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RED October Strategy – part 2…”then they ridicule you” (continued)

ChriS-EuRED @John_W_Henry – Global REDS union Network isnt rooting for JwH – PLEASE say bye-bye to all “suits” -only be happy with FULL supporter ownership

CS> posted on livepool post today (ref twit-er J w Henry)

“narrow minded and “media” conditioned “fans” seem oblivious that 17 millionaires are not as powerful as 1 million global fan base…if only most of them would get off their backsides and support full ownership we would nt have all this “stress” going on..WE generate over a BILLION in income , but all to ready to be lazy and give our profits to others, maybe Lfc fans deserve all this sh*te for naively standing back for too long?”

Help Save (himself) Liverpool FC (imposter) >
“This Red October strategy must sound great in your head.”
Complete and utter delusional fantasist.
Do yourself a favour and give us all a break.
I won’t be responding to any more of your posts as that merely feeds your feelings of self importance.
So good luck in your quest as the leader of the GlobAL rEDS or however you write it.

We’ll carry on sitting on our arses doing nothing but sniping at each other and causing more problems than H & G….
ChriS SmiTH i simply asked for an email address , so grow up & behave! ….I am not gonna take 4 days & fly thousands of Kms from “Monty” just because U want it that way..i will get to you when I am ready not before..but if we supporters lose this chance of ownership, i suggest you find a better place to hide than behind a “help save (yourself)” or Rawk anonymous banner, because although it wont help (“save Lfc”)- you & your colleagues are going to look very stupid & narrow minded, who just put anyone down that dont a*se lick your clique!!

p.s. whats a “FANtasist” ? its got to be either one of your fickle Fans groups or a lemonade?..
(mind U , could describe someone thats half supporter & half fan….!)


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