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10531 No more May-day-sies…? hello JC?..and “ALL-MY – TV!!! ”

10531 No more May-day-sies…? hello JC?..and "ALL-MY – TV!!! " <smile>

may 15-may 31 , 2010

I was sitting with the "X – daisy" haviing dinner thursday night…(27th may) ..and whilst she went to the "toalet"  , I reflected on the previous weeks , how much has changed and how SO different things are here from living in the "low  countries" (Be. & NL) in the previous 3 years, my birthday had come and gone, well almost ..this was "Birthday , part 10?…seems as years go by I extend my "celebrations" more and more

later that night , ANOTHER drama developed, at "delboys pub" but maybe a negative seed was planted in my mind, by the lack of "pressies" and messages from the people that I had lived with in the past years, the mothers of my stolen children wouldnt get them to send me positive messages in case that showed "humanity" and xxxx JD didnt bother either…yet, REDS from around the world and fb "mates" many of whom I have never met , took the time to send messages, over 150 ! , is it any wonder I pledge the time on this planet to supporting  protecting , saving & promoting (now in the balkans) my "big RED global family"……….

Haopy birthday Stevie G, captain of Lfc and
"fellow GEMini" I only kiss men if they play for or support LIVERPOOL

May 30
woke with a hangover, strong RED wines, with not enough food, nice guys but being a "party host" is am art…in Lifestyle…..i woke too early sunday morning…and the chain that i had since seperating from my first wife and children; Adam & (adopted) Sarah…significantly it seems some chains with the past pain may be broken, I had the very first email in english from my son Leon, now 13 years aold ."Pulp Fiction" was on local tv today, as I "erested"after another almost all-nighter…"Jules" (Sam Jackson) quotes Ez 25.17?…and something clicked with me when he said he has been saved from death, and "will walk the earth like Caine (TV’s KungFU) – until I find my righteous place" ..it sort of feels like that!  i sat in the garden, in the warm afternoon and reflected on  the pain of losing people, and "murphy" and basta! ( enough) now … focus on creativity..

May 29…

+ 25yrs Heysel… to the memory of 39 died, and all who were "affected" everyone of us must share responsibility , whenever we allow people to tarnish our name or act without care or humanity, in football or in  the rest of y-our society…condolences to those who lost their loved ones,and shame to the violent ones , and especially shame on UEFA & to the all the government officials or "authorities" that fail us so often, and so many times ignore the value of football supporters worldwide.. , I recall the horror, that nearly turned me off of footy for life! through the wind and rain, through storms, with hope in y-our hearts, Y N W A! +

I met "Wolfie" and we picked up a couple of his friends before going to a (garden) party for the "leaving of Angelus" a french-greek guy with a bungalow on the outskirts of the city, this is a "cafe society" so not surprisingly the first time I am in a "priavte" home -party , its hosted by another "Alien" . I met a lot of french (morgana) and german-speakers; Venka, monika, peter , gerd &  local gabi and the musica V,  & her 3 cats *as in paddy ex-arsenal) ..the "Lifestyle" project may yet produce a nece contact with the "Monty International wine & f ood club"  funny on a day that closed an old door or 2 (I finally disconnected permanently with Angie & Josee , I made a new friend in "Angelus" although he and his house-mate (Flo) are both leaving here…
Maybe, as I am out of (party) practice, i should have taken V. home, but again I was, with Wolfie, Jc & the hosts until the end, and decided not to sleep there, and despite a 20 minute taxi ride from that southern suburb (toloshi?) to my northen city room., the cost was a mere e3!

May 28

proposing another REds event in Beograd/N.Sad….
summer is only 3 months…we already have another event in Pod (city) planned for beginning of September…(hopefully when "Tosh"joins our event …) sorry to be a "pain" <smile> but I am a natural "organiser" ..sure, I want Others to organise but if i wait and wait…then nothing…I contacted people in NSad 3 months ago to arrange something, and (because the internet crashed here) I decided Not to travel…

I cant/dont want to travel twice to NSad this summer…
so I ASK, (nicely) that you and others than adopt "admin" to start real organising ..ist beginning of June,,,and (lets avoid being overcome by the "exit" event) but we "might" be able to have 2 events ..say..in Mostar/Tuzla beginnging July and N.SAD/Beograd in august?…or vice verca..?? for me " we REDS in the Balkans" must look at whats going on and be aware to that we really feel the BIG RED family" the Liverpool way…suport each otther..honestly with trust and enthusiam..(and be careful of "pretenders" and "saboteurs")
heres an idea for one location…? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cafe-Bar-Liverpool-Stara-Pazova/10567971839 (Cafe Bar "Liverpool" – Stara Pazova Café:1,355

