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RED October Strategy

CS 11011>   what we need from tomorrow

– G & H out, with RBS co-operating with our Global REDS Suporters Union Network
– quickly followed out by broughton, purslow & hodgson
– no more “backstabbing suits” , fickle fans, bankers or yankers exploiting our club
– Global REDS Supporters properly networked with effective management running the club

I have written so much on this issue…but, IF we respect the original LIverpool way and want to keep the TRUE Spirit & ethics that Bill Shankly established when he took us out of the 2nd division and built the basis & mentality of what is now a GLOBAL iconic club..best know by the REDS Supporters as much as any player..then in a world of cheating & lying capitalism & selfish commercialism WE , the supporters MUST fight to own OUR club.

– its OURS- they stole it – if we have any belief in “YNWA!” we SUPPORTERS must take it over
– we have more than a Million fan base worldwide – if everybody puts even a LITTLE inside we have enough to grow this club
– Liverpool, match tickets, TV revenues, replica shirts, souvenirs & related products & services generate OVER 1 BILLION euros/dollars per ANNUM
– There is no reason to have business bankers or franchisers from USA or anywhere else taking charge (and TAKING PROFIT) from US
– A professional management could easily turn our club into a profitable global entity once again dominating local & global football

WE ARE the CLUB, if YOU CARE, get a SHARE!

…”first they ignore you”

Times are changing, will you stand by whilst others rule you, or will you change them? …y-OUR fan base of GLOBAL REds is in excess of ONE million people – if YOU dont believe that we can OWN Lfc then you dont DESERVE to call yourself a “Liverpool SUPPORTer”..if you want inspiation just remember what a little man called Gandhi achieved or the “half-time” SPIRIT of the REds in ISTANBUL>>>or, how BILL Shankly turned a 2nd division team into a World_famous RED force, that continues, even in todays dark times…

maybe the people around you, the media, and some “fans” will tell you it is “impossible” but if Barca, Bayern or Benfica can do it , so can WE..because IF EVER a CLUB was DESTINED to be owned by its Supporters then it is LIVERPOOL

….Impossible is not a fact.
It’s an opinion.
Impossible is not a declaration.
….. It’s a dare.
Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing


Since 2 years I have lobbied for & supported the now confirmed co-operation between “Spirit of Shankly” (SoS) & ShareLiverpoolFc (SLfc) and although I have criticised, they are now becoming effective, however WE have a much greater task to co-ordinate the network of facebook groups, forums and unofficial fan clubs WORLDWIDE,……BUT…a million x 500 Euros or dollars is MORE than enough to push Lfc into a GOLDEN future instead of the dark times we now experience..

Each supporter, fan or savings club , can obtain a share, if you have more funds this can become a Supporter loan within the credit Union and help our aims proceed, Celebrities, Ex-(or current) Players and those individuals with more funds than 500 may be-repaid once full membership is achieved. IF WE co-operate NOW, we COULD GENERATE HALF a BILLION Euros/Dollars within THIS Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add to that a future Global network of Services & products distribution that has NO competition and this “share” (apart from “UNION” benefits) becomes a valuable INVESTMENT better than ANY other, REPEAT: a BETTER INVESTMENT than ANY other ; a new LIVERPOOL Global REds network – properly co-ordinated ; Worldwide would generate BILLIONS, more than enough to build a new stadium and support the necessary team, to once again dominate local & global footy.

They forced out Rafa ; they ignored our call for Kenny ; we will force THEM out, and replace Purslow, Proughton and the “pawn” Hodgson with honest & effective management. The “office” of LFC will HAVE to co-operate with us eventually, and we are also “ready” to negociate removal of “yankers & bankers” on OUR terms not theirs.

YOU/WE have the power – power to the “group of people” that IS the BIG RED GLOBAL family, THIS is a “family concern” (remember YNWA!) – be concerned …
be involved – be progressive ..
……… IF you CARE – get a SHARE! …

ChriS SMITH/E.L.S.U.N (“Ko-0p UNltd”)
“Balkan REDS” , MonteNegro
Through wind & Rain, With HOPE in y-our hearts…on & on…

RE(d)Volution ; RED OCTOBER ; Black Shirts.
the story so far ; http://www.mypod-net.org/SuperNova.html
BLOG ; https://eured.wordpress.com/
E.L.S.U.N (local) ; http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147504955260460&ref=ts
KOP UNltd ; http://www.mypod-net.org/EuRED-KO-OP.html

p.s.”First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi”



RBS in its capacity as lender to the Kop group of companies received the benefit of various contractual undertakings from Mr. Hicks and Mr. Gillett in relation to the corporate governance arrangements that Mr. Hicks and Mr. Gillett agreed would apply to the Kop group of companies with effect from April 2010.

Those undertakings provided for the appointment of Mr Broughton as chairman of the board and the appointment of the chief executive and commercial director of LFC to the Kop boards.
As is well known, Mr. Hicks and Mr. Gillett purported to make changes to those corporate governance arrangements on 4 October. This was in breach of those contractual undertakings.

In light of that purported breach of contract RBS sought and obtained on Friday 8 October 2010 an interim injunction against Mr. Hicks and Mr. Gillett until a further hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

Among other things, that interim injunction prevents Mr. Hicks or Mr. Gillett taking any steps to remove or replace Mr. Broughton from his position as chairman of the board of the Kop companies or from taking any other steps to appoint or remove any directors from the board of the Kop companies.

The proceedings tomorrow represent the continuation of Friday’s proceedings and relates to breach of contract only. These proceedings do not represent steps by RBS to enforce its security or to appoint an administrator.

We are unable to provide any visibility on timing for resolution of these proceedings at this stage.



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