a police escorted bus back to town ..with their fans again waving & applauding us all the way…(although we had a short 10 minutes "cooling off" walk back to the centro citta)

Wednesday (00hrs…)
Niel accompanied to pick up my bag & we met the others at a (murphys) irish bar ..and I stayed until closing time (and beyond) joking with (yes!) barladies FLO (tiny girl who danced with me) , Lara & a girl customer called Anna-Lisa..by the time they locked up & finishe dchatting with the (local) bar manager & other custoners , it was time to catch my 03.35 (reserved seat) bus to Pisa…however..
I was in good time for the flight (still almost 2 hrs before) and being reasonable, I (again) pointed out the error on my online checkin ..THIS time, a humourless RyanAir checkin girl told me it was "unacceptable" (company policy!) and I must PAY e40 aqt the ticket desk!!..I went there to argue, and met a brick wall in the shape of a humourless & impolite local woman, (i speak some itlian due to my wine trade time in Trentino 20-odd years ago) ..I thought "ok I could pay it and try to claim back later"(although RyanAir usually ignore complaints of this kind) …

There was only one ATM upstairs and my dutch card didnt work!…so I decided (as far as I was concerned I had the right documents to go through to security) they passed me through to the boarding gate, and then, we started boarding almost an hour early the TWO RyanAir staff blocked me…one italian woman & an uptight english tw*t..they were prepared to hold up everyone whilst stopping me,…I was told I could only get a decison from the (feemale) "supervisor""(no name , only "number 300") whom I found in her office with a face from hell..she wasnt interested , didnt listen to me, didnt care , just repeated no & I was given a RECEIPT for the extra charge, as they arrogantly already prepared it without hearing my claim..I said, "please, if U could be so kind to help me, (their strict new check in policy only came into force the next day!?) as the ATM isnt accepting my card & I will be stuck here if U dont let me on", she said (rudely) NO, ANYWAY, the gate is closed"…I disputed that with a smile.."surely U can let me on, theres still more than 20 minutes to scheduled departure, the plane is only parked a few metres from this building, and I only have carry-on baggage ( Ryan probably hates guys like me, because I usually dont pay ":extras"  by taking only carry on baggage & booking flights at the cheapest time, ) she was a brick wall…(wow have I had a summer-full of b*tches)…

I went back to FLO and the eurlines bus ddint leave for hamster until friday (cost e96) & the train cost e200, (compared to the e300 ryan tried to land me with)…luckily SH & Niel still there,I just had enough cash for the hostel that night, so,  I asked SH to book me (online!)on the next Ryan flight (also friday from Pisa) it was still less than 60 euroes (one way) back to Maastricht..I offered to transfer from my account as I still didnt know if my card was working …it did work in FLO, (although I remembered I could have withdrawn from the italian bank, anyway..) Niel left & I had a snack with SH before he took his train to Rome, I went back to the hostel and they changed my rom to the (quiet) rear..and there was Texan BU having problems getting online..(CIAO has "wifi") ..that evening I cooked in the kitchen and told BU that I would get an early night…no party…!


Its had been between 25-30 degrees and I had worn shorts all week, and even though there was some clud this day, it was still warm enoug, and I went to the old bridge getting ripped off by an old cafe owner on the way (should clone him & his shop & compete globally with starbucks <smile>)  – there I spoke in a mixture of italian & english with a nice girl (Tara, working for vox netwroks -audio for tourists)..before going for a pint of (draft) Kilkenny at Finnigans,,,a siesta then BU and I went to eat @ "Yellow bar & restaurant" (promoted by a street actress when I was talking with Tara earlier) ..food ok, a litre of vino da tavola only e8 ..(cheap for FLO!) ..and we did a tour of Finnigans, Jolly Caffe before getting back to the "josua tree"..where Lara, Anna-Lisa & a group of ladies from OZ were in party mood, BU left me there to once more be the last client to leave the bar <smile> one lady (Rach?) was getting close and in my earlier days I might have taken advantage, but I told her mate (Mandy) to take her back to their hotel, ..

Friday 3rd October 09

a young couple (more aussies; Loughlan & LIbby) woke me up TOO early, and I showered, had a tea & BU & I went off to catch a train to Pisa (I had told BU of Ryans cheap flights, and @conditions..but…) we both decided that a visit to the leaning tower"  was a "MUST SEE" (I took e700 cash out just @pisa "in case" for the coming month) …and did that before having a coffee at the airport, BU was off to visit a friend in Strasbourg (via Frankfurt) and I hope that I will one day meet the staff of the irish bar, (especially Lara <smile>) ,other room-mates of last week, BU (& his chinese girlfriend) one day…(i-a)…on the poisitive side – although I broke my budgetr by about 200 euros it meant I had an extended stay in "FLO" ..<smile> …not erotic, but not bad either, even the match result & the airline ***** didnt put me off – although I must say I was happy to be driving towards tçabin & Tom’s farewell party @ the cafe in ZonderEigen before he goes off with his 2cv convoy to BongaTanga(Ghana) for the winter, so I am once more staying in "without me" for the winter…

p.s. this is an extreme time of the year, the REDS lost @ Chelski sunday, which is also the day , 29 years ago, that I married my deceased 2nd wife (Jacqui) ..the events of 1986, 1989,  1996…were "dramatic" ..(as mentioned in my blog and the "book too" ("you’ve got to get in to get out…")