………25th may 5 years ago…."the Miracle of istanbul" LFC 5 times champions of Europe..
…."come hold my hand – I want to contact the Liv(erpool)ing".(with ref to RW),smile>)

to Rasho, Izzy , Nina , Maja and Bilja 24 may…

I plan to go to N. Sad , via Beograd..at the end of this  week, I am checking travel possibilities today (train or bus) /////please understand that whilst I am "comfortable" in relatve terms compared to most ordinary people in the Balkans..I am not "rich" (even though it might seem like that when I am drinking, and buying drinks <smile> ) ..I live an economy budget and use economy travel and try to spare my way by asking people to accomodate me. I was VERY pleased that the "Jovanovic family" were able to find me a couch in their home when I visited Rasho and Vuk1 in Kotor. theres a reason for me mentioning this, because although I have made a lot of friendly contacts since I arrived in Monty 3 months ago after the game in Bucharest, I had a very bad experience withg somone pretending to be an  Lfc fan…who I took to Liverpool..but who broke a lot of promises that wasted my time, energy and money. Someone also tried to "sabotage" the party in Bar,  and a lot of people said they would attend the party and didnt come..(please understand I had no "romantic " interest or intention in helping that person, or any other "RED" …I like to flirt a bit, but thats it..because its more important for me to develop the true mentality of "the Liverpool way" here in the Balkans..)

So, I REQUEST this answer from you all..because;
a)I want to be sure there is at least a "couch" (not a hotel room or apart-ment) waiting for me in "Never-SAD"…
b) I want to meet Rasho, Izzy and Bilja and Nina (if she can come?… because "Jasmin" is asking me about it too, and he already lied twice about knowing Nina)
c) I hope also to meet any other REDS…I probably will go on to "24hrs" (Tuzla) and Mostar , on my way back to "Monty"…

its MY belief that we are all in a BIG global REDS supporters family, and we should compliment that in every way
Y.N.W.A, or drink or sing, or play alone…I hope!

Frans, kindly sent me a message,when I was  "sobered up" after the birthday/Reds supporters weekend non-stop party/drinking 36 out of 48 hrs !..theres a drink called "rakia"..! …..I porpose we switch the usual internatiobal pirates meeting" <smile> to here…(some govt twat will probably over-react to this statement, because all those "pirates" are now "legal"  on the internet) as I am planning a weekend thing here, late summer…could it be something..? I hope its not  too "far" from most  (great "wild beauty scenery", cheap accomodation drinks and food)
 considering this via a "facebook group" ? ________________________________
– I didnt go to Tom, (see below) this month , he promised me the cabin then promised it to someone else…theres a motorbike there, I wonder if his friends who repaired/serviced my "bus" might have a look in toms garage (they know where he lives because I got a lift there from them once!) and see if its worth putting back together, Frans is lucky to have such a nice family environment, I like my "freedom" but it can get "heavy" at birthdays and xmas..being a alone ranger/alien! best wishes to them (& the other magic team member; our name for the "pirate organisers")

 Frans told me that the weather in "pays bas"  has gone UP to 20c degrees, here it has gone DOWN  to 22c ! ..its preferable to stay inside @ mid-day and I usualyy run early in the morning when you can already feel the sun on your back, later the sun feels so close that I can almost reach out and touch it! Frans is still writing and fighting with the local goverment to get the right papers for building the old farm to B&B accommodation. Its a long way…&
Still fighting to the Dutch and Belgian autorities to get a broadcast licence. H has a Dutch frequency and a Belgian paper to give me the right for transmitting but…they say he needs a dicument were bouth licence’s come togehter,  & no country know’s how to do that. (or wants to ?) Speaking about Europe!! So now he willbring it to the Europeen Court. Its only a time of waihting and waihting and…(I like what he wrote " Still love my wife and children, cutting the grass, work hard and give all my money to them…

party video;

