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…”He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”;) …Heroes & Villians of the story…(11016) so far

………….http://www.liverpoolfc.tv : “Following the successful conclusion of High Court proceedings today, the Boards of Directors of Kop Football and Kop Holdings met tonight and resolved to complete the sale of Lfc to NESV ” (BUT, as I warned..G & H then opposed it) – it was anyway unwise for fans to gloat & celebrate as Supporters ownership is the only honest & clear future! – fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me (us) >? SoS-SL needed to put an injunction to investigate all the past years acitivities , freeze the club and the assets of all concerned, inc D. Moores ..until this is sorted in OUR favour..we are the club

The Liverpool echo & post tried to “explain” the recent weeks..here is my view looking at the “key players” however, maybe its nervous exhaustion by I found myself laughing out loud at some of the media & Lfc “spin” and I am still reminded of the images of the films “Titanic” mingling with “Monty Pythons Life of Brian” ..(although “Jaws” may yet be the sequel)

There are so many holes in the “stories” from all the “acting suits” in this scenario..I keep  coming back to the “Life of Brian on the Titanic” comparison – however when I read “chelski chappy chairman broughton ” talk about “New Era”… …another NEW ERROR comes to MY mind… broughton was only doing his (highly paid) job, and late at that..his & purslows involvement in the false removal of Rafa and some strange dealings casts a shadow..Ayres may be the only “clean player” in this bored-room scenario..and its still likely to be appealed..the words “out of the frying pan” come to mind..& we dont know the 17 millionaires behind J. henry (could be the KKK ,,Bush or Hicks’s family for all we know! 😉 ..!)

I feel whats come out of all this madness is the lack of ability of ANYOne to manage Lfc &  hope the situation is “frozen” -give global support time to continue with plansl, RBS should have backed us!

Heroes & Villains:-

John Henry – UNsure

He says this is NOT a “Leveraged buy out” ..but our global fan base (if organised properly) COULD bring in over a BILLION dollars p/a from match days;  souvenirs, replica kits & other LiveRbirD products or services..we shall see what happens now IF he reespect our CULTURE if he agrees or opposes Supporter ownership..& so on,
THIS JURY is still OUT!!!

…not really surprised that the sale to NESV went through…but this is not the end , only the end of the beginning…although I dont want ANY owner other than our own supporters, I cant see how “Mills Financial” (who took over the shares of Gillet) could have come back in the frame??? …
IF my house or car was re-possessed, for non payment of a loan and then sold to someone else, and I turn up afterwards and try to get the car or house back form the new owner -by paying the loan (late) after a court had confirmed the sale – I cant imagine anyone having any truck with me..or any “ordinary person”
IF Mills had succeeded , i would recommend EVERYONE in the world who has ever had a car or house re-possessed when they were skint going back & contesting …! 😉




Rafa – HER0


time to remember RAFA Benitez …at times HIS was the ONLY voice of dissent against Gillet & Hicks (& ..the “bored”..) and all the fickle fans who called for him to go, should hang their heads in shame along with G & H! ..come back soon RAFA ,
YOU will NEVER walk ALONE!..

Rafa was fighting on all fronts; broughton & purslow – the “bored” (the board), Gillet & Hicks (the “pretend owners”) , a lot of stupid naive &/or fickle fans stirred up by the english media who dont like a) anyone that stands up to them b) most foreign managers…………last season was a freak, beach balls & the worst ever injury crisis..Rafa was STILL our most sucessful manager since 20 years – and had made us feared all over Europe! ..
and we were stated BEST in Europe by UEFA early LAST year!

(hodgson isnt up to the job, whatever happens in the derby game, maybe the players will get fired UP by the “news” but roy is NOT “Liverpool quality”……I have NEVER before , in 40 years publicly criticised a REDS player or manager until hodgson.. his recent snidey comments about agger disgust me..) &  the Team have not played with the passion and enthusiam (and wages) that WE deserve ..and need most of them need a kcik up the backside!…they look for excuses..we supporters (or at least 1% of us) have given up a lot to show what must be done at Lfc, the players shoudl do what they are there for ..and show they care too…(if they do as they say in their interviews…)

a) Rafa brought World class ; Xabi Alonso , TORRES , REINA ..Mascherano ..Agger etc to Lfc (& Kuyt, Johnson & Leiva etc etc) & improved Stevie G & Carra’s game.
b) won the most games of any Lfc manager of the last 20 years!
c) in the 08/09 season Lfc were quoted as the TOP european team by UEFA

