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“First week in MyPod ..nights in and nights out..and Millie’s Birthday Mar 1-7

(dedicated to the lady with the dark deep starry eyes)


"These are names that I remember"


these have faces that are familiar

& I feel not so strange

when I came to Podgorica

and have I changed?


its new but I still know it

a celts story somewhere here?

healing my damaged ego

friends & a cafe in MonteNegro


"First week in MyPod ..nights in and nights out..and
Millie’s Birthday Mar 1-7


After the weekend and the great welcome that BK and
friends made for me , and a late night , finished watching TV Aumnsay until the
earloy hours I got some much needed sleep and spent the morning working on the
Blog, LFC "team of the 80’s were on ESPN making me feel even more at home,
and had a coupe of hours catching up on FB/emails and REDS news on the
Cafe/store’s Net abd a coffee with BK before a taxi took us to our respective
apartments (taxis are cheap enough, but make sure they dont take U for a
tour-ist)..There was a discount  store
near the flat ao I got a couple of bits for brekkie.


Tuesday I had promised the girls to cook that evening, so
after a couple of hours on the net at the store, and a coffe and chat with the
helpful BK I shopped, getting veggies on the walk back (as Ana dont like meat)
and the rest, including wine, and some vodka for Millie at the discount store.
I spent all afternoon cooking a very special sauce with a fair amount of local
wine in it..and me, which may be why I didnt hear the girls buzz the doorbell
during my siesta when they apparently came earlier than the expected 18h and
went home thinking was out…I had double helping of pasta and half the vodka
that night to "cheer me up"..


The previous week had been fairly exhausting with the
almost 4000kms drive, and little sleep so the drink helped me to an early night
and early start wednesday and virtually all day at the store apart from a
"getting to know U" city walkabout, BK was busy, but before going to
her gym workout we had a mexican meal at the "blues bar" and agreed
we should change it to a REDS bar, She came by the flat later on, and we
finished a bottle of local Merlot whilst I fed her with "ChriS story part
2a" ..until about 01h as she is a Director of the bookstore, she has to
sleep too.my thoughts were on my own life reflections and what may yet come, so
I watched Tv for a while to get back to "normal"


by Thursday I was becoming a "regular" at the
store and Marco told  me how to say
"no problems" in the local language, I finally got the info from my
ISP to update http://www.eured-san.net/tf.html and wonder how the "pre-tour"
may develop…I distributed the Blog, and agreed with Vuk that BK should be the
public relations face for the "Full Monty REDS" …and after 4 hrs of
FB , a dubious "Dino" showed us a flat , but the price seemed to go
up when he realised it was for me, so In had a relaxing afternoon at the
apartment (*and more pasta) before walking back to meet BK at the store cafe (I
had decided to walk where possible to keep a bit fit as I haven’t biked or
hiked since 2 weeks, havent played or trained for footy since 6 months and no
girlfriend since 9 months) and on the subject of girlfriends I told BK about
"Linda" (part 2b) until they closed about 02 h and as it was pouring
with rain we taxied…an hours TV then bed.


 I had prepared a
letter for BK to send to Carra, and the foillowing to the FSF


"I cannot be at your meeting,(in LONDON) however, as
I am still in the Balkans following LFC’s game in Bucharest, as my vehicle
needs repair.(me too)


I am a life-long Liverpool supporter , I stood on the old
style terraces in the 60’s to 80’s and also have watched from the best
"business" seats of Europes stadiums, I am a former global strategic
enterprise manager and expert in logistics. I now am a freelance
"volunteer" following my team all over Europe as an ordinary
supporter, either driving, sharing travel or via economy buses, trains, flights
and accomodation.


Any experienced supporter knows that there are few
industries that treat its "customer" so bad..


I have have enough horror stories to fill a book about
the terrible conditions, brutal and unprovoked behaviour of police and distain
of authories that could fill a book, I am sure others attending have also. I
have recently pushed for a supporters buy out/buy in of LFC, however, such is
the conditioning of fans to feel that they are "nothing" in this
global BUSINESS (its hardly a sport any more) that even with over a million
fans it is hard to raise enthusiasm.


However, even IF we manage our own club, we are still at
the mercy of the Premiereship; F.A; UEFA and FIFA ..and untill REAL experienced
supporters are involved in THOSE organisations we will always be
"used" by the business and political interests of those in power or
those "sponsors" behind the scenes that dictate the important
decisions that affect us.


SUPPORTERS are to blame, all of us for accepting this for
too long, and IF there was ever a need for a SUPPORTERS UNION (which I have
formed in a small way) .it is now before everything we cherish is lost for ever
and future generations. FOOTBALL is a vital social and cultural aspect for the development
of the local and global community. I believe we should boycott all
international games until we do obtain proper involvement, but I suspect few
have the "balls".


ChriS Smith

("on tour")

email eured@live.nl or ChriS@eured-san.net



I had expected an early Friday night as I woke up at 09h
after a good sleep I was again at the store cafe by 10.30 and BK surprised me
with a visit to another smaller room on the outskirts of the city, but it was
clean and the owner *Sasha" friendly so I took it , at least to have a
base until anything improves and planned to move the Zbus and my stuff in the
next day, but at John said "life happens when you start to plan" and
I am glad that some instinct pushed me to got again to meet BK at the store
that evening, where after chatting with her colleagues and a young man
"Vaslo" (who has aborthday party the following weekend) an
"famous older" writer and a "young famous" poet and thei
friends joined Jasna, Rushka, Ana, BK and myself at our table..(could it be
that me sitting with 4 lovely ladies made them curious?) Jasna and I had a
great "exchange of ideas" before the writer decided I was some secret
agent..he suggest the CIA, or DEA but I told him that I am a "double agent"
,<smile> so eventually left around 02h ..again..


Which wasn’t the best way to prepare for saturday ,
because it was MilEna/s birthday and she had kindly invited me to join their
small group..after only a few hours sleep a coffee and catching up on the net
at the store Jasna kindly showed me the way to drive the bus to the room I had
taken. but within an hour we back at the store as BK , Ana and myself were
going "shopping" (yes I know its a dangerous enough thing to go
shopping with any female, never mind two, or THREE! as Mira another mate of
theirs, who spoke english with a teachers accent..joined us) but the cause was
worthy , buying "pressies" for Millie ..


We had a joke in mind, as MilEna had invited us to a
special potato restaurant the previous sunday, but there were NO potatoes, so
apart from the main (gym-related "real" presents bought for her in
"Deklta city , which renminded me of "Liverpool 1") ) we went to
the supermarket down stairs and bought ONE very large potato and wrapping paper,
etc which I prepared at the Blues bar, before Millie turned up with boyfriend
Ivan. Mira and her hubbie; twins Vuk and sister Ivana, Ana, BK all enjoyed the
"unwapping" and many photos were taken iof a really good time, I hope
not spoiled by the owners reluctance to play special music for Millie

..A Big
thanks to MilEna and Ivan for the party and of course BK for introducing me to
such a great group of very freindly people, long may it continue

It was a typical lazy and tired sunday feeling, but it
wsa at least Sunny as the neighbour’s dog woke me at 07h , I now know where I
live as I walked into the   centre ,
coffees at "cheers" and an attempted "tourist rip-off" by a
waiter at the pizza caffe, before walking back to meet BK at
"Greenwich"  where I met
another LFC fan before she arrived, I hope he comes to watch the game monday
night. a visit to the "Nags head" a bar fashioned on "only fools
and horses" but far too new and clean <smile> before deciding upon a
"quiet night in" at my new room and some much needed sleep.



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