ChriS SmiTH 


The best part of the party weeknd may have been the "brunch" just sitting around with Veli, driver, daisy, Audrey (hep) Bigor & Igor(s) at the seafront bar (Sutermore) drinking coffee and /or beers enjoying a rekaxed atmosphere & the fantastic view, befiore I went back to visit the "Nags head and show POd city to Bigor * Igor..(Mostar REDS)…I was drinking 36 out of the 48 hrs and after a quick shower and change of clothes I went to the pub and after an eventual party (and smoochy dance with maria) stayed all night in the pub and went  out with Slav on the Sunday morning  drinking Rakia, or was "Rakia" drinking me ?…that monday day i amazed myself walking into town and still managed to check my messages on wifi at "the nags head" and the sobering up was completed when I stayed in and watched the film on tv n, "the sum of all fears" (astra channel)"


I was hoping to visit Alek in Beograd .and May had proposed a tour of that (old celts?) city on my way to meet REDS in N. SAD , as I am always prepared to support good people, people who I like, people like Alek, but I need to be clear..and use my limited time on this planet to good and progressive effect, I need her to  identify what she wants but, it seems to people that I have (too?) high expectations maybe because I give my all..
The thing I noticed about almost all people that were unsatisfied – they were "too busy" to change, and then , it was eventually too "late" ..
am I enjoying myself…? sometimes!…but when I need someone to "lean on" or be my "ear"…who can do that, on this planet???  someone or some THING is interfering with my emails/sms…so I hope we dont lose touch..


I delayed my travel because of the interference to phone ("daisy" had her mobile blown out) then the connection via the wifi was blocked, I went to the net cafe (www) and waited whilst 3 people used their system, but as soon as I connected, the whole system went down!! …
Alex was in Subotica , she was prepared to meet at the belgrade train station friday but then she was planning to leave for  Sofia, on business trip. On monday she was going to Croatia for two weeks.so its sure she may well be "too busy" to change her life,…I was in the "english pub" (where nina wants me to speak serbian (?), it was non stop, from mid-day saturday in BAR and apart from stopping for a short time sunday for a couple of hours , resting eyes, shower and change clothes , went home sunday morning @ 07hrs , after drinking Rakia somewhere in POD…i know that drink plays with my emotions, and I did have some great moments, singing with new REDS from Mostar, Pod, and even Belgrade which is another reason to come via that city…i danced fast saturday with "daisy" s friend and last night a bit closer with a blond called maria, but every girl is either too young or "attached"

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I dont want to "steal" women from anyone..several of my relationships came about when I met people with damaged or weak partnertships / I eventually  had something like 200 "birthday messages" on facebook, but none of the women of my past, including the dutch girl (josee) who I lived with until one year ago sent me any message, so i must be a bad guy? and I suppose I really regret that wonderful Jacqui died 5 years ago (her family buried her ON MY birthday without even telling me she had gone)…Milena’s boyfriend dances with her since I talked with her !! its a funny strange life…and 2 local guys  thought I was a "hero" when I told them how i came here..they want to "take me to Podgorica by night, and beautiful girls"…is it cynical to question why?..but the other side is that I am NOT lonely but I am Alone…..and until I can trust someONE, I wont do anything …a trusted partner to come to that party, (because its nice to go with someone I feel "relaxed" with I had "invited " a lot of people and was happy to buy drinks for them on my birthday. sometimes I just fancy "company" ..I dont like to cook, or visit restaurants without sharing that "culture" excuse thisblog, if its "rambling" ..i hope U understand…

 being organiser of "not-for-profit meetings & hosting parties" sometimes seems worse than "business" <smile> people think I am a "lucky guy, just wondering around without obligatins" .

"A.N. Other Jelena" won the BIG prize last weekend …….a Trip to LIVERPOOL game , including flight and ticket.., to see the home of football & the beatles…once in a lifetime experience,,Entry for members and guests, by T-shirt – e 5per person (@ cost!)  on  22/23 may…@ "LIVERPOOL " PUB – bAR which is the new  home of "Balkan REDS" Liverpool supporters in the Balkans You’ll never DRINK alone? email

pic of KOP, anfield rd sign


Nina & Slave got "funny" on the 26-27-28th …and when I arrived thursday morning, as usual to "wifi" I felt a "dead atmosphere" ..I asked Nina if she was ok , she replied sure, but didnt look it, I I asked her again, and Slav ignored me when he arrived during the day, (strange) and he had sucked up to the young "froggie-looking" guy the night before , who had insulted me previously..there was a little dispute, when I came to leave aqbout the t-shirts, which may be busines for Srdjan, but not for me, as I only do thiis via Jc, and gave the t-shirts free, if someone donates e5 then fine otherwise, its PR/charity!! ..3/4 vins 1 bamboo,( 2 raks and bamboo by mike)
I dont know why Slav had stopped my LP CD sunday night and who had taken down the YNWA scarf…its a global icon, and souvenir of the most succesful (english league) club. I had also taken "Bigor & Igor(s)" sunday and Slav had refused to drink with us,…each of these little things I had shook off, but…its that feeling…..