(some foul-mouthed idiots cant accept truth & logic, cant argue other than insult, simply repeat media BS about Rafa)



Broughton & Purslow – VILLAINS

I linked these 2 “bored” members together because they have contributed to the damage caused by TEXAS TOM & co..(actually JH is better described as a Yank – so dont throw away thos banners yet) Ian Ayres caught in the middle of meetings seems to be quite competent at his commercial job, SEEMS to be the only “clean” board member. (clean of major damage)

the LiverBird is NOT FREE yet…but one wing  is unshackled..some of the fickle fans that dont know what day it is , some even even made a group to keep broughton at Lfc!!! – cant believe it..must be a joke..
..- dont know why, must be some reaction to all this BS…, but I keep thinking of “pontius pilot” and his mate with the lisp (film “monty python life of brian” ) during the speeches to the press tonight …need to laugh..(!)

…this morning I just woke up (with hangover) and imagining broughton saying “theven thons of thaduses” and hodgson suddenly appearing behind the crowd shout “WELEASE WOY!” lol …

broughton is a highly paid chelski fan, he did the job, LATE & )badly, most of the time,the reality is that the lawyers & a clever QC (up against amateurism opposition) got him & Lfc out of a hole the bankers , yankers & martin dug with purslow, they forced out the most succesful manager weve had since 20 years, and replaced him with hodgson and sold some of our best youth talent bringing in older players…broughton Must leave the club immediately..dont be fooled by media BS!

i really appreciate Martin brougton,………………………..WHEN he leaves OUR club! 😉 ..with purslow, please!


G. Gillet (the “worst a man can get” ) & TEXAN TOM Hicks (“G & H”) – VILLIANS
(with Moores & Parry)

Theres a thousand articles explaining why they are villians so I wont waste time on them except to comment that they are a PRODUCT of the USA led “get rich quick & F**k the consequences mentality that is now “educating” the next generation..the selfish, step-on-anyone form of capitalist obsession with commercial & material gain produces kids that think IMAGE , money and “bling” is all that matters. and the people like Parry (the previous MD) and Moores who SOLD Lfc to G & H didnt care ENOUGH about who or how !

That a virtual CON (“leveraged buy outs”) are accepted business methods is a CONDEMNATION of todays society, local & global..I tried to explain.,.

mr M has a RED car..
mr H says he wants to buy it and turn it into a sports conversion
mr M agrees to sell the car for 200 quid
mr H borrows 200 quid from the bank, gived it to mr M , but dont have any money for the “conversion”
but the Car owes the bank (!) the interest on the loan..and the bank puts a time limit on the loan
sometime later the bank says ” the loan / interest is getting too much – pay it back now.
mr Sx comes along and says “I like that car” I want to pay for it
its agreed to sell the car to mr Sx
then mr H says “No its my car – and people want to buy it for more than what mr Sx pay”
but the bank want their money and if mr Sx pays for it the bank & mr sx are happy
(the car doesnt object, either)
then mr H goes to court to stop the sale
but the contract for the sale of the Car to mr Sx is decided by the judge as binding
– even if mr H pays the bank, mr Sx will be declared the legal owner of the car..
….or so it seems ! <smile>

p.s – except theres a million mechanics in the background who believe they built the car and its theirs! 😉 lol

p.p.s.- trouble is, mr H neglected the Car & left it out in the rain, and its gone “Rusty RED” …


Hodgson – Villian

They forced out Rafa, and I told (via email) “this is anfield” that a caller (Terry, essex) was surely Roy Hodgson in disguise? 😉 this is first time in my 40 years of supporting the REDS..I come out publicly against a LFC “manager” hodgson…I dont like the man, he is weak and his obvious dislike of a player who plays skilfull footy like Danny Agger is disgusting and disloyal, so roy, if you live by the sword , you wil “die” by it..so start acting like a Liverpool manager or we will have you out..never mind NESV!..

at least we are now looking better than h-t in Istanbul …need to move out MB & CP, and “woy” (hes not a LIVERPOOL manager) get the supporters share scheme developed globally and Rafa back …its the end of the beginning..(I celebrated last night @ the “Nags head” in Pg for a few bevvies with “mr freedom-wolverine” which accounts for the time it took to put this disjointed Blog together this morning)

they called me “Complete and utter delusional fantasist” 😉  !!!!  whats a “FANtasist” ? its got to be either one of your fickle Fans groups or a lemonade?..<smile> (mind U , could describe someone thats half supporter & half fan….!)

