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out of the frying pan…..


.. 11h (UK time) RBS wins first round v G & H…

“chelski chappy chairman” martin broughton was only doing his (highly paid) job, and late at that..his & purslows involvement in the false removal of Rafa and some strange dealings casts a shadow..Ayres may be the only “clean player” in this bored-room scenario..and its still likely to be appealed..the words “out of the frying pan” come to mind..& we dont know the 17 millionaires behind J. henry …..(could be the KKK ,Bush or Hicks’s family for all we know! 😉 ..!

I feel whats come out of all this madness is the lack of ability of ANYOne to manage Lfc & hope the situation is “frozen” -give global support time to continue with plansl, RBS should be backing US now!

IF ONLY(Lfc football supporters Union) SoS-SL had come together a year earlier (as I proposed in 2008)…because in the last month only 1% of our million + fan base “walked on”…at all-if only 10% had acted before now WE would be owning the club (our club!)
take care, fellow (true ) REDS ..with hope…





CS>IMO, a simple injunction to freeze the club finance on the grounds of mis-management,(in the interests of the supporters & community at large) investigate all concerned -whilst register the 50-100,000 fans & celebrities collect their funds and start the Supporters tale-over..its simple BUT needs proper co-ordination and I am not in LP..


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