Jc, has put in progress and  to make own "start up service" in mostar, and suggested to Igor that he do the same in Mostar.Dix eventually wrote after his trip to Madrid and I told him his late message, 🙂 was a bit like one of Vidic’s tackles , ha ha! I wonder how the ZonderEigen team finished the season, ??? it seems they had " murphys curse" too

having my /our party weekend , in a Bar , in a small town called "Bar" ..surely fitting place for a true RED birthday huh???, then at the "nags head" ..so it seems Dix  too has  a "cosmic" link, in "dixies" bar in Madrid…, from this place, ",…its crazy, but friendly..and hot , 30 degress all the time,
I dont know when I will go to Ze. with the stupid situation at Toms, I dont want to travel without accomodation, and as Ghanian project is also in doubt ,or delayed  I will stay in this region for the time being…

This week I started to shave my head again, its cooler when the temp is around 30c degrees already,  …we are like strange brother USA-mike, local Wolfie, and I  The welsh fa national footy team are coming (probably flying direct) to Podgorica, I think of contacting the welsh FA to see if theres additional travel plans for "fans" ..??? i am in touch anyway with their "pr" …wouldnt harm things if anyone (Ian etc) could contact  them and the and the football supporters org? ;

they show sexy stuff on Tv (some episodes of "spooks" or "weed" ) at any time , and I noticed whan I get back to my room (to often at 04/05hrs) that some "soft porn" is on , but I watched the sequel to tear-jerker " terms of endearment" and despite some known quality actors, the impact wasnt there, Debra whinger was a very under-rated actresws of the original…

We have a "Balkan REDS" members book (Jc is "admin", although her entries in writing deteriorate depending on the time of the night…ha ha)

At the party I took printed copies of songs, but we have to work on understanding of the "Liverpool way" with some who think being Lfc fans is just turning up and watching tv…its a LIFEstyle mate!!! dont matter where YOU are from, its where you are AT! (in heart and mind) that counts!

"Daisy" and Veli were co-bankers  we had a dodgy dj, a "catfight" , & a saboteur but danced and sung anyway, made new friends of
REDS from 5 countries and all parts of Monty…eventually a "happy ChriSmith"..celebrated ..and on sunday ..in the Nags head,(Pod)  waiting for Delboy, rodney and trigger…<smile> ..its a RED-"party"-rEVOLUTION…LOL (the locals had their "elections" and we had Erect…s

no one came  during the evening on sunday , until mid-night then I partied mostly with the bar staff…and out with slav (KO) until 07h (somwehere?)

………I gave Alex the dvd "letter to Breshnev" before she left fro Beo. as I felt its "LP connection" was relevant ..we had "celebrated"  her departure from Pod, with slobo) ,I asked her to  please be positive (& not "serious" and PLEASE keep in touch) I wrote to  Dix, as the bus is not fit to drive north…at
(anyway, after that late goal against us in the semis , just 10 mins away from the final, I would nt really "enjoy" Madrid..this time!) I wonder what happen to my "ChriS 5) footy – shirt (left in rijksvorsel) c/o the Nags Head (e.pub) Ul. Boskeska 12,81000 Podgorica MonteNegro tel 00382 67 44 66 89
enjoyed dancing with (one of many) beauties called Milena ..but more with Alex, she just seemed liek a real FRIEND ..and I will miss her, but maybe I found another friend in Slobo…(after we met in Karver, and the idiot Marco, we had been to the "blues bar" then the acoustics night at "Delboys")

I wrote to  Annika  to ask if son Leon got my postcards, I got a reply….
> Wir sind umgezogen. Unsere neue Adresse ist:
> Engelbergerstr. 10
> D79106 Freiburg
> Leon schreibt dir hoffentlich bald (ich sags ihm dauernd), deine Karten > sind angekommen.

Annika pretends that she pushes Leon to write to me , but the lies and propaganda (and the guilt she loded on him) when he was young stands int he way of him being able to carry a "natural son-father relationship" because all she does is confuse the kid!!

pic of Leon

relevant philosophy’?