Fickle “fans” – VILLAINS

how naive many of  these so-called “fans” are..G & H are just part of the problem..its like Rafa used to watch for weakness just after we have scored, SOS-SL and the supporters are missing the biggest point of all, this IS when to act..otherwise YOU WILL NEVER OWN A SHARE!


it is wrong to celebrate & gloat when a) its not over, b) MB & CP are the villians who also damaged our club and WE supporters should have acted earlier to own our club, and must get involved (not just 1% of us)

only 1% of our fan base walked at all-if only 10%  had acted posiitvely before now WE would be owning the club (our club)

narrow minded and “media” conditioned “fans” seem oblivious that 17 millionaires are not as powerful as 1 million global fan base…if only most of them would get off their backsides and support full ownership we wouldn’t have had all this “stress” going on..WE generate over a BILLION in income , but all to ready to be lazy and give our profits to others, maybe many apathetic Lfc fans deserve all this sh*te for naively standing back for too long?

Fans didn’t appreciate that they can save for a share @ 10 quid a month or make a saving club to buy a share with mates, ?  a bit of effort but if  they don’t take the chance they may regret it later?

the only HONEST & Safe future “Life(Liver) Boat” for true REDS is a Global Supporters ownership..
mark my words…“fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me ” (or US!)

SoS -SL (“spirit of SHANKLY-ShareLfc”)  ….BIT of Both

MY main complaints against these 2 committees are

a) the DELAY in becoming aware of the incredible damage caused by the “sale” by moores to G & H
b) failing to EXPLAIN that DANGER to the LFC community local or global
c) failing to come together until this summer, (despite my proposal 2 years ag)
d) not “selling” shares in LFC as a great investment (do you think JH risks 300 million for “fun”)?
e) NOT entering a  SUPPORTERS injunction in the frame to PROVE we are truly a worthy solution.

SoS” ..sending out a messag in Willie’s name?

Some call themselves SPIRIT of SHANKLY?
I have to say, quite Frankly
that I think its a CRIME
(i ‘ll try to make this rhyme!)

apart from a march , posters
& a concert @ St. George’s hall
they have not done fecking much at ALL

Shanks would have taken control
taken foes by scruff of the neck
the Peoples man had courage
by fecking heck!

Supporters who claim “We are the Club”
let me tell you..
this is the rub..

Its up to global REDS to take command
not some brief, some lawyer,
or other hand..
his Spirit lives, here is MY tip…
in HIS name fight for (full) Owner-ship!!!!!!!!

..a simple injunction to freeze the club finance on the grounds of mis-management,(in the interests of the supporters & community at large) investigate all concerned –whilst register the 50-100,000 fans & celebrities collect their funds and start the Supporters tale-over..its simple BUT needs proper co-ordination and I am not in LP..

Extracted from

I) Letter sent to “ShareLiverpool LF” (Rogan Taylor) & the Chairman of “Spirit of Shankly”
(29th August 2008)

“Dear Rogan,
(snip) I Asked you a question in the Lighthouse theatre last wednesday about “spiirit of shankly” aims..(snip) I do not see any non-locals on either committee/board (SLfc or SoS) (snip)
“I feel a CLOSER presentation & PROMOTION (of SLfc / SoS aims) is VITAL (snip)
“The purchase of a share @ GBP 5000 may be felt too much for some members” WE have the facility…(snip)
(which) looks very do-able for many of the 100,000 global fans that we also perceive will support the supporter-shareholder control of LFC.” (snip)
“THE REAL marketing of the “LIVERBIRD” brand ….” (snip)
“Your offer (in the meeting) to visit us and combine initiatives is apreciated and I would like to fix some dates. (snip)
-“there are very many REDS all over the World that have equal PASSION as RED scousers”

II) PUBLISHED in “KOP magazine” (march 2009)