"I guess I could be pretty p*ssed off about what happened to me… but it’s hard to stay mad, when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst… And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my little beg life… You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But don’t worry… you may someday."

"european NOT without-me cup" 2010 " the full monty" 😉

an early challenge to the "2010 Justice trophy winners"…and previous winneres of the "european NOT without-me cup"
(as with our "Not Without me tourny" in Holland and belgium in recent years…(hopefully either Roby Fc, DK &/or Shed will confirm)

this time to come to Monte…Negro …the dates of weekend 3-6 sept a footy, fiun and (international ) friendship, 5/6 a-side teams from LP, (and our enemies can join in too) because a) its a weekend when there are no PL games, b) flights are cheaper from LP than in summer, c)its not tooo hot? d) cheap beer e) beautiful ………beaches 😉


To TT @ the TN bankers
for the strictly confidential attention of T.T
Dear T. Bon Giorno, thank you,

ref "LIVERPOOL Football Club"

LFC and the "Liverpool Brand" (including LFC.TV)  is valued at around 1 billion Euros

I could soon be helping a group of supporters ("Kop UNltd") to purchase the club, and require between 250-500 million euros depending on private funds raised and current accounting of assets. As BNL are my "favoured bankers" I would like to offer your group involvment, please kindly connect me with the precise person responsible.

currently in Montenegro 14th May 2010

to Members ;
Kop Unlimited
Balkan Reds
MonteNegro LFC fan club
all LFC Supporters clubs and fans in the Balkans
prospective member and friends

  true REDS must come to "The full monty" in BAR, Montenegro 22/23 May 2010!

"Daisy" and I met yesterday again, with the Owner of the LIVERPOOL  pub in BAR (Montenegro) who assures us that the many souvenirs, views of Anfield,  Lfc finals on TV and lote of  Lfc " memorabilia" etc etc..shall be well displayed and everything will be done to make this a really GREAT REDS party "vikend"..

in the pub, on the terrace and …the beach..


to make this and even more MUST attend FIRST gathering…

there shall be a 3 euros entry ticket  when you arrive, this provides something to eat and….a special "lottery" prize included
A FREE trip (including FLIGHT and MATCH ticket ) for a LFC game next season!!!!!

how can you miss it???

PLEASE register NOW to avoid dissapointment.

with HOPE in y-our hearts!!


(and maybe a launch of "REDs wine & beer")


vikend in Bar; test…

I decided tio check out the "Liverpool pub" in the small city called "BAR" ..and took the bus in the early afternoon, there were such strange storms raging, and the bus driver could hardly see the road as we approached on the sea-cliff route,  I called him from the cafe "insomnia" next door, and he showed me the framed Am=nfield photo, the match programmes and ttickets on the wall, the "Anfield road" sign and "this is anfield" sign on the stairs looked fine..the dj played "teen-techno" though for a young saturday night audience whilst the strom flooded the street outside..we had eaten at a local restaurant with Mio,; the co-owner in the pub, and the "in joke" was his preference for "boiled (pig) kneewpads" ..on the menu. Serge drove me back to Pod on the sunday after sleeping at the Bar apartment (theres a fantastic Villa for "only" 750 thousand euros overlooking the cliffs..beautiful view that his mate is selling..would be great foir LFC team & supporters..dream?.)

to Tom,
mate, what has happened with you?
i dont get any answers to my messages
nothing about Ghana..
the motor bike was from  a  guy called Harry from Liverpool
hes a "poorly senior citizen" (unemployed) who rode the thing around europe to
raise awareness for a disabled friend, who was in even worse situation…
what sort of attitude is that, it really dont take up much space in your  BIG garage,
please explain why you make community/chairty projects (other than for your own fun)
if you then act so cold towards people like him or me???
I asked filip to check out what it wouldcost to get the bike running/or what its worth..
I am waiting to see if a friends friend mechanic can repair MY "bus" this week before I drive 2000 kms
from here to Merksplas after my birthday (may the 23RD!!!!)  ok the key is with Dix.

SO the stupid" rumours about Rafa, were proven wrong…as I told KOP UNlimited members; "if we lost some "F4" (fickle fast-food fans) because we dont win, and they only know how to moan..! then it will be a POSITIVE from this season…"character" is something born out of adversity,no spoilt brats welcome, in our true REDS, please!.."

_____________’; )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

each supporter or fan opens a savings account and deposits the money that he would normally spend on "Lfc" products etc , and if he/she is a ticket holder offers at least 2 match tickets to fans who dont usualy gets seats ; and again places said monies in the bank

each regional supporters club (official OR "unofficial) co-ordinates each region of the Globe

the regional clubs then vote on selecting a global "neutral" bank (with no existing ties to LFc) which has branches in each region to co-ordinbate said sum

the "bridging bank" supports out bid for the club

on success; the bank is repaid by the snowball effect of global fan base (to 1 million members) joining the new "Kop Unlimited Liverpool Football club"
-SoS?ShareLfc can have no objections
– ex players, players & LFDC "celebrity fans"  join as supporter/shareholders
– a new range of products & services promoting the LIVERPOOL brand will replace all existing sponsors over time (bringing several billions of euros into the organisation within 5 years)
– providing a new stadium and "protection" of Anfield road stadium as a working muserm/heritage site , integrated with the "football quarter"..
– global marketing of the "Liverpool lifestyle" brand
– at an EGM the existing management (inc Rafa) are offered the chance to complete their contracts, or be replaced by effective & efficient "Lfc Loving entrepreneurs"

maybe just maybe, I could be able to lead or at least "provoke" a buy -out by "global REDS" …and if you wont support that, then I will make an attempt to do so In association with "others" ……..but be sure of 3 points;

a)I have the experience contacts and capability  I will do so with the absolute intent to ensure that this club eventually belongs to its supporters and fans (Worldwide),

b) MY only benefit is to protect the only thing that has ever been constant,in my love, in my life.

c) I have a long memory, I can forgive the doubters, when "crazy"  comes along with these "proposals" ..but I wont forget..

I feel we will never be "happy" until we own LFC, no other owners will care for or deserve it..

With hope in y-our hearts..

being a Liverpool RED is a lifestyle, society , a global family , my love is not to be contimmually  violated by monetary mercenaries!


With hope in y-our hearts..


08 May at 12:23 ·
ChriS SmiTH

open letter

Dear Rafa

Ref " LFC global supporters buy out"

I am writing to all current and ex – LFC players, and "celebrities" who claim to be Lfc supporters/fans. On behalf of the global network of Liverpool supporers and fans, of which it is estimated there are over one million . We intend to raise sufficient funds a.s.a.P. to take control of Lfc. WE DO NOT WANT ANY FINANCIAL exploitation of our club, or sell off of our traditional values to continue. We believe that any player or ex-player who REALLY cares about this club will join our initiative. We are not waiting for SOS/ShareLfc but we are open to co-operation with them. We are asking Supporters and fams, their friends and families to donate an estimated 10% of their annual expenditure on LFC – raletd activiities ; tickets, travel, souvenirs, replica kit, and food /drinks to a fund.

The first step is for each person to open a saving account in their own bank. We will then begin negociations with the "chairman" and seek a "neutral" bank to co-ordinate with the numerous banks in due course, should we agree a FAIR price on y-our behalf. There is NO RISK for you as we shall only call on you to transfer funds when/if we achieve our goal.

We do not wish to debate strategy in this communication. If you are seriously committed to the same ideals and love for Liverpool’s future we welcome your questions via email to ball_can_Reds@mypod-net.org

with hope in y-our hearts

ChriS SmitH

a life long Liverpool supporter
c/o "Liverppol" pub/cafe

The HM Customs and Revenue have informed us that regarding medical certificates for retired resident Brits in Montenegro, they will look at

In this year of 2010 with all our massive , global and "alledgedly" sophisticated technology "civilization" isnt it amzing that the british embassy dont supply medical competion procedures for travelling or "ex-pat" Brits??  I have to apply in UK,  a valid British passport and write to Newcastle ("why customs & excise?) to obtain a certificate of health insurance from the UK, and theres no provison if I have not retained a UK address?( , and will need to provide them their name, date of birth, National insurance number and UK home address.and this is obtained , despite paying tax virtually all my life to UK via "Charity, Assets & Residence, residency, BP1301, Benton Park View, Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ
Tel: 0191 225 9804
Fax: 0191 225 4215
E-mail: non-residents@hmrc.gov.uk
Website:  http://www.hmrc.gov.uk


God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another… (William Shakespeare)

"Sometimes when you spit into the air, it comes back and hits you in the face."

"What you achieve in life echoes in eternity."

"Dont argue with an idiot . He will just lower you to his level and beat you with experience"

"You must believe that you are the best and then make sure that you are."-Bill Shankly


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