“I wonder if Spirit of Shankly and ShareLfc have done ENOUGH to inform (or even educate) the millions of fans worldwide about the OPPORTUNITY that perhaps more mature supporters appreciate?” (snip)
“we NEED dynamic management & effectively a GLOBAL persepctive, bringing the essence of SOS & ShareLFC together as  two committees could, I  fear (without insulting anyone concerned with good intentions) turn this potential derby-winning racehouse into a twin-camel.” (snip) I attended the recent meeting at Zeligs (snip) (snip)
“I for one, feel (and fear) that we may only realise how good Rafa is after he has gone. – The first AGM of SoS has NOT been adequately “sold” other than locally , and  is (also) my fear that the TRUE spirit of SHANKLY is already being lost before we even LAUNCH our “strategy”..ChriS SMITH (via email)  “


True REDS Supporters – HEROES

…….occasionally naive but a LOT of true REDS who gave up time & costs & energy & effort to fight for Y-OUR club ARE true HEROES…
amongst them ; “Fat Scouser” (RAWK forum) Jonny (“Black Shirt” = standards corrupted”) several @ “Kop Faithful” (Steve?) and other forums including P. Tomkins…certain supporters who helped SoS (maybe  Jay Mac of SoS) organise a march, concert, posters, flyers & travel etc and various individual initaitives, banners & such…may YOU NEVER walk Alone.

WE (Global REDS) even started to move on a “SUPPORTERS INJUNCTION” (counter claim) & “Class action” V our enemies..(past, present & FUTURE???)

a) This fight is far from over, b) MB & CP are the villians who also damaged our club and C) WE supporters should have acted earlier to own our club, and must get involved (not just 1% of us)

we should (via SoS-SL) have enough funds to do it – put in our own injunction to ensure OUR interests are protected and If we allow NESV to profit from our income then we really ARE stupid and get what we deserve = NOTHING!…apart from the benefits of combined action  (own media , forums & Kop Faithful/SoS-SL) should be promoting not only our protest but that with a global sale of Lfc products, match day, tv & other services, WE generate an income of over a BILLION, which make 500 quid (even available @ 10 quid a month via credit union?) a BARGAIN once-in-a-lifetime investment!!!

…often…the best form of defence is attack- a lot of global REDS are keen to join the global REDS supporters injunction/”class action” V Hicks & all our foes..through wind & rain…WE ARE THE CLUB!
although only 1 % of Liverpool’s global supporters have been “active” so far, we must not allow others to dictate our future – WE are the club..and need to show it as much now as at any time..WE should be taking the initiative making OUR claim via an injunction if necessary to protect OUR club from further abuse, by anyone!
…The” counter claim” ..which indeed is not a counter, as such, but should be a simple injunction to protect our club & global supporters from further damage/abuse…….

..could include:-
– the need to protect the community from mis-management or “fire sale” of arguably a “uniqueworld-famous cultural/heritage site” (Anfield)
– the various claims global supporters have against the ticket office & other Lfc departments
– apart from numerous complaints by UK fans, non-uk supporters having less benefits than local supporters/fans despite paying the same for fancards etc
– the overall & detailed damages to our club and global image
– etc etc..

…through wind & rain…WE ARE THE CLUB

!IF ONLY(Lfc football supporters Union) SoS-SL had come together a year earlier (as I proposed in 2008)…because in the last month only 1% of our million  + fan base “walked on”…at all-if only 10%  had acted before now WE would be owning the club (our club!)
take care, fellow (true ) REDS ..with hope…


…….. its not over yet, of course the mainstream and the fickle amongst us dont like “people power” but our society has been ruined by commercial/capitalist obsession and downright “greed is good , money is king” selfish behaviour , in society in general and particularly in football, Lfc are (still) the ……………

most succesful club, in the most important league , in the biggest game/culture of the global society, if we dont stand up and tell people what is right or wrong, and fight for (global) supporter ownership (and if ever a club should be owne…d by its supporters then its Liverpool football club) …..who will?..the apathetic person who has been “dumbed down” over generations by politicians & media?..

whether we E.L.S.U.N / SoS-SL  win a share or not , whether we get rid of the backstabbing “suits” or not, maybe just maybe our kids will see that its not all a case of “show me the money”..

“our lives begin to end when we stop standing up and fighting for our rights” – Martin luther King ?


some humour ….(with the merseyside derby bringing us back to “footy” )..we do need a laugh after this week of weeks!

a) everton boss David Moyes was being interviewed about how the rebuilding of his team was progressing.

“How far do you think you are from a European Cup-winning team?” asked one reporter.

“About half a mile”, replied Moyes.  ;D

b) should take out an injunction against woy playing poulsen.. 😉

(both taken from the much maligned, by me, RAWK! <smile